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Multicolored Commander/EDH Cube

By BolasAgent

Score: 6


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Disclaimer: This is a full size EDH Cube meant for IRL paper draft. This will take some time to draft.

Disclaimer: My playgroup doesn't play infinite mana or two card instant win combos.

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Supports up to 8 players. (As with any draft suggest a minimum of 4)

Multiplayer Multicolored Commander/EDH Cube

This cube was designed for 4 to 8 Player drafting. Followed by any number of multiplayer EDH games. As implied by the EDH requirement, this is a singleton format across all decks. The only exception is for the cards in the Starter Bundle {Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves, Command Tower, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse }.

Since Commander started out as Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH). This cube calls back to that by having a fair amount of dragon tribal support. There are some other tribes represent as well. [ Slivers, Zombies, Vampires, Elementals, Elves, Humans, Dinosaurs, etc..] Obviously some are stronger than others. This means depending on the draft and the choices made you may be competing against others for a given tribe or it could be wide open.

  • 5 - Commanders
  • 5 - Cards in Pool
  • 1 - Commanders
  • 1 - Cards in Pool
  • 4 - Commanders
  • 3 - Cards in Pool
  • 7 - Commanders
  • 16 - Cards in Pool
  • 0 - Commanders
  • 140 - Cards in Pool
  • 0 - Commanders
  • 180 - Cards in Pool
  • 0 - Commanders
  • 120 - Cards in Pool
  • 120 - Commanders
  • 1200 - Cards in Pool
  • 40 - Cards in Starter Bundle (5 per Player)
  • 1360 - Cards in Cube
I highly suggest to shuffle the cube ahead of time and create prepackaged "packs". I use the little zip plastic bags I get from buying cards from my local game store. But if you don't have those you can always use ziploc bags. Since there are a lot of cards to randomize it is going to take you a good deal of time to properly shuffle. But if you do this it means more time to play. Since the pool is so large and you randomly select packs there is no way to stack the draft.
Each player will need build 100 card deck from this EDH cube. While still adhering to the EDH deck construction rules (Color Identity)

Each player will receive a small starter bundle of 5 cards:{ Sol Ring, Lightning Greaves, Command Tower, Evolving Wilds, Terramorphic Expanse } This starter bundle is to ensure each player has at least some color fixing options available to them. The Sol Ring provides a small bit of ramp. And lastly Lightning Greaves provides protection for Commanders from all the removal available in the cube. A previous version of this cube had Lightning Greaves in the general card pool, but it lead to Commanders being killed very fast and only having a limited impact in the games played.

Additional Lands available for deck construction are: Basic Lands available to supplement what you draft are: { Plains, Island, Mountain, Swamp, Forest, Wastes }

Round 1: You will draft from the 120 potential multi-colored commanders[ 8 packs of 15 cards each]. The purpose around drafting your Commanders first to help guide you thru the next 10 rounds of drafting. Each Player should pick one pack to draft from randomly. Set any excess packs aside if you don't have a full 8 player draft. After you complete Round 1 you should have 15 different commander cards to chose from as your commander pool. I highly suggest making sure you don't color screw yourself this early in the draft. Make sure to at least have one or more Commanders in each color. Also at the end of round one you should be aware of which commanders are your top choices and what their color identities are. By the 4th round you should have a decent idea of what colors are more open to you and you can start to focus your card color choices base off of what you have already drafted and your available commander color identities.
Rounds 2 - 11 you will draft from randomized packs of 15 cards from the cube pool of 1200 cards. 1 pack per player per round. Again set aside any packs you don't use if you have less than 8 players.

Once done drafting you should have a pool of 170 cards of which to build your EDH deck. (150 cards from the drafting pool, 15 cards from the potential commanders pool, and 5 cards from the starter bundle) You must still adhere to the rules of deck building for EDH. Only using cards that adhere to your commander's color identity. Thus this is why we drafted them 1st. To help you make decisions on what colors you want to draft around.

Built into this draft is a choice for "Alternate Commanders". The alternate commanders are all the "Partner" Commanders. They are inside the normal card pool. You may choose up to two of these cards from your draft pool to be your commanders.

If you have drafted the cube normally you can then change it up by allowing for the "Alternate Commanders" to be drafted. I avoided putting them in the normal commander pool as it would be too easy to just pick your colors. Since they are in the normal card pool you will have to choose against other high powered cards to ensure you get the "Alternate Commander" of your choice. Thus allowing your opponents to get other stronger cards. And since they will be spread out across more packs it will be harder to choose your colors as you may not see all of them.

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