Steam Vents


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Rare
Guildpact (GPT) Rare

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Steam Vents

Land — Island Mountain

( Add or to your mana pool.)

As Steam Vents enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Steam Vents enters the battlefield tapped.

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Steam Vents Discussion

sylvannos on Pattern Recognition #56 - Fetches

19 hours ago

The problem with the article (and this has been pointed out all over the place over the years every time it gets posted) is that it assumes everything in a vacuum. It ignores that life is a resource.

For example, suppose I lose next turn to my opponent's infinite combo and the only way I can win is if I do so on my current turn. In that case, paying all but 1 of my life total to gain a even a 1% chance of drawing the card I need to execute my own combo is worth it. If I'm playing Storm and sitting at 4 life, paying 3 of that life to go grab a Steam Vents before I try to draw a card is worth it.

This is done at multiple instances throughout the game because I can only play one land a turn. So with the example of Storm in Modern, if I'm going up against another fast deck like Death's Shadow, Burn, or another combo deck, I can map out the number of cards my opponent can play.

So let's continue by taking a look at Burn. It can do 4 damage with Boros Charm. 2 damage a turn with Goblin Guide is one of its more efficient means of damage. Monastery Swiftspear does a lot of damage but is limited by the mana available. Atarka's Command likely does the most damage. A resolved Eidolon of the Great Revel is enough to kill me on its own. What's the fastest way that a burn deck can kill me, as a Storm player?

Hitting a land drop each turn is ideal for the Burn player. If they hit 4 lands and nothing but spells, they should be able to do 20 damage by turn 4.

So with 7 starting cards and then 4 turns being on the draw, they have 11 cards total. 4 of those are lands, meaning they get 7 of their burn spells. The absolute nuts is if they get multiple Goblin Guides and Atarka's Command. So:

Turn one: Goblin Guide, attack for 2 (18 life remaining).
Turn two: Cast another Goblin Guide, attack for 4 (14 life remaining). Cast Lightning Bolt (11 life remaining).
Turn three: Monastery Swiftspear -> Atarka's Command for 3 to the face (8 life remaining), pump the team, attack for 9 (0 life remaining).

That's 21 damage by turn 3, with the Burn player getting a strong draw. So if I'm on the play, and I know I take 21 damage by the Burn player's turn 3, that means the most life I can pay of my own is 10. That's because it's what keeps me alive at the end of turn 2. If I pay even 1 life, I'm dead on turn 3 regardless of what else I play. Because of this, any life I pay by turn 3 is irrelevant.

So if my opening hand has only 2 Misty Rainforest, but I need , then I'm going to pay at least 2 life to fetch a pair of Steam Vents. If I have to fetch and shock twice, I go to 14. I'm dead when my opponent gets their turn three, so I decide to combo off. Part way through my combo, I draw Scalding Tarn and Island. I can still play a land and I only need to get , so I can play the Island. However, since I know I'm dead the following turn, I may as well pay the life to use Scalding Tarn, even if it only improves my draw by 0.000000000000001%.

This is a long, convoluted example, but I hope it illustrates my point. Life is a resource. Games more often that not depend on certain life total breakpoints (in our Burn example, it goes 18 -> 13 -> 1). Using a fetch to thin out your deck in those cases makes the smallest percent worth it.

The times where the article is correct is when looking at a meta that does random amounts of damage each turn and you're playing Mono-Red Burn. It's better off to play nothing but basic Mountains, even if the option of fetches is there. That's because you'll never be in a situation where paying life to improve your chances will be relevant.

Even then, sometimes the shuffling itself becomes a relevant resource. Or you want to fill your graveyard (Grim Lavamancer being the go to example). But most of the time, it comes down to mana fixing. Because fetchlands can grab dual lands, they open up all 5 colors without any issues. If you rely just on dual lands, you may draw all of your spells, but only your lands. If those lands were Verdant Catacombs? It's no longer an issue because you can go get your Taiga or Badlands.

This becomes even more obvious against decks with few actual win conditions. Sneak and Show is going to attack me with either Griselbrand, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, Ashen Rider, or all of the above. Scapeshift is going to kill me with Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. Once you know the threshold for when these decks can kill you, crossing that threshold means any life you pay from fetchlands makes the deck thinning worth it.

Edit: I should mention, my point is that "Fetches are good for thinning your deck" is a correct statement. This is only clear if you take the time to think about why. But once you do, it's obvious and becomes second nature to most players.

OpenFire_V2 on UR Valued Momentum

1 week ago

My suggestions: Cut Deprive, Nimble Obstructionist, Cryptic Serpent, and Noxious Revival and move Echoing Truth to your sideboard. All these cards are just too slow or too ineffective for what you want to be doing. I think Izzet Boilerworks is far too slow for this type of deck and should be either basics or ideally some Spirebluff Canal or Steam Vents. Some inclusions you should look into are the 4th Serum Visions, maybe Young Pyromancer, and maybe some Spell Snare or Mutagenic Growth depending on what your metagame looks like

Oloro_Magic on Bolas “Tribal”

2 weeks ago

So firstly lets start with the mana, the mana base is likely just too painful for a control deck like this, I would run something more like this:

1x Blood Crypt

2x Creeping Tar Pit

3x Island

1x Mountain

4 Polluted Delta

4 Scalding Tarn

1 Spirebluff Canal

2 Steam Vents

1 Sulfur Falls

1 Swamp

2 Watery Grave

Man-lands and some more flexible lands that can come in untapped without downside help in a deck like this, the above land base has been made popular by Corey Burkhart and consists of 22 lands which may seem low but being a control player I can agree that 22 tends to be enough as long as you know when to mull.

Another thing I would advocate here is one going up to 3-4 Fatal Push and only 1-2 Murderous Cut and to that end instead of Serum Visions running Thought Scour to fuel delve as you help the cut's as well as giving yourself the option of running Tasigur, the Golden Fang either mainboard or as a sideboard threat.

Eventually Treasure Map should be switched out for Search for Azcanta, the ability to correct your draws consistently while also filling the grave is just so valuable, however on a budget I don't mind Map probably as much as some other people would.

Dropping Opt, Faithless Looting, and then moving Damnation to the side is also likely in your best interest. In their place you ideally want a couple Terminate, a playset or 3 Kolaghan's Command and then a counter package as sweepers cannot always be relied on: Countersquall, 4x Cryptic Command, 2x Logic Knot, Spell Snare are all good options. Even if you don't like counters they need to be in this list as it really does want to durdle until it can play Nico. Having tons of sweepers sometimes just is not enough so as much as I love Anger it isn't enough.

The sideboard looks solid, I don't really like Lili in there but I assume it hits something you have considered, so unless you want input on that I think you are fine for the time being.

MrJohny on

3 weeks ago

So i found this on your page after some creeping, just wanted to offer a piece offering in some advice.

If you wanted play slivers (a tribal archetype i actually have some knowledge in. check out mine if you don't believe me Collecting Slivers ) i might be able to help out.

Let's start with your mana base. Your's is much to painful, you need to trade that in for 4xSliver Hive, 2-3Gemstone Mine, 2-3 Reflecting Pool and some combination of fetches and pain lands (Misty Rainforest and Steam Vents. You'll need to test extensively to get it running smooth. This is why I chose 3 colors instead of the traditional 5.


You say that you want this to be a control list, but play no counter spells? Furthermore sliver's general strategy of flooding the board directly goes against control, in that slivers provide no big finishers but a bunch of small creatures that build off of each other. You should consider going more aggro.

Currently you have 0 lords in your deck, they are a must if you want to win any matches. You currently have 0 win cons and no affective way to really stall your opponent. I would add 4xPredatory Sliver and 4xSinew Sliver and possibly Adaptive Automaton. Also you could add Manaweft Sliver for further mana fixing.

Aether Vial is a must for this deck. You also probably want Collected Company.

I hope that this was helpful, and in the future don't go around bashing peoples list for fun. For me magic is all about brewing and finding cool synergies to overwhelm my opponent. I've never had a tier 1 list BUT everything i play for the most part has game against tier 1 decks. Pros sort over thousands of results to optimize lists and pick cards that have fractions of percentages to build the list that has the best chance of winning BUT that doesn't mean that home brews can't steal game off of bad match ups or bad draws. I play budget decks with budget mana basses but they are consistent and have the ability to steal games if my opponent is not expecting it.

sylvannos on I'm beginner. I need help ...

1 month ago

You're basically playing U/R Delver. Cut your creatures down to:

4x Delver of Secrets  Flip
4x Stormchaser Mage
4x Young Pyromancer

Then, switch a few of your spells around:

-3x Lightning Strike
-1x AEtherize
-1x Counterflux
+1x Peek
+4x Lightning Bolt

You also won't need so many lands. The ones you have are also kind of a problem because a lot of them always come into play tapped. Modern tends to have fewer turns than other formats, so you having lands that can never enter play untapped will lose you a lot of games. Any lands that do enter the battlefield tapped need to do something really good to warrant this. Therefore, I'd change:

-4x Swiftwater Cliffs
-4x Izzet Boilerworks
-0-1x Halimar Depths
-1x Mountain
+4x Wandering Fumarole OR Sulfur Falls OR Steam Vents OR Shivan Reef OR Spirebluff Canal
+1x Desolate Lighthouse
+1-2x Island (depending on if you cut Halimar Depths)

You have more blue cards than red in your deck, so you'll want to play more blue lands than red ones if you can't get a hold on any dual lands.

Lastly, you should have some leftover slots from cutting creatures. More copies of Peek would be good. I'd also suggest Opt and Electrolyze for this last spot.

You may find Turn / Burn to be a bit heavy on the mana requirement. Consider replacing these with low-cost counter cards, such as Dispel, Negate, Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Squelch, Chart a Course, or Remand. If you do cut Turn / Burn for one of these other cards, remember to cut another Mountain or two and replace them with Islands. Otherwise, you'll have too many games where you can't cast anything despite having 90,2183,989 bajillionzillion lands in play.

Lastly, you'll need a sideboard. These are the cards that are useful for your deck, but only against specific kinds of threats. You're allowed to swap cards in and out of your deck between games after the first in a match (tournaments are best 2-out-of-3).

An example sideboard would look like:

2x Mizzium Meddler (for Boggles)
1x Counterflux (stops control and midrange)
1x AEtherize (you'll want these against aggro decks and tokens)
These four just get moved to your sideboard from your main since you only want them in specific situations2x Abrade (vs. Affinity)
3x Ceremonious Rejection (vs. Tron, Affinity, and Eldrazi)
1x Dispel (vs. Burn and control decks)
1x Magma Spray (stops Kitchen Finks and Dredge)
3x Tormod's Crypt/Relic of Progenitus/Grafdigger's Cage (you bring these in against any graveyard bullshit shenanigans)
2x Spell Pierce
1x Negate
(These last three are for beating Control, Combo, and Midrange decks, along with Burn)

From here, you should have a decent deck to take to your local shop to play with, but there's still some things you'll need:

  • Serum Visions is beast mode in Delver because it's one of the most consistent ways to flip Delver of Secrets  Flip in Modern. They're a 4-of, but fluctuate between $2 and $8, depending on the market. They're pretty cheap right now due to being reprinted in Eternal Masters, but they've definitely been higher. You should be playing these over Peek and if they're within your budget right now, go get them.
  • Snapcaster Mage is a card that cranks up the power level of your deck. End of your opponent's turn Lightning Bolt -> Snapcaster Mage -> Lightning Bolt -> untap -> attack has ended a lot of games in Modern.
  • Scalding Tarn + Steam Vents will fix almost all of your mana problems. You can play off-color fetchlands as long as they're blue and you have Steam Vents (such as Flooded Strand). Not only can you save on your life total by fetching up basic lands, this also opens up the option for a 3rd. color or maindeck Blood Moons. Fetch lands also act as fuel for Grim Lavamancers and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip.
  • Speaking of which, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip functions as the 5th. through 8th. copies of Snapcaster Mage. He can also be somewhat of a "budget" option, although he works best when you're playing both cards.
  • Sword of Fire and Ice and the other swords in the cycle can go a long way. An Insectile Aberration is nothing to fuck around with. An Insectile Aberration with +2/+2 and protection from 2 different colors will end the game.
  • You'll also want Remands (likely 2 or more) at some point, but it's not high on the priority of cards to get. They act like Time Walks when your opponent taps out to play something and misses a land drop. This buys you time to lay down the beats with your small critters.
  • Ancestral Vision is also a solid pick. You're looking to stall the game out long enough to kill your opponent with 3/2s and 1/1s, why not refill your hand halfway through the game?

Hope this helps! I'm sure I'm missing something that experienced Delver players can recommend.

elpokitolama on UR Valued Momentum

1 month ago

It's been awhile I haven't worked on a delver list! HOwever, I still do have a few suggestions. ;)

First, the manabase is clearly budget (which is why I won't recommand good ol' Tiago)... But the temples are going against your gameplan. Try to use Sulfur Falls instead since you've got many basics, but Spirebluff Canal and Steam Vents would be far superior options in my opinion.

Also, why are you running two Serpents? If you were going that route, I would much rather use Bedlam Reveler no 3 and 4. Cyclonic Rift is very meh in modern, Echoing Truth would be much better. You'd probably want to play Electrolyze (nice 2 or 3 for 1) as your deck is a bit more focused on casting tons of spells.

Finally, Spell Snare is much more interesting than Spell Pierce as it can hit tons of cards that would mess you up badly (like Collective Brutality, Lightning Helix...)

Bonus: I still love Young Pyromancer in these decks, but MTGsalv decided that the card isn't good in modern...

[edit] I completely forgot about the most important: you definitively need 4*Thought Scour. I recommand dropping the visions for them.

Piebye726 on RU PIRATE

1 month ago

Well it seems like you are running pirate aggro which I am not too big of a fan on, but it works i guess. I think that you need to narrow down your list of pirates to just a few, since your deck looks a little inconsistent. For your instants and sorceries, you should add in a few counterspells Spell Pierce, Mana Leak, Cryptic Command, Remand) and burn cards(Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Spike, Flame Slash) for a more midrange deck so that your pirates(which start kinda slow) to take over the game. Also in this deck, I would definitely bring your amount of lands to at least 20+, and if you wanted to make this deck a lot better, you can put in a couple Steam Vents and Scalding Tarn to help your deck get more consistent. Another tip is to buy singles instead of a box when you are building a deck. This website has plenty of great budget decks that you can build without hardly breaking the back. An example I can straight up think of us Here Comes the Boom! (Featured in Daily MTG!), and a deck that I saw that was $20, infect, and could win on turn 2. Overall, this deck isn't too bad, and I can see some great improvements that would make it good :)

catafalcoman on Izzet Burning Delver

1 month ago

You might want to go with Spirebluff Canal over Steam Vents, with 18 lands you're likely to see it before getting other 3 lands down and avoid shocking yourself. Since you're not playing Blood Moon, Shivan Reef might also come in handy. :)

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