Stormtide Leviathan


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare
Magic 2013 (M13) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare

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Stormtide Leviathan

Creature — Leviathan

Islandwalk (This creature is unblockable as long as defending player controls an Island.)

All lands are Islands in addition to their other types.

Creatures without flying or islandwalk can't attack.

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Stormtide Leviathan Discussion

Icbrgr on Something Else Entirely

1 week ago

Yeah when you get killed by Lightning Bolt or trampled by an Stormtide Leviathan it's pretty traumatic..... But death by Laboratory Maniac... Maniacal laughter and then fade to black I guess?

Shinwizzles on Talrand, Master of NO

2 weeks ago

Nice deck! I like Talrand, Sky Summoner for his bitchin' ability to crank out drakes like crazy. If you would like some suggestions though, I think you could do with dropping some creatures. If you included Proteus Staff, you could add in some huge CMC creatures with mean effects that can be cheated out early in the game. More dudes like Tidespout Tyrant and Stormtide Leviathan are good places to start. Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur and Guile have been working out well in my deck. The Proteus Staff can also be used to whisk away other pesky creatures, at the gamble of having to deal with another worse one.

Also, who's ability are you copying with Illusionist's Bracers? They only copy activated abilities, and I believe Talrand, Sky Summoner's ability is a triggered ability. Strionic Resonator could copy the ability, but I wouldn't recommend it. I'd go with Rite of Replication if you're in a big ol' hurry to get drakes out.

Staff of Nin seems overpriced for the weak effect. You could get the same effect from Future Sight and it is significantly cheaper. Bident of Thassa works too, if you're absolutely bent on drawing cards.

As an overall thought, you might want to lower the average CMC of spells in your deck. Being able to crank out 4 or 5 drakes in one turn based on several 1 or 2 CMC spells is a frightening ability, especially when done several times in a row. The neat thing is that many bounce spells (which open your opponents' spells back up to being countered if you missed them the first time) are super cheap anyway. Bounce an opponent's creature, get a drake to swing with next turn, counter that creature when they recast it, netting another drake to swing with, lather/rinse/repeat.

You might want to consider cutting the Sphinx-Bone Wand. I was super on the fence about it until I realized that it didn't spread the love around. I'd hate on one person with it until they died, and it'd make me a pretty obvious target. Even if you spread around who it hits with each spell, there are better and cheaper ways to deal damage.

Please don't think I'm trying to tell you how to run your deck, these are all just suggestions to perhaps think about.

Seems like a really solid deck! Thanks for sharing!

cornpie987387 on Ith Can Get A Little Complicated

3 weeks ago

The more protection the better! Whenever I say swap, feel free to add. I am just assuming that you want a card with a similar effect and offering cards that I think are better.

While I am at it, I swapped Daxos of Meletis for Augury Adept in my commander deck, mostly because it basically has unblockable. If you are running Illusionist's Bracers and Rings of Brighthearth you also want to consider Medomai the Ageless. With one of those, you could take two extra turns!! Come to think of it, you might want to consider changing your commander to one of those two cards. Huh.

If your detaining stuff use Lyev Skyknight its a really good blue white card for that.

I would recommend a Whispersilk Cloak for both hexproff and unblockable, both seem useful for your deck.

It does not look to me like you have enough fliers for Pride of the Clouds to be worth it. Unless you are planing on using Dovescape with it. If your looking for a flying heavy hitter I would use Akroma, Angel of Wrath, Baneslayer Angel, Iridescent Angel. If you are looking for something flying related try Stormtide Leviathan. If you are looking for something cheap for use in the early game try Deft Duelist or Judge's Familiar. Deft Duelist can be really nice against those pesky death touch thingers and Judge's Familiar can counter something later in the game.

On the off chance that you want to keep pride of the clouds and go for the Dovescape lockdown thing. Throw in a Guardian Seraph and a Godhead of Awe as well as a Lightmine Field. Voila, complete lock down.

Also, with your Illusionist's Bracers and Rings of Brighthearth, Admonition Angel is a really good fit.

Ziembski on Thada Adel, Who needs combo pieces?

1 month ago

How about using your commanders Islandwalk more? Lingering Mirage

Sea's Claim

Spreading Seas

Aquitect's Will - fits best

Quicksilver Fountain - awesome

Stormtide Leviathan - great finisher

Tidal Warrior - might also fit.

Kjartan on Big Blue Creatures?

1 month ago

Either U/B reanimate in a Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, or mono-U Quest for Ula's Temple in a Stormtide Leviathan Would be my best bets.

I'd go with quest because reanimate augur just feels like you're doing it wrong.

Wurmlover on Big Blue Creatures?

1 month ago

the words "blue" and "creature deck" don't go together, but if you insist, Tidespout Tyrant, Inkwell Leviathan, Stormtide Leviathan

TheDevicer on Peer throught time update or ...

1 month ago

Ok, so peer through time is a very interesting deck because it was intended to be the Big Creature type deck in its year's lineup but the competitive community broke Teferi and made him out to be a busted general when he's in the helm of a stax combo deck.

That's not realistically something that you should aim to do, however. If you're into casting big stuff, Teferi's fine and you can keep the deck mostly the way it is until your local meta starts feeling a little too competitive for you and this deck starts lagging behind.

Basically, as the deck is, it's pretty low in power, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you like the general theme of the deck, you can easily upgrade even on budget. Think of a card like Azure Mage from the precon. That's hardly the most efficient way to draw cards in blue. You can contrast it with something like Fact or Fiction. That card also costs cents but its effect is pretty powerful. Likewise, many of your bomb creatures like Sphinx of Jwar Isle are actually quite bad while really cheap creatures like Stormtide Leviathan are much better.

Get better ramp, draw, and threats.

Hyperalgialysis on SEA CREATURES!!!!

1 month ago

I run a very similar deck to this, with slightly different top deck manipulation but the goal is the same. Simic Sky Swallower is pretty amazing to include. Also if you have Steam Vents a few Boil is game breaking with the Stormtide Leviathan out. I know this next part hurts, but fetch lands are so important in a deck like this. Thinning out your library could mean the difference between winning and losing. I also keep my deck at 20 lands, 8 of which are fetch lands. A solid draw spell is pretty important too, Telling Time is pretty good since you can do it with the temple up before the trigger to put a creature on top, Sea Gate Oracle is good card advantage too.

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