Heart Sliver


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (PDS) Common
Tempest (TMP) Common

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Heart Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have haste.

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Heart Sliver Discussion

LVL_666 on Sliver EDH tech

2 days ago

KingMathoro: Oh you!

Ahem. So lets break down your question here, and i'll get right to answering it as best as I can:

"Im looking at the possibility of building a Sliver EDH deck (please dont hate). I dont know exactly what would be good tech for the deck."

So, when building a Sliver EDH deck know this: You are going . You have no other choice as all legendary slivers are 5 color. This is relevant only because you have to figure out the most expensive part of your deck which will be your landbase. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Lets look at your tech options:

  1. Sliver Overlord is currently the most popular Sliver Commander/General, also it is the control oriented Sliver commander. If you pilot him, you should include cards that capitalize on it's second ability (i.e. Amoeboid Changeling and/or Unnatural Selection). Additionally, you would use cards that slow down the game as you would play a more attrition based strategy. I actually run this Commander, but I chose to build a midrage deck- the more "traditional" magic deck. Overlord works well in midrange as well as control, but it all depends on what appeals to you - do you want to lock down the game while you steadily populate the battlefield or do you want to ramp up and have a more flexible build that can win through different strategies?

  2. Sliver Queen is the General for those who desire a combo win strategy. When the beautiful and incredible queen was first introduced, she was quickly paired with Heartstone + Ashnod's Altar. Such a lovely infinite sliver combo it was. But now, you have even more options in the form of Mana Echoes, Training Grounds or Basal Sliver + Heart Sliver + Gemhide Sliver. You get the idea. The best part however, is that Queen is so dynamic and incredible that she has been used as a general for non-sliver builds like superfriends. But i'm getting off track here. Queen decks are definitely the most competitive builds when it comes to Sliver EDH due to her being a combo piece herself, and thanks to the command zone you will always have ready access to her. On top of that, she makes blockers for next to no mana. There's a good reason why she's on the reserved list.

  3. Now, certainly last but definitely not least you have both Sliver Legion and Sliver Hivelord making up the aggro based strats for Sliver EDH. These Generals may be simple, but they are incredibly powerful. The strategy would be rather simple with these two, as you would run alot of cards that ramp up the damage like Shared Animosity, Rancor etc. Quick little plays that add up quickly over time. If you have Sliver Hivelord in play, you could run alot more mass destruction. Oh, and true fact here: I a player outright scooped when I played Sliver Hivelord + Crystalline Sliver. Since you're running 5 color, you'll have access to all instance of them! Even better, look at the synergy between Ghostflame Sliver + All Is Dust. The slivers thought of everything at some point.

So really, that's a high level generalization of what directions you can go in when it comes to building a Sliver EDH deck. Please, let me know if you have questions as I'm always happy talk about Slivers.

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

3 days ago

M4RK0G91, I realize I never actually responded to your other thought:

"Oh, i wanted to ask you one thing: i know this is a EDH build, but i wanted your opinion about the Tiny Leader format. If you would ever build a TL sliver deck, what colors you would choose?"

I uh...realize this is like...months late so sorry about that. So what's my opinion of the Tiny Leader format? Well, I don't have a TL deck, nor have I played the format BUT the idea I have of the format is alot constant quick and cheap plays that over time add up and create interesting combos and synergies. I can see why you would consider creating a Sliver deck for that format. The only problem is that you won't have any big "Haymakers" if you will. Being restricted to CMC 3 seems like a real big challenge.

So, what colors would I choose to build a TL deck? Hmm....well lets assume I want to build a TL Sliver deck. What would be the ideal commander for me? Animar, Soul of Elements is a strong contender in my book. His secondary ability at the very least helps you cast more Slivers. On top of that, his color identity gives you access to Gemhide Sliver + Heart Sliver, and Venom + Striking Sliver. Additionally, i'd drop in Muscle Sliver + Predatory Sliver. So if it wasn't evident from all the previous card choices and synergies I pointed out, i'd make an aggro deck. Maybe call it "Animar, Soul of the Hive" or something like that.

Yeah. Sorry about the super late response. Thanks again for commenting!

Dismal on Slivers Assault

1 week ago

I dunno, but Hive Stirrings always seemed good to me. If you go beyond /,you could run things like Winged Sliver, Heart Sliver and one of my pet cards (it just looks so cool!) Frenzy Sliver.

LVL_666 on Return to Slivers EDH

2 weeks ago

SaltySpecula, you're right! I totally forgot about the left over from each use of the Queen's ability. For some reason, I was thinking of: Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes(or Basal Sliver) + Gemhide Sliver + Heart Sliver.

LVL_666 on Alien 5

1 month ago

Paradox Engine will work just fine. It's got amazing synergy with slivers, and given the right set up (a mana producing and a haste sliver) you can play your entire deck in one turn. I'd definitely say it'd be a must include.

smiffdemon on Sliver EDH

1 month ago

Try to avoid redundant effects. Ie: you don't need Blur Sliver AND Heart Sliver. Use the cheaper one instead. The only exception to that rule is you probably will want both slivers that can tap for any color mana and technically Essence Sliver isn't a keyword, so you can have that and Syphon Sliver and essentially have all your slivers attack with double lifelink. You'll have a ridiculous amount of life very quickly.

Mana Echoes and Sliver Queen is an infinite combo, but Mana Echos is pretty pricey these days.

Faces of the Past is usually a winner in sliver decks. Hivestone is fun if you wanted to put some non-slivers in and make them all into slivers. Amoeboid Changeling + Sliver Overlord lets you take control of any tasty creatures your opponents have.

as for speeding up your lands, just try to use as many as possible that don't come into play tapped. The bullet lands such as Llanowar Wastes are cheap, but they will ping you for one damage to get mana fixing. Chromatic Lantern is pretty important in any 5 color deck.

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

3 months ago

3InchMeatMonster, welcome to the hive. I'd be glad to answer your question. I just want to start off saying that Paradox Engine is incredibly good for Slivers because when combined with Gemhide Sliver/Manaweft Sliver + Heart Sliver you can effectively play your entire deck and end the game. Here's a play by play of a game ending scenario:

Turn 4 -

  • With 4 lands, Gemhide Sliver, and Heart Sliver in play (all untapped), you tap both creatures for , and 3 lands to play Paradox Engine.
  • Then with a Galerider Sliver and Sol Ring in hand, you tap your 1 remaining land for and play the sliver. Both Gemhide Sliver and Heart Sliver untap.
  • You only have a Sol Ring left in hand. You tap all 3 slivers for and use the to pay for the Sol Ring. It comes into play, and all your slivers untap, and you have floating. You then tap all mana sources (all 3 slivers, and the sol ring) to pay for Sliver Overlord to come into play, and you have floating. All your slivers untap, as well as Sol Ring.
  • Now, with 4 slivers in play, and floating, you tap all slivers and the sol ring for . You pay (using the floating, and from the recently tapped Sol Ring)to tutor for any sliver that costs 5 or less. I'd recommend Dormant Sliver. It comes into play, all slivers and artifacts untap, you draw a card, and you still have floating. Rinse, wash, repeat.
  • tl:dr - with Paradox Engine+Manaweft Sliver+Heart Sliver you play all your slivers, draw alot of cards, and kill everything.

    zephramtripp on those crazy slivers...

    4 months ago

    There are several Sliver I think your amiss in dismissing:

    Bonescythe Sliver, for cheap double strike.
    Brood Sliver, for massive Sliver production.
    Harmonic Sliver, for artifact/enchantment removal.
    Heart Sliver, for cheap haste.
    Magma Sliver, for massive gains.
    Manaweft Sliver, as a backup Gemhide Sliver.
    Necrotic Sliver, to turn every Sliver into a Vindicate.
    Shifting Sliver, to make your team unblockable.
    Sinew Sliver, as another Muscle Sliver.
    Virulent Sliver, to only have to deal ten, not 40.
    Winged Sliver, for more flying.

    Other Slivers you might consider: Basal Sliver, Cautery Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, Essence Sliver, Groundshaker Sliver, Horned Sliver, Spined Sliver, Spitting Sliver, Lymph Sliver, Megantic Sliver, Opaline Sliver, Psionic Sliver, Pulmonic Sliver, Screeching Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sliver Legion, Sliver Queen, Sliver Overlord, Synapse Sliver, Synchronous Sliver, and Syphon Sliver.

    Tribal stuff:
    Cavern of Souls, obviously.
    Descendants' Path, if you want to go heavy tribal.
    Metallic Mimic, for extra buffs at low cost.
    Obelisk of Urd, for more huge buffs.
    Stoneforge Masterwork, for massive tribal buff.
    Belbe's Portal
    Urza's Incubator
    Patriarch's Bidding

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