Animar, Soul of Elements

Animar, Soul of Elements

Legendary Creature — Elemental

Protection of white and from black

Whenever you cast a creature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Animar, Soul of Elements.

Creature spells you cast cost 1 less to cast for each +1/+1 counter on Animar.

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Animar, Soul of Elements Discussion

Sleazebag on An Open Response to the ...

1 day ago

I've got to say, you worded this far more gently than I would.

This rule change is complete and utter hogwash (For use of a kinder term).

They have taken a steaming pile of shit on "balance" in favor of a subjective idea on what is "fun".

They have REMOVED a necessary answer to a large number of broken commanders that would be banned if the RC cared about balance.

Let me give an example here. Hermit Druid combo is commonly known as one of the strongest "competetive" decks in EDH (I would not say best, as it's too well known by now so people build with it in mind, and I'm not a competetive EDH player).

Sheldon straight out states that Hermit Druid will not get banned, it isn't even under consideration. It is a card that only becomes a problem when built with the explicit intention of comboing out with it (thus only happening in extremely competetive playgroups or organized play) and that the social contract will keep it in balance (AKA People simply won't play against your Hermit Druid deck, you douchebag).

While searching around for the exact quote (that I couldn't find) I found out WHY Hermit Druid isn't banned! Sheldon plays it in his deck "but doesn't abuse it". How cute!

Following this EXACT reasoning, several cards on the banlist shouldn't be there. The easiest example to this is Protean Hulk. It's an awesome card I totally want to run in my decks, but it is banned because it CAN be comboed with 5 other cards (Two of them cards you normally wouldn't run). This is the EXACT thing the social contract is in place for, but Sheldon apparently doesn't run that in HIS deck so away it goes!

Article discussing his deck:

This is WILDLY inconsistent with the latest rule update. They took a mechanic that was necessary for restricting many strong commanders (Forcing them to slow down their gameplan, run contingency plans in their deck etc) and completely removed it for being "unfun" to a specific part of the community that nobody really knew existed (their own playgroup probably), completely ignoring that the social contract they themselves advocate already dealt with this problem.

Their decisions will have a huge impact on play in most playgroups, even ones that dislike this change strongly.

I absolutely HATE this rule change, but I will follow it due to my playgroup playing at a LGS and we want anyone to be able to sit down at our table and join us without having to go through an interview first.

Cards like Maelstrom Wanderer, Prossh, Skyraider of Kher, Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, Marath, Will of the Wild, Zur the Enchanter, Animar, Soul of Elements and several other incredibly strong commanders are now substantially harder to deal with.

This rule change didn't give people a chance to try out more "fun janky commanders", it makes them LESS viable as the already strong and popular commanders that NEEDED to be dealt with in a way other than "Put into command zone" now NO LONGER HAVE THIS WEAKNESS. Why would more commanders become viable when already borderline broken commanders just became EVEN BETTER? Some of these generals literally WANT to be put in the command zone repeatably, THIS IS WHY THEY ARE GOOD. Now we don't have that answer anymore.

Sheldon shows how completely out of touch with the Commander community he is when he made this post.

Honestly, I agree with most of the bans on the list. The goal is to help variety and promote fun. However, this was a completely retarded change which does NOTHING of the sort. Me not being able to answer the player who keeps on returning his Maelstrom Wanderer to the command zone in order to win through sheer value (Or that "lucky" instant win) is NOT fun. Me being helpless to stop my opponent from ever putting his Derevi into play over and over and over every time it gets removed is ABSOLUTELY NOT FUN.

I am eternally grateful for what they have done for this format, but they need to realize that they can't change the rules based on their OWN personal preferences and not actual problems. It seems like the format has outgrown them and they should be made EXPLICITLY clear of this.

They had a responsibility to uphold when managing this format we all love. Now I'm just hoping for someone else to step up and take that responsibility away from them.

miracleHat on Cascade? That can't be that goo... Oh shit...

2 days ago

Either way, I like this deck. One card that I find interesting as a maindeck option is Animar, Soul of Elements. I see why he is in here, but when would you be casting him? I personally think that Deadeye Navigator would be a more effecient choice seeing how this is a combo deck.

G0ht on Grenzo Smash

3 days ago

Heyo. So First things first, these are just suggestions. We can talk some more EDH night if you want.

The idea of Grenzo:

Grenzo is first and foremost a flipped Dredge deck; He gets shit in your graveyard and fast. What's even better? He get's free dudes as long as they're less than his power. With a XBR Cost and a 2 power base that's pretty sweet. Dredge Loves creatures, they're easy to get back. In red and black artifacts aren't to hard either, so the dominate focus of the deck should be Facts, Good Dudes, Removal (With more dudes hopefully), and TURBO plusing Instants & Sorcs.


  • Base 2 Power is a great start
  • He's cheap. 2 mana and whatever you wanna pump him to
  • So easy to rip bitchin' creatures
  • Repeatable. Highly.
  • It's quite fast


  • Dying makes playing him SUCH a Hill to climb
  • Lack of Knowledge; It's much harder to manipulate the BOTTOM of a Library
  • Commander Engine; It's biggest asset is it's Commander
  • Not as stable; You're gambling off the Bottom card, pretty much NEED Grenzo

The List


Current List- Howling Mine isn't worth it. Them drawing is just to dangerous. It put's as many answers in their hand as cards to play in yours. Phyrexian Arena is what you want, 1 life is nothing if you pull victory sooner. Also consider Staff of Nin. It's mega expensive for it's effect but there's no life cost, if that becomes a problem in the build at some point and it can ping off small dudes, keep Walkers trim. On that Note I'm going to add it to An Eye For Two.

  • Minion Reflector's Success rate is meh. More often than not you'll probably find that the creature off the bottom isn't all that great at getting you out of the Pinch your in when you need it. So cloning it isn't all that great for a turn. Not to mention how many time you'd LIKE to get a dude from the bottom With Grenzo, you won't have enough to reflector.

  • I don't like mind stone. Kinda small but whatever, enough people do.

  • Trading Post feels unnecessary to me.

Additions- Thran Dynamo is a must. It's a really solid rock and used so much for a reason; and you Need mana for this deck, It's HUNGRY!

  • Rakdos Signet, Commander's Sphere and other small rocks like it are not bad, but how heavy you wanna go is up to you. I especially like Unstable Obelisk as it gives Enchantment removal....Eventually. Vessel of Endless Rest is probably a good idea.

  • Rings of Brighthearth is a better Illusionist's Bracers but Run both of course, It's not bad either.

  • Darksteel Pendant is Everything for you. Add it.

  • Soldevi Digger is some bomb stuff for recurring.

  • Hammer of Purphoros is more haste. You want haste. Ripped 3 off the bottom attacking and having them blown out still makes you feel good. Taste their fear.

  • Ashnod's Altar with Heartstone out means if you don't like the dude, you can just roll again and/orwind up for a winning hasted Living Death while still benefiting from ETBs.

  • Expedition Map helps get you Cabal Coffer's, Urborg, Valakut or a colour in a pinch. Highly recommend.

  • Mimic Vat Is neat and good denial from their GY.


Current List- Hamletback Goliath isn't doing anything for ya, and it's 6.

  • Hoarding Dragon Isn't a reliable artifact tutor. It needs to do and they can plan for what your getting to far in advance .

  • Kazuul isn't gonna be doing much. Granzo needs to be fast, he's not, You could use tokens for Ashnod's Altar, but he isn't reliable for that.

  • Kurkesh can't target mana abilities for speed, and he won't be out reliably enough to double the artifacts you want to at the same time. Not to mention, the benefit from the one's you have isn't really worth doubling; that mana is another Grenzo trigger.

  • Malphegor destroy's your own hand. There's better.

  • Siege Dragon meh powers go. A hellion of some sort would be better if it's for token removal.

  • Utvara Hellkite could be a better creature.

Additions- Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is the Minion Reflector you want. It's crazy and combos out with many pieces. *

Instants & SorcsCurrent List- Dark Ritual isn't consistent enough. Could be a dude.

  • Anger of the gods could be a dude, or a bored wipe hellion. Meaning rips off the bottom. Also 3 is a little to low for EDH I find; four is the magic number

  • Decree could be a dude that wins instead of a wipe. Or a hellion, like always

  • Insurrection isn't consistent. They may NOT be a creature strat.

  • World at war isn't worth. Hellkite Charger is a dude you could try

  • Profane Command is nice, but as always....dude with effects you want that comes off of grenzo and doesn't hit the GY.

Additions- Reanimate is a good thing.


Current List - Ferver may be one to many sources. Probably not though. Test.- Animate Dead is a good re-animator Card, which you could use well.

Additions- Blood Moon See above.


Current ListSolid.


  • Opal Palace Is a good way to make up extra counters. it died once, so for an extra tap he gets two more. Then four more.

Ending Statement *

If you notice, the * means stuff that may be considered unfun. Well yes, it can be. You wanted to know what you could do to beat Azami? There's some options. When you're considering what to put in remember a few things:

  • Azami, Lady of Scrolls is a power deck and in our pool. It's something to have in mind, and it's not the only deck that's got some mad power going on cough Animar, Soul of Elements and all thedecks that some people keep away for competitive hateful occasions. And there are so many more EDH's that are worse and unstoppable.

  • You don't need to include the infinite Combos but certain pieces are good to have Like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker.

  • If you do go the ham combos win route you could keep Grenzo as your threat deck for going up against other high threats .

  • Don't feel THAT bad about Blood Moon stuff. From a mainly Tri-coloured player's standpoint; I do plan for that stuff.

iLikeDirt on Choosing my first commander (Help ...

6 days ago

I'm just going to leave my unsolicited opinions on each of these generals and let you kind of decipher how you feel about each of them. Or ignore it, either is fine with me haha.

Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant: Its a VERY interesting ability, and 99.99% of the time when you cast it he is going flip, especially if you throw in some life gain engines. THe issue I see with him is you don't have any incredibly clear "Okay. I win now." win conditions. I mean you can play mono- token beats but my bias says "meh" about this general. That said, mono colored strategies are very cheap to start with since you don't need to pick any really expensive lands to just play your deck.

Uril The Mist Stalker: "Me Uril. Uril smash." For a 3 color general, he doesn't seem like he would cost too much to build. The random 25 cent enchantments for like 10+ years ago will be awkward to try and find a your LGS though hahaha.

Talrand, Sky Summoner: This I think may be your most budget starting spot with one of your higher growth ceilings among your mono colored, and maybe two colored, options listed. A ton of your cheap counter spells, draw spells and bounce spells would go in here without much issue, then when you begin upgrading theres plenty of dumb stuff to grab like Force of Will and Snapcaster Mage.

Animar, Soul of Elements: Lets get this started with the right mindset: You don't choose the RUG life, it chooses you. Terrible jokes aside, Animar is a VERY strong RUG general. Lends himself well to both comb and beat down strategies alike. This means you can easy just start off with a creature based deck, slowly build into either a much more expensive beats deck with crap like Sneak Attack etc. OR you can expand into a combo deck with things like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Zealous Conscripts with plenty of tutors and draw spells.

Nekusar, the Mindrazer: Hes a pretty good Grixis general, and he can be made to just WRECK a table. But, to do that its a pretty high budget ceiling to get the deck there, and without at least part of that budget I find he only gets part of the way there most the time. IE, you can get everyone below 20 befoe you'll get hated off the board because no one likes to be taxed for just doing what they do on their turn anyways, draw.

Atarka, World Render: I see her as a really REALLY solid voltron strategy with a back up win condition: play other dragons too and just beat face as hard as you can. The more voltron build stuff will start to run some money but it wouldn't be terribly expensive and I'm not sure how high of a budget ceiling you could really hit with it.

Edric, Spymaster of Trest: Theres kind of two ways to build it.One, which you mentioned, is the / evasive good stuffs. The other, which I think is the better of the two, is Elf bomb with Time Warp effects. Crack, draw, Time Stretch, opponent puts sadness on the stack.

Marchesa, the Black Rose Saved my most biased opinion for last... Shes good. REALLY good. My list La Rose Noire is probably some of the most fun I have had playing commander in quite a long while. You can ignore some of that price tag and some of the more expensive cards (like the JTMS and Sneak Attack, a functional deck could exist with far less of a budget and without a lot of those cards. That being said, the cards that make that deck awesome are fairly budget themselves... Flayer of the Hatebound wins games man.

lemmingllama on Choosing my first commander (Help ...

6 days ago

For budget, you could build most of these. The strongest ones that I would recommend that are also fun would be either Animar, Soul of Elements or Xenagos, God of Revels. Animar is strong and can be cheap to build at first, then you can simply throw in more expensive pieces as you go. He also lets you play those fatties that you really want to play. Likewise, Xenagos, God of Revels works well in both budget and expensive builds and it allows you to play large creatures and make them larger.

As for some of your other suggestions like Uril, the Miststalker, Nekusar, the Mindrazer, and Talrand, Sky Summoner can be fairly linear and boring to play. Marchesa, the Black Rose and Edric, Spymaster of Trest are much more interactive, although a little most costly to make a deck that can function in a strong playgroup. Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant is pretty fun, but I wouldn't select him as your first general.

joriiiii12345 on Choosing my first commander (Help ...

6 days ago

Hello everyone,

I want to get into commander, and I would like some opinions on what commander I should use. I want to start playing casually, with a budget of around 50,- If I like the concept of my budget build, I'll start buying more expensive cards for it over time.

I want to make an EDH deck that is somewhat viable in both 1v1 and group commander play. The commanders I'm currentlly considering are:

  • Uril, the Miststalker (voltron with some ramp, tutors and enchantment subtheme)

  • Talrand, Sky Summoner (control with cantrips. I love the reprinting of rebound cards)

  • Edric, Spymaster of Trest (I absolutely love unblockable things, and with a few unblockable, landwalking of flying creatures this seems like an easy & cheap build)

  • Rune-Tail, Kitsune Ascendant (add in some creatures like Guardian of the Gateless, token producers, and vigilance enablers. perhaps a lifegain subtheme?)

  • Animar, Soul of Elements (I think this is the deck I'd LOVE to play most, as I absolutely love running my standard temur deck. I'm only wondering how I could ever pull him if with a low (starting) budget..)

  • Marchesa, the Black Rose (having a lot of immortal little beaters seems like a lot of fun, and adding some beneficial "pay life" effects will ensure me to "dethrone" when needed)

  • Nekusar, the Mindrazer (making everyone draw cards, punish them for having/casting cards, or add recursive discard seems hilarious. I wonder if this strategy might be too dangerous against some decks..)

  • Atarka, World Render / Xenagos, God of Revels (G/R, some ramp, tramling, what's not to love?)

As you can see,, I've taken a look at quite a few commanders that appeal to me. Which one do you think is most viable 1) within a small budget, 2) in 1v1 as well as in group play, and 3) has some great more expensive cards to add in the future, but works fine without them?

Any opinions are much appreciated.


globenstine on Animar, Soul of Elements Tiny Leaders

6 days ago

you might consider Genesis Hydra Lifeblood Hydra and Mistcutter Hydra as Animar, Soul of Elements cost down lets you pay "x" = to the number of counters on him without actually using mana.

sirbar on Tiny leaders combo help!

1 week ago

I am looking for help with a tiny leaders combo deck. I want to make this capable of being competitive or at least as competitive as tiny leaders can be.

As of the moment my command is Animar, Soul of Elements for his combo with Animar, Soul of Elements + Cloud of Faeries + Cloudstone Curio plus a Pestermite or Deceiver Exarch. This establishes infinite mana and storm.

I would like to add more combos like this and even make this combo better by finding a replacement for Cloudstone Curio that doesn't require me to bounce another creature.

If there is a better commander that I could use for this type of deck I am open to suggestions.

This is the current build that I am testing: Animar, Soul of Combos

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