Animar, Soul of Elements

Animar, Soul of Elements

Legendary Creature — Elemental

Protection of white and from black

Whenever you cast a creature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Animar, Soul of Elements.

Creature spells you cast cost 1 less to cast for each +1/+1 counter on Animar.

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Animar, Soul of Elements Discussion

limpNuZZle on Animar, Soul of the Infinite Combo

2 days ago

Oh, you mean to use her for the leader. Well Animar, Soul of Elements is super relevant in making my creatures cheaper. It allows some incredibly explosive t3/4 plays. And mana is literally not an issue at all in this deck. It is incredibly easy to get your colors every game. I have not had a single problem with it yet. And yes, it also makes Bloom Tender a bit better, even through the Bloom Tender + Freed from the Real combo is infinite in its own, it's nice to have access to the red w her for a Banefire or to tap a Kessig Wolf Run when all your other lands are tapped.

dbpunk on Commander suggestions for a Timmy-type.

3 days ago

If you're looking to build really straight forward, putting down creatures like no other type deck, then I'd suggest Karametra, God of Harvests, Gaddock Teeg, Karador, Ghost Chieftan, Mayael the Anima or Animar, Soul of Elements all of which could really boost creatures easily and bring them out quickly.

If you're looking for a really interesting build, such as a tribal deck, there's quite a few others. For example; Kangee, Aerie Keeper for a WU tribal and you can put Dovescape in there to piss everyone off. Or a UR deck with Jhoira of the Ghitu for really cheap creatures and spells. Or, a very funny burn type build with heavy creature play would be a Rakdos, Lord of Riots deck.

Rheunon on Green, Blue, Red EDH

1 week ago

I think that this deck might benefit from three things. First, a definitive theme. Any deck needs synergy, and this deck would function very well if it had a definitive theme. For instance, your commander, Animar, Soul of Elements is a great commander, but generally used as a combo commander. If you're already confused as to what I'm saying, take a look at some EDH guides. Some good people to look up would be Tolarion Community College, as well as Roxaboxxen90. Anyways, the second thing is that Vanilla cards (cards with no special effect) are most of the time not very good in EDH. They might do well in standard or even just casual, but they don't do enough when your opponents have 40 life. My third piece of advice would be to run less creatures. You're not gonna have a great time trying to beat your opponents down with all of those, especially not in ramp/late game colors. These are just my two cents, but I reccomend you check out those guides. EDH, while being really casual, is also really complex, and hard to get into. You also might want to look into the list of EDH staples that are actually on this site ( Other than those things, I think that the potential for this deck is awesome.

kameenook on Eldrazi Swarm

1 week ago

Just if you want more colorless creatures, Darksteel Colossus, Blightsteel Colossus, Colossus of Akros, Platinum Emperion, and Platinum Angel.

You have an Animar, Soul of Elements in your deck, and as your general, which is unnecessary (also illegal). I would recommend Kruphix, God of Horizons because colorless mana. Then I would consider Cloudstone Curio for some ridiculous combos.

carpecanum on Momir Vig, Simic Visionary EDH

1 week ago

Contagion Engine maybe?

My Animar, Soul of Elements deck really takes off if i have Hardened Scales out early.

Whenever i use Gilder Bairn i look for ways to tap it without attacking. Tradewind Rider or maybe a useful artifact like Manriki-Gusari that could be used with any card but is especially good for making Gilder Bairn tap.

Riders_of_Brohan on Mazzuno

1 week ago

Hey man, I'm super interested in your Animar, Soul of Elements. Is there anything in my binder you'd want? Thanks

vault on Just Chatting

2 weeks ago

So I need a 3 color EDH deck for my playgroup. I'm thinking either Animar, Soul of Elements, Ghave, Guru of Spores, or Shattergang Brothers. Note I want this to be more fun than competitive. And relatively cheap, as far as EDH decks go.

Epochalyptik on what are some valid strategies ...

2 weeks ago

Animar, Soul of Elements and Riku of Two Reflections are pretty big combo generals. Both go infinite with Palinchron.

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