Animar, Soul of Elements


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Mythic Rare

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Animar, Soul of Elements

Legendary Creature — Elemental

Protection from white and from black

Whenever you cast a creature spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Animar, Soul of Elements.

Creature spells you cast cost less to cast for each +1/+1 counter on Animar.

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4.4 TIX


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Animar, Soul of Elements Discussion

Regoober on Again, and Again, and Again, and Again

6 hours ago

Cool! I didn't know you could double up the Yidris Triggers! It's Wanderer with Black!

Strionic Resonator and Relentless Assault-type spells will get you there, too. Entwined Savage Beating is Savage, but you know that already.

Sylvan Library for organizing the top of the deck and maybe Dig Through Time for a big cascade for little mana and getting those two cards you really want before or during your next mill. Animar, Soul of Elements would be nice with your High-CMC creatures, (and recasting your commander).

People are going to get wise to your commander quick, and without many counters or protective answers, I would suggest Whispersilk Cloak to avoid targeted removal and ensure combat damage. It also works great with the Shocker cards mid/late game which become easily blocked.

Remember, you're not the only one running Ulamog and Kozilek, so you may need something to make sure your #1 win condition is still viable. I was going to suggest Leyline of the Void, but it messes up some of your other cool cards. Instead, consider Bitter Ordeal, Extirpate, and/or Surgical Extraction to get them gone for good if the problem arises.

For fun and funk: Mindmoil and Past in Flames

+1 for making a meh commander stand out, +1 for taking it in a new direction, and +1 for introducing me to Heartwood Storyteller!

Jebadiah_Jones on It's All Ogre Now (Dirty RUG Storm Primer)

1 week ago

Prophet_of_Xenagos, I would agree if this was more of a Maelstrom Wanderer or Animar, Soul of Elements type of list, but being a storm build I feel like it would miss more than it would help. I do like the card with this general though, its a hilarious idea :>

PookandPie on Why is this deck moving ...

2 weeks ago

I think it may be beneficial to point out that combo Animar, Soul of Elements relies on its Commander for its fastest win methods, so eliminating him is the easiest out against that deck.

Interestingly, your deck has only a copuple outs it can use against Animar itself, and not a single of your 9 instants can deal with Animar (they're either black, white, or is a sacrifice effect which is hilarious when Animar runs more 1-2 mana dorks than you do so the Edict will never hit Animar unless you Mindslaver them first. Dromoka's Command won't kill Animar unless you don't have a white or black creature. So, good luck with that). Unless Beast Within was banned when I wasn't looking, that should be one of the first cards you put into the deck as it can handle a wide variety of situations. Giving them a 3/3 may suck a little bit, especially since the format's life total fell again, but being able to handle most permanents at instant speed is very valuable. Song of the Dryads is a little bit worse than Beast but still answers any permanent type, and it can really deal with combos that don't pop at instant speed, Voltron, and Animar, especially the latter if it doesn't have a tutor in hand to get Reclamation Sage to un-tree Animar (so it can typically buy you a couple of turns, which is generally all you need. I swear Animar should have cost 5 mana, I mean, honestly).

Anyway, easiest way to deal with an Animar deck is to kill Animar if you have to, before things snowball and the board gets flooded. Your deck is never going to be able to kill as fast as Animar does, because that's just what Animar does and you're going to have to accept that. Slotting in the above two cards won't magically make your matchups great against that deck, but you'll at least have a 4/99 chance of dealing with the typical lynchpins or Animar (Song, Beast, Council's Judgment, Toxic Deluge, or 5/99 with Command if you draw Tarmogoyf or Thrun before Animar gets 4 counters to go infinite), which is better off than you were before.

Beast Within could straight up take Maelstrom Pulse's slot (unless there's a token deck you're desperately afraid of), and Song of the Dryads could take something else's slot. Hushwing Gryff might be worth a slot as well, as it's generally good against most deck types and stops Animar's repeated bouncing nonsense that makes the deck absurdly fast (mind that he still gets his counters, but that's less scary than bouncing Imperial Recruiter chains to flood you out).

You're playing a more midrange approach to Duel Commander, which means you're typically going to be a little slower than your opponents, but that's not a problem if you have appropriate answers for their strategies and to bring them into your tempo. If you cannot do that, then you may have to revisit elements of the deck and potentially adopt a sideboard solution to handle specific troubling decks.

greyninja on 5 mana t1

2 weeks ago

If you can score t1 Sol Ring or Mana Crypt into T2 Thran Dynamo: 8 mana turn 3.
Pretty much turn 1 Mana Crypt into anything like Cultivate is amazing

T1 land, dork
T2 land, Harrow, Nature's Lore, Crop Rotation for Temple of the False God
T3 land (7 mana on turn 3 for under $5)

If you're running 15-20+ ramp options you might run into late game problems. i.e. Really hoping to topdeck a bomb or boardwipe and getting a signet. That's the nature of the game though. Sometimes you might not ramp at all and sometimes you'll godhand

One of my favorite simple plays I've had a few times is T2 Bloom Tender, T3 Animar, Soul of Elements tap bloom for 3

saldagmac on Most Hated Commanders

3 weeks ago

If only i could run that guy in my Animar, Soul of Elements deck T.T(Him and dovescape, actually)

Gidgetimer on First EDH deck

3 weeks ago

Tooth and Nail and Titanbloom are both combo decks focused on large creatures. Ramp is what Wizards wants to supplant combo and also is focused on large creatures. So I am getting a creature focused combo vibe from your choices. I would suggest Xenagos, God of Revels, Animar, Soul of Elements, or Ghave, Guru of Spores. Depending on if you like combat or combo more they range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

I have them listed in order from most "fair" to most combo centric. There are actually two variations of Animar to consider for your playstyle. There is a "fair" variation that uses Animar to accelerate into large threats. It is the variant that I placed in the middle of the spectrum. There is also a combo variant that uses creatures that bounce themselves or others in order to make Animar lethal that is more straightforward than ghave but actually a little more combo centric. Below are examples for Xenagos, "fair" Animar, and Ghave for you to look at and see if you like them. You can find combo Animar lists online pretty easily by searching for them. If you have any questions about the lists I link let me now and I will do my best to explain them so you can get a feel for them.

Xenagos, God of "You're Swinging with a HOW BIG?"

Commander / EDH Gidgetimer


Animar EDH

Commander / EDH Gidgetimer


Ghave: Baby Makin' and Alimony

Commander / EDH PookandPie


Wickked on Best value in town, Meren EDH

3 weeks ago

It's been hit and miss with Sepulchral Primordial... the later the games go the better he becomes and can really swing any game if given a chance. My meta includes a Scion of the Ur-Dragon and Animar, Soul of Elements which have provided some great targets for me. But he's a very fun card to play with to be honest. hard casting him just to sac and reoccur at your endstep with meren can simply end the game alot of times, Panharmonicon really shines in these situation also. I really think the meta you play in can vary his results alot. Intimidate can be very clutch as evasion also.

AwesomeOctopus on Ideas

3 weeks ago

If you are playing 1v1 I'm guessing you are trying to be competitive, since french commander tends to be so. 1v1, though i have not played much of it and never seriously built my EDH decks in that manner, allows you to be much more agressive. 1 opponent, only 30 life. think of it more like modern than 4 player edh. The following commanders are good all arround, but kick ass 1v1, Brago, King Eternal, Leovold, Emissary of Trest, Zur the Enchanter, Animar, Soul of Elements if you are looking for really top tier guys

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