Basalt Monolith


Basalt Monolith doesn't untap during your untap step.

: Add to your mana pool.

: Untap Basalt Monolith.

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Basalt Monolith Discussion

strembl7 on Rakdos the Defiler

2 days ago

See also Blood Moon with some mana base updates, Ruination, Mana Crypt, Basalt Monolith (or Grim Monolith) for when you just want your hand in play on T5.

Also just noticed: ditch Starstorm for the aforementioned Earthquake or even Comet Storm which is unquestionably better.

Expedite and Vampiric Tutor make me think of Isochron Scepter, but you'd need more targets before it can be included.

LTmiller on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

I saw something for Ravos on facebook, that involved him, Sandsteppe Mastodon, Basalt Monolith, and Eldrazi Displacer. It's a few blinking shenanigans that net 4 mana every iteration, and is very abusable, but you would have to have a way to use all that mana readily available...

TheDevicer on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 days ago

Let's not get confrontational. I think we're all trying to add to the conversation about cEDH.

Anyway, I think putting cards in a deck that only serve combo-purposes isn't ideal but doing so is perfectly justifiable when the combo is streamlined, low CMC, easy to fetch, etc. Think about all of the different cards that go into hermit druid and boonweaver lists. Some of those pieces are vital to the combo but don't necessarily do all that much outside of the combo. Still, they're ok just because of how damn good those combos are.

Meanwhile, something like Power Artifact+Grim Monolith is not particularly great when you can achieve infinite colorless using Basalt Monolith+Rings of Brighthearth instead. In lists where tutoring enchantments is hard, Power Artifact is a terrible card. It has next to no utility outside of the combo, is damn hard to fetch, and has a replacement readily available.

There's no circular logic going on here. Think of the above Basalt Monolith+Rings of Brighthearth combo I mentioned. I love the fact that I can use Sensei's Divining Top as an optional part of that combo to draw my deck. I can even sink in a bunch of mana just into Sensei's Divining Top+Rings of Brighthearth to inefficiently draw cards at sorcery speed if I need to. The fact of the matter is that you're not always comboing out and it's generally pretty awesome just to throw the top out and have it accumulate value for you. Sure, you're not happy to expose Rings of Brighthearth on the table, but sometimes you're left in a situation where the players have checked each other and you need to make some moves.

In these moments, it really pays to have combo pieces that do things outside of the combo. Hell, just the fact that you can throw that Dryad Arbor to Food Chain is awesome and that was pointed out in a completely unrelated post just days ago.

The fact of the matter is that if you can have a card fill two functions instead of just one and suffer no repercussions, you'll take the two functions any day.

MrBamsGoesBoom6874 on Niv Mizzet ALL THE POWER

6 days ago

Also Rings of Brighthearth won't trigger with Basalt Monolith tapping for mana because it is a mana ability so unfortunately no infinite mana there man.

Snow13oard on First Deck Build

1 week ago

So if you want to buy Cards perheps:

Helm of the Gods --> Skullclamp // Hedron Archive --> Chromatic Lantern or Basalt Monolith // Renegade Map --> Sol Ring // Honed Khopesh --> Spear of Heliod

i can find more things to change if you want :)

Cutler on Brago, King Of ETB

1 week ago

If you need more draw some cheap additions to go with brago's blink = Traveler's Cloak, Unquestioned Authority, Pentarch Ward

Act of Authority to remove your opponents stuff you dont like

Definitely grab yourself a Command Tower for some color fixing in your lands

Swiftfoot Boots gives brago protection + haste to trigger his ability faster

Sol Ring is a big commander staple and will help you cast brago faster, so will Basalt Monolith

Peregrine Drake to give you more mana to cast stuff, blink with brago for big mana turns

Cloudform and Lightform = get your creatures on the battlefield as 2/2's with evasion then cast them for their mana costs

These are all pretty cheap cards hope this helped :)

Triton on Brago, King of Eternal Value

1 week ago

JaceTheSwagSculptor fancy meeting you again! hahaha

I intended this deck to be more on the casual side, and I do know how to optimize it via adding stax pieces/Strionic Resonator to the deck. When I asked for optimization, I meant mainly for cards that were more optimal in place of cards that might be lacking in this deck. Hopefully this clears up any confusion!

Peanut3181 I was considering Basalt Monolith in place of a mana rock, because you're able to untap it via Brago. I can most definitely add it in. I'll also add the Trial and Oath of Jace back in, since at worst they're basically sorcery spells that stay on the field lol.

I'll consider Frost Titan and Luminate Primordial. I used to have Luminate Primordial in the deck, but took it out because it had too high of a CMC.

I think the potential to go infinite is there for Peregrine Drake, which I'm a bit hesitant about. However, I will consider them!

Some of the cards are really good, but they're kinda expensive for me. I'll add them to the maybeboard if I can trade for them, or get my hands on them in general, I will add them in.

@both (or anyone reading this): So as I mentioned to Jace, I intended this for more casual games. But! As you both may know, Brago is quite the hate magnet on the table. I think if he is too much of one, I may just say fuck it and go for the more cutthroat build, because I enjoy my decks functioning consistently and winning. I have done this before, with my Breya deck, so this isn't new haha. Anyways, I want to hear opinions on the deck.

I'm also happy to test it out the way it is, and then see if I should go the more cutthroat route, since it wouldn't take much investment lol.

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