Basalt Monolith


Basalt Monolith doesn't untap during your untap step.

: Add to your mana pool.

: Untap Basalt Monolith.

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Basalt Monolith Discussion

creepeve on And I'll Pay a Red | Only 5 Red Spells! *PRIMER*

9 hours ago

Awesome deck! I've loved playing it online and I featured it for a deck tech over at MagicGatheringStrat.

I did make a couple of changes that I would recommend.

soul_knightmare on Birds

16 hours ago

Right off the bat it looks really good. All of the standard categories are covered. There are a few cards though that don't pull enough weight. I'm not sure Arctic Aven, Dawnfeather Eagle, Aven Fateshaper, Serra Aviary, Brave the Sands, and Always Watching do enough to keep around. Derevi gives all your creatures a psuedo- vigilance already. I would replace these with Judge's Familiar, Windbrisk Raptor, Mindshrieker, Aerie Mystics, and Kangee, Aerie Keeper. There are also good arguments to include Mirror Entity or Beastmaster Ascension for an easy win-con, Rout or Phyrexian Rebirth to wipe the board, and Basalt Monolith or Gilded Lotus to abuse Derevi Untap triggers. Rounding out the mana base with a Seaside Haven and the bounce lands will keep your hand full. Later upgrades I would consider adding would be Kruphix, God of Horizons and Reliquary Tower to max hand size and allow you to keep all of the extra mana Derevi enables.

Scytec on Kambal's Orzhov Party EDH

3 days ago

Hey, sorry it's taken me so long. Works been stupid. I've slept 8 hours the last 3 days. Anytime a list runs Sanguine Bond, Exquisite Blood should be an automatic include as it instantly wins you the game. Dark Ritual is an excellent early turn play to cheat out a larger mana rock like Basalt Monolith or Gilded Lotus. Speaking of, I'd take a look at both those, but there is no reason not to include Sol Ring here. :p for spot removal take a look at Unmake as well, as it is very cheap. Liliana Vess tutors and nets card advantage, she isn't too pricey. Terramorphic Expanse is basically another Evolving Wilds. Rupture Spire and Transguild Promenade help mana fixing exponentially. I think Erebos, God of the Dead is still moderately cheap, so maybe take a look at him. After you play at FNM, let me know what kind of decks you came up against and I'll make more specific suggestions. Good luck!

goblinguiderevealpls on Razin' minds, takin' names (competitive primer)

4 days ago


yes indeed. i would be running rakdos signet if i had room for it, the more ramp the better! you could also run Mind Stone, Prismatic Lens, Thought Vessel, Fellwar Stone or Basalt Monolith

alternatively you can run ritual ramp, im not a big fan cuz it only ramps for that turn/phase, but Seething Song and Cabal Ritual are also pretty strong! albiet just once, and not permanently (twice if you flashback)

Goretast on Mayael the Anima

1 week ago

I ran Mayael awhile back and had huge issues with speed. I ran a artifact ramp package with Basalt Monolith, Boros Signet, Gilded Lotus, Grim Monolith, Gruul Signet, Mana Vault, and Thran Dynamo to try to get out an early cheat. If you want to make the deck more gross I'd suggest Sneak Attack, Tooth and Nail, Chord of Calling, and Rings of Brighthearth for a double activation. Scroll Rack would also help with card draw and putting heavy hitters back ontop. Bloom Tender is good ramp. Teferi's Protection is also a great utility card to save Mayael or give you time to swing out the next turn.

t3hdarkness on The Iron Plague

1 week ago

Arcum Dagsson is one of the most dangerous commanders in the game, you will probably be targeted first in every game if you use him against experienced players.

Breya, Etherium Shaper gives you access to most of the colors you want and can act as an alternate Win-Con, but doesn't threaten to end the game before it really begins.

If you want to win with Mechanized Production, Revel in Riches and Anointed Procession are pretty funny, plus it gives you a little extra value out of Krark-Clan Ironworks

All the Nonland Cards with Urza in the name probably won't do much for you and most of the vehicles would be better off as mana rocks like Basalt Monolith, Gilded Lotus and the Ravnica Signets. Plus if you're using those Paradox Engine is a really strong addition.

Then Karakas and Tolarian Academy have to go. They're banned.

Homelessguy on Missing a Combo Deck!

2 weeks ago

Arcum Dagsson

A)Play a artifact creature.

B)Sac it to find Paradox Engine.

C)Play second artifact creature to untap Arcum.

D)Sacrifice it to find Citanul Flute.

F)Use Flute to find zero drop creatures like Memnite for lots of free Arcum taps.

G) go get Basalt Monolith and Rings of Brighthearth to make infinite Mana.

H) finally go get Walking Ballista play it for a stupid amount and kill the table by removing the 1/1 counters

I run 0 to 2 cmc creatures.

Dwest_4 on Lifegain Ayli

2 weeks ago

If you were to involve more mana rocks you could go for a storm with Paradox Engine. Basalt Monolith, Orzhov Cluestone, Gilded Lotus, Thran Dynamo, Chromatic Lantern are a few gilded lotus would probably be more necessary as it gives coloured mana, but Isochron Scepter allows you to basically cast the same spell infinitely with paradox engine in play and Aetherflux Reservoir is end game

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