Arid Mesa


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare

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Arid Mesa


, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Arid Mesa: Search your library for a Mountain or Plains card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Arid Mesa Discussion

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #56 - Fetches

2 days ago

Rhadamanthus: Battlefield Forge, Clifftop Retreat, Inspiring Vantage, Rugged Prairie There's plenty of dual lands I'd take over Arid Mesa in RW 7 days of the week, and most of them don't cost $30+.

And this doesn't change how often I see it slotted into mono-red.

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #56 - Fetches

2 days ago

Azdranax Your argument seems to hinge almost entirely on decks that run more than 2 colors. Arid Mesa is in no way better at color fixing than Plateau or Sacred Foundry in a strictly RW deck. And yet... people run them anyways. And they claim, for the thinning. Overrated is exactly what they are. Useful in a lot of decks? Yes. But I've literally watched people run then in fucking mono-color decks for the thinning effect. What else can I call that but overrated?

Azdranax on Pattern Recognition #56 - Fetches

2 days ago

While I agree with the basic premise of "not every deck should be running fetch lands," I could spend quite some time assailing the flawed conceptual details and the lack of mathematical details included in this specific argument. It's late, so I'm not going to spend the time, but I'll simply say Magic players could learn a great deal about statistical probability from poker players, rather than attempting to take a macro-analysis approach by utilizing a hypergeometric function or running a Monte Carlo simulation, as random statistical probability is far more important than simulated statistical certainty when playing Magic (as well as poker).

As noted in the attached article, which is quite dated but mathematically accurate, telling players the mean statistical number of lands in your opening hand is 2.33 based on a 60 card 40/20 spell to land distribution is much less meaningful (in my opinion) than telling players you'll start the game with either 2 or 3 lands in your opening hand in roughly 60% of your games. Cards don't come in fractions in actual gameplay, so understanding the potential benefits of the random statistics, especially in early turns, becomes much more relevant than knowing you'll be nearly mathematically certain to draw an additional spell by turn 20, which based on a 1,000,000 simulation scenario becomes valueless.

Ultimately, the greatest value of the fetch lands has been and always will be color fixing, as having the ability to play the correct spells in your early turns means more than anything in Magic, especially in the deeper formats of Modern and Legacy. Fetch lands supersede even original dual lands in effectiveness for color fixing, as an Arid Mesa can become any dual or shock with mountain or plains in their super type (7 of the 10 dual/shock versions available to fetch). Meanwhile, a Plateau is just that, and a Sacred Foundry is just that, still minus 2-life to use immediately. Having the exact color(s) you need the turn you play the fetch is almost always worth the 1-life paid. It's why the value of fetches has held fairly steady despite the significant reprint in MM3 - they'll always be in demand, as they should be for competitive players.

Finally, as pointed out by several other commenters, the deck thinning effect, while modest in many cases, always results in an improvement in statistical odds to draw a non-land card...ALWAYS - no matter how small. Any insinuation that it does not is simply incorrect; there may be diminishing returns as the number of lands declines, but there is still always a statistical decrease in the likelihood of land draw when using a fetch land. If that's your only reason for playing them, then I'd agree - the juice isn't worth the squeeze, so to speak, but it's the all-in-one utility of the fetch lands that make them so important to so many decks. Saying they are overrated is simply erroneous.

yorugua on Food Chain Prossh [[Budget Primer]]

2 weeks ago

This is awesome! I have looked around at many build and deck techs for Prossh and this one takes the price hands down!

Quick question: I have other fetchlands besides the ones you included in your list. Did you limit this because of budget or because do you not think make the deck better? The ones I can add are: Arid Mesa, Marsh Flats, Misty Rainforest, Polluted Delta, Scalding Tarn,and Verdant Catacombs

If you think this would help, what would you remove? Thanks in advance!

bumcheeks on Bring Out The Bushwhacker

3 weeks ago

why do you have Arid Mesa

Boza on Gruul landfall.

3 weeks ago

What you have right now resembles a mix of different strategies. It is important in Magic to be focused - executing one strategy very well is much better than several strategies poorly.

Generally, landfall goes well into two different directions - aggro and ramp.

Aggro will use cards like Steppe Lynx and Arid Mesa or Evolving Wilds to get multiple small creatures a lot bigger. Usually, it is red/green/white.

Ramp will use cards like Rampant Growth to "cheat" on the 1-land per turn rule and get out big creatures that are finishers like Omnath, Locus of Rage. usually red/green.

Additionally, there is the minor variant:

Midrange Enchantments - uses few if any creatures and wins through cards like Retreat to Hagra to actually gain advantage and win. Primarily green, but can be any color.

Which one do you want to be?

docbp87 on Cat tribal Voltron

1 month ago

Any reason to not use Batterskull, Umezawa's Jitte, Sword of Fire and Ice, Sword of Feast and Famine, Sword of Body and Mind, Sword of Light and Shadow, and Sword of War and Peace? Arguably these are among the best equipment in the game, all conspicuously absent? I know some are on the pretty expensive (in dollar amount) end of things, but some aren't too bad, and the power level is absurd.

Other obvious upgrades come in the mana base, getting rid of so many tap lands. Horizon Canopy, all of the fetches that get Plains or Forests (Flooded Strand, Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath, Marsh Flats, Verdant Catacombs, Arid Mesa, and Misty Rainforest), for budget don't forget the Mirage fetches (Flood Plain, Mountain Valley, Grasslands). Others to not forget would be like Flagstones of Trokair

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