Arid Mesa


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Zendikar Expeditions (EXP) Mythic Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare

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Arid Mesa


, Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Arid Mesa: Search your library for a Mountain or Plains card and put it onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Arid Mesa Discussion

aeonstoremyliver on Mono-Red Burn

3 days ago

Ha! Well, I'd also include your 8-10 fetchlands, so playsets of Wooded Foothills and Bloodstained Mire, with 2x Arid Mesa. Or at the very least, 8x fetches. The reason why we do this, even in a mono deck, is that we sometimes want to trigger landfall with Searing Blaze on our opponent's turn. The fuel for Grim Lavamancer is also very nice. The shuffle and minimal deckthinning is a thing, but it is minimal.

FlameoHotman on It's stompin' time!

5 days ago

Hey NV_1980,

 I have some minor suggestions not to your forces, but the mana you obtain. I am speechless to your powerhouse of creatures! I could never make an improvement off that. I am very satisfied that you run my favorite Eldrazi, Pathrazer of Ulamog. As for that mana.... I would recommend taking out Darksteel Ingot and Commander's Sphere for faster mana rocks like Fellwar Stone and Everflowing Chalice that cost 1 less to cast. I can see that your mana base is a little chunky too with those Scrylands and Wind-Scarred Crag. Why not run the three fetches of Arid Mesa, Windswept Heath, and Wooded Foothills? I think it would be helpful if you ran a Krosan Verge that is great in any Selesnya support. Yes, they enter tapped, but ramp is ramp. As for that Cavern of Souls.... What creature type do you usually like to select? It seems odd to have because I'd think a Kessig Wolf Run might be more beneficial with these giant creatures, but I tend not to worry a lot about my creatures being countered so that's just me.

zephyr_chang on Naya Heroic

1 week ago

You're welcome. I really like Heroic as a mechanic back when it was in Standard. However, a deck based on Heroic does run into several problems, like drawing spells when there are no creatures on board, not drawing enough spells to complement the creatures, running out of gas beyond Turn 5, etc. That was why I thought spells that can be cast more than once (Rebound, Flashback), and creatures that generate creatures (Vanguard of Brimaz, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, Monastery Mentor, Young Pyromancer) are key to this type of deck. A go-wide strategy is good because we have ways to pump the whole board, with Phalanx Leader and Anax and Cymede.

Therefore, my own suggested list is this: 4 each of Monastery Swiftspear, Favored Hoplite, Young Pyromancer, Phalanx Leader, 2 Anax and Cymede and 3 split among Brimaz, King of Oreskos and Monastery Mentor (21 creatures); 4 each of Gods Willing, Emerge Unscathed, Blossoming Defense, Pit Fight (I think we do need some mainboard removal), and 3 Warriors' Lesson (19 spells); 10 fetchlands (4 Windswept Heath, 4 Arid Mesa, 2 Wooded Foothills), 4 basics (2 Plains, 1 Forest, 1 Mountain), 5 shocks (2 Temple Garden, 2 Sacred Foundry, 1 Stomping Ground) and a Horizon Canopy (20 lands). I upped the fetch count because I think the maximum number of lands we ever need is about 4 or thereabouts.

This is all theorycrafting though. I have not actually tested a deck like this in Modern before. Do let us know what your testing results are.

DrukenReaps on Not usually a big spender...

1 week ago

I was thinking that is where I would start too.

Godless Shrine, Blood Crypt, Sacred Foundry

Bloodstained Mire, Marsh Flats, Arid Mesa

Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Cabal Coffers

Graven Cairns, Fetid Heath, Rugged Prairie

Caves of Koilos, Battlefield Forge, Sulfurous Springs

I don't know any others... Any of these I should leave out? I'm not convinced the Graven Cairns, Fetid Heath, Rugged Prairie are all that good but I guess it is a lot similar to the signets I run now. I don't even know why I don't have the pain lands right now they are not prohibitively costed...

Unlife on Red White Angels (Modern)

2 weeks ago

I would fix up your manabase a lot. In a deck like angels with a really high CMC, you don't want very land lands that enter tapped. Sacred Foundry, Clifftop Retreat, Rugged Prairie, maybe even a few fetches like Arid Mesa, Windswept Heath and Wooded Foothills. Authority of the Consuls will help you gain life early games and slow your opponents down. Mainboarding Anger of the Gods and Wrath of God can both help keep your opponents board clear so you can drop your own threats. Cavern of Souls is pricy but will let you drop angels unhindered vs control decks. Baneslayer Angel would be a great fit, as would Linvala, Keeper of Silence. At the very top end of your curve, consider a one off Akroma, Angel of Fury as an uncounterable threat that dodges Path to Exile. Rest in Peace and Boros Charm are options for the sideboard that can fit in vs a lot of decks. Hope this helps

sylvannos on Please help with my high-speed ...

2 weeks ago

@Papo: The standard deck list is something like:

4x Wooded Foothills
2-4x Arid Mesa
2-4x Windswept Heath (bringing your total fetchland count to 10)
0-2x Copperline Gorge
1x Temple Garden
1x Sacred Foundry
2x Stomping Ground
1x Forest
1x Mountain
1x Plains
0-1x Kessig Wolf Run
18-19 Lands

4x Burning-Tree Emissary
4x Experiment One
0-4x Flinthoof Boar
1-4x Ghor-Clan Rampager
4x Goblin Guide
4x Hidden Herbalists
4x Narnam Renegade
4x Reckless Bushwhacker
4x Wild Nacatl
30-32 Creatures

4x Atarka's Command
4x Lightning Bolt
0-4x Manamorphose
0-4x Mutagenic Growth
8 to 12 Instants (depends on land count)

So the main things you have to determine are the number of Ghor-Clan Rampagers, the number of Flinthoof Boars, how many lands do you want, and whether or not you need Manamorphose/Mutagenic Growth.

For right now, I'd suggest trying the deck without Kird Ape or Wild Nacatl and dropping down to 18 lands. That should give you enough slots to fit everything in, playing a total of 32 creatures, 18 lands, and 10 other spells. When you get the budget, add in the full set of fetchlands, Wild Nacatl, and cut Manamorphose.

While playing straight Gruul on a budget, your lands will look something like:

4x Stomping Ground
4x Wooded Foothills
1x Kessig Wolf Run
6x Forest
3x Mountain

The Forests and Mountains can be swapped out for fetchlands as you acquire them.

BladeMasta220 on TheDuggernaught

2 weeks ago

Hey man, do you have any interest in 3x Ancestral Vision? Also have an Ajani Steadfast but it's slightly played. I'm interested in the Arid Mesa and Wooded Foothills

goblinguiderevealpls on Razin' minds, takin' names (competitive primer)

3 weeks ago


I have Misty Rainforest, Wooded Foothills and Arid Mesa lying around, what do you think I should cut? I already run the 3 on-color fetches, but you're right I cetainly could run more for deck thinning, especially since I have access to the "good" fetches. ive seen lots of people at my LGS run one of every pain fetch for each color, so i will look into incorporating the other.. 6 i think? For paim fetches.

Maybe some basic lands? I do run a very low land cound due to the massive draw power and artifact ramp, i recently took out Mana Vault but thats also a possibility in the list as well as Necropotence, but ive found the discard exile to more often than not cripple my recursion ability, thanks for reminding me im missing a shitload of fetches!

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