Karador, Ghost Chieftain


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Mythic Rare
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Legendary Creature — Centaur Spirit

Karador, Ghost Chieftain costs less for each creature card in your graveyard.

During each of your turns, you may cast one creature card from your graveyard.

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Karador, Ghost Chieftain Discussion

Coward_Token on Pattern Recognition #74 - Rav, ...

2 weeks ago

While I think "ruined" is a bit too harsh a way of putting it, I do agree that the overly spellslinging-centered theme of today's is not to my taste. As someone's who's favorite color is , it feels weird that its enemy colors are more appealing to combine it with than its ally ones (compare e.g. Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge to Karador, Ghost Chieftain).

Still, it's not all doom and gloom; we do have e.g. The Locust God, Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius (the Izzet parun no less!) and last but not least Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain, for which Wizards themselves commented that it was strange that there was no commander that cared about artifacts. Here's hoping the coming Rav set will make Izzet a more diverse a guild.

SmugLookingBarrel on Does a card moving from ...

2 weeks ago

Let's say I have Desecrated Tomb and Walking Corpse on the battlefield, and then I cast Gravecrawler out of my yard. Does the tomb trigger immediatly as the Gravecrawler is cast, or not until it resolves and hits the battlefield. Part 2: Assuming the trigger happens when the spell is cast, let's say I have Desecrated Tomb and Karador, Ghost Chieftain, and then with only 3 mana available, try to cast Bloodborn Scoundrels out of my graveyard? Assuming my opponent doesn't pay, it will leave my yard, go onto the stack, make me a bat, not be able to be cast and go back to the yard. Can I repeat this process to make infinte bats?

DrukenReaps on

3 weeks ago

Finally played it though I only got 1v1 games in...

Game 1: disaster, only ever got 3 lands out and got 5 apostles the turn before losing.

Game 2: won this one pretty smoothly by drawing into enough apostles to grab prince of thralls. Still the win was only because my opponent was color screwed.

Game 3: My deck showed up properly and my opponent got to play, it was a good back and forth and if I hadn't been craterhoofed I would have won the next turn. thrumming was amazing and bloodbond was silly.

These games have me thinking 5 colors is too many though. I have lots of ways the deck can go off but what I need is a few ways it will go off. I'm probably going to drop some colors, looking at either Karador, Ghost Chieftain or Athreos, God of Passage to take the role of commander I think.

FancyTuesday on HELP ME BECAUSE I WANT ...

4 weeks ago

pillowmint about knocks this out of the park. I'll try not to repeat too many points.

TheDevicer is also right, if a bit shrewd. The answers to the question of "what should I do?" are many, but all of them are things you do, not things your brother doesn't. Improve your decks, build to counter his strategies, use diplomacy against an unpopular deck and get others to help punish strategies that are unwelcome in your meta.

I've looked at your Aurelia deck and it looks like many casual/first decks; lot of effects that are really powerful under ideal conditions, almost no disruption (only 1 disenchant in the deck), and not enough land. If you like I can go on at length and maybe help improve the deck, but there's a problem.

The sad truth is that Aurelia is just outmatched here. is about as bad a color combo as you can get in EDH and there's not a lot you can do about that. Your commander has a powerful ability and there are many cards that play off it, it's a lot of fun when things work but if you're going up against $1000+ control you're really punching up. Even if you build to hate this one deck you'll likely end up on the bad end of the stick more often than not.

Rebuilding is still a viable option, I just don't think it's your best one in this case. If you do rebuild I would go with high tempo aggro and go heavy on cheap disruption. Boros cannot go long game against a deck like that.

Alternatively, I would build Karador, Ghost Chieftain. I have no doubt that Karador could wipe the floor with your brother's deck and do so relatively cheaply. Even if your brother goes heavy on graveyard hate Karador has the right colors and tools to mulch his strategy completely.

Rzepkanut on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

1 month ago

If you pay full cost you aren't cheating anymore, right? Isareth is cool, but being monocolored she won't become a premier reanimation strategy commander I don't think. I would rather run Karador, Ghost Chieftain or Muldrotha, the Gravetide 10 out of 10 times for such a strategy, but she could be cool in the 99 of a deck that wants to reanimate cheap creatures over and over. She's kind of like a backup Alesha, Who Smiles at Death. Adding to the critical mass of reanimation creatures like Alesha: Sun Titan, Devoted Crop-Mate, Bishop of Rebirth, etc. could be a cool angle for an army that never dies. I don't think it's going to make many waves in the format personally. I like Whisper, Blood Liturgist better as a card and you don't often see those decks.

Amyas on Karador Explosion!!!

1 month ago

Any sac outlet and dropping Gray Merchant of Asphodel bombs is great for Karador, Ghost Chieftain.

luther on Missing a Combo Deck!

1 month ago

I very much enjoy Karador, Ghost Chieftain combo decks that use Boonweaver Giant and Pattern of Rebirth (or Protean Hulk ) to fetch the Reveillark and friends combo. It is a very consistent set of combos, is hard for opponents to stop without having multiple cards dedicated to graveyard hate, builds with a package of toolbox etb creatures and creature based tutors that can be recurred to keep people in check, can be played without needing to combo off to win since it rebuilds easily after board wipes.

Gody322 on Fear The Gravetide

1 month ago

The seems good. You might want Spore Frog, it can prevent a lot of damage. You could also play the Seals (Seal of Primordium, Seal of Doom and Seal of Removal). I play Bitter Ordeal, Disciple of Bolas, Mindslicer and Grim Haruspex in my Karador, Ghost Chieftain deck. Also Riftsweeper is really good since it can get cards your opponents exiled back into your deck. Anyway these are just my random suggestions hope they help. :)

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