Silverclad Ferocidons


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Silverclad Ferocidons

Creature — Dinosaur

Enrage - Whenever Silverclad Ferocidons is dealt damage, each opponent sacrifices a permanent.

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Silverclad Ferocidons Discussion

marikrizu on DINOSAURS!!!!!

6 days ago

So, a few more notes over the deck now that I look over it again.

First, Dragon Arch is only useful if you have more multicolored creatures than the 2 you have at the moment.

Second, here is some more dinos and stuff I think you may want: Wayward Swordtooth, Silverclad Ferocidons, Regisaur Alpha, Ripjaw Raptor, Wakening Sun's Avatar, Goring Ceratops, Thrashing Brontodon, Rampaging Baloths Rampaging Ferocidon, Raptor Hatchling, Sky Terror, Selvala's Stampede, Elemental Bond, Huatli, Warrior Poet

SGTPigeon on Cloning dinos before Jurassic World made it cool

2 weeks ago

Only played 3 games against Grixis control, but it went undefeated and showed dominance most of the games. I was also board-wiped in two of those games and still went on to win confidently. I'd love to see your Mono-red dinos, sounds fun :) Hope you got to play a Silverclad Ferocidons somewhere in there.

B0effe on Jund Dino Reanimator

3 weeks ago

I might be overlooking something, but wouldn't some kind of discard outlet be handy? Or do you reckon the CMC on most creatures are so low that you can hardcast them at first? Maybe Tomb Robber, Cathartic Reunion/Tormenting Voice, maybe even Bloodrage Brawler + some creatures with greater CMC, thinking Combustible Gearhulk, Polyraptor, Silverclad Ferocidons, Verdant Sun's Avatar - somwthing like that. I really like this deck. +1

Sehz on Nayanosaur

4 weeks ago

Nirb Thank you sooo much that helped me a lot.

The only reason I put Silverclad Ferocidons in because unfortunately I've got only one copy of Trapjaw Tyrant, for now. I planned to get rid of it after my second trapjaw arrive. What do you think about 2 copy of trapjaw? would it be enough?

The tough time that I had to go through is when I played against my friend's cat-deck.Specially Gideon's Intervention and Ixalan's Binding which he always keeps throwing to my dinosaur's face and load of enchantment like Compulsory Rest and the worse part is Dusk / Dawn that almost completely wipes out my board alongside with Settle the Wreckage.

Acute19 on Gishath, Immortal Dinosaurs

4 weeks ago

Nice work! I especially appreciate your inclusion of Erratic Portal for keeping Gishi out of the command zone (it's now added to my deck). I've played several games with Gishath and after each game I've found myself cutting more and more dinos. They just struggle to survive the long wait following Gishath's ability - and they don't have enough impact when they do manage to survive. I've ended up removing all but the biggest and scariest.

Gishath's ability is still a critical component in my deck though! I've just shifted my dino-priorities from quantity to quality. It's all about tutoring up Jurassic Park with Worldly Tutor or Congregation at Dawn right before Gishath hits for damage. Always tutor Zetalpa, Primal Dawn because he stands the best chance of surviving until your next turn (indestructible). Reinforcements accomplishes the same goal later in the game after they've killed off some of your dinos. Forerunner of the Empire for Polyraptor in the main phase before Gishath attacks is another nice combo. Fewer dinos free up the rest of the deck for ramping, enabling, and protecting Gishath. Gishath can usually take out at least one player on commander damage alone, especially with Duelist's Heritage.

After ages and ages searching for an enrage enabling enchantment, I've finally found it in AEther Flash. It's a nice ETB for Silverclad Ferocidons and Trapjaw Tyrant, but the big bonus is making Polyraptor go infinite. The problem is that you need a way to turn off the raptor-spigot because there's no "may" wording on AEther Flash like with Forerunner of the Empire. Thus, I've loaded my deck with cheap enchantment removal to destroy the AEther Flash after however many raptors you want to produce (Disenchant/Naturalize/Krosan Grip/Aura of Silence/Thrashing Brontodon). Even if you don't land the combo, enchantment/artifact hate is always valuable in the target-rich environment of EDH. These spells can also set-free Gishath from Darksteel Mutation, Oblivion Ring, etc. Usually AEther Flash just acts as weenie/token hate, but it's well-worth a slot for that reason alone because Gishath decks are inherently vulnerable to aggro. Ghostly Prison and Crawlspace are also in my deck for minimizing aggro damage.

Infinite Polyraptor is surprisingly easy to trigger with all the tutoring. If they can't sweep your board then you pretty much win the game by default on the next turn.

People are usually smart enough to avoid triggering Defense of the Heart, but I include it anyway because sometimes they'll forget about it. Then I throw down Xenagos, God of Revels and Ghalta, Primal Hunger for 24 damage to the FAAAAAAACE! It could also be 48 damage if Duelist's Heritage is on the board or Boros Charm is in hand. Fun.

I agree that you need more early-game ramp. Load it up with every cheap land-fetch spell you can find. If you aren't ramping up to Gishath then dinos just won't hold up against all the craziness out there. Gotta set him loose and ensure the inevitability of Jeff Goldbloom's prophesy, "life finds a way."

Anyway, great work and feel free to check out my version of Gishath:

CardTyrant on Ixalan Park (#1 Gishath Commander) V2.0

1 month ago

TheDeckMaker2300: I actually have a huge update coming to the deck next Friday. I'm adding 19 cards to the deck.

DiabeticFire on Zacama's Cacophony of Catastrophe

1 month ago

Thanks so much for the advice!

In my meta, I am spend significantly more money than the other three members combined. As a way to try and keep my decks from trampling them, I decided to run very little removal, and instead run things to protect my stuff. For sure a removal package would increase the power level of the deck, and the cards you suggested are great, but I will probably not include them. Also of note, Zacama, Primal Calamity can destroy creatures, artifacts, and enchantments, so removal that exiles, bounces, or forces sacrifice are preferred.

Creatures that can search for lands are good because our commander, mana doublers, and land untappers all care about lands. Also, cards like Lurking Predators and Genesis Wave care about creatures. Unfortunately, I want my ramp to get at least two lands because the deck is so expensive (5.08 Avg. CMC). If you know of anything that fits that bill would love to hear about it, otherwise I think I'll have to stay away.

The enrage creatures is a good idea that I hadn't looked into. After a quick scryfall search I found that the only one that really stands out is Silverclad Ferocidons. Any ideas on what I should cut for it?

Giving Zacama, Primal Calamity deathtouch is very appealing, and no doubt powerful, but I think I devoted enough of the deck to mana production to where it is not useful enough to cut something else.

Cloudstone Curio and Temur Sabertooth are great. I would add them but don't know what to cut. Any ideas?

JustAn0ther on Zacama's Cacophony of Catastrophe

1 month ago

even though Zacama can destroy artifacts and enchantments with its ability, it still might be a good idea to pack cards like Austere Command, Return to Dust, Swords to Plowshares, and others just to have removal that's not "sorcery speed" (needing to cast your commander if it dies). Since you're playing big fatties you can also try out Pyrohemia to make sure your opponents don't get little annoying baby creatures. Beyond that you can also mess around with cards like Cloudstone Curio and lower CMC ramp creatures like Farhaven Elf to go infinite with your commander for mana. In the same boat is also Temur Sabertooth. If you wanted to ramp up the ramp even more, you can also throw in cards like Tireless Tracker, Seer's Sundial, Rampaging Baloths, Omnath, Locus of Rage to take advantage of that. Also you can try using enrage creatures with >3 toughness to trigger them on each turn with Zacama's damage ability, so something like Ripjaw Raptor, Silverclad Ferocidons, or Trapjaw Tyrant could be really strong. And speaking of the damage ability, Basilisk Collar.