Silent Arbiter


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy (CNS) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Silent Arbiter

Artifact Creature — Construct

No more than one creature can attack each combat.

No more than one creature can block each combat.

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Silent Arbiter Discussion

hungry000 on $10 Blue Artifact Storm

6 days ago

Oh shoot, I didn't notice that you asked for sideboard help lol. Well, here goes:

The first thing to consider when making a sideboard is what matchups you're bad against; aggro is the obvious one, so that should come first on your list of hate cards to look for. Next you should ask yourself what decks you typically run into at your LGS (or wherever you play) and look for hate cards against those decks. Finally, fill the rest of your sideboard out with the "staples" such as Negate or Dispel. I actually usually do this first, then consider the other things after (that's the lazy way out, but it works if you need a sideboard quickly). Here's what I would recommend running in any blue deck:

Another thing you should try to do when building a sideboard is find cards that help out your game plan as well as shore up your matchups; for example, a Collected Company deck would play Thrashing Brontodon over Naturalize because it contributes to the deck's gameplan (winning through beats and making value with CoCo) whereas Naturalize doesn't. In your deck, it can be as simple as a spell that draws a card along with its effect, or it can be a cheap (or expensive) artifact that you can play for free (or for cheap) with your cost-reducers.

Of course, during all these steps you need to keep in mind the limitations of your deck and the colors it's in. Blue is particularly bad at removing creatures and artifacts/enchantments and dealing with graveyards.

Now that that's been said, here's a list of some generally good budget sideboard cards that I compiled:

  • Steel Sabotage for Affinity and other artifact decks.

  • Sea's Claim for Tron/decks with greedy mana bases. Upgraded version would be Spreading Seas (note how this card helps your gameplan by finding combo pieces).

  • Ceremonious Rejection is a solid counterspell for Tron, Eldrazi, and Affinity.

  • Echoing Truth is a good catch-all, takes care of tokens and pesky enchantments like Leyline of Sanctity (I've noticed it's in your maybeboard. Good job, you found a decent sb card on your own).

  • Spell Pierce. Idk, it counters stuff. I think Dispel and Negate are better for you though.

  • Gigadrowse is my favorite card to play in blue combo decks as it can tap creatures in the aggro matchup and tap down lands in the control matchup, allowing you to combo off the next turn without any chance of getting disrupted.

  • Ratchet Bomb is another good catch-all for permanents you can't normally deal with in blue. Pretty neat in this deck since you can play it for free. (It's under a dollar if you really search for it)

  • Witchbane Orb helps against targeted discard and stuff.

  • Dragon's Claw is great in the red matchup, even helps you gain life for the Aetherflux kill.

Now some cards that I think would work well in your deck as well as in the sideboard:

  • Metallic Rebuke works pretty well with artifacts, no? A 1 mana Mana Leak is pretty neat.

  • Engulf the Shore since you have Inspiring Statuary, it's probably easy to cast it for just 1-2 mana. In fact, I think it warrants a spot in the main if you run into aggro a lot. Might need more statuaries so you can cast it consistently, though.

  • Baral's Expertise because it can deal with creatures and cast Paradoxical Outcome (if you think about it it's a Paradoxical Outcome that bounces 3 things for 1 extra mana) and Statuary helps cast it, however it's in the same situation as Engulf.

  • Silent Arbiter is a bit too heavy on the wallet for this deck, but I thought you could maybe consider it.

After you make a rough draft of your sideboard, you need to do one more thing: ask yourself what cards your opponents will bring in against you and think of cards that will counter those cards. This part is tough, as you'll have to think of all the possibilities and cut some of your other sb cards, but it'll benefit you in the long run.

The way I learned how to make sideboards was by looking at similar decks to the ones I was building and taking notes from their sideboards. Doing that would help you out in the long term, too.

Sorry my answer was a bit late, hopefully this helps :D

Coward_Token on Shiny Coins

1 week ago

Well I might be missing something, but I feel that Arcbond is out of place here; I'm guessing it's to take advantage of Okaun's potentially high toughness & threat of commander damage but I don't see how it'll reliably be effective, especially with Silent Arbiter & Vorrac Battlehorns (as opposed to Chandra's Ignition which is pretty neat wincon).

K1ngMars on Voltron to the face

1 week ago

Cool deck, even though I prefer non-competitive multiplayer EDH.

What about Silent Arbiter? Seems like it was made for you.

Also, I see you run a lot of evasion enamblers (good). What about Trailblazer's Boots? Almost everyone has at least a nonbasic on the field.

Champion's Helm is a good buff + protection.

Tenza, Godo's Maul and O-Naginata bring trample and are cheap!

Argentum Armor is very heavy, but hits like a truck.

Consider these cards, I think at least some of them would go a long way in adding competitiveness to your deck. If you want to see an artifact centric Voltron (and other good equipments), feel free to take a look here: Equipment Mastery! (Bring BOROS in EDH)

Happy brewing!

BjarneAlmighty on Isamaru - The Howling Blade

2 weeks ago

I suggest adding more ways to push your damage through.

Armored Ascension Evasion and big pump

Grappling Hook I favor this over Fireshrieker, it lets you focus fire utility/combo creatures like Blood Artist without burning a Path or StP

Spirit Mantle Evasion

Loxodon Warhammer An auto include in any voltron deck

Unquestioned Authority Card draw and evasion in one

Hammer of Nazahn Indestructible and Sigarda's aid in one

Silent Arbiter Ideal for any voltron deck focusing on control

Memory Jar Second part of the Scroll Rack draw machine

I would drop Kor Duelist, Mirran Crusader, Armageddon(you really don't like others having fun), Hero of Bladehold, Brimaz, King of Oreskos, and Skullclamp. Even if you don't want to put in the enchantments, Brass Squire and Leonin Abunas are better creatures.

Raysracing on cards against a flicker deck

1 month ago

Well the Edric and Tetsuko budget deck did well in one game, but my buddies combo of Cloud Cover, Altar of the Brood and Silent Arbiter and Brago just milled me away endlessly and all my counter spells went away in 5 to 20 cards at a time. I got milled away with 70 Life!! 70!!

I guess I need even more removal and preferably exile target artifact, creature AND enchantment cards just for his deck. He also has 3 infinite combos in the deck. GAH!

I hate his deck so much.

onehitterquiter on

1 month ago

What happened to Bruna, the Fading Light? Also Seizan, Perverter of Truth, Silent Arbiter and Well of Lost Dreams seem like they'd be decent in here.

luther on It's High Noon

1 month ago

I understand you are going for creatureless, but there are 2 creatures that would speed up your game by so much through card draw Puresteel Paladin and Sram, Senior Edificer. You may also want to look into ways to prevent a mass of tokens from swarming you to death, such as Lightmine Field or Silent Arbiter (<--once again I get if you don't want to use a creature)

Highmastet on They're Coming

1 month ago

Before I say anything I have to say that this deck is 100% way more optimized than my currently unlisted Kozideck. This decks is definitely beautiful, if not only because it's also a fellow colorless EDH list.

One thing I do want to suggest though, is the idea of switching Oldzilek with Newzilek.

Here is my reasoning why:

Pros and Cons of Oldzilek


  • Draws a static 4 cards no matter your hand size

  • Has Anihilator 4 which most definitely wrecks boardstates

  • Has On-Demand graveyard shuffling utility on death since you can just choose to let it die and shuffle your graveyard while returning Oldzilek in the Command Zone


  • No Self Protection

  • Promotes enemies to focus you in fear of the Anihilator 4

  • No Evasion (unless you count the Anihilator as semi-evasion)

  • Financially more expensive to buy

Pros and Cons of Newzilek


  • Refills your hand fully no matter how low

  • Protects itself and interacts with opponents (like shutting down infinite combos or soft locking them with draw spells such as Font of Mythos) via un-counterable counter spells (unless they have stifle effects)

  • Has evasion via menace (which I personally pair with Silent Arbiter to make my Kozilek unblockable)

  • Less likely to be immidiately focused on as most people threat assess this Kozilek as the "weaker" Kozilek

  • Financially cheaper to buy


  • Attacking isn't as impactful as Oldzilek

  • Sometimes just draws you flat out less than Oldzilek

  • Does not have the graveyard shuffling utility of Oldzilek when it dies.

All in all, if you get them out at the same time, Oldzilek can just completely shut out people from the game with that Anihilator 4, but at the same time Newzilek can better protect itself while just out-right killing people with commander damage.

Eitherway, love your list!

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