Open the Vaults


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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Open the Vaults


Return all artifact and enchantment cards from all graveyards to the battlefield under their owners' control. (Auras with nothing to enchant remain in the graveyards.)

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Open the Vaults Discussion

dlamars on Akiri & Bruse equipment voltron

3 days ago

I don't know if you considered it, but you could always build a traditional red artifact deck instead of voltron but adding white for support. Using the cantrips like Chromatic Star, wheels and the red staples like Scrap Mastery, Trash for Treasure, Daretti, Scrap Savant with white adding Sun Titan, Refurbish, Open the Vaults, Faith's Reward etc.

I've had trouble getting a solid list refined, but with the new Paradox Engine it seems like it'd be a lot of fun. People might get annoyed with the long turns though. Anyways just throwing that out there if you end up not to liking voltron.

Matt_The_OGRE on eggs

6 days ago

I've used Mind Stone as a replacement for Mox Opal in old lists. It may cost 2, but getting to 4 mana a turn early is really going to help. Plus being able to draw a card when in need really helps as well.

Also, I would cut Disenchant for Erase because exiling Stony Silence, Rest in Peace, and possibly Eidolon of the Great Revel is relevant when Open the Vaults will return those cards from your opponents graveyard.

miampizza on Daxos Deck

1 week ago

Open the Vaults could have some solid potential here.

madmartigan95 on Uril the Miststalker

1 week ago

Cards I think could easily be cut:

Web- worst of the reach cards

Auramancer- Better options, see below

Heliod's Emissary- not worth the mana

Nyxborn Rollicker- not useful

Restoration Specialist-have to sacrifice only hits single one

Angelic Gift- flying worse than anything else, draw is unnecessary

Brilliant Halo- nice recursion, but not that great

Eternal Warrior- doesn't do enough to include

Forced Adaptation- too slow

Gift of the Woods- too niche, point is to not be blocked

Instill Energy- haste is eh, untap is basically vigilance, not really necessary

Knightly Valor- CMC too high

Mammoth Umbra-

Ordeal of Purphoros- slow for what it does

Regeneration, Savage Silhouette, Serpent Skin, Trollhide- Most wraths get around the regeneration anyway, you can afford to lose anyone to spot removal except your commander... which is already hexproof.

Venomous Fangs- your chump blockers don't need it, Uril's gonna be huge already

Vigilance- not enough in this deck

The Three Vows- Irrelevant as they can still block your guys. Maybe one if you do a lot of multiplayer.

Nyxborn Shieldmate

Entangler- high CMC

Vigilant Martyr- same issues with regeneration, at the very least replace with Dawn Charm

Venom- meh all around

Open the Vaults- replace with Retether/Second Sunrise

Cards that are on the verge:

Auratouched Mage-higher CMC, but it does open up more expensive auras

Conviction- Better than Brilliant Halo, still not that great

Fists of Ironwood- Superfluous

Hammerhand- meh card

Lifelink- Nice art, unless you're getting a lot of direct damage, not that helpful

Lightform- Looks okay, too many non-creatures though

Murder Investigation

Oath of the Ancient Wood- Faster than the ordeal cards, no other benefits though

Shape of the Wiitigo, Shield of the Oversoul, Hyena Umbra, Glaring Aegis- You have to cut something

Indrik Umbra-Keep if you can find something else to go easily.

Cards you should consider adding:

Retether- Bodiless Auramancer but better

Second Sunrise- Get passed their wrath effects, not a first choice though

Lightning Bolt- Spot removal is nice

Dawn Charm- See above

krob19 on Suit Up!

2 weeks ago

1/5: Felidar Umbra, Nevinyrral's Disk, Dreampod Druid, Dowsing Shaman, Fertile Ground, and Darksteel Ingot out, Sigarda's Aid, Rampant Growth, Open the Vaults, Cultivate, Oblation, and Austere Command in. Command is subbed in for Disk because I needed a more discriminating board wipe that wouldn't kill all my auras. While Ingot and Ground may be longer lasting or easier to search for, I put in Growth and Cultivate because I think land ramp might be more beneficial in the long run. Being able to flash in auras is a great advantage, hence adding in Aid, and taking out my weakest aura, the Felidar. Dreampod is rather a weak creature, even for a possibly good benefit, so it's out for more removal in the form of Oblation. Finally, Dowsing was far too slow in terms of recursion, so it's out for a mass recursion tool in Vaults.

Zulfi on Rafiq of the Many (Voltron Build)

2 weeks ago

I will say artifacts are fine to use but there aren't as many that'll buff up as fast and as easily. My best suggestion is to put in search cards, etc, and some rtb cards (As someone who has an Uril, the Miststalker EDH deck, I can straight up tell you Open the Vaults is your best friend) so that you can hopefully draw out their cards until you're ready to really bring the pain.

Gates88 on How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Storm

2 weeks ago

You definitely want Lashknife and you may want other free spells like Reverent Mantra just to increase storm count.

Getting Aetherflux Reservoir out seems like the biggest priority, so more artifact searching is necessary. Inventors' Fair is an obvious inclusion and Kuldotha Forgemaster may be good too. Recruiter of the Guard doesn't tutor for artifacts, but it does tutor for Puresteel Paladin, which is important to the combo.

Mana seems like an issue for the deck, so run Mana Crypt, Grim Monolith, and all the other good rocks. One option to explore is an Eggs package with Krark-Clan Ironworks, Second Sunrise/Open the Vaults/Faith's Reward, and a bunch of cheap cantrip artifacts (Chromatic Sphere, etc.). This would give you a huge storm count and let you cycle through your deck more easily while at the same time producing a lot of mana.

For a backup win condition, maybe consider the Bomberman combo (Auriok Salvagers+Lion's Eye Diamond). The only problem with it is that you don't really have an outlet for it (I mean I guess you could run Staff of Domination but that doesn't actually win the game). It generates infinite storm count for Aetherflux Reservoir though so it has that going for it, I guess.

As far as Stax goes, I think that adding some hatebears would do the deck some good. A lot of the better ones like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Spirit of the Labyrinth, and Stony Silence we won't be able to run because of the nature of our combo (playing lots of noncreature artifacts and drawing most of our deck), but we can still run a lot of other good stuff. Aura of Silence, Aven Mindcensor, Blind Obedience, Winter Orb, Containment Priest, Hokori, Dust Drinker, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Grasp of Fate, Peacekeeper, Sanctum Prelate, Leonin Arbiter, Swords to Plowshares, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Hushwing Gryff, Armageddon, and potentially even Ethersworn Canonist can all work in this deck.

You should also add Skullclamp, Sensei's Divining Top, Weathered Wayfarer, and Sun Titan because they're just good cards.

Looks like a neat little deck and I'm interested to see where you go with it.

Calliber on Here's the plan... Give the ball to Narset

3 weeks ago

Open the Vaults would be a consideration should you suffer a board wipe and all those nice enchantments and artifacts hit the yard.

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