Open the Vaults

Open the Vaults


Return all artifact and enchantment cards from all graveyards to the battlefield under their owners' control. (Auras with nothing to enchant remain in the graveyard.)

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Open the Vaults Discussion

Orange+ on Palladia Win-Mors

2 weeks ago

Cool deck! I'm in the process of tweaking my own voltron deck, so I might have some helpful card suggestions for you.

I see that you are running Plea for Guidance. Since you have mostly aura enchantments, I can recommend Three Dreams instead. It is however a bit more $ expensive.

If you need more board wipes, Winds of Rath is great in aura-voltron decks.

And if you like Scourge of the Nobilis, then maybe you'd like Runes of the Deus or the bit more $ expensive Shield of the Oversoul aswell.

Lastly, I see that you play Retether, which is a very good card. However, if you need a budget version or an additional recovery card, then Open the Vaults might be a good fit.

MagicMarc on Top 10 white cards at …

3 weeks ago

My favorite white card at 6 cmc is Open the Vaults.

ellie-is on Tana the Enchantress

4 weeks ago

Peoyogon: Thank you!!!! Yeah, it took me a while to find something that felt unique and just right for me but I'm really glad to have found it!

Retether looks awesome! I totally want to replace Open the Vaults with it now (or maybe run both?), but because of the price I'll keep it in the maybeboard for the moment. Flickering Ward seemed great at first glance, but after thinking about it, I can only reliably pick protection from black and blue (which's still not that bad I suppose!) or it can get rid of other auras on Tana, so it might not be as great here—the downside of a 3-color deck with 3 colors of enchantments haha.

I'm not a hundred percent sold on Second Harvest here (which's a shame because I love the card and own a couple), but the other two are pretty neat and in a worst case scenario Overwhelming Stampede can at the very least just double Tana's power. I had it in in an earlier draft but I'll think about whether I can find room to bring it back :)

bombmer12 on Akiri's Arsenal

2 months ago

All of these suggestions are really great, thank you! I had Mind's Eye in there because I was worried about card draw but you make a really good point in that its way to expensive for this kind of deck and the card draw from Akiri, Fearless Voyager and other cards in the deck should be fine. Cathars' Crusade and Open the Vaults were cards that I was on the fence about but after seeing your suggestions I realized you were 100% right and they had no real business being in this deck. I have cut a good amount of cards including all the ones you listed as well as added a solid amount of new one's, much more confident in this version of the list.

jakeyuki12 on Akiri's Arsenal

2 months ago

Hiya! A few suggestions.

First off, your land count. You have an 8-cmc card, a 7-cmc card, plenty at 6-cmc, etc. If you want to keep that, you need more than the 34 lands you play. I recommend adding in two more lands.

Next is a few cards that I don't think should be in the deck. First off, Mind's Eye. You have access to early, reliable card draw in your command zone (Akiri even protects herself!) so you don't need to play bad card draw options like Mind's Eye. Mind's Eye works really well in ramp decks, this deck is not one of those. Next is Cathars' Crusade. This card synergizes really well with decks that pump out a ton of creatures (typically tokens). This deck is not one of those, so I suggest cutting it. Finally there is Open the Vaults. The amount of games that this is going to be really good is going to be less than the amount of games that this does nothing (or even helps your opponents more!).

Now for cards I recommend. For creatures we have Fervent Champion (another free equip creature) and Danitha Capashen, Paragon (makes equipment cheaper to cast!). Next we have some incredible pieces of removal in Path to Exile (just got reprinted so it's cheap!) and Winds of Abandon (hits one thing when you need it to, one-sided board wipe when you need it to be). Lastly, I recommend some more (and better) board wipes. Blasphemous Act, Wrath of God, Day of Judgment are all better than Rolling Earthquake and Akiri can even turn these board wipes into one-sided board wipes using her ability to give indestructible.

Other than these, I think you've got solid equipment, I think you got sooooolid interaction, and I think you've got some pretty threatening creatures.

Kyle_Winter on sisay shrines/stax

2 months ago

Greater Auramancy, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Avacyn, Angel of Hope, and Soul of New Phyrexia are all ways of keeping your shrines protected.

Also, Starfield of Nyx, Open the Vaults, Sun Titan, Faith's Reward, and Replenish are all great ways to recover your shrines from your graveyard.

Paeldroth on Blessings of Saint Traft

3 months ago

Assault Suit is your friend here. Since he's already hexproof, but you're making him your Voltron Commander, you do not want him to have Shroud. But the Suit will help prevent effects that will cause you to sacrifice him. Board Wipes still nail him though, so you'll want recursion for the Auras. Crystal Chimes, Open the Vaults, Nomad Mythmaker, and Retether are some cards that could help you there.

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