Sword of the Animist

Sword of the Animist

Legendary Artifact — Equipment

Equipped creature gets +1/+1.

Whenever equipped creature attacks, you may search your library for a basic land card, put it onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.


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Sword of the Animist Discussion

Peoni on Everyone gets Ruhan

5 days ago

chriscross25 So when Ruhan becomes controlled by your opponents through your Assault Suit they only gain control of Ruhan, not any of the enchantments or the equipments attached to him.

Curiosity references "you" as the controller of curiosity rather than the controller of Ruhan. If curiosity instead said "enchanted creature has 'when this creature deals damage to an opponent, you may draw a card'", then only the controller of Ruhan would draw the card because "you" in the ability curiosity would be giving Ruhan would be referencing Ruhan's controller.

Here's an example: Snake Umbra, because it gives the creature it enchants a new ability, would only benefit the controller of the enchanted creature. Sword of Sinew and Steel on the other hand states that the controller of the sword would get to destroy things when the creature it's attached to does damage.

The same thing would apply to your Sword of the Animist. If you were to equip Sword of the Animist onto Ruhan, an opponent gained control of Ruhan, and then they hit another one of your opponents with him, because you are still the controller of the sword you get to fetch a basic land.

I really hope I explained this clearly enough and didn't just make it more confusing lol. Let me know if I can be of anymore help! :^)

jakeyuki12 on Akiri, a Boros New Hope

1 week ago

DespairFaction just posted a video on his YouTube channel on how he would build the Akiri deck, I think it's a good watch. He mentions some really good equipment and some really good creatures that either tutor equipment or equip for free. Those are typically the cards I'm mentioning.

What I meant with that is cute stuff like the living weapons or equipment that come with creatures are probably not worth playing. They're cute with the commander, they might draw you a card or two, but they won't do much beyond that. Think of it this way- play one of those. Next turn, play your commander and swing with it- draw a card. What's probably gonna happen? They'll get blocked and die since they've got no good evasion nor are they particularly big and you're back at square one.

An example of "good stuff" that I meant would be a card like Fervent Champion. You can do something like play fervent champion, next turn play your general, next turn play and equip fervent champion with something powerful like a Sword of Feast and Famine or Sunforger or even some great value equipment like Sword of the Animist.

Playing good creatures that synergize with powerful equipment is something most Boros decks do anyway, Akiri is now there to reliably reward you for doing so.

I could be wrong on some of these things- these are my first impressions. If the cards I'm down on end up being great let me know. I'm just commenting on tried and true strategies that I know work well, that's not saying we can't find more.

P.S. Sunforger is arguably the best card in Boros. Play it.

Monomanamaniac on Need help making room in …

1 week ago

hejtmane I agree, I really wanted feast and famine and once I got it I was happy, but tbh not impressed. When I'm tutoring for equipment the first thing I look for is something like Swiftfoot Boots then I look for indestructible Hammer of Nazahn then I look for either a finisher Colossus Hammer unblockable Whispersilk Cloak then advantage Sword of the Animist. Tbh there is almost no point in there where I'd rather search for feast and famine over practically any of those cards lol. Now Sword of Fire and Ice on the other hand, draws cards, each time you deal combat damage, on a creature who has double strike. That's a much better target for tutoring.

CrazyDanPsycho on Zaxara, the Exemplary: Hydra Infestation

1 week ago

Sorry, another random thought...wouldn't a reusable ramp, say Sword of the Animist or Explorer's Scope, be better than a one time use item like Expedition Map? Just curious, hope I'm not buggin...

Profet93 on Norin Guerilla Warfare

2 weeks ago

I like how you made the deck goblin tribal and very low to the ground. How exactly do you win though, just hoping you push damage through? Moreover, have you considered adding cards that help mitigate your weakness of dealing with enchantments and card draw.

Blast Zone - Fits in the landbase easily

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle- Not sure if you should add because your deck is low to the ground but worth considering

The mass MLD cards don't seem to further your gameplan, what's the purpose? To maybe have a boardstate filled with weenies and cast the MLD? You run crucible but with no real means of tutoring for it, or a consistent draw engine, you're hoping that you cast it and it sticks for a couple turns since your ramp is mostly burst based through rituals and smaller rocks. If you're gonna run crucible, at least add some fetchlands to make it impactful. But it's really not worth it in this build at all. Your playgroup will realize you use MLD and destroy crucible on sight, hold mana open to counter your MLD and more. The deck isn't competitive enough despite it's low CMC to justify it's inclusion IMO. Really curious to hear your thoughts on this.

The free to play cards aren't that impactful, except deflecting swat because even though we will rarely cast it for free, it is still super useful.

Arch of Orazca - Fits in landbase

Endless Atlas - Cheap to buy cast and activate

Humble Defector - Not the best in this build but worth considering

Ignite the Future - Good in here since you have a low curve

Tome of Legends - Best card in Norin, hands down

Mind Stone > Fire Diamond - Doesn't tap for red, but you already have enough red sources and card draw is nice

Sword of the Animist - Repeatable rampant growth

Chandra, Torch of Defiance - Ramp, removal, draw and wincon all in 1. Might be a little high CMC for you, but the 2 mana it produces can help offset the tempo.

Myriad Landscape - Might be too slow, but worth considering

Purphoros, God of the Forge + Terror of the Peaks + Warstorm Surge - Are these too costly to run? They provide insane value.

DemMeowsephs on Plague Archer Kelsien

2 weeks ago

Of course, I'd love to help!

They almost all seem like pretty worthy cuts to me, with the exception of maybe one or two, but that is just what I think. The Void Beckoner thing to give Kelsien deathtouch is smart I really like that, so definitely add it. It's always good to have Magus of the Wheel sort of effects if you aren't in blue, card draw is very important, so add that too.

The Kaya's Ghostform and Gift of Immortality effects are also good to have in any voltron type deck, and the same goes for Reconnaissance, and Temur Battle Rage. If you like the recon ability you might like Maze of Ith too, which can also target your opponent's creatures, or just help out Kelsien. So yes those are all good cards to add as well.

Deflecting Swat is great allowing you to double Kelsiens ability and target two creatures which makes it certainly worthy. If I understand the cards rulings correctly, you could even use it to chose new targets on one of your removal spells, which is a great option, or even just stop your opponents from harming Kelsien, and instead turning their effect around back at them.

I would playtest Sword of the Animist because when I use it, it works a bit too slow for me, and plus you only run one of each basic land, and the sword only searches for basics. Yes it would be good for those three attacks (if you don't have basics in your hand or on the battlefield already), but you also have Prismatic Vista, and if you add more basics JUST for this effect it seems to me there's just way too many hoops to jump through to make it work. If you still like it definitely keep it, that's just what I think. If you don't end up adding it though, I would try using Smothering Tithe because it's an amazing card and one of the best white cards ever printed. Painful Truths is good too but if you are deciding between that and Smothering Tithe I think you should add smothering tithe first and then maybe try to add a way to add it afterwards. Read the Bones might be something to consider as well.

Now for the graveyard recursion, I am a bit confused. (Brought Back/Unearth). You don't have too many three cmc creatures, so I don't understand why you'd include Unearth, unless you are using it for Kelsien. If you do use them for Kelsien, you'd have to put him into the graveyard instead of the command zone. If you do this and someone plays something common like Bojuka Bog, Kelsien is gone forever. It could be good in some situations, but putting Kelsien in the graveyard can be pretty risky, especially with all the Bojuka Bogs running around these days. The same goes for Brought Back, but even more so. You'd have to have two mana open which is not always the case, and it would have to be something put there THIS turn, making the card worthless if it wasn't that turn. Its still a good card in some situations I suppose, but if you are using it for Kelsien its risky, and if you aren't there are much better cards to include in your deck in my opinion. If you do still like these graveyard recursion effects, maybe include Call of the Death-Dweller that way Kelsien gets deathtouch as well. Let me know if there is something I am missing.

The two final cards are the removal spells, Vindicate and Crush Contraband. Vindicate is amazing, nothing else to say there. Crush on the other hand is kind of pricy, yes it exiles up to two things which is great, but I feel like there are better things. Also keep in mind, if you exile something it does not usually count as dying, and won't trigger Kelsien IF I AM correct, which I may not be, so I would look into that. Sorry I'm not too good on the rulings :). However there are many more great effects that could replace crush, like Mortify, Utter End, etc. Teferi's Protection is AMAZING and I would run it in your deck, maybe instead of crush if you can.

In the end that is my take on the maybeboard, I'm not sure if it helps or gives any insight, but I hope it does! Let me know if it helps and what you think. Cheers.

arsenicide33 on Alesha, Who Gets Things Done

2 weeks ago

Cool deck!

Alesha, Who Smiles at Death was one of the first generals I built a commander deck around and I've been tuning mine ever since.

Replacements I would make

  • Replace Dolmen Gate with Reconnaissance since it costs 1 less and also can untap your creatures after damage has been dealt to give them pseudo-vigilance.
  • Replace Angel of Invention with Marionette Master since if you get infinite ETBs on marionette master, you can sac the infinite tokens to deal infinite damage.

Other cards I might suggest

Combos I might suggest

Cards I recommend ditching:

Feel Free to check out my RBW Alesha's Beautiful Smile combo deck for ideas.

Joe_Ken_ on Avacyn's Army

2 weeks ago

Oketra's Monument would be great for cost reduction as well as getting some extra bodies out when you cast creatures.

Burnished Hart is a great creature to have since if he can survive a rotation he can ramp you by 2.

Angel of Sanctions is one I've been meaning to test out since he doubles as removal.

Sword of the Animist is a really good source of ramp.

Eerie Interlude would be great to help you dodge the board wipes that Avacyn won't stop.

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