Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica (GRN) Uncommon

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Creature — Human Shaman

When Plaguecrafter enters the battlefield, each player sacrifices a creature or planeswalker. Each player who can't discards a card.

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Plaguecrafter Discussion

multimedia on Elves of Ravnica

13 hours ago

Hey Melanthios, wow, perfect winning records in all three events great job; I'm honestly surprised. I know this version of the deck is good, but not losing at all to Golgari is amazing. You're right about Loxodon he can be clunky and really requires a curve out to be good. This version can be aggressive with a good curve out into Loxodon, but most of the time it falls into midrange which makes Loxodon less effective. I also agree that Collector without Loxodon is not as good. Loxodon is the reason I'm playing Collector because on curve it can make Collector a very good creature, but if I don't draw Loxodon then Collector is subpar even with a curve out of Collector into Thorn into Champion. I've cut Collector from my Golgari version. Even though I'm playing Glowspore Shaman and Plaguecrafter who are both quite good at pumping Collector.

You're thinking of playing Benalish Marshal and Steel Leaf Champion in the same deck? I think this is a mistake and will strain the manabase too much with 7-8x Forests. Ajani is hard enough to cast. He's really the reason I included Flower; one mana to search of a Plains or Forest is good. Flourish is nice as a pump, but six mana is a lot for +2/+2. If you want a pump for Elves to be better against red then consider Radiant Destiny or Pride of Conquerors? Both these cards can be reliably cast on curve and are low enough mana cost to play one of them before Goblin Chainwhirler.

You're records are great, unfortunately I'm not having as much success with Selesnya; I'm having more success with Golgari. I'm going to be changing this deck soon to Golgari. A preview is Elves of the Swarm (GRN). The problem in Standard right now is there's too much creature removal, so many options. Selesnya just folds when facing a lot of removal especially against Deafening Clarion (Boros Angels, Jeskai Control) and Ritual of Soot (Esper Control, Grixis Control, Golgari). Golgari provides resiliency against removal where as Selesnya doesn't. Ajani's reanimation is great in Selesnya with Elves for recovery, but Golgari has many other options including a damn Elf who can recur any one permanent.

Golgari Findbroker, Find / Finality and The Eldest Reborn these are not just single cards that can recur other cards they can be engines. The fact that Findbroker can recur a Planeswalker is so good for recovery and value. Planeswalkers, Duress, Plaguecrafter, Reborn and even Underrealm Lich or Carnage Tyrant gives Golgari many tools against control.

The point of Golgari is to out card advantage your opponent which with the current pool of cards can be done and it's quite powerful. Ravenous Chupacabra and Plaguecrafter help a ton at doing this because they're versatile removal spells which can be recurred since they're creatures. You're right Lava Coil is a pain in the ass removal spell to play against, but even though it exiles I care less about 1 for 1 removal when playing Findbroker and Find. Unless my opponent draws 3-4 Coils then this card alone is not going to stop me from playing more creatures then my opponent. If he's not exiled being able to recur Steel Leaf Champion is very good in Golgari.

Abzan is also an option, a splash of white with District Guide for Shalai, Knight of Autumn and Remorseful Cleric could be worth it because all are excellent creatures to recur.

I'm sorry I'm changing my deck so much, but we are still in the early stages of Guilds of Ravnica Standard. I think it's great you're using this deck as inspiration for decks you're actually playing at tournaments and I don't want to discourage you, but have to expect that some versions are just not right at the current time. There are so many good options for Elves right now in Standard that finding the right one and being able to stick with it is difficult.

Daedalus19876 on Bring in the shock troops!

1 day ago

I'm not sure what to think of that deck description.

I'd add Plaguecrafter and Assassin's Trophy from the new RTRTR set. I'm not convinced by Sword of Body and Mind; I'd run Umezawa's Jitte instead. Beyond that, looks fine other than a lack of draw.

Dorotheus on Eternity Menagerie

3 days ago

@Unceasing I can definitely understand why that's a thing to worry about similar to something like Decimate where you have to have those targets, the thing about Gruesome Menagerie is that it does not target. So if I have 3 Plaguecrafter in my yard an my opponent somehow gets rid of 2 of them as I cast Menagerie I can still get the 3rd one back since it doesn't get anything back until it resolves! It's really an amazing and slightly stupid card, but it's not Rally the Ancestors so I'm happy.

Deadpoo111 on D's - Budget Standard Rakdos Burn

5 days ago

Hi there! So I really like the deck and it seems to have decent removal as well as creatures! I especially like the Ravenous Chupacabra. I would highly suggest Plaguecrafter because it deals with quiet a few threats as well as stuff in the hand against control decks. Another thing is card draw. I would suggest running some cheap draw spells because from what I can see, you run out of cards in the hand quickly. To remedy this, I would say that Crash Through is a great option. Other than that I wish your list luck and please update any games you win or lose because I would love to see how this performs!

vomitpile on Dimir Midrange (GRN Standard)

6 days ago

Disinformation Campaign feels too much like a build around to me, the edict on Plaguecrafter is just extra removal that I can rebuy with The Eldest Reborn or Connive / Concoct, especially with Blood Operative being my surveil focus since you can sac it, play Thought Erasure and get him back. I do think azcanta should come out, I forgot to swap it since this was control to start with, Thief of Sanity might take the maindeck spots for it. I had freebooter but it doesn't line up with the sweepers so I cut it. Thanks the suggestions!

Mordred93 on Dimir Midrange (GRN Standard)

1 week ago


I'm currently testing on Dimir Midrange and I've got a few suggestions for you.

First of all, Search for Azcanta  Flip is not what we want, due to surveil we most of the time know our topdecks and second we can't pick creatures with the flipped side and being a Midrange deck we play some creatures that we want. I play Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip in the sideboard against control matchups.

Plaguecrafter is a good card, but does it fit in our gameplan? I personally prefer Disinformation Campaign because we can minimize our opponents hand, we get it back with surveil, and it instantly replaces itself.

For your land base I suggest Memorial to Folly + Memorial to Genius which have proofed to work really well for late game value.

I'm a little bit concerned if Connive/Connoct is really worth it, have you tested it?

Other cards I'm still testing which I'm not really sure about are: Tetzimoc, Primal Death, Kitesail Freebooter and Thief of Sanity.

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