Journey to Eternity


Atzal, Cave of Eternity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Journey to Eternity

Legendary Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When enchanted creature dies, return it to the battlefield under you control, then return Journey to Eternity to the battlefield transformed under your control.

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Journey to Eternity Discussion

oblivion8 on G/B Exploration - Dora the Explorer

4 hours ago

Hey Thatguy14286, thanks so much for the feedback!

While Deadeye Tracker is a good card, I really feel like it's more suitable in the sideboard as graveyard hate. Against other decks, it would probably be too slow I'd imagine.

Your point about the Chupacabra is fair, though I think I'd like to have it against stuff like Hazoret. Also you end up exploring so often that that ability can easily be -4/-4 or even -6/-6 if needed. That said, it might be a better sideboard option against red etc...

Nissa is interesting. There's definitely some lack of finisher with all the mana we'll be getting. That's why I included Torment of Hailfire and Journey to Eternity  Flip. But perhaps I could stub in 2 Nissa's in lieu of the Chucacabras?

jdarmstrong135 on Aggresive Prison Sex

6 hours ago

Not until Friday. I'm waiting for cards as well, Journey to Eternity for my Sultai Reanimator.

Aethos on BG Journey to Eternity (RIX)

9 hours ago

Doomed Dissenter seems a lot better then the revolt guys on 2 mana. T2 Doomed into T3 Plague Belcher is a good backup to Journey to Eternity.

I would cut 1 Noxious Gearhulk you don't want to draw multiple of those in the early game.

Thrashing Brontodon can alway sac itself targeting Journey if necessary. The additional stats make it a lot nicer in case you don't draw Journey - T2 Channeler Initiate into T3 Brontodon is a lot better then T3 Manglehorn with no targets. Being able to target enchantments might be quite important. The Brontodon also survives Yahenni's Expertise, which is very nice. But ...

... this deck abuses the land side of Journey to Eternity a lot more then the front side, which worries me a bit. A lot of decks that can afford it, will most probably run a few Field of Ruin. And with multiple double black and double green mana costs I don't see you run some to counter theirs. If a lot of decks run it, you might need to switch the Brontodon to the worse Manglehorn, just so you can run some Ruins.

jeffvanlee on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

1 day ago

Hello! Just joined and is my first deck posting, so please forgive any formatting issues!

This is my attempt to find a home for some of the new cards from Rivals of Ixalan Ravenous Chupacabra and Journey to Eternity. I am trying to make this list as competitive as possible.

I plan to take this deck to my LGS Standard events over the coming season (1 per week or so) and will post updates, along with any changes I make.

BG Journey to Eternity (RIX)

Standard* jeffvanlee


jeffvanlee on BG Journey to Eternity (RIX)

3 days ago

A few thing I'm pondering:

Kosmokatze on The Rock

3 days ago

I am happy to see Thrashing Brontodon in the new set! :)

Do you think this version of the Rock plays enough creatures for Journey to Eternity?

Natalbee on Gift -1

5 days ago

You're probably better off running that new Journey to Eternity instead of Anointed Procession and God-Pharaoh's Gift.

At that point you could also get rid of Refurbish and replace it with Nest of Scarabs, which would work better with Anointed Procession if you wanted to keep it.

And AT THAT POINT, you probably don't need Key to the City anymore because hopefully you'll be swarming the board with Insects and Snakes.

hannibal6 on Rivals of Ixalan Fantasy Draft

5 days ago

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