Journey to Eternity


Atzal, Cave of Eternity


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Journey to Eternity

Legendary Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control

When enchanted creature dies, return it to the battlefield under you control, then return Journey to Eternity to the battlefield transformed under your control.

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Journey to Eternity Discussion

discollama on The Meren Midrange Machine

1 day ago

The last update on this deck was 4 months ago, have you considered adding some newer cards? I find that Krav, the Unredeemed has put in a TON of work for me. The growth, the card draw, and the lifegain can quickly get out of hand and it's pretty hard to beat a single : sac as much as you want ability! Razaketh, the Foulblooded and Journey to Eternity  Flip haven't done as much heavy lifting for me yet, but have huge potential as Razaketh is a nearly free sac outlet and instant speed tutor once out, and Journey is just another great way to recur creatures. Another thought if you wanted to go with +1/+1 counters (which I realize that this particular deck doesn't focus on) would be to include Shambling Shell as it dredges 3 and gives out a +1/+1 counter as well.

I also had some questions for you... Do you really find Awakening Zone and From Beyond to be worthwhile inclusions? I already own a copy of From Beyond, but it seems kind of slow on the token generation and never seemed that useful in my early builds, so I pulled it out. I also see that you're running 37 lands, while my deck runs 34 and I almost never hurt for lands with all the ramp and land tutoring. Just starting out with a Sakura Tribe Elder in your hand and basic Forest and Swamp is often enough to get a ton of mana on the board from my experience, do you have issues getting mana flooded?. One last question, I promise! Have you thought about Reassembling Skeleton? It's done a lot of work for me as an early sac target to get XP counters, and once you get Skullclamp out, together they basically read: ", : Draw two cards", but you know, with the added bonus of all the death triggers.

Thanks for a great deck tech, you've given me some ideas to tweak my own deck! I hope that we see you do a tech on other Meren builds like tokens and +1/+1 counters!

GolgariJunkman on GB Valueyard

6 days ago

Rhizome Lurcher - I would compare this guy with Molderhulk and the Hulk can come at least one turn earlier and he gives you land from the graveyard. My experience with Hulk: Early threat but without any evasion or trample which the Lurcher haven't as well, it will die horribly or gets blocked. So I would prefer Hulk over Lurcher even it will get bigger.

Necrotic Wound - At the beginning where I start to build the deck, I got a playset Assassin's Trophy, three Necrotic Wound and three Ravenous Chupacabra as the removal pack. While the meta, lgs-wise, switches to a drake-heavy gameday, I change the package to Kraul Harpooner and Cast Down. Cast Down don't require a full graveyard and while there aren't many copies of Niv Mizzet around it wasn't a bad addition, Kraul Harpooner needs one creature in the yard to kill the drakes while Trophy has the drawback "ramping the opponent". Maybe since the added Seekers' Squire which gives more tools to fill the graveyard, I could change the Removal pack back to Necrotic Wound.

My last thought is that I could change a little bit more to add another Journey to Eternity  Flip as well as a one-off Lotleth Giant as a payoff to the filled grave. I guess that I have to cut the Creeping Chill and the Maindeck Ritual of Soot to be more resilient.

Or should I add Blue (Chemister's Insight, Sinister Sabotage, Mission Briefing) or Red (Fight with Fire, Experimental Frenzy, Risk Factor)... Thoughts?

Landarzt on The Rock

1 week ago

Thank you so much for this list. Finally found a new home with this deck :) I am playing with the same banlist as Kosmokatze so i did cut the same cards. My question is: Is there a list of a good creature Rock List that you can share? I have problems since my meta is full of scapeshift, RDW and Ux-Control so i thought about some kind of "reanimator" Rock with the mentioned Journey to Eternity  Flip and Recurring Nightmare and creatures like Shriekmaw or something. I am hoping that this will make this matchups better while not sacrificing the good creature deck matchups too hard. What do you think?

RumplesForeSkin on Izoni, Thousand Eyed

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions ScionLocke, I am definitely gonna change Murder out for some thing, Putrefy as well. But not immediately since I am on a super strict budget at the moment. But I love the idea of Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest and Journey to Eternity  Flip so those will absolutely be going in when I am able to actually upgrade the deck.

ScionLocke on Izoni, Thousand Eyed

1 week ago

-So Status / Statue is almost always a better option than Putrefy even though it cost one more mana on the relevant side.

-There are any number of upgrades to Murder but my personal recommendation there is Tragic Slip. It's almost child's play to trigger morbid in a deck like this.

  • If you have any interest in infinite combos, Nim Deathmantle is the missing piece with Ashnod's Altar. If not, you can ignore that one.

  • Journey to Eternity  Flip is a pet card of mine so I'm going to recommend it but be careful if you add it. It's really easy for an opponent to kill the creature you're trying to enchant it to before it can hit the field and ruin the play.

  • If you want a back-up plan of going wide i have to suggest Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest who changes those 1/1s into massive beaters

  • The last thing I have to suggest you look at is card draw. It is very easy these days to get punished for trying to interact with your graveyard with things like Tormod's Crypt. You may find yourself with a hand full of sacrifice outlets and nothing to do with them after the board has been cleared and your graveyard has been wiped, or you really need to find an answer to something or you're going to lose.

Glad to see another player looking to stretch their legs in the color pie! I hope the golgari swarm is somewhere you can call home!

hkhssweiss on Muldrotha the gravetide (cant win)

1 week ago


No worries, I can definitely help you out here. My main deck is a reanimator based one so I can definitely suggest you some cards to help you out. For Muldrotha since you have access to Sultai colors you have a great amount of synergy to work from your graveyard. Especially for Muldrotha itself, you will be able to play one of each permanent. There is a combo route or value route you can go for, since it is cheaper to go the value way I'll list some cards that can help you that way.

The key aspect for Muldrotha is that it can play permanents from the grave, this gives you advantage over the other players is breaking parity. You don't mind stuff going into the grave as you can play it later on when Muldrotha is online. The cards listed below should be less than $5 and would greatly strengthen your deck.

Creatures: Plaguecrafter, Satyr Wayfinder, Reclamation Sage, WORLDSHAPER!, Acidic Slime, Mulldrifter, Underrealm Lich, Spore Frog, Viscera Seer, Ramunap Excavator, Deathrite Shaman, Notion Thief, Terastodon, Zulaport Cutthroat, Protean Hulk

This is only a small handful of the many cards that can be run, basically you want to abuse as many ETB effects and use cheap ones that you can reuse every turn.

Another way to abuse your graveyard more is reanimation effects, here is some budget effects that can be added in to bring stuff out of the grave. It also helps that if it's a permanent so even if it's in the grave Muldrotha can still use it.

Recursion: Animate Dead, Dance of the Dead, Victimize, Living Death, Splendid Reclamation, Journey to Eternity  Flip, Deadbridge Chant

Card draw is another aspect that is essential, there are quite a bit of interesting ones that we can use to either fill our hand our fill our graveyard as well.

Card Advantage: Mystic Remora, Windfall, Frantic Search, Careful Study, Thoughtscour, Dark Deal, Syphon Mind, Chart a Course, Skullclamp, Whispering Madness

Lastly is the ramp, we want to lessen the amount of instants/sorceries we play and more permanents so artifact mana seems to be the way to go alongside creature based ETB ramp.

Ramp: Golgari Signet, Dimir Signet, Simic Signet, MindStone, Commander's Sphere, Fellwar Stone, Coldsteel Heart, Chromatic Lantern, Wayfarer's Bauble, Expedition Map, Wood Elves, Farhaven Elf

Hope that gives a little more insight and feel free to ask any questions!

R3DSTON3R on Golgari

2 weeks ago

I built a similar deck to this on MTGA. I found that Memorial to Folly partners well with this style deck and makes a lot of sense. You can use Memorial to Folly to keep pulling back out Molderhulk from your graveyard or you can use Memorial to Folly to return almost any creature card from your graveyard so you don't have a wasted turn. Also look at adding in Journey to Eternity  Flip. Journey makes a lot of sense as well seeing how you are mainly going to be pulling and playing cards that have gone into your graveyard. For your sideboard, look at adding in Golgari Raiders. Golgari Raider is a great card to have and if you are playing against someone who is using cards with protection from black, this card can help you deal with that. I would remove Status / Statue and Seekers' Squire. Those cards are good but never showed me a good reason to keep them in the deck. I would instead add a full playset of Stitcher's Supplier and another Poison-Tip Archer. Remove a copy of Assassin's Trophy and add one more copy of Find / Finality. The last thing I would do is work on your mana pool. you need to add in some basic land Swamp's, Remove Overgrown Tomb because having just one copy doesn't make a lot of sense, and if you can afford it remove Golgari Guildgate and add in a full playset of Woodland Cemetery.

mgc974 on Izoni, thousand-eyed aristocrats

2 weeks ago

So I tested the deck and it's not so easy to fill up the graveyard with creature. I'm agree with bushido_man96 the goal it's better off entering and re-entering Izoni the battelfield.

So i add some "blink" effect:

Conjurer's Closet

Temur Sabertooth

Some more "trigger" effect:


Journey to Eternity  Flip

And some heavy "fill up graveyard" matter:

Mesmeric Orb

Altar of Dementia

Tortured Existence is in the deck now. I would rather play a card with recurrent effect than a "one shot" recursion card for this kind of deck.

I would add Entomb to the deck. To fetch cards like Life from the Loam. But I don't know what to cut.

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