Basic Land — Forest

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Forest Discussion

calpoism on Ugin Tron

3 hours ago


Based on my last paragraph, I'm currently tesing x3 Explore and x3 Forest in place of x4 Chromatic Sphere and x2 Ghost Quarter in the mainboard. The loss of Ghost Quarter may be felt in the Infect, Affinity, and Tron matchups, but I feel that the added consistency Explore gives in making our land drops may be worth it in the long run. In any case, the x2 Ghost Quarter remain the sideboard to shore up those 3 matches.

Darkmagi1131 on Eldrazi - All will turn to dust!

9 hours ago

I think the basic deck is looking really good. The main changes I would make are -1xArtisan of Kozilek, +1 Ulamog's Crusher, -4 Joraga Treespeaker, +4x Llanowar Elves, -4x Everflowing Chalice, +3xForest, +1x Eye of Ugin. I think those are the ones that are worth it. Garruk, Caller of Beasts is nice but far too slow. I'd much rather be dropping an Ulamog's Crusher in the same mana slot. Lookin good my friend! Keep up the good work!

Darkmagi1131 on Eldrazi - All will turn to dust!

1 day ago

Hey man looking good! I'd choose the Llanowar Elves over the Joraga Treespeaker due to having to charge the Joraga Treespeaker before you can use it. Also I'd drop one Everflowing Chalice for another Forest I don't think you should have under 20 lands in here otherwise looks great

exeko on Simic Gifts Rites Tron

1 day ago

& answering your previous post, 2 unburrial rites is sufficient. Did you consider running Colossus of Akros?? It is golden of a card.

Also, you only have 6 sources of green (9 with the Pentad Prism). This is low. I have 10 colored lands in my UW Tron and 4 Signets and sometimes I get color issues... & you don't even have a basic forest. If your opponent drops a Blood Moon, you cannot dig anymore. I'd drop a card for a basic Forest and drop maybe a Sylvan Scrying for a 4th Expedition Map, since the map will allow you to fetch a basic land incase of Blood Moon sticky situations

erabel on Godsend And domni rade -2

2 days ago

Please link your cards. Use double brackets. [ [ Forest ] ], without spaces, becomes Forest.

Godsend, Domri Rade.

No. Blocking only happens during combat. Fighting isn't combat.

Xanthis on Modern Goblins

2 days ago

Took this to a modern tournament today. 3 rounds, went 1-2. Lost one round due to mana screw, and another one due to being unable to cast Collected Company with a Blood Moon on the field. Made a few changes to the deck as It was run. I added a Forest to bring the land to 21 and to be able to cast my Destructive Revelry with a Blood Moon on the field. It also allows me to cast Collected Company more regularly and without taking so much damage from shocks. Also changed the Goblin Wardriver to Mogg War Marshal found it was more synergistic with Foundry Street Denizen and added more value to Goblin Piledriver and Goblin Rabblemaster

I would love thoughts and suggestions on the deck as it is in it's initial testing phase.

Darkmoor on A Storm of Scales

3 days ago

Thanks AngelOfDivinity for the tip! To be honest I hadn't even realized that was a legendary lol. If I take two out do you think Temple of Abandon would be appropriate or just a Mountain and Forest bc they enter untapped? I haven't played at any local stores but I buy cards/ supplies from them and I am in the process of buying all the cards for this deck online. Right now I just play with friends who have thousands of cards so we kinda play anything usually. I am trying to keep it close to standard so that if I take this deck to FNM I only have to make minimal changes.

bigguy99 on ABUR Dual Lands: why such ...

3 days ago

That's true, but concerning the Lands deck: a) it's really not popular at all, and b) most lists don't run a set of Taiga; you can run some varied green fetches, a Forest, and various green duals for the sideboard options. Belcher is also not really that widely seen. The card has to see very widespread play to drive its price up, but it doesn't; uncommon decks won't spike it.

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