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Forest Discussion

barros1711 on G/W Hexproof Aura

2 hours ago

You definitely should add Horizon Canopy to the lands. It's expensive, but it has saved me more than once. It's basically a pain land with cycle, but it's awesome anyways.

Also, if you're going to have 3 Kor Spiritdancer, that means you're getting serious about it. You should consider at the very least 7 fetch lands. I run these:

Works great, because the fetch makes your chances of drawing lands even lower, and the chances of getting good cards higher.

ALso, I would take out those 2 Spirit Link and put it on Sideboard, and brink 1 Unflinching Courage and 1 Hyena Umbra. Making your creatures immune to destruction is always a good way to go.

See ya!

e10mays on Opinions on a ramp deck ...

3 hours ago


3x Dragonlord Atarka3x Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger3x Omnath, Locus of Rage4x Rattleclaw Mystic3x Shaman of Forgotten Ways


4x Nissa's Renewal4x Explosive Vegetation4x Animist's Awakening4x Nissa's Pilgrimage4x Crater's Claws


4x Cinder Glade2x Wooded Foothills4x Shrine of Forsaken Gods9x Forest5x Mountain

Sideboard4x Roast4x Gaea's Revenge3x Mob Rule

I need 4 more cards for sideboard, Plummet?? Please feel free to share what you like or do not like about this deck, as well as what you would do differently. Thanks!

connormce10 on Turn 5 Ulamog

21 hours ago

There's a turn 4 Ulamog, if you so wish.*

T1: Forest and Elvish Mystic

T2: Forest + Sol Ring and Leaf Gilder

T3: Conduit of Ruin + Forest

T4: Laugh as you play a Forest and Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger!

*requires deck to be Vintage

multimedia on Messenger Elves

1 day ago

mack10k, check out my Budget Messenger Elves for a version of this deck that doesn't use fetch lands. She could still use Windswept Heath with the budget manabase. If she has 4x Heath just cut 2x Yavimaya Coast, 1x Island and 1x Forest for them.

I'm not using 4x Collected Company because I'm not using Leaf Gilder and both Gnarlroot Trapper and Beastcaller Savant can't help to cast Company. This deck is also using 4x Skyrider Elf which doesn't work with Company and 2x Tajuru Warcaller which Company can't get. Company is a great card, but four is too many for this deck. Two has been a good number which still gives the possible auto win with Shaman of the Pack.

Scorprix on Modular Hangar

1 day ago

Hey! I haven't seen you in a while. It's nice to see a new deck from you. I haven't been on much recently, so I'm very sorry if I come off as ignorant.

Ok, my recommendations go as follows:

-1x Mountain
-1x Forest
-2x Dispatch

+1x Hangarback Walker
+3x Etched Champion

You don't need that much removal anyway, so 8 kill spells feels like too much. You also don't need 18 lands. I also like Etched Champion because yo can throw an Arcbound Ravager on it's back and go to town. Without Cranial Plating it becomes a lot worse, but it's still super strong. You also need at least 3x Thoughtseize for the SB, and for affinity, Whipflare is better.

Smuppy on Abysmal Horror

3 days ago

@grasshopper021 - Definitely not a moron, and in fact, they are two cards I haven't looked into. I guess the trick would be to find a place for them without removing the effectiveness of the control elements of the deck. Crop Rotation does the same type of trick, costs G, and puts a land directly into play untapped, but is vulnerable to removal and losing out on a land due to sacrifice.

One thing I've run into is the availability of green mana early. Most of the lands produce black mana, and the dual lands that produce green more often than not get used for some sort of black mana based trick. Obviously, the Forest I put in there to protect against enchantments like Blood Moon is the exception.

I will add them to the maybe board for now for future experimentation because they could come in handy. Thanks a lot for the suggestions!

Hoschie on Puresteel Mentor Ascendancy Storm

3 days ago

Interesting idea :)

What do you think about this: Swithing the fetshlands a bit to be able to search Forest to get Dryad Arbor to do some thing with your euqupments to by a turn or 2 if needed?

Femme_Fatale on Do You Like Alters Done ...

3 days ago

Well you sure as hell should. Because I just spent the better part of my days off adding them all to our database for you. Well, most of them. The ones that I could crop without shopping and the ones that actually looked good. It's a shame I couldn't get his Adun Oakenshield medieval wooden manuscript alter on here. Maybe when I feel like it I'll fiddle around with photoshop to get it to lay flat so I can get that luxurious gold textured border intact.

Here are some samples:

Want to see the images in more detail? Click on the little green "A"s next to the card names and you'll be brought to each individual alter's page. Then, open the card image in a new tab/window that you'll see there to be presented with a larger resolution image.

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