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Forest Discussion

Unfathomable on Swiftspear Stampede

12 hours ago

I feel like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Forest also are both often dead draws because there are effectively no spells that can be cast with with them on T1, which can be catastrophic for a deck with average CMC of 1.5. Also the only card that you really need more than one black source for is Relentless Dead, and that's only a one of. I mean I'm sure you have more experience with how the deck works than I do, but I feel like you should take out the urborg and forest as well as two other cards for an extra Bloodstained Mire, Blood Crypt, Overgrown Tomb, and a Verdant Catacombs

Murphy77 on Ally Army with a Twist

1 day ago

If you just add 6 Forest, this deck will look a lot better. Start by getting your land base right - with at least 24 lands for a 3 colour deck. You might have to move some artifacts to the sideboard to reduce your deck size, but a 63 or 64 card deck is not always a train smash.

mtgThaen on Infect: On an actual budget

1 day ago

@deltacobra- I think you misunderstand me. Obviously, running only 11 lands is ridiculous, even for infect. But, if you run 8 fetches out of 19 lands, then it makes sense that only eleven can produce mana. In my list, I have 3xForest, 2xBreeding Pool, 2xVerdant Catacombs, 2xPendelhaven, 4xInkmoth Nexus, and 6 fetches (4xWindswept Heath and 2xWooded Foothills). That's 13 mana-producing lands, four of which are creatures a fair amount of the time. If your deck is running 4xGroundswell, then you may want to run more than 19 (I think adding two lands is enough). Also, the opinion I was referencing: "And 19 lands in my opinion is too low without fetches and shocks." from post #19, interestingly enough lol.

I would recommend only two Slip Through Space. However, since you are only running 4 creatures with natural evasion (Blighted Agent), I may have to say that three is good. But, I haven't played a list with the creature base you have, so my experience there is limited.

ALWAYS let your spells resolve one at a time, as deltacobra said. Don't base your strategy/list off of the assumption that your 1/1s will rarely be blocked - people know infect, usually; but since you said your meta is not too competitive, you may get more than your fair share of wins through the cracks. Often, though, with simic/sultai, you deal lethal over the course of a few turns. You're not as explosive as Mono-G, so you have to be careful. Don't be afraid to hold back on tapping out for pump if you believe your opponent has Path to Exile or Deflecting Palm. That being said, don't be too timid. Sometimes swinging for the fences is the right call. Sometimes >> Most times. But not many things feel worse than tapping out for two Groundswells and a Slip Through Space only to have your Glistener Elf be path'd while you are sitting on a Vines of Vastwood. It happens, but remember: you have inevitability. You only need to deal 10 damage via combat. Getting in for one here, four there, two over this way, can do the job. It's not as cool, but it wins games.

pipercraven on What Is Your Magic Reach?

1 day ago

Giving it a couple tries
A: 5 Do or Die
B: 2 Forest
C: 4 Axebane Guardian
D: 1 Noble Purpose
E: 4 Fiend Hunter
F: 3 Kyren Legate
G: 1 Plains
H: 10 Suntail Hawk

metalevolence on Elves Of Infinite Terror

3 days ago

This would run a lot better with more mana and some card draw. To make space, you have a lot of cards with extremely small effects that really won't matter.

Ward of bones seems pretty unlikely to do much with how many permanents you probably put into play

Languish/mutilate seems pretty counterproductive to elf swarm stuff

out: lim-dul's hex, elvish archers, thornbow archer, elvish eulogist, scarred vinebreeder, gaea's liege, ward of bones, maralen of the mornsong, languish, mutilate, spreading algae

in: 2 Forest, Jungle Hollow, Golgari Rot Farm, Elves of Deep Shadow, Skullclamp, Priest of Titania, Arbor Elf

Then I'd add some card draw, there are a ton of really sick options in these colors, for example: Night's Whisper, Read the Bones, Harmonize, Corpse Augur, Skullmulcher, Disciple of Bolas, Ancient Craving, Deathreap Ritual, Grim Haruspex


zandl on U/G Eldrazi Ramp

4 days ago

-1 Rogue's Passage, -2 Forest, +2 Lumbering Falls, +1 Island. Passage is pretty cute, but if you're turning your guys sideways, you're probably already winning. You always want a man-land on the board to call on if you have the mana available (you will) and the extra Island helps you turn them on and find Blue earlier.

Part the Waterveil is the best trick this deck has, so you should be using a full playset. It's really the only card you want going into the late-game. Being able to the chain them together is one of the better ways to win. Probably -3 Ulvenwald Hydra, +2 Part the Waterveil, +1 Nissa's Renewal. Renewal is essential in a lot of matchups as you get to live through one more turn and stabilize with Part or Ulamog.

I'd say you should choose between Tireless Tracker and Sylvan Advocate. You don't want to get stuck trying to play the small game for too long when your overall plan is to get to 9 or 10 mana.

As for sideboard options, I'm a fan of Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip and things like Thought-Knot Seer, letting you get more interactive with midrange decks, where your weakest matchups are. If you do go with more of the Oath Eldrazi, though, consider switching Deathcap Cultivator to Hedron Crawler.

For being new, though, it seems like you already have a pretty good idea of what you're doing. I think the deck just needs some of these minor adjustments and you'll be fine.

abbadon316 on Rite Elves

5 days ago

Hi multimedia,

Some very helpful advice, thank you.

I don't have time to switch the deck to Azbhan for this week (if i want to, not sure yet), but will have a look into the small changes you recommended. My deck list as posted was very succesful on Wednesday eve, winning 4 out of 5 games and that loss was with someone else playing with it. I even managed to win in multiplayer, which as mentioned, normally requires a lot more stealth and patience as otherwise you just paint a target on yourself.

Regarding the speed of theprosed Azbhan version, have you considered Holdout Settlement? Using a couple of these, in the listing below, I find that I've been able to maintain speed and keep more of westvale and the land critters:


Bearing in mind the white splash is usually needed turn 4 or 5 and we also have Cryptolith Rite, I feel risking the white mana coming in late is worth it and testing (albeit not in real life yet) it seems consistent. What do you think?

JehuBarranco on I don't want to be an elf anymore

5 days ago

Hey, nice deck list! I live Elves.

I would almost suggest taking out Concordant Crossroads. With Heritage Druid in your deck, you can tap three Elves without haste to keep adding almost unlimited mana.

For sure I would add another Glimpse of Nature to your deck. You really want to make sure you have one to play (I almost wish I could have more in my deck). I really don't think any deck should run less than four Glimpses.

I would also suggest to play a full set of Quirion Ranger in your deck. I've abused Quirion Ranger in my deck probably more than I've abused Wirewood Symbiote. It's such a fun card to abuse whether I'm using it to untap a creature or so I can play the Forest again if I an land screwed. Quirion Ranger has won me many games.

Just a couple suggestions from playing Legacy Elves. Looks like a nice deck, keep it up!

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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