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Basic Land — Forest

{T}: Add {G} to your mana pool.

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Forest Discussion

Skulldrey on Selling Modern Decks

5 hours ago

If anyone is interested in any of these three decks, I'll be happy to put full decklists up. All three are Modern and I am not looking to part them out. I am only selling them because I've come to the realization that there isn't any sense in owning seven modern decks, so I'm trying to cut down a little bit to four.

First off, I have a Mono White Enchantment Control deck. It's almost an exact clone of Travis Woo's, except I added an Entreat the Angels , taking out a Rest in Peace .

Second, I have a Mono Green Genesis Wave deck. It's pretty standard except I protect the combo with Boseiju, Who Whelters All instead of another Forest .

Lastly, I am looking to sell my Mono Red Shared Animosity Goblins deck. There is a very similar deck here on Tappedout called "How to do 257 damage on turn 3" or something like that.

I am looking for Scalding Tarn s and some UWR Modern staples. Definitely open to those who want to trade as well. My binder is essentially acting as a separate entity in this discussion because I do not want to part out the cards for the three aforementioned decks.

Thanks for reading!

DonRosenberger on Hellkite Tyranny

6 hours ago

Thoughtcast is on the Side Board at the moment. If I wanted to include it in the Main deck, I'd probably take out some of the copies of Forest for Temple of Mystery and / or Breeding Pool . Either of those, or Yavimaya Coast would work as well.

CommanderOfBolas on A Rodent's Rambings: Spoiled Before ...

1 day ago

oakenshild: To cast him face down, it costs . the only way to have access to his morph ability on turn 3 is to play Elvish Mystic turn 1. So it would look like this:

T1: Forest , Elvish Mystic
T2: land, play morph dork face down
T3: land, pay 2 to flip morph dork, you have 3 floating. Elvish Mystic , your other land, and tapping the morph dork for mana means you have 6 mana available

AuroraBlitz on $5 Infect

1 day ago

I removed 2 Forest and 2 Apostle's Blessing to fit in 4 Unnatural Predation , i found that i was getting too many lands and not enough things that will actually provide boosting effects. Unnatural Predation seems to be making the deck work much faster for me than it was before with constant wins

shadoscuro on Land Ramp Enchantmets (advice needed)

2 days ago

I'm going to keep it short and simple with card cuts and some possible additions.

-4x Nissa's Expedition +2x Plains & +2x Forests.

Unfortunately irishwrath is right in that it is sort of a waste of a card. It'd be more important to just have that land out and usable then trying to ramp up to even more ramp.

-4x Bassara Tower Archer +4x Dawnbringer Charioteers

I'd swap these because it gives you a way to gain life outside of your Mortal's Ardor and you can keep your anti-air. Plus it is another creature to stack with counters and you get a stronger flight creature outside of a 2/1 reach that won't do much past turn 3/4.

I like the use of Sunbond so however much you focus on it or follow through on using Dawnbringer Charioteers keep Nyx-Fleece Ram + Ordeal of Heliod in mind if Sunbond isn't stacking up.

thispersonisagenius on Should i splash blue in ...

3 days ago

@slovakattack I feel that Burn should actually play Forest s and Manamorphose s.

You can never go wrong with too many sources of your splash color, so long as you get both consistently. 8 sources is fine, and I'd make them Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls for maximal consistency.

MarvinPointiacIII on Bees 'N Trees

3 days ago

Thanks for your comment, I think you're right on both points. Since I want this to be safe for post-rotation I dropped in 2x Sedge Scorpion (instead of Experiment One as additional 1 drops.

I couldn't find a great way to add more devotion to the board, but I tossed in 2x Karametra's Acolyte (which doubles with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ) to drop the biggies more consistently.

To make space, I took out 1x Genesis Hydra 1x Setessan Tactics 1x Hornet Nest 1x Forest

Still open to comments and suggestions.