Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Basic Land — Forest

: Add to your mana pool.

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Forest Discussion

dough54321 on Green Energy

10 hours ago

Naturalize is no longer standard. I would take 3 Forest out and add 3 Attune with Aether. It gives you ENERGY and gets you a Forest. Also, instead of Longtusk Cub, I think Servant of the Conduit. She immediately nets you two ENERGY and can tap for manna, if you need it.

hubatish on Bastion Defense: Turn 3 Win?

2 days ago

Congrats on taking Doran and co to 232 upvotes!

A couple theoretical notes about your manabase:Lots of shocklands! 4 color mana base is obviously very tricky. Do you want any filter lands like Twilight Mire? Horizon Canopy and man-lands can be pretty powerful. There's ton of options! Explore beyond just shocks and fetches.

Tappedout provides lots of tools to help you with this, and lots of people have written articles about it. Also just try to answer some tough questions. What 3 lands do you want in play on turn 3 so that you can cast all your cards? One thing tappedout is showing is that you have tons of green sources! (only 3 things don't produce green). Sure, you need turn one Birds, but after that you don't have any GG cards.

Some weaknesses of your current manabase: you're taking a ton of damage! At least 1 life per land drop. Additionally, Blood Moon looks pretty tough to beat. Do you need a singleton Swamp so you can cast Golgari Charm without Birds?

Maybe another way to look at it - how do you get your turn 3 kill? It's not as simple as Land - Birds, Land - Doran, Land - Mardu Ascendancy. What lands do you need to play to get there?

On turn 3 you need to naturally produce RWB. So none of your 3 lands drops can be basic Forest. You'd also better draw one red land and one black land. Windswept Heath is excellent. Plains is okay unless one of your other lands is Temple Garden.


3 days ago

You have some really funny timing actually. The last few days I have been making some pretty severe changes to this deck and have been doing a lot of experimentation to try out some new things. Many of the changes are actually things that you mentioned.

Here's a list of the changes to the mainboard in the current version that I am testing.
-3 Bloodline Shaman >>>> +3 Llanowar Elves
-4 Copperhorn Scout >>>> +4 Mystic Elves
-1 Imperious Perfect >>>> +1 Llanowar Elves
-4 Wirewood Channeler >>>> +4 Wirewood Symbiote
-1 Mutavault >>>> +1 Forest
-1 Wirewood Lodge >>>> +1 Forest
-1 Cavern of Souls >>>> +1 Concordant Crossroads
-1 Akroma's Memorial >>>> +1 Concordant Crossroads
-1 Viridian Longbow >>>> +1 Skyship Weatherlight
-1 Staff of Domination >>>> +1 Skyship Weatherlight

I saw that you recommneded Ezuri, but I'm not seeing how he contributes to the infinite mana beyond his regenerate ability helping to keep my elves on the board. His Overrun ability has always been an awesome one, but I'm not sure that his aggro centricness would be the best choice in this deck. It's certainly one I will put some though into though.

Already took out copperhorn scout and added in wirewood symbiote for all the reasons that you mentioned. It was a solid trade. Wirewood Channeler got cut both because it's expensive and also because it was just overkill as I already had 8 better tap for x elves anyways. Llanowar Elves got added in but I am going to sideboard probably 3 deathrite shamans, maybe 4. Viridian Longbow got cut because I figured that infinite hasted creatures was enough for a win condition that infinite ping damage was unnecessary, plus outside of a win condition when I combo out, it is a card that never gets used just eating up a clot in my hand. Shaman of the Pact is very very cool but this deck just doesnt have the reliable access to black mana that the standard Legacy Combo Elves does because although I could add in Bayou, I wouldn't have enough slots dedicated to fetch lands to make it a consistent find. That lack of access to black is defintiely hurting my sideboard options as well, which are pretty much all up in the air while I go through my crazy mainboard experiments. Umbral Mantle is a good one for the infinite mana for sure, I use staff because it also gets me the infinite card draw to play my whole deck, but you bring up a good point about the pithing needle. Genesis Wave is my JAM!! I love that card so much. It is usually what takes a game from just staving off a more aggro oriented opponent or someone whittling away at me with lots of removal, and changes it into a last second victory. It happened to me several time tonight testing against a Blue/Red Delver Burn Counter deck. There are plenty of ways for it to go sour though. It does take a but of board support to pull off the mana but with this decks ramp, its not too difficult. Hell even little 3 point waves have turned games around for me. I have done some experimenting with Glimpse of Nature but often found it to just be too slow, in that on early turns it could potentially net me a few extra draws when it goes off right, but on later turns where what I really need is the last card to combo out, or to draw a bunch of card to refill my hand, it just ends up being a dead draw. That's why I've been experimenting with Slate of Ancestry which was working out quite well in testing. I've got Skyship Weatherlight in there right now to experiment with having some tutor to grab up whatever I need in the moment whether it be the Staff, or a tap for x elf, or an add in from my sideboard like Reclamation Sage or something. It's still just as expensive as Slate of Ancestry, but with this decks ramp it's not always prohibitive. Concordant crossroads has been a great add to this deck though for ramping even earlier. I love playing one on turn 1 and then turn 2 just spamming out a whole line of Llanowar Elves and Mystic Elves.

Mindbreak Trap would be a solid sideboard choice vs Storm, but I'm just not sure I can fit another color into this deck without either slowing it down, or just it being too inconsistent with having the right mana at the right time. I'm open to recommendations on this though for sure. Collected Company definitely caught my eye recently, but I passed only because what I really needed is either something that will get me a bunch of cards when my hand is empty or something that will let me combo out. Collected Company would probably always find targets, but not ones that would end the game that turn for me. Do you have any other solid recommendations for sideboard tech that wouldn't involve splashing another color? I have already thought of a few but I think it is probably what I need the most ideas for.

Also, thank you so much for taking the time to comment on my deck. Input is absolutely always appreciated. If you don't mind though, I always appreciate an upvote on my decks as well ;)

Gattison on Magic Idol (aka So You ...

4 days ago

So, I can be a goofy bastard sometimes. I like witty and "random" humor, but sometimes it just gets out of hand...

As proof, here are several parody songs I wrote about The Game of Cardboard Crack. Most of them are old-school hip-hop. Hope that's okay.

  1. "Bolzter-N-The-Hood," by Weezy-G, theme song for Bolster a Corpsejack Menace to Society...

    Drew 7 quick, at about noon
    Gotta play a Corpsejack Menace or two
    Cast Hardened Scales before the play begins
    Then get ready for the bitchin' from my friends
    Simic Initiate, turn two, trigger-time
    Cuz nerds at the path can't Interpret the Signs
    Abzan Falconer, a whole playset
    And some Charms and Battle Priests to fill out the rest
    Bailed out some turns, bolstered my weapon
    Just as I thought target fool kept steppin'
    Jumped on T4, hit the juice on T5
    I got counters front back, and side to side
    Then I played an MP3 (3)
    While buyin' new shit from WotC
    It was Bolster Bolster and the Abzan Menace
    Then I made my own deck and it looks somethin' like this
    Feat of Resistance beats your 6/4
    Mutant's Prey bitches, Burst of Strength hoes
    Mulligan or draw, it's all the same scoop
    Knuckleheads out there cold playin' to first-to-two
    An opponent rolls up, who can it be
    A fresh, bling deck worth a whole pound of weed
    He came to the game table and started to say
    It's all about makin' them R.T.F.C.
    [chorus]Cuz nerds in Modern are always hard
    You come talkin' that trash, we'll pull your card
    Knowin' nuttin' in life, but to win legit
    Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit[/chorus]
    That's E. is the spot where I cast my stack
    My man E is on that cardboard crack
    My man used to be a friend of mine
    Till I caught him in my 'yard tryina' steal my Hydra
    Cast Treasured Find after I sided it in
    He got 2-for-1ed when he did it again
    Little did he know I got the mana to play
    Planeswalker dead, Top 8, Good Game
    [chorus]Cuz nerds in Modern are always hard
    Come talkin' that trash, we'll mill your card
    Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
    Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit[/chorus]
    Bored as hell and I wanna cast spells
    So I went to a spot where other nerds dwell
    The kids out there jockin' Deathmist Raptor
    You're lucky I ain't playsettin' Siege Rhino, ya bastids...
    My life hits 40 and I start thinkin'
    I got 8 8/8s, your battlefield's shrinkin'
    Tap to Outlast, Phalanx Leader gets cast
    Before I pass, Jack Forcefully Adapts
    Ya go into ya bag, and ya get out ya pad
    Thinkin' you would go 2-and-0, and go online and brag
    You write it all down like you can't believe
    You about to R-A-G-E-to-the-Q-U-I-T
    You go, "no attack, pass," wouldn't ya know
    Jack icey like a pimp, attack you bro'
    Got the judge pumped up, like he's booin' for you
    Bioshift Scute Mob, give him a +1 counter, too[chorus]Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
    You come talkin' that trash, we'll discard your card
    Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
    Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit[/chorus]
    I'm castin' hard like I'm playin' control
    Strive for Solidarity of Heroes
    I looked at my opponent and he said, "Oh, brother"
    He countered my hydra, but I cast another
    Flyin' in ya' face, I spin-down ya' die
    Green, black, white, Temples of Scry
    Did I forget to mention Primordial Hydra?
    Gotta mention all my cards before I finish my rhyme
    Faces get beat for resistin' my deck
    Dromoka's Command sac's your enchantment
    My deck is broken, attackin' me is a crime
    Sure, 3-out-of-5, if you got the time
    [chorus]Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
    Come talkin' that trash, we'll play your card
    Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
    Don't quote me boy, I ain't win shit[/chorus]
    My opponents go to block, but they got no 'field
    Plus I got protection from your Repeal
    Two corpsejacks, and your response?
    Mill my deck? I'll 'board in Varolz
    Be a good sport, said the judge
    Don't mainboard Abzan Advantage
    Use a calculator to confirm the damage
    And a 100/100 is more than most can manage
    I don't use fetches, I do it wit' painlands
    I could do wit' basic Forests, Swamps and Plains, man
    No Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit yet
    But get ready to mainboard that Murder
    [chorus]Cuz the nerds in Modern are always hard
    Come talkin' that trash, we'll counter your card
    Knowin' nuttin' in life but to win legit
    Don't play Legacy, it's competitive as shit[/chorus]
  2. "Pump Around," by Evercast, theme song of eyes2sky's Pimpin' Up Wall of Zombie limbs!!!

    Life is up, counter in
    Let me begin
    I came to win
    Attack me, that's a sin
    Drown in dice when I sack up
    Spike, ya better back up
    Try to play the role and Suture Priest will act up
    Life up, Wall up
    Touch of Moonglove up
    If you got removal then, punk you better use it
    Wall of Limbs, Nyx-Fleece Ram
    My Dying Wish
    Is Murder Investigations
    Block it, pump it
    Sac it anyway
    And I deal more damage than nerds at ya Local Gaming Shop
    Sho nuff, I got lots of Exquisite Bonds
    Plus Vampire Nighthawks
    [chorus] I came to get counters, I came to get counters
    So get out your dice and help me count 'em
    Dump 'em out, dump 'em out, dump 'em out
    Dump 'em out, pump up, and win now
    Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
    Pump up, pump up, and win now [/chorus]
    I'll cut your deck like Mike Holmes' show
    If Jimmy steps up, infinite combo
    Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond
    And I got more triggers than North Korea got bombs
    Just like Prodigal Sorcerer I've returned
    Got no blue or red spells, still you'll get burned
    'Cause I got life and you ain't got none
    If you come to battle bring Protection
    But if you do you're a fool, 'cause I deal to the face
    Try to go 50 with me, you come in last place
    I got the Wall, come get your Limbs
    'Cause when I play Magic, I play like Tims
    [chorus] I came to get counters, I came to get counters
    So get out your dice and help me count 'em
    Dump 'em out, dump 'em out, dump 'em out
    Dump 'em out, pump up, and win now
    Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
    Pump up, pump up, and win now [/chorus]
    I Consume Spirits, and Doom Blade a lot
    I never Diabolic Tutor 'cause I get what I want
    Ya better get a Tournament player
    Like Andrew Cuneo
    To try and play me out like as if my name were Yu-Gi-Oh
    But I ain't goin' out like no kid-game
    Get used to one style and I might have to make
    The change up up and around, new strategies now
    Take all your life and ya' wake up in your own graveyard
    Lingering Souls, Lingering Souls
    I'm spittin' out 1/1 Spirits and 1/1 Soldiers too bro
    [chorus] But I came to get counters, I came to get counters
    So get out your dice and help me count 'em
    Help me count, help me count, help me count
    Help me count my counters up now
    Pump, pump, pump (only Wall of Limbs) (3x)
    Pump up, pump up, and win now [/chorus]
  3. COMING SOON! "You Down Wit' M.T.G.? (Yeah You Know Me)," by Salty by Nature

  4. COMING SLIGHTLY LATER! "All About That Base (No Mana)," by Mhehghahn Trainor (Title and Artist subject to change.)

If I was to release an album, I would call it Magic: The Gangstering... Just sayin.'

stepla on Bant Stitcher's Graft

4 days ago

Really like the Interaction between Lumbering Falls and Kiora, Master of the Depths! I can untap Falls, wether its a Land or Crature, plus i can search it out of my Library with Kioras second Ability.

Lumbering Falls is also supported by Sylvan Advocate.


+2 Lumbering Falls

+2 Kiora, Master of the Depths

-2 Forest

-1 Outland Colossus

-1 Woodland Wanderer

Altoman on The Bear Necessities

6 days ago

I like it. It's funny how stupidly good this is :P

If i would do some changes, Awaken the Bear was in the deck mostly because it had Bear in its name, but everytime i draw this card, i just wished it was something else like Giant Growth. Or maybe something like Ferocious Charge.

Maybe you could remove some Forest, the mana curve is pretty low, so you can add more of the good stuff. Personnally i would add more Prey Upon, sometimes you just need a simple removal to win and 1 is hard to find in a deck.

After a couple of games, i figured out it's lame when you draw a Forest late game, but maybe Slippery Karst would do the trick.

For the sideboard: i never really tough about it, in my deck i just put more bears. But you need a card like Natural State to take on enchantments or artifact.

Spidersilk Armor is better than Gravity Well because it can stack the +0/+1

Maybe adding some cards like: Hornet Sting or Sandstorm to deal minor yet devastating damage to the enemy creatures.

Against famous Kiln Fiend a good old Fog is so simple yet effective.

In the end, it's just a matter of preferences, your deck is pretty solid as it is. You just need to Look for the bear necessities.

spectrevr4 on Plunder the Graves Upgrade 2.0 (Stax)

1 week ago

Removed a Forest and added Woodland Cemetery again getting the mana base closer to where it needs to be.

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