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Basic Land — Forest

{T}: Add {G} to your mana pool.

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Forest Discussion

KingSorin on True Land Destruction, Lando, LD, Land Decimator

14 hours ago

Okay, a few more things. The best counter to Thoughtseize is lands. They can't pluck lands out of your hand, but if you keep a 1-lander with a birds, they can essentially "kill" your birds. I'm not saying to put in a counter to TS, it's something pretty much every deck has to just cope with (except for a deck with 4 Basking Rootwalla , 4 Loxodon Smiter , 4 Wilt-Leaf Liege and 4 Obstinate Baloth plus land lulz), but my point is that on turn 1 and 2 plenty of things can happen, but if you can have reliable mana without relying on a dodgy amount of forests into a 65% chance of getting a dork, it will make your deck more resilient to disruption. With the exception of Acidic Slime and Primal Command , everything in your deck can be cast with just mountains and singleton basics. You can just play 2 Forest and 1 Island if you were going to add in Blood Moon , and plan ahead with fetchlands, and also i'd cut Consuming Aberration as the two colour splash it too difficult to pull off when your mana is already being crippled. As for the sideboard, the decks that you really have to worry about are decks that go off very early as has been mentioned. Shatterstorm , (affinity) Anger of the Gods , (pod and zoo) Pyroclasm , (tokens/goblins/weenie) Volcanic Fallout (faeries) and Back to Nature (auras and stax) should cover most of the very bad matchups. Goblin Ruinblaster seems lackluster. It's a 2/1 haste that blows up a land for 4. The body is pitifully small, (at least riders has 2 toughness) and there are many cards that I think would just help you more. If this is in for tron, then i think Blood Moon is much more helpful. There's no reason to put numot in your deck. 2 lands being blown up is cool, but so is actually being able to cast your win-cons. This mana cost is stupidly difficult to get off, and being 85% serious i'd prefer Storm Crow in the deck, as it slows down Bitterblossom and trades with Vendilion Clique . The next issue is Mana Leak , It's good, and it's essentially a hard counter, but in this deck Remand virtually does the same thing but cantrips. If you Remand their spell, the chances are next turn you'll deny them the mana to cast it whether through Blood Moon or red rain. I'm still not sold on mimic, as I think it's a win-more. Phantasmal Image costs 4 less, and can help in the early game by nullifying a Tarmogoyf or trading with whatever they play. I'd also put the Sun Droplet s in the side, or if aggro is really huge, main them. I just think that if control is going to win the game. You're screwed. It can't save you. If twin or pod is going to win the game, same thing, you're screwed, they've won. It only really helps you against aggro and faeries. Blood Moon helps you against multi-coloured. That's a big archetype right now, and if they're resilient to it, then you just side 'em out. Lightning Bolt s are good. Hound of Griselbrand seems awkward. What are you siding them in against? Spell Pierce is also a good card against non-creature decks post-board, as your opponent leaving up 2 mana against this deck is very difficult.

MattTheNinja on Charmingly Infectious

18 hours ago

Try dropping 1 Pendelhaven and 1 Predator's Strike and add in 1 Mutagenic Growth and another Rancor . The Mutagenic Growth s can be game enders if your attacks go unblocked and Rancor does the same thing as Predator's Strike , but you can reuse it if the creature dies. Also, 25 lands is a bit much I think. Drop 1 Swamp and Forest and add in 2 Wild Defiance . If Defiance sticks, it turns almost all your buff spells into near lethal buffs. The deck looks good with the improvements so far and glad I could help. :)

The_Umm on Sporemound, Karametra, God of Harvests, ...

1 day ago

I was wondering if someone has a Karametra, God of Harvests and a Sporemound on their side of the field and then they summon Essence of the Wild would this theory work:Karametra, God of Harvests her ability would activate bringing a Forest or Plains to the field, then the ability of Sporemound would activate putting a 1/1 Saproling token on the field but then the ability of Essence of the Wild would trigger and the token would would enter instead as a copy of Essence of the Wild . Would this copy count as a creature spell that is cast and trigger again the effect of Karametra, God of Harvests and start an ifinet cycle till you run out of Forest or Plains ?

KingSorin on True Land Destruction, Lando, LD, Land Decimator

1 day ago

Sun Droplet is horrid. It's just a worse Ajani's Mantra , and i don't see it having a place in this deck. The only deck i'd justify including it in was soul sisters, and even then it's very iffy. You only remove a counter at a time so it's gaining you less than 1 life a turn. I'd say that you're short on lands. I understand that you have 8 1-drop rampers, but Birds of Paradise are fragile, and you leave yourself open to some brutal Smallpox es. Mana Leak is also very dodgy with your current manabase. As i said, birds are fragile, and your first Utopia Sprawl should be going towards red. 18 lands is also not many when you're playing 4 and 5-drops. I honestly think taking out 4 droplets, 3 Forest and a Mountain and adding 4 Misty Rainforest (if you can afford them), 2 Scalding Tarn (again), 2 Breeding Pool and a Steam Vents would drastically help your mana and your deck in general.

OakleafRanger on Vraska the Venomous

1 day ago

overall i love this proliferate engine and the idea behind this deck; but it has some rather huge holes. unfortunately, this deck's only redeeming quality is how fast it can bring out the assassins.

the deck has 3 weak points i consider important to fix:

  • it has too few creatures.
    while this deck tries to setup, you are forced to leave yourself wide open until you can get out Glissa, the Traitor . not to mention Core Prowler on its own isn't very good at defending or applying pressure to your opponent.
    a few low cost creatures with deathtouch should help with this.

  • it's too slow
    because you don't have any creatures that you can bring out until turn 3, this means your opponent will have more than enough time to setup on you.
    quite frankly, the deck needs some mana ramping.

  • and finally, this deck needs a better execution.
    by the time you get out Vraska the Unseen , your opponent could easily have enough creatures to block the prowlers and vraska's assassins. (unless you get lucky with drawing that 1x Parallel Lives ...and even then it can be risky.)
    fortunately this is an easy fix, +3-4x Rogue's Passage should do the trick, and can be gained through Grisly Salvage .

You don't have to go with this, but here's what i came up with:

mana ramping engine:
+4x Arbor Elf
+3x Fertile Ground
(this both speeds up the deck and helps alleviate the lack of early game creatures.)

additional defense:
+3x Sluiceway Scorpion
+2x Baleful Eidolon
(the Sluiceway Scorpion s adds an extra way to take advantage of Grisly Salvage , and make Core Prowler a bigger threat; with this thinking i thought Baleful Eidolon might be a good addition, because it also offers some much needed early game defense.)

Cards to cut: (18)
Sorcery: (2)
-2x Recollect

Enchantment: (5)
-4x Lure
-1x Parallel Lives

Instant: (5)
-2x Doom Blade
-3x Go for the Throat

land (6)
-2x Forest
-1x Swamp
-3x Overgrown Tomb

Final Draft: (60)
Sorcery: (4)
4x Treasure find

Enchantment: (3)
3x Fertile Ground

Creature: (19)
4x Core Prowler
4x Glissa, the Traitor
4x Arbor Elf
2x Baleful Eidolon
3x Sluiceway Scorpion
2x Ohran Viper (optional, just seemed like a good fit to improve draw and apply pressure)

Planeswalker: (4)
4x Vraska the Unseen

Instant: (4)
x4 Grisly Salvage

Artifact: (4)
4x Throne of Geth

Land: (22)
4x Rogue's Passage
4x Woodland Cemetery
7x Forest
7x Swamp

aeonstoremyliver on EmblemMan's binder

1 day ago

Hey there! I'm liking your Loxodon Smiter s and the Zendikar full art lands you mentioned. Forest s specifically. Take a look at my binder and let me know what you like.

BLEATH on aeonstoremyliver's binder

2 days ago

Would you do my Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver , Overgrown Tomb and Bloodghast for your Griselbrand ?

Would also be interested in adding Leyline of Sanctity to my side for your Sword of Feast and Famine OR if you can find the extra 10 points of value, your Avacyn, Angel of Hope .

PS I do have a full art zendi Forest <.< >.>

aeonstoremyliver on Uh...I need lands

2 days ago

I don't have those, but I'm looking for Zendikar full art Forest s if you have any... Lol

The Unhinged lands are pretty sweet, man. Have you seen the Guru lands?! Freaking $120 ish apiece! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.05 $0.15 $0.35 $0.74
Color(s) G
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 12.85
Avg. cube pick 12.81


Format Legality
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Heirloom Legal
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal