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Basic Land — Forest

: Add to your mana pool.

Forest Discussion

GlistenerAgent on xzzane

1 day ago

You can certainly make budget replacements, but some cards are absolutely necessary. The landbase is pretty much set in stone (though Misty Rainforests can be replaced with Forests and Islands and Flooded Grove with a Breeding Pool or something). You need four Scapeshift and 8-9 ramp spells.

Cryptic Command can be replaced with Gigadrowse, which is worse but gets the job done reasonably well.

Snapcaster Mage can leave the deck entirely, and you can play Relic of Progenitus or extra Izzet Charm in its spot. The Relic draws a card while also messing with Goyfs, making it perfect for this deck.

Remand can leave for Mana Leak/ Rune Snag if needed, but know that the card draw is incredibly powerful and you will miss it.

If your friend needs any other budget replacements, let me know!

RemzZz on Just Junk!

1 day ago


-1 Forest

+1 Thoughtseize

For more Handdesruption

anewsome on Message Deck

1 day ago

So Im piloting my Junk Reanimator list again your Kor Legions list. After playtesting both decks several times to get the feel for the strategy, I recorded an actual best-of-three match. Here are the results.

A1: I won the roll and keep an opening hand of Temple Garden, Plains, Windswept Heath, Verdant Catacombs, Birds of Paradise, Lingering Souls, and Kitchen Finks. This hand is great. It has plenty of lands, a little ramp/fixing, and early interaction. If I can draw into some late-game finishers like Siege Rhino or Thragtusk I should be sitting pretty. Ill shock in the Temple Garden and play the Birds of Paradise. Pass turn. (A:18 F:20)

F1: F mulligans a slightly sketchy opening hand of Plains, Kitesail Apprentice, Kor Duelist, Bone Saw, Leonin Shikari, Monastery Mentor, and Conqueror's Pledge. Maybe if the Pledge or the Mentor was another land, but this is a little too greedy, I think. The 6 card hand isnt great, but its something. It has a Hallowed Fountain, Flooded Strand, 2x Spidersilk Net, Leonin Shikari, and Steelshaper's Gift. F draws Cavern of Souls, so the opening play is just Hallowed Fountain tapped and pass.

A2: I draw a Godless Shrine, so my Ill just play the Plains and go ahead and get Lingering Souls going. Pass turn.

F2: F draws a Plains, so hell just play that and the Leonin Shikari. Pass turn.

A3: I draw another Lingering Souls, so Ill play the Godless Shrine tapped and swing the my 2 spirits. After dealing 2 damage (A:18 F:18) Ill play the second copy of Souls from my hand. Pass turn.

F3: F draws another Plains, so hell just play the plains and a Spidersilk Net to make his Leonin a 2/4 with Reach. Then hell use Steelshaper's Gift to get an Accorder's Shield so that he can start attacking with vigilance next turn. Pass turn.

A4: I draw Restoration Angel, which is pretty nice, considering my souls plan just got shut down. Ill play the Windswept Heath, then tap all my lands to get the Kitchen Finks on the table. Pass turn. (A:20 F:18)

F4: F draws a Ghost Quarter, so hell just play the Flooded Strand, then play and equip the Accorder's Shield. F swings in with the now 2/7 vigilant, reaching Leonin Shikari and I take 2 (A:18 F:20). Pass turn. In Fs endstep, I crack my Windswept Heath to go get an Overgrown Tomb.

A5: I draw a Path to Exile, which I immediately cast targeting the Leonin. The cat gets exiled, F gets a Plains and I swing with the squad for 7 damage. (A:18 F:11) Second main phase Ill play a Verdant Catacombs and pass the turn.

F5: F draws a Monastery Mentor and plays it immediately. After that comes Ghost Quarter and equipping the Spidersilk Net to make a 2/4 Mentor with Reach. Pass turn. In Fs end step, Ill crack my Verdant Catacombs and go get a Temple Garden. (A:17 F:11)

A6: I draw another Kitchen Finks and swing with the squad. F blocks the Finks and takes 4 damage from the Spirits. (A:19 F:7) Not seeing any sort of board wipe on the horizon, Ill go ahead and flashback one of the Lingering Souls from the yard and make 2 more spirits. Pass turn.

F6: F draws a Puresteel Paladin which looks like too little too late. He plays the Paladin anyway and follows it with the Spidersilk Net still in your hand. He draws another Ghost Quarter from the Paladin trigger and creates a 1/1 Monk. Then he equips the Accorder's Shield to the Mentor and the other Spidersilk Net to the Paladin. F then swings with a 3/8 vigilant Paladin. I flash in my Restoration Angel, bouncing my Kitchen Finks and block with the Angel, the Finks, and both untapped Spirits. F kills the Finks and 1 Spirit token. (A:23 F:7) Pass turn.

A7: I draw another copy of Restoration Angel so Ill just swing with the squad; this game is over. F blocks the Angel and the Finks and, before damage, Ill go ahead and flash in the other Restoration Angel blinking my Kitchen Finks. F concedes.

Well, the agro deck looses when it draws a bunch of lands and un-interesting spells. Lets check the sideboard and hope for a better game 2.

As Sideboard: I didnt see much except some Kor-like stuff and some equipment. I guess spot removal is good, so Ill just bring all of that in. Im guessing there isnt much removal on the other side, so the Unburial Rites can go and the Angel of Serenity seems kind of win-more-ish here; she goes as well. In come 3x Doom Blade and 2x Go for the Throat.

Fs Sideboard: Midrange value-town. Disrupting the opponents game and overrun seem to be the best plan, so out go the Puresight Merrow and the Kor Duelist and in come the Blood Moon and the Conqueror's Pledge.

F1: F is on the play this time, and he keeps an opening hand of 2x Bone Saw, Paradise Mantle, Plains, Ghost Quarter, Steelshaper's Gift, and Monastery Mentor. He plays the Plains, then casts Steelshaper's Gift to get the Mox Opal. Pass turn.

A1: I keep an opening hand of Godless Shrine, 2x Verdant Catacombs, Sylvan Caryatid, 2x Siege Rhino, and Thragtusk. I draw Lingering Souls for my turn and play a Verdant Catacombs. Pass turn.

F2: F draws a Puresteel Paladin and, seeing as he has the capacity to go off with another plains, just plays Ghost Quarter, trying to bide time until next turn. In the end step, Ill crack my Verdant Catacombs to get a Temple Garden. (A:19 F:20)

A2: I draw a Path to Exile so Ill just shock in the Godless Shrine and play the Sylvan Caryatid. Pass turn. (A:17 F:20)

F3: F draws a Cavern of Souls and plays it naming human. Using the Cavern and the Plains, he plays the Puresteel Paladin and proceeds to throw most of his hand on the battlefield. Both copies of Bone Saw, the Mox Opal and the Paradise Mantle hit the field and F draws Retract, Monastery Mentor, Cavern of Souls, and Paradise Mantle. The mantle hits the field and he draws Conqueror's Pledge. Pass turn.

A3: I draw another Godless Shrine. Ill just play the Verdant Catacombs and then cast Lingering Souls. If the worst should happen, I can crack the Catacombs and use my Path to Exile to help clean up the mess. Pass turn.

F4: F draws Flooded Strand and plays it. He then plays one of his Monastery Mentors. F equips the Paradise Mantle to the Paladin and plays Retract. In response, I crack my Catacombs and get a Temple Garden which I use to Path the Mentor. F gets a Plains and passes the turn.

A4: I draw Birds of Paradise and play my Godless Shrine tapped. I then cast a Siege Rhino. Pass turn. In my end step, F will crack the Flooded Strand and get a Hallowed Fountain. (A:17 F:16)

F5: F draws a Flooded Strand and plays it. He then casts the second Monastery Mentor and puts most of his hand on the table. F plays 2x Bone Saw, 2x Paradise Mantle and Mox Opal, drawing Mana Confluence, Hallowed Fountain, Flooded Strand, Conqueror's Pledge, and Armament Master. Pass turn.

A5: I draw an Overgrown Tomb and play it untapped. I then cast Lingering Souls from the yard and another Siege Rhino from my hand. I then swing with the old Rhino. F doesnt block. (A:18 F:9)

F6: F draws a Plains, plays it, and moves the Paradise Mantle around, tapping all his guys for mana, then taps most of his lands, giving him a total of 13 White mana. He uses 11 of it to cast Conqueror's Pledge and 2 of it to cast Armament Master. Once he equips both Bone Saws and both Paradise Mantles to the Master, all of his Kor are 11/11s and I concede.

Wow. Talk about a killer overrun. Lets see how game 3 goes.

A1: Im on the play and I keep a hand of Forest, 2x Godless Shrine, Windswept Heath, Path to Exile, Kitchen Finks, and Thragtusk. Ill play the fetchland and pass the turn.

F1: F Mulligans a no-land hand and keeps a hand of 2x Plains, Ghost Quarter, Mana Confluence, Puresteel Paladin, and Steelshaper's Gift. F draws a Paradise Mantle, plays a Plains and passes the turn. In the end step, Ill crack my fetchland and go get a Temple Garden. (A:19 F:20)

A2: I draw another Windswept Heath which I play, then pass the turn.

F2: F draws a Plains, plays it and casts the Puresteel Paladin. He then plays the Paradise Mantle into a second mantle into Lightning Greaves. Pass turn. In the end step, Ill crack my other fetchland and get another Temple Garden, then Ill use my first land to Path the Paladin. F gets a plains. (A:18 F:20)

A3: I draw Vault of the Archangel, play my Forest and cast Kitchen Finks. Pass turn. (A:20 F:20)

F3: F draws a Leonin Shikari, plays the Ghost Quarter, then casts the Cat and the Lightning Greaves. Pass turn.

A4: I draw a Sylvan Caryatid and Ill play the Vault, then cast the Caryatid. Ill then swing with the Kitchen Finks. No blocks, and pass turn. (A:20 F:17)

F4: F draws Conqueror's Pledge, plays the Mana Confluence and casts the Pledge. Pass turn. (A:20 F:16)

A5: I draw Thoughtseize so Ill shock in a Godless Shrine and cast the Thoughtseize. Seeing Ks hand of Steelshaper's Gift and Cavern of Souls I let out a sigh of relief as Gift hits the yard. Ill swing with Kitchen Finks and F will not block. Second main, Ill cast Thragtusk. (A:21 F:13)

F5: F draws another Conqueror's Pledge and casts it to make a total of 10 Kor soldiers. He swings with the old ones and Thragtusk blocks one. Pass turn. (A:17 F:12)

A6: I draw a Temple Garden, play my Godless Shrine tapped and swing with Kitchen Finks and Thragtusk. K blocks with 2 and 3 tokens in order to kill both attackers. Before damage, I activate Vault of the Archangel and gain 8 life. Pass turn. (A:27 F:12)

F6: F draws Steelshaper's Gift which he casts to get Accorder's Shield. He casts the shield and equips it to the Leonin. Pass turn.

A7: I draw a Restoration Angel and swing with Finks and the Beast Token. F puts the Leonin and 1 token on the Beast, and 1 token on Finks. I activate Vault of the Archangel and gain 5 life while everything trades. Pass turn. (A:32 F:12)

F7: F draws a Monastery Mentor so he plays his Cavern of Souls naming human, casts the Mentor, and equips the shield to it. He then swings with both 1/1 Kors and one of then gets through, the other is blocked by the Caryatid. (A:31 F:12)

A8: I draw and cast a Siege Rhino. I also shock in my Temple Garden. Pass turn. (A:32 F:9)

F8: F draws another Lightning Greaves and plays them. In response, I flash in Restoration Angel and blink Siege Rhino F Concedes.

Final Thoughts: Vault of the Archangel is amazing at winning long, attrition matches, and this Kor deck simply isnt built to go that long. It was a classic Mid-Range vs. Agro matchup where once the bigger creatures started rolling, it was very difficult for the Kor deck to come back.

I'm finally done. Let me know what you think and if there are any obvious misplays on my part, or grammer/spelling mistakes of which I should be aware.

rorrostark on Oh My! The Colossi!! (1st @ FNM)

2 days ago

so tomorrow i gonna use this deck only with this modification -2 Sylvan Caryatid -1 Forest and add 3 Kiora's Follower , already have the Shamanic Revelation i hope can i get some Monastery Siege also for sideboard i put Kiora, the Crashing Wave and Setessan Tactics ah and i have only 3 Courser of Kruphix so put in there Yasova Dragonclaw

also i really want to try Whisperwood Elemental but is hard to get in local store

and i think maybe Temur Sabertooth could be used in standard , combo with Hornet Queen and any monster with mounstrosity used

hyperlocke on Help me turn this into ...

4 days ago

Omnath, the Toolbox Enabler Playtest

Commander / EDH hyperlocke


My LGS is going to start Duel Commander FNMs. My Omnath, Locus of Mana deck fares pretty well in the multiplayer format, so I would like to transform it into a Duel Commander for FNM. I don't know much about the format, however, so I need your help.

Cards that I want in

Cards that have to go

This is where you come in

  • I need to cut 2 cards as it stands.
  • Hopefully, you can suggest more cards to turn this deck into Duel Commander.
  • If so, see point 1.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

hermesmtz95 on I'll need a miracle to win this

4 days ago

Don't run Forest run more fetchlands.You need to add 3-4 Spell Pierce, 4 Daze, and 2 Spell Snare.

If you don't it will be gg everytime.

Add in 2-4 Ghost Quarter and two less lands.

I don't think Noxious Revival is needed in this deck. If you feel like it is then only run 2.

muppetpastor on Gruul Aggro [8-0 FNM Winner]

5 days ago

You could consider doing -1 Rugged Highlands, -1 Forest, and -1 Mountain and do +3 Mana Confluence

bellator_sine_metu on Earthquake

5 days ago

Farseek seems almost useless in my mind. I can go get one mountain and put it in tapped vs something like Kodama's Reach which will allow me to do the same thing with the addition of putting a land in my hand (land in the hand is the most useful for this deck, not on board.) Without land in my hand the main strategy of discarding and dealing direct damage with Seismic Assault is useless. I mean I could still blow up my own lands and make tokens, but that is no where near as fast as the Seismic Assault + Life from the Loam combo. I think you are trying to play the wrong strategy here elpokitolama, the creatures are just backup in case someone uses a Merciless Eviction (or similar card) and gets rid of all my seismic assaults for good. I can hold my own with three Mountains and one Forest, especially when I get a Rites of Flourishing to get those extra land drops in case I need them.

If I get 3 Mountains,1 Forest, a Seismic Assault, a Life from the Loam, and either a Seek the Horizon or Rites of Flourishing in my opening hand I will go into any game fearing nothing.

Color(s) Green
Converted cost 0
Avg. cube pick 12.57


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Unformat Legal
Unknown Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Vanguard Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Noble Legal
Casual Legal
Hero Legal
Quest Magic RPG Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal


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