Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Limited Legal
Heirloom Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Casual Legal

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Basic Land — Forest

: Gain .

Price & Acquistion

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Forest Discussion

MarcelGilneas on Mister Mammoth

12 hours ago

I am said friend that requested that this be posted. So my personal commentary for this deck:

1) Remove Revitalize - At one point I was also quite fond of cards that gain life, but they don't really help you win so much as they help you not lose. Even if this one draws a card too, it also is a card you need to spend so all it does is replace itself.

2) Remove Oakenform, Knight's Pledge - I tend to avoid Auras that buff creatures quite a lot unless there's certain circumstances. It's entirely too easy for your creature to die and for you to lose an extra card this way. The buff is tempting but it's too big of a draw back in my eyes. Squire's Devotion is a special case since it comes in with an extra creature.

3) Remove 1 each of Forest and Plains - This just looks like too much land, especially with the recommendations I'll be giving later on. You probably want to put yourself at 26 lands tops.

4) Move Plummet to your Sideboard - You already have a not insignificant amount of anti-air options. If the deck is strictly flying creatures, that's when you move in Plummet. From your maybeboard, Naturalize or a different version Forsake the Worldly should also be sideboard material.

5) Inspired Charge - I'm not particularly fond of this card; you seem more interested in going tall than wide in this deck. But try it for now and see how well it works. It makes sense with your Mammoth, so I wouldn't outright cut it yet.

6) Llanowar Elves and Druid of the Cowl - The elves you have in here so far are good. You will definitely want more of these guys to make sure you can cast your big goofs as soon as possible.

7) Rabid Bite, Take Vengeance, Gideon's Reproach, Divine Verdict - these cards are going to be your removal suite. They should all be main deck for right now, until you can find better options. Rabid Bite will always be prime for you, though.

This is not a bad start for a deck that is a modified Welcome Deck. You'll definitely want some consistency so you'll want more of your best cards and less of your not quite as good cards. As always, practice makes perfect for deck building.

Metachemist on General Tazri's Allied Forces of Awesomeness

2 days ago

So let's talk budget, relatively speaking, land base upgrades. For starters all of the Battlebond lands almost always enter into play untapped Spire Garden Sea of Clouds Morphic Pool Luxury Suite and Bountiful Promenade and by rough estimate you can get all of them for about $35-40. These could easily replace the respective Scry Temples of the same colors so that you don't get in the way of your mana distribution.

Rootbound Crag and the similar style lands are quite good, except you aren't running any basic lands in this deck and therefore this will always enter into play tapped unless you happen to have your Canopy Vista in hand.

On that note, I would consider swapping out some of the enter into play tapped lands for a couple of Forest and running one of each basic land. This would allow you to push in a Cultivate or Kodama's Reach to allow you to ramp into the colors you need for what you have in hand at the time. This would have the added bonus of your Zendikar lands having a chance to enter into play untapped.

For the tri-color lands, I would consider running a full set of all the Lairs and removing the tri color lands that strictly enter play tapped. They are good in three color decks for early color fixing but in 4-5 color decks they just seem to slow you down. The lairs at least let you tap the land you bounce back first to get the mana in your mana pool so you can have a chance to play out something.

And finally, promise we are almost done!, if you can get more of the various lands that are "dual" types ex Plains Forest etc, those can be fetched out by Karametra, God of Harvests if they have Plains or Forest as one of those types. Sword of the Animist also allows you to go fetch basic lands out of your deck for swinging with a creature, which is something you're gonna want to do with this deck anyway.

Phew!! Sorry for the lengthy commentary, hope this helps or gives you some ideas of things you can do to improve you land base with spending thousands of dollars on true duals. :)

xyr0s on Removal help.

3 days ago

Mostly, the land you give your opponent in return for their creature with Path to Exile is a real bad trade for them (I'll just make your Primeval Titan disappear - but with this nice, new, shiny Forest, you'll barely feel the loss, right?). The only real exception is against the very fastest aggro decks in the first or second turn of the game.

MindAblaze on “I don’t like playing with ...

4 days ago

So...that happened...

Last night I was involved in two multiplayer games of magic against the same two guys. The first game player A; with his version of Temur Energy sits down to an aggressive start with an intended combo-y finish. The second, player B, a mish-mash blue/black aetherborn/servo tokens energy deck. I’m playing an Emeria Angel + Knight of the Reliquary deck that uses Zealous Persecution as my main difference maker, and lots of 1/1 tokens (on a side note; great place for the new Serra Angel generator, Lingering Angels? Raise the Angels? Wut?)

So that game goes fairly smoothly, B runs short on mana and only draws his fourth when I’ve got 10 birds and two angels. Player A has a fair army, but isn’t keeping up with the landfall shenanigans and I eventually draw into Vault of the Archangel and put the game out of reach of their fair, recently standard but very casual decks. I concede my deck was much stronger than theirs, but they left that game not feeling too bad and somewhat impressed with the synergy (ie; drop a land, make a bird, Mentor of the Meek trigger, draw a card, gain a life off Suture Priest.)

Now comes the second game. A little background first;

I joined this group roughly a year ago. At the time their existing group was evolving. The core of the group is made up of a bunch of guys late thirties - early forties who have either come back to the game or are new to it. Player A is a returning player. When I came to town, their were three guys exiting moving south to “try to go pro,” younger guys, early twenties-ish. Im told later that Player A was so excited and that he was boasting about how he was going to be the best player in the group now...So I show up to the first day I’m invited and it’s an Ixalan draft. It goes ok in a large group and I finish top 4 with a hodgepodge of creature types. Notably player A finished ahead of me. So at the end of the night one of the guys that’s going to be leaving and I start up a conversation about some deck types we’re interested in based on the new cards, and card names start to fly. You know the conversations, where any uninitiated onlooker goes “wtf are these guys talking about?!?” Anyway, Player A gets a bit concerned he may not be the guy to beat moving forward.

Fast forward to game two; I sit down with deck-large;the-mad-king-of-tristram (which I acknowledge might be a bit anti-social for the environment, but it’s my favourite deck and I’ve only played it twice, maybe three times, in the last year including last night.) A is playing the pre-con cats basically right out of the box into sleeves, and B is playing a tweaked Edgar Markov (but not so tweaked as to be any more threatening than it is out of the box.) They’re probably a bit outmatched here. The first few turns nothing happens of relevance, since I kept a hand with no rocks just an Ancient Tomb. Turn three I play Font of Mythos planning to curve into Archfiend of Ifnir on turn four. So A plays Qasali Pridemage and lets everybody draw the two extra cards until his next turn comes around, in which he doesn’t swing with his cat but he does sacrifice it to blow up the Font so B and I don’t get the two cards. Well, after that the Archfiend does a fairly reasonable job suppressing the board state and the two non-blue decks don’t find anything to kill it or Nekusar until eventually I Lim-Dul's Vault for Megrim, kill his Leonin Relic-Warder that had stolen my Memory Jar and crack it. A dies and B is left with three life, he Merciless Evictions my creatures away and I top deck Wheel of Fortune for the win.

Well, as soon as A dies he packs up his deck, throws his stuff in his bag and says “I don’t like playing with you.” I start to say I understand how that’s not fun for him and how I rarely play this deck, and he stands up, leaves his beer on the table and goes. B and I finish the last turn, chat for a bit and leave.

So am I in the wrong for playing a deck too powerful for my environment? feedback from other group members goes something like “your decks are so interesting and we get better by seeing how you play your turns and you don’t gloat when you win or sulk when the whole table turns on you.”

On the other hand, this guy who is 40+, throws salt and shade every time someone blows up a permanent or even throws an opportune attack in his direction. I do consider him the only other player who is a threat though, and have been known to do things like blow up his only Forest (and green source) that he just put a Fertile Ground on...I view it as a learning experience but I also see how some people could consider me an a**hole...

What do you guys think?

Mirabilis on G/W Cats/LL

5 days ago

I see, ericlplante

you may want to replace Evolving Wilds with just a Plains or Forest as you do not have landfall triggers. and in the late game, it is sort of a tapped land.

I will suggest to drop the following (for now):

Cradle of Vitality - not enough life gain cards / triggers to maximize the effect. another anthem or mana ramp can replace here

Primitive Etchings - not enough creatures (32+) to have a more consistent trigger. Soul of the Harvest, Colossal Majesty or even Harmonize can be great here

Doubling Season - great card for tokens but I am not sure if PWs are also affected, when they come into play and when you +1 them.

Overall, playing will help you decide which direction you want to go into.

happy gaming


RowdyMagic18 on RW Angels (Post Guilds of Ravnica Rotation)

1 week ago

KraKra21 thanks for your comment! I agree with the idea of running Response // Resurgence over Seal Away, only issue is that fuse isn’t a thing anymore. So it would either be one or the other. Other then that I like the idea and I’ll highly consider it! Unfortunately due to the deckbuilder not yet recognizing Response // Resurgence, that’s the reason for the 2 Forests. I probably should change it to something else to avoid confusion.

JohnnyBoyG on First modern deck need help

1 week ago

In general, you want:

7-8 fetches

4 shocks

4-5 fasts

3-4 basics

3-5 creatures

0-1 filters

Right now you're heavy on basics and light on creaturelands and shocks. Also, you should have at least one basic Forest to fetch and perhaps a Mountain as well.

6 4-drops is on the greedy side, especially given that you're only playing 23 lands and have 4 Dark Confidants. Most jund lists limit themselves to the 4 Bloodbraid Elfs. And if I recall correctly, they only played 2 or 3 4-drops before it was unbanned. That being said, if you want to play additional 4-drops, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip is probably the better option. But if you do, you also should play 25 lands. Otherwise, you can replace them with a few copies of Inquisition of Kozilek.

TheKing8426 on Merfolk Standard Midrange

1 week ago

Hey! Awesome deck! I have some suggestions, but feel free to do your own thing. A little about me: I'm a low level points grinder, so the changes that I make are for the sake of winning the game, as opposed to just playing to have fun. Okay, let's begin with what I'll take out and why, then, later, what I would bring in and why.

1 Deeproot Elite, 1 River Sneak , 2 Deeproot Waters : I'd take these out to make room for other cards. I don't feel like you need as many of these as you're running.

2 Tempest Caller & 2 Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca: I don't like Tempest Caller at all. Unless your meta is super creature heavy, this card feels dead more often than not. Besides, you play a ton of creatures still, so you can just go wide and kill that way. As for Kumena, you don't wanna play too many of a legend. You can make the argument to go up to 3 for a little bit more consistency, but I think 2 is the sweet spot here; you don't need her to win outright, the rest of your deck can take care of itself.

4 Hashep Oasis, 4 Unsummon, & Blossoming Defense: These cards are rotating out of standard in a month, so it's best to prepare for that now.

Field of Ruin, Kopala, Warden of Waves, & Seafloor Oracle: If you're not playing at least 2 in the mainboard, I'm not sure Field of Ruin is worth it, and it's definitely not worth running postboard. Seafloor Oracle is just a "win-more" card out of the board, in that if you're playing it successfully in game 2, you're already winning the game. I'd take it out for a relevant early game spell. Lastly, I'm taking Kopala out of the board to play 2 in the main. That card is crazy good.

Now to bring in: Let's start with the 4 Forests you need to replace the Oasis.

2 Jade Bearer & 1 Kumena's Speaker: Early game interaction makes these cards a must-have-playset in the main.

2 Negate, 2 Essence Scatter, 1 Spell Pierce, 1 Expel from Orazca, & 1 Hadana's Climb: These are your tempo swing cards. Counters to stop your opponent's relevant removal/game ending spells, a removal spell incase anything slips thru the cracks, and a game-ending enchantment in the Climb. All of these mainboard replacements look to swing the match in your favour when you cast any of them.

1 Naturalize, 2 Expel from Orazca, & 1 Hadana's Climb: A second Naturalize produces more consistence, and the same story goes with a second Hadana's Climb. I'm not sure what your budget it, but if you're able to, I'd put a Nezahal, Primal Tide and Vivien Reid in place of those two. But from what you currently have, Naturalize + The Climb seem great. Lastly, a pair of Expel in the side for more removal postboard.

Okay, I think that's 75. At least I hope. Hopefully you find your flow. The deck looks sweet, and I think that Merfolk post-rotation will be a force to be reckoned with. Excited to see what you do with it. +1

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