Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper Legal

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Basic Land — Forest

mana symbol t: Add mana symbol g to your mana pool.

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Forest Discussion

Deruvid on elves and friends (T2 Progenitus/T3 Emrakul)

1 day ago

I was going to suggest replacing Lys Alana Huntmaster with Deathrite Shaman but then I noticed you're not running Wirewood Symbiote or Quirion Ranger to untap it. Plus all the land support DRS needs I'm not sure it would really be of great benefit to your deck.

One thing that I think you could benefit from is chopping maybe 2 or 3 Forests for Cavern of Souls to power through Chalice of the Void and Counterbalance.

Adrekan on Does delirium have a chance ...

4 days ago

Delirium's a thing for sure; I persoanlly prefer 2 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet in this list than the 3rd and 4th Mindwrack demon. Eldritch Evolution means you can sacrifice a token for another Sylvan Advocate or Grim Flayer or sac the Elvish Visionary for a Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet or Mindwrack Demon.,

Enchantments 6Instants 5Artifacts 4Creatures Sorcery 5Planeswalker 4

The deck cycling this can do is unreal.

4 Oath of Nissa

4 Terrarion

4 Elvish Visionary

4 Sylvan Advocate

4 Grim Flayer

2 Ultimate Price

3 To the Slaughter

3 Read the Bones

2 Eldritch Evolution

2 Liliana, the Last Hope

2 Nissa, Voice of Zendikar

2 Autumnal Gloom  Flip

2 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet

2 Mindwrack Demon


4 Hissing Quagmire

4 Llanowar Wastes

4 Evolving Wilds

1 Westvale Abbey  Flip

5 Forest

2 Swamp

Smileycorp on Promised End comes turn 5

5 days ago

Bama_Beast back when shadows released I was experimenting with Cryptolith Rite, this is from the description of a deck I made back then:
For Getting 10 mana on turn 4:
1. Forest, 1 drop.
2. Play land, Cryptolith Rite, Tap 1 drop for another 1 drop.
3. Play land, Call the Scions.
4. Play land, Tap 4 land and 4 creatures, sacking the scions for 2 mana, play Ulamog.

On turn 3, you can tap your 2 untapped creatures and sacrifice a scion for 2 more scions, from another call the scions, giving you 12, I originally worked out a way to do it completely to 14 mana but I forgot how to get the whole 14. I think it involved having the 2 1 drops as blisterpod, which died. Not reliable in the slightest.

Gidgetimer on Noob Mana Pool Question

5 days ago

I think this may be stemming from a misunderstanding on the difference between mana and lands. Elvish Mystic doesn't add a Forest it adds a green mana. Lands are permanents that (usually) add mana to your mana pool. If you look at the old basic lands (before they took the ability text off for aesthetics) you will see that Forest has the ability text ": Add to your mana pool." all basics still have the ability to add the corresponding color of mana even though it is no longer printed on them.

Player3.14 on Junding My $$ Away

5 days ago

Yes, Blood Moon is a difficulty for Jund, but they do have outs. The easiest way to get rid of it is a simple discard spell - even a Duress out of the sideboard is enough to get rid of it.

If you suspect Blood Moon is coming, fetch a Forest and a Swamp for Abrupt Decay or Maelstrom Pulse. If possible, leave a green and black mana open if you can't get your basics. In response to the Blood Moon, you can float that mana in your pool, and cast Decay after it resolves.

They key to beating Blood Moon is to identify what decks have it and play around it. As you can see, there are ways to combat Blood Moon, but only if you know it's coming. Sometimes you can get lucky of a discard spell, but other times Blood Moon is a top deck and you have to be ready.

Nahiri is also really tough for Jund. I actually play Jeskai Nahiri, and I find her to be one of the best cards in the matchup. She provides a quick clock and if you're not far ahead on the board, she'll ultimate quickly and you'll be facing down a 15/15 creature with Annihilator 6. In addition, the card advantage she provides can quickly pull the Nahiri player ahead in the game, even if you keep her off a fast ultimate.

For another Maelstrom Pulse or Dreadbore, maybe cut a Grim Lavamancer? You're already favored against Infect with the tons of cheap interaction you have, and Kalitas has your back against Abzan Company. I guess he is good against Affinity... do you have a lot of that in you're local metagame? He's really good in certain matchups but dead in others. He's a really good sideboard card, but you're sideboard already looks strong.

Triton on The Best Duo in MtG - Mina and Denn

5 days ago

Here's some ideas I have for cuts:



Any thoughts on these edits? I feel that the cards being cut are mediocre compared to the new ones, but would like opinions. Thanks!

MrHighscore on Dehydrated Hydras

5 days ago

Thank you for the suggestions :)


  • Karametra's Acolyte: While it can make a lot of mana, it is also slow (has to wait a turn) and is very vulnerable beeing a creature and all. It is also which is a lot. I think I'll pass for now.


  • Thanks man. I like both of the images so I think I'll let my wallet decide what I end up with! :)


  • I don't expect to have any surplus of mana, so I'm not sure Omnath, Locus of Mana will do enough in the deck. Also, he is not a Hydra ;)



  • You are right. I'll swap. Thank you.



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