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Basic Land — Forest

{T}: Add {G} to your mana pool.

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Forest Discussion

NobodyPicksBulbasaur on Fetchlands vs Mana Conlfuence price ...

1 day ago

Fetches in Standard aren't exactly dual lands. They'll get you a basic you need, but that's not always good enough.

For example, an opening hand of Forest , Plains , Windswept Heath still can't cast Precinct Captain on turn 2 AND Courser of Kruphix on turn 3. If the Heath were a "real" W/G dual, this wouldn't be the case.

Skulldrey on Selling Modern Decks

2 days ago

If anyone is interested in any of these three decks, I'll be happy to put full decklists up. All three are Modern and I am not looking to part them out. I am only selling them because I've come to the realization that there isn't any sense in owning seven modern decks, so I'm trying to cut down a little bit to four.

First off, I have a Mono White Enchantment Control deck. It's almost an exact clone of Travis Woo's, except I added an Entreat the Angels , taking out a Rest in Peace .

Second, I have a Mono Green Genesis Wave deck. It's pretty standard except I protect the combo with Boseiju, Who Whelters All instead of another Forest .

Lastly, I am looking to sell my Mono Red Shared Animosity Goblins deck. There is a very similar deck here on Tappedout called "How to do 257 damage on turn 3" or something like that.

I am looking for Scalding Tarn s and some UWR Modern staples. Definitely open to those who want to trade as well. My binder is essentially acting as a separate entity in this discussion because I do not want to part out the cards for the three aforementioned decks.

Thanks for reading!