Cut / Ribbons


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Cut / Ribbons



Cut deals 4 damage to target creature.


Aftermath (Cast this spell only from your graveyard. Then exile it.)

Each opponent loses X life.

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Cut / Ribbons Discussion

Jaytotheareokay on Azor’s Gate and Imminent Doom

22 hours ago

Just a heads up, the cmc on aftermath cards is both added together. E.g. Cut / Ribbons has a cmc of 4. Also x casting costs are always 0 for cmc. I like the idea though.

Natalbee on Azor’s Gate and Imminent Doom

3 days ago

In my opinion, Imminent Doom works the best when you can tailor the spell you're casting to match the number of counters on it. A card like Cut / Ribbons would be perfect, because Cut counts as 2CMC, Ribbons counts as (2+X)CMC, and for Azor's Gateway it's a 4CMC card - while simultaneously being creature removal and a finisher in the likes of Torment of Hailfire.

Also, Azor's Gateway won't do anything for you if you're at low life. Authority of the Consuls and Sunscourge Champion can help a bit against more aggressive decks, while Noxious Gearhulk can take out the bigger creatures.

Some more jankier options:
- Tetzimoc, Primal Death can mark your opponent's creatures until you're ready to exile him with Azor's Gateway or cast him for that Imminent Doom trigger.
- Grind / Dust is interesting.
- Never / Return is always good, but may be more of a sideboard card.
- Baffling End doesn't synergize, but it does remove the creature permanently which is pretty neat.

Aric_Haldan on You get to choose!!! (but in my favor!!!)

4 days ago

Hey there, why did you make it mono-black ? This deck seems quite controlling and control decks can easily afford 3 colors mana-base-wise. e.g. Cut / Ribbons is a card I've found to be synergystic with torment of hailfire as it's main side can delay the opponent on t2 and it's flip side can help you do the last damage after a full-blown torment of hailfire.

Aric_Haldan on You get to choose!!! (but in my favor!!!)

4 days ago

why did you choose to go mono-black ? This deck seems quite controlling and control decks can often easily go 3 color, so why limit your options ? For example I've often found Cut / Ribbons to be synergistic with torment as it often allows you to kill them on the next turn.

w33m4n on Treasure Production Control

5 days ago

Was normally main deck. Testing for Cut / Ribbons at the moment (mostly for Ribbons with Storm the Vault) but Bontu's Last Reckoning will likely end up back in because yeah... board wipe for 3

w33m4n on Treasure Production Control

5 days ago

I'm going the as is route. No need to worry about attackers. Not what the deck is suppose to do. That'll matter more in my other deck

The Locust Swarm

Standard w33m4n


which is all flyers and will be getting revised as well for new flyers and etc.

And getting the colors I need so far in testing doesn't seem to really be an issue to feed Torment of Hailfire or even Ribbons side of Cut / Ribbons as a finisher as well from Storm the Vault payout or even just mana with treasures.

Acute19 on Rakdos Pirate Aggro

6 days ago

Agreed on Ruin Raider. That's a must-add for this deck because it'll have trouble finishing games so you need some card advantage to get you past the end-line. I would also recommend 3x Claim / Fame and 1x Cut / Ribbons.

Hyperalgialysis on jank bugs

1 week ago

Now let's make a sideboard. Keeping budget a priority run 3 Fiery Cannonade to deal with tokens, 3 Duress against control, 2 By Force for artifact heavy decks and God-Pharoah's Gift as well as 2 Sentinel Totem or Crook of Condemnation to deal with the gift and things running The Scarab God. 2 Hour of Glory is really good for any of the gods, or Final Reward if you cant get any of the hours. Then 3 Never / Return will help against planeswalkers. You may need to toy with quantities of these depending on your meta, but this would work well enough for mine and should be a decent start for you. A couple other potentially good options would be things like Doomfall Cut / Ribbons ((this should probably be in instead of Kari Zev's Expertise since it actually removes the creature and gives you some value later), Lay Bare the Heart, Lost Legacy, Dispossess and Magma Spray.

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