Chord of Calling


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Chord of Calling


Convoke (Each creature you tap while playing this spell reduces its cost by or by one mana of that creature's color.)

Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost X or less and put it into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Chord of Calling Discussion

filthyc4sual on Elven Damage

30 minutes ago

My main problem with this deck is the Nissa Revane and, more to the point Nissa's Chosen. I can kind of see why you would play Nissa herself, as she completely destroys certain decks COUGH BURN COUGH if they don't immediately kill her, but her chosen is just... not a good card, and to be honest, she's too slow for modern. Also, the Priest of Titania in the maybeboard isn't modern legal. ;)

My first addition would be Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. I cannot sing the praises of this card enough. It lets you play out your entire hand, it lets you activate Ezuri, Renegade Leader multiple times, and it's just generally insane. Also, fifteen lands is not enough. I wouldn't recommend any less than 17, and thats if you play the full 8 1-mana dorks.

Other than that, I would have to know whether you want to go for a more combo (Heritage Druid) route, or stick with aggro.

One thing I would recommend is that you add a small toolbox, with Reclamation Sage, Spellskite, and either Essence Warden or Scavenging Ooze for your Chord of Calling.

The deck looks fun to play!

PickleNutz on Cloudy with a Chance of Elfball

1 hour ago

There's several concerns I have with this deck. The first, it is really slow for an Elf deck in modern. You have dedicated a good amount of focus on mana dorks (guys who tap to add mana), but don't appear to have a solid win condition. Even Summoner's Pact is a slow card. So, I'll explain why everything is slow. Your mana dorks add mana, but you only have one large creature to really use that mana on. So, you'll likely be able to play a hand full of mana dorks while your opponent is really developing a game winning strategy. Summoner's Pact is pretty slow too because it's costing you four mana the next turn, which either taps out your dorks or taps out your mana. Since you are running 17 mana, you may not even have 4 or 5 mana free until mid game, a bit later than you really want. So, I would suggest changing your focus and creating a very fast paced deck, if you're wanting this to be competitive. Second, running more than 2 Ezuris in the deck is pointless in my opinion, you have plenty of tutors and it's legendary, so you can't play more than one at a time anyways. I would drop one of them.

Summary - drop the mana dorks, you don't really need them with elves. Go up to 19 mana, drop 4 Summoner's Pact for 2 Chord of Calling. Then add in 4 Vines of Vastwood. Add in cards that will help flood your battlefield, like Imperious Perfect, Joraga Warcaller, Metallic Mimic, Fauna Shaman, and Immaculate Magistrate.

DarkEclipse18 on It's Not Easy Being Green

21 hours ago

ok so some suggestions:

~Blighted Woodland and Myriad Landscape: Cheap 'fetchlands' to get out your Forests and thin out the deck.

~Garruk Wildspeaker is a little better then Primal Hunter in my opinion, your free to keep him but i suggest adding Wildspeaker.

Chord of Calling: A good Green mana sink

Craterhoof Behemoth: A game ender...though you need:

Mana Dorks: Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury makes 1 each turn plus some utility and card draw, but basic dorks are also great Arbor Elf, Fyndhorn Elves,Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves

WiltLeafElves on filthyc4sual

2 days ago

Thanks for taking the time to ask questions! I'll get to your decklists within the next 12 hours, as I'm busy at this minute.

I put my answers in a spoiler block so they won't take up too much space on your profile ;)

My responses Show

One thing- Pact is good, but you might want to use some Chord of Calling, because the target goes straight onto the battlefield. If you play against any control, its much easier protecting a single spell from chord of calling. It's much harder trying to protect both pact and your creature.

Kinshali on kruphix list

3 days ago

If you want a Sheltered Aerie effect, run either Utopia Sprawl or Fertile Ground. None of your top end is green, so Genesis Wave may be better that Chord of Calling. Other top end ideas include Lorthos, the Tidemaker and Avenger of Zendikar, as neither are too expensive.


4 days ago

@Atroxreaper. Your deck will be ignored because, well, you're selfish


Hope that helps for starters! :)

My deck: EDH Aggro Cats (Focused on his Eminence ability of +3/+3). Still looking for unique card interactions worth adding. Consistency is my priority in the deck.

Internet Gods

Commander / EDH* Dreno33


ModernStormPlayer996 on Budget-ish Modern Elves

4 days ago

Shane True, I'll give it a try and see how it plays.

filthyc4sual Getting around Grafdigger's Cage is significant since it is a card used very often in sideboards and having both Collected Company and Chord of Calling neutralized by Grafdigger's Cage would be pretty rough. Lead the Stampede has Summoner's Pact beat though I think. The sheer explosiveness and devastating card advantage it gives you is killer against many decks. Opponents sometimes audibly groan when I play it, not even Collected Company solicits a reaction like that.

ModernStormPlayer996 on Budget-ish Modern Elves

4 days ago

N4kk1 I agree that the Devoted Druid+Vizier of Remedies does have a lot of potential, especially if I made the deck into an Elf deck with 4 Collected Company and 4 Chord of Calling main-deck and no Lead the Stampede at all, I'll have to try it out.

Is infect really a dead archetype? I don't really go to FNM's and Modern Tournaments that much so I wouldn't know but Infect just seems like a tier-1 deck to me.

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