Beacon of Tomorrows


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Mind vs Might (DDS) Rare
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Rare

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Beacon of Tomorrows


Target player takes an extra turn after this one. Shuffle Beacon of Tomorrows into its owner's library.

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Beacon of Tomorrows Discussion

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All 2-Card Infinite Combos

3 weeks ago

x12721, great idea! I just finished editing the description to do just that :) Thanks!

Flooremoji, the explanation of JustAn0ther is perfect for the Doubling Season combo. The gaining life combo was supposed to be with Bringer of the Black Dawn, but I mistakenly put Beacon of Tomorrows in its place (you can find that combo in the 1-card combos section). I was thinking that maybe there was something that could combo with Walk the Aeons the way you were saying, but the closest thing I could find was Sacred Ground which doesn't work unfortunately.

griffstick... You're welcome/sorry. ;D

Flooremoji on MagicalHacker - List of All 2-Card Infinite Combos

3 weeks ago

and how does gaining life make Beacon of Tomorrows infinite?

melwil on Mizzix ComboStorm *PRIMER*

3 weeks ago

Enter the Infinite is too good to pass up. Add in Beacon of Tomorrows for infinite turns, and you have two combos with EtI. Otherwise it still nets you the whole deck on your hand, and you should be able to go off with nearly anything else as well, since you get all the resets, rituals and reiterate.

The true power of Reset is that it can be fetched with Firemind's Foresight. FF should win the game for you if you draw it, so give it more combos to fetch.Gut Shot + Pyretic Ritual/Desperate Ritual + Reiterate = infinite mana + infinite damageBrainstorm/Preordain/Ponder/Serum Visions/Gitaxian Probe + Reset + Reiterate = infinite mana and infinite draw

Any reason you aren't running Spell Burst? Probably one of the most OP counterspells for this deck.. Counter any spell for 1 blue, with buyback, and it always grows your experience.

I'm running Aetherflux Reservoir as well in my deck, and having a lot of fun with it. It seems so innocent, but once I start using it, it's too late to handle.Also looking into Paradox Engine. Should be fairly good with a lot of mana stones.

GS10 on Narset, turn after turn after turn

1 month ago

In my experience Mirari is underwhelming. Of course it's amazing in what it does, but if you happen to draw it you are never going to play it, and if you do, you're probably in bad shape.

It's the most high variance card in my deck, and I believe most Narset decks. I'm also running Geistblast for it's copy ability, it's much more usable in 90% of the times, and if you're copying just one extra turn spell, that usually does the trick.

Regarding other cards in the deck: the only creatures I run are Generator Servant and Aurelia, the Warleader. Servant is great to get Narset swinging asap, which is at least as important as ramping into Narset early, and Aurelia is extra combat phases, so hard to pass on.

While Taigam seems powerful, I think it might just be a win more card, if you get to draw it and not reveal it to Narset's ability. I used to run Cast Through Time and ended up cutting it because it was just splashy. (Besides, if you reveal your whole deck to Narset) cards end up exiled and you deck yourself. I run Beacon of Tomorrows and Learn from the Past to avoid that scenario, and rebound kind of crushes it.

Ramp is of the upmost importance, so you should run more mana rocks, like Fellwar Stone, Coldsteel Heart, maybe even Worn Powerstone, all in addition to Generator Servant. You absolutely need critical mass of ramp spells, so that you can regularly cast Narset at the right pace.

Personally, the only counterspell I used to run was Insidious Will because it doesn't brick when revealed to Narset, you can always copy one of your spells, but if you're willing to risk that, Disallow seems like one of the better options.

And finally, having been over the whole cards you want to draw and cards you want to reveal, I feel like Narset benefits much more from card advantage through selection, rather than mass draw. Cards like Brainstorm, Ponder, Preordain and Top, over something like Recurring Insight.

If you want to check out my list, I leave the link below, but keep in mind it's been stale for a few sets since the deck was already too powerful for the general level of my usual playgroup.

Narset, the Glass Cannon

Commander / EDH GS10


AllhydeNoJekyll on Jhoira, Master of Suspense

1 month ago

I'm not entirely sure what theme you are going for, but I think some of your categoriesneed to be more focused towards a set of win-cons, and about half of each be able to functionwithout Jhoira explicitly.

  • I'm fairly certain Matt had said that the Chance Encounter with Frenetic Efreet doesn't work, but I'm not sure about that. Even if that's not the case, why this particular combo? I feel as if there are stronger ones to go in Jhoira

  • Usually people use Firemind's Foresight to search up specific win conditions, or powerful X cost cards. I'm not seeing a whole lot for you to search for in this matter.

  • On that note, I think you should be really careful about your optimism with suspending things with your commander. Average Case Scenario you will play her with five mana up, suspend one thing in response to someone immediately trying to kill her, or she won't hit at all due to counterspells. A lot of your spells take for granted the fact that she will always be on the field like an enchantment you start with (see your draw category). Our meta usually consists of heavy boardWipes and consistent counterspells you can thank your boyfriend and Luke for that.

|Cards that must be cut|These are cards that are bad enough they shouldn't be in the deck at all or they have an equivalent card that is also on theme. - For example, there are a wide array of counterspells that are infinitely better/cheaper than Cancel, but Delay is one mana less and lets you control the board in your favor while being incredibly on theme (Delay a Board Wipe and remove the suspend counters, or add more as you need, etc other uses). In any case there are a wide variety of cards that should replace Cancel. Eg., 'strictly better Dissolve, Dissipate, Disallow, Izzet Charm etc.

- Thirst- Izzet Cluestone- Reduce to Dreams- Divination- Nevinyrral's Disk    - I've sort of brought my grade for this card down a little bit in recent times, the fact      that it can't save you on a draw really hurts the card and the purpose of boardWipes.       Still a great card, but not as powerful in decks that aren't focused on recurring       artifacts.
  • You have Mana Geyser listed under Ramp, when really this effect is called a 'Ritual', named for the card Dark Ritual. Besides semantics, it's a great card, but shouldn't be considered when determining how much Ramp you have in the deck. Without it, 8-9 should be more than enough anyways. As a side note, consider Reiterate, it can go infinite with Mana Geyser.

  • You have several components to Mill Combos, which is a set of great of powerful effects, but to devote to the strategy itself of mill would require a subset of 15-30 cards in that nature. Unless that is your desire, it would be best to remove non-combo pieces such as Fraying Sanity.

  • Sphinx of the Final Word is not a counterspell, but is under the category of 'counters'.

|Cards I do not understand the purpose of, but are neat|- Sphinx of the Final Word- Clone Legion- Control Magic- Eternal Dominion- Telepathy

JohnnyCRO on KefNOT the Controlfreak [primer]

2 months ago

Polupus, if you like Beacon of Tomorrows, try out combo with.

Assault suit is heavily meta-dependent. I've considered it for a bit, but for me it wasn't justified. And if you take a look at my updates section (which is quite messy and I'm sorry for that), I myself used to play Grafdigger's Cage. It's a decent option you should include if decks like Meren pose a problem to you in your particular meta.

All listed artifacts are cool options and could be tested, although those changes might steer the deck away from general control idea. Which doesn't necessarily have to be bad in itself, but it demands considering further changes to make the most of these.

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