Beacon of Tomorrows


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn Rare

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Beacon of Tomorrows


Target player takes an extra turn after this one. Shuffle Beacon of Tomorrows into its owner's library.

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Beacon of Tomorrows Discussion

Duhphlates on Medomai the Ageless

2 days ago

One of my friends runs Medomai as their commander and it's one of my favorite decks to play with and against. I have a few suggestions to better your deck.

  1. You have two Etherium Sculptors

  2. One of my favorite combos in a Medomai the Ageless deck is the ability to take as many extra turns as you want with Identity Thief

  3. You have a ton of mana in the deck so I can suggest cutting it down a little and replacing with a few tutors or other cards maybe? Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, and Mystical Tutor.

  4. Who doesn't like taking extra turns outside of combat? Things like Beacon of Tomorrows, Part the Waterveil, and even Lighthouse Chronologist.

  5. Maybe some control/anti-aggro stuff like Ghostly Prison and Propaganda

  6. Who doesn't like to play Telepathy.

I know these may not be the most budget friendly suggestions but I'm sure you can find some nice things with effects similar to the cards mentioned..

also, +1 because <3 Medomai

Peanut3181 on

1 month ago

I also want to say, that melek is a side piece in my deck. He isn't necessary because he can't protect himself. Everything kills him.

I would maybe take out Beacon of Tomorrows because it's too expensive, Time Warp is ideal but for budget you could go Walk the Aeons because they both stay in your yard. I guess you could cast enter the infinite and put the beacon as a card in your library but you should win the next turn anyways by casting Inner Fire and Comet Storm plus with any mana you have left over you could copy it with Increasing Vengeance in response to a counter and get the same effect.

Show and Tell I would also take out because you aren't running any crazy permanents and you don't want all the players putting permanents into play that can possibly kill you.

Spirits on

1 month ago

Hey Peanut3181 thanks for the comments.

I agree, it's possible, but it's not really working. I'm building (separately) a prototype of this deck, which I'll import. I'm re-evaluating each card for it's 1) Mana Production value and 2) It's storm count interaction. I feel without the Storm there is not enough consistent win-con. Trying to figure out which ones are the best, haven't done a full analysis yet. It feels like Ignite Memories is good, and Grape Shot. Mind's Desire is kind of interesting too.

Any idea which one, or which couple I should be running? There all Sorcery. Grapeshot feels like it may not have enough power to eliminate all opponents in 1 shot, where Ignite Memories has some potential? I do play spells which is why Mind's Desire can be a big concerning.

Once I have my analysis done I'll update it. Removing a bunch of creatures, and only using combos and synergy that also aid in my storm counts as well. I'm going to get the red ramping Mana Geyser and probably Seething Song in there too.

Another issue I'm having with the deck is with getting going. I'm used to my Kaalia of the Vast where I'm setup on turn 2, 3, 4 and winning on turn 6. Playing Melek, Izzet Paragon I feel like turn 9 I'm still waiting and somewhat defenseless. I've had some success defending with Cyclonic Rift and Snap with some flashback and copy early on, but I feel it needs to ramp faster.

I think this is because of your recommendation that I need more drawing, but not sure which way to go, Visions of Beyond, Gitaxian Probe or larger draws. I'm going to pull a list to list comparison with your build and see which ones I'm missing. Telling Time maybe?

Show and Tell + Omniscience + Enter the Infinite + Laboratory Maniac or Beacon of Tomorrows is a possibility if it can meet my storm count requirements, but creatures feel bad.

What's your opinion on Izzet Charm, I find it nice because it's modular, but a few games now none of the modes helped me in so many situations. Scrub it?

Sensei's Divining Top has been great at utilizing Melek, Izzet Paragon once he is out, but what other good options are there? Deranged Assistant was kind of like hmm because he helps with mana production, but the isn't that awesome, would be better.

Any other ways to keep my top decking going smoothly?

CptSgtGovLtMaj on Jeskai Abuse

1 month ago

Volcanic Vision, Spelltwine, Mind's Dilation, and Metallurgic Summonings instead of Enter the Infinite and the bad creatures unless you run Beacon of Tomorrows instead of Temporal Mastery for the infinite combo. In which case either don't put in Mind's Dilation or replace it with one land or something since you have so many.

Surrak_and_Roll on Atraxa Supa

1 month ago

I'm surprised to see nobody has recommended any extra turn spells. Some of the best ones are Temporal Mastery, Savor the Moment, Beacon of Tomorrows, and of course Time Walk. If you're on a tighter budget there are still some good, cheap ones like Sage of Hours, and Temporal Extortion. (The creature having great synergy with Atraxa)

dancarvalho on Nope, you're not playing this

1 month ago

The idea of the deck is alright, but if you want to win your extra draws have to take you somewhere. I highly recommend you to put at least one combo here, like:Peregrine Drake + Deadeye Navigator + Blue Sun's Zenith + Laboratory Maniac = Mill yourself to the win.

You can replace Peregrine+Deadeye for another infinite mana combo and it will have the same effect.

Mind Over Matter it is kind of expensive but gives you a lot of value with Arcanis the Omnipotent and Azami, Lady of Scrolls, they do the same combo to Laboratory Maniac but without the necessity of infinite mana and blue sun's.

Another good combo is Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker + Gilded Lotus. With Baral on the table you have infinite mana, with Talrand on the table infinite drakes. Archaeomancer + Turnabout + Rite of Replication = a lot of infinites.

Some extra turn cards that you should consider are Time Warp and Beacon of Tomorrows (to both of them you already have part of a combo in your current build), in multiplayer you really shouldn't trust with people voting or choosing for you, to much debate that can backfire for you.

Hinder and her sister Spell Crumple just love Tunnel Vision, just mill a player out of the game.

Suggestions for out:

  1. Alhammarret's Archive: okay, extra draw by countering a spell is great, but for 5cmc you want something that you can use all effects possible. In EDH every slot must be filled with something completely useful, you are using U and that is the best color for draw, probably you have better alternatives for it or a slot open to more protective measures, what taking the low count of creatures is probably a good choice.

  2. Talent of the Telepath: Mill everything or mill nothing. Bad against aggro decks, terrible against reanimator decks, with possible little or no return at all.

  3. Sky Diamond: Your mana base have few colorless lands, so Mind Stone or Fellwar Stone are both better ramps.

  4. Fact or Fiction: I believe that blue should not give their opponents a choice to screw you, because believe, after some counters (especially in multiplayer), they will.

  5. Foil: I love most of the counters, but foil isn't the case, just too many bad experiences with it in EDH games.

In: Outside the cards for combo that I commented previously, you should also consider:

  1. Venser, Shaper Savant: Counter or bounce, with Deadeye+Peregrine combo, a lockout.

  2. Cancel: With Baral becames another Counterspell.

  3. Overwhelming Denial: Always good have a ensurence that you WILL counter that spell

  4. AEtherize: You dislike beatdown strategies, make that very clear to the table

  5. Impulse: Dig four cards at instant speed.

  6. Faerie Trickery: Because exile is best than graveyard.

  7. Sphinx-Bone Wand: Counters can also give damage and that is great.

  8. Mind's Dilation: Eliminate problems before they if have a chance to exist.

  9. Learn from the Past: Recicle your graveyard into your deck

elossanna on Draw-Go

2 months ago

Should definitely have some goodstuff/utility. Using Tomorrow's ability to get more draw cards doesn't have an endgame strategy.

Also a cool loophole that Tomorrow introduces is cards that read something like "you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card" boil down to just "look at the top three cards of your library, put one into your hand and the rest in the bottom of your library." (you probably want to research that to make sure its legit.) But that could make mana-cheap cards that don't net any card draw, do.

I'd experiment with some group-hug card draw cards like Jace Beleren and Kami of the Crescent Moon, because you'll still get more out of the group hug than anyone else.

Jace's Archivist Alhammarret's Archive Rhystic Study

Not sure how Possessed Portal interacts here, but you might end up locking your opponents out of drawing, with no adverse effect to you.

Beacon of Tomorrows for irony

n0bunga on Mizzix Spells

3 months ago

This could definitely make use of more time walks like Temporal Trespass, Time Warp, Beacon of Tomorrows, Temporal Mastery or Time Stretch

And you could accelerate your XP counters with phyrexian mana cards like Gitaxian Probe or Act of Aggression

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