Watery Grave

Watery Grave

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Land — Island Swamp

*(T: Add U or B to your mana pool.) *

As Watery Grave enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Watery Grave enters the battlefield tapped.

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Watery Grave Discussion

GlistenerAgent on Esper cantroll?

3 days ago

As for aggro decks, try Kitchen Finks. Can be a pain to cast sometimes, but it's a hell of a roadblock.

To add to previous posts, Cryptic Command far outdoes Pact of Negation for you control strategy. I'd much sooner play four Cryptics than the split you're currently playing.


4 Celestial Colonnade, 2 Tectonic Edge, Drowned Catacomb

4 Polluted Delta, 4 Flooded Strand

2 Watery Grave, 2 Hallowed Fountain, 1 Godless Shrine

3 Island, 1 Swamp, 1 Plains

Radiant Fountain isn't necessary or particularly helpful against aggro. I elected to cut Tolaria West from my version as well.

fluffybunnypants on Challenge: Stepping Into the Arena

2 weeks ago

Here's the first 4 because I'm a little on the hammered side.

Round 1:

Fluffy BYOS- Black(ish) Summer Vs. Gnarlicide BYOS

This was brutal.

Necro wins the roll 10 4 and chooses to play. Herp derp.

Game one:

Turn one Duress shows that Jund has a pretty solid hand with a Tarmogoyf, Sylvan Library, Bolt and Putrefy as the main action. The Putrefy is removed. Jund starts off with a Blood Crypt tapped and passes the turn back. Turn two, Necro goes, Springs, Dark Ritual for Persecute, naming Green. Jund promptly loses most of its action and never really recovers. The next turn is an Ivory Tower and a ritual for a Necropotence for the Necro deck, which proceeds to run away with the game, despite some late aggression from Jund in the form of some Keldon Marauders.

There didnt really look like a whole lot of good sideboarding options in either case, but hey, shit happens.

Game two:

Jund chooses to play (derp) and starts off with a Grove. Necro goes Zuran Orb, swamp, ritual, necropotence, draw a bunch of cards, discard a bunch of lands and away we go. Despite getting the Loam-Mine engine going later on in the game, Jund eventually just dies to Hippy beats (just for gnarlicide) after a couple of Larry Nivens Disks hit the board combined with Yawgs Will.Like I said, brutal. Black Summer wins by chopping off Junds well yeah.

I was actually really concerned about Junds matchup against a lot of other decks in this format Im really more surprised that this deck wasnt built with Alara block. This format is really heavily based on card advantage and this decks a bit slow to the party. Necropotence performed as expected, getting out to an early lead and keeping it. Jund was never able to claw back from the card advantage Necro got early and the disk-will combo really just shut the door. The awkward part about sideboarding in an event like this is that a lot of players have no idea what they are going up against. Which makes it tough to pick out a sideboard that will actually do something.

Fluffy BYOS: Obey in Peace vs. Fluffy BYOS Tokens

Obey wins the roll 5 4 and chooses to play. Talk about shitty rolls.

Game One:

A hand with RIP and Tutor make it looks like this game is fairly wrapped up from the beginning. Its a slower, less flashy start but Obey starts with a Watery Grave untapped. Tokens has other plans and turn one Thoughtseizes off of a Swamp. Obey pops a Brainstorm and makes Tokens settle for taking a Portent. Bogus. The game is wrapped up fairly quickly as Obey draws and plays RIP off an untapped Shrine and then proceeds to curve out to four mana as Tokens cannot produce tokens fast enough to pressure Obey out of the game, even with Obey taking damage from untapped lands.

Disenchants come in and Dispels leave Obeys 60. Leyline of Sanctitys and 2 Stony Silences come in and Doom Blades and Shriekmaws leave Tokens 60.

Game Two:

Turn zero leyline for Tokens. Tokens opens with a Thoughtseize off a Swamp and concedes to Obeys hand of Dark Depths, Thespian's Stage, Watery Grave, Disenchant, Lim-Dul's Vault, Vampiric Tutor and Mystical Tutor.

If Tokens had time, it couldve done something with two virtues and a Lingering Souls in hand, but time was not something in its favor.

Obey in Peace has a metric tonne of Tutors which makes it hard for hand disruption to keep it in check. I think that against some of the decks that are trying to be fair, Tokens has a chance, but its combo matchup looks messy.

Stepping Into the Arena BYOS vs Fluffy BYOS Stoneblade

Stoneblade wins the roll 9-2 and opts to (derp) play.

Stoneblade keeps a pretty good hand that involves a possible turn three Jace, the Mind Sculptor with Spell Pierce backup, but Arena has other plans keeping a fast hand with two delvers and a Brainstorm with Force backup and a Geist. Arena attempts the old Brainstorm to ensure a turn two Delver flip, but Stoneblade Spell Pierces the Brainstorm, but the Delvers flip on turn two and turn three anyway. Jace gets Forced on turn four due to Arena being able to pay for Spell Pierce. Game one ends shortly after a Stoneforge Mystic lands for Stoneblade but is quickly smacked with a StP to the face and the resulting hardcast Batterskull gets countered. Stoneblade casts a late Balance as a last ditch effort, but Arena gets a Geist to stick and, on the next turn, its game over.

Strip Mines, Mental Missteps and Zeniths come in for Stoneblade and it ditches the stoneblade package as a whole to become pure control plus Karn ramp.

Arena sticks with its main 60.

Game Two:

Stoneblade mulls to 6, Arena mulls to 5.

Stoneblade keeps a hand thats pretty reactive with a counterspell, spell pierce, StP and lands. Arena runs out a quick start with a Delver, but it gets Swordsed (man, we are making our own words now) shortly after it flips and its draw-go until Stoneblade tries to land Jace, but Force of Will wins the argument for Arena. Despite Stoneblade landing an Inquisition, Arena still manages to keep Karn off the table as well. Stoneblade lands a Mind Twist the turn after Arena lands an uncontested Geist that a Balance eventually takes care of. Stoneblade eventually gets Jace to stick and ults for victory while sitting at 2 life. This game went on forever. We were going to start taking shots every turn it was draw-go.

Arena removes StPs for Disenchants. At least they hit something.

Stoneblade sticks with its previous 60.

Game Three:

Game three goes quickly as Arena goes Delver, Delver, Geist and Stoneblade cannot get Black Sun's Zenith to stick despite Counterspell and Spell Pierce backup. Stoneblade manages to land a Jace, but it only buys Stoneblade one turn after Arena Miracles a Temporal Mastery.

This seemed like a pretty classic matchup. I actually wasnt sure if my friend would go full control or ditch the Karn package, so I screwed up sideboarding for Game 2, not that Disenchants wouldve won me the game, but StP was doing actual nothing. Im sure the Strip Mines wouldve done serious work against the Delver deck, but we never saw a single one actually hit the battlefield. Delver really got to use its counters like it wanted to and forced Stoneblade into a reactive situation where it had to fight from behind the whole game. Even then, Delver couldve easily taken game 2, but I couldnt find a single threat to keep in my hand. As a side note: I cant believe more people didnt grab Ice Age block, you get Brainstorm, Force of Will and Counterspell from it.

Fluffy BYOB Heartbeat Desire vs. Allies with Fluffy BYOS

Hearbeat wins the roll 4-2 What? I dont even how? Heartbeat opts to play.

Game one:

Game one goes kind of how both decks creators wrote it up and basically both decks did their own thing until they hit critical mass. Allies is bouncing allies and gaining a metric tonne of life, finally finding a Hada Freeblade to start attacking for huge chunks of damage. Heartbeat ramps super hard with two Heartbeat of Springs in play. At one life, it was kind of a now or never moment because aside from throwing creatures in front of attackers and a bunch of fogs (two of which were already burned), Heartbeat has very little interaction. Frankly, Im fairly positive that Allies wouldve just won this if they drew a Fireball or Comet Storm. But Heartbeat goes off using two Early Harvests and casts Mind's Desire for four then chains into two more Minds Desires to Brain Freeze for over 60 cards.

Heartbeat sides in 4x Counterspell because Mindbreak Trap was in Zendikar.

Allies side in 3x Mindbreak Traps and 1x Iona, Shield of Emeria and sides out 2x Searing Blaze and 2x Comet Storm.

Game Two:

Heartbeat mulligans to 4 and gets the ever-loving tar beat out of it. Even though it lands an Iona, Allies decides to be flashy and end with the game Fireball for 10 after some Harabaz Druid shenanigans. Heartbeat doesnt counter it because its dead on board and doesnt want to reveal that it sided in Counterspell.

The sideboards remain in tact from the previous game.

Game Three:

Heartbeat keeps an opening hand with a Mind's Desire, Summer Bloom and Heartbeat of Spring, lands and a Sakura-Tribe Elder, but Allies has a Mindbreak Trap in hand along with a Grand Abolisher, Ghostway and Hada Freeblade. The match final reaches a head on turn six with Heartbeat attempting to go off with a desire for 5 off of double Counsel of the Soratami. Allies Mindbreak Traps, but Heartbeat has the Counterspell in hand and proceeds to chain Mind's Desires until it hits a Brain Freeze for way over the full mill.

I was actually unsure of how Heartbeat Desire would do, but it looked fun, so it wound up in my list to play. That and between the two of us, I am the more accomplished Storm player. This deck is actually a demonstration as to why Mind's Desire is banned in Legacy and restricted in Vintage. Fluffy Allies is capable of being a really unfair fair deck, but theres almost nothing you can do against chained Mind's Desires. Heartbeat Desire is actually my current favorite to win, but we will see.

dendrobatid on 2015-02-23 update of Dirty Robots ...

2 weeks ago

I might just roll in Watery Grave to help with fixing.

ThisIsBullshit on vishnarg

2 weeks ago

Would you be interested in Godless Shrine and Watery Grave plus another card that's worth a few bucks for Wooded Foothills and Flagstones of Trokair?

CurtainSnatch on Defense Mill of doom

2 weeks ago

If you're going modern, you're going to want to mill fast. Like, super fast. And for that, you'll need efficient mill cards. Some you may consider are:

Also, there are some cards in your current deck with better, modern alternatives:

Other than that, there are a few other cards you may want to consider:Removal:



Color(s) Black Blue
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 1.3
Avg. cube pick 10.43


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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