Watery Grave


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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Watery Grave

Land — Island Swamp

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

As Watery Grave enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Watery Grave enters the battlefield tapped.

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Watery Grave Discussion

OpenFire on U/W Azorius Flying

5 days ago

Turn Aside is garbage. Add some shocklands Hallowed Fountain Godless Shrine Watery Grave so your fetchlands can get something. You have far too many enchantments, cut them to 2-of or 1-of. Add some Spell Snare. Go up to 4 Path to Exile, it's the best removal spell in your colors. Consider adding in Spell Queller which seems like it would fit great. Take a look at Frank Karsten's manabase article, which will greatly help you out. Put one Aven Mindcensor mainboard, probably. In the sideboard, identify what matchups you want to have cards against. Like having cheap removal against aggro opponents, or difficult to deal with threats against control opponents. Kira, Magus of the Moat, and Worship are the only cards in your sideboard I would keep there.

Bovine073 on Thopter Meek

3 weeks ago

I personally prefer Iona mainboard (this may just be my meta, however). During playtesting, I have often come across Muddle the Mixture as not being very satisfactory. In a deck with a 3-card combo, however, it may be good to run it and drop a gifts as you have done here. I would highly suggest running at least 3 wraths mainboard, add Day of Judgment so that you can get one off of a gifts package. I can't really see why or how Sunken Ruins will ever benefit you in this deck, I would personally add another Watery Grave and a Hallowed Fountain. I also disagree with Celestial Colonnade, it makes the deck too clunky and slows down what it is trying to do in the first place. Untapped lands are key.

Mana Leak is another strong prospect for the early game. Because yor deck seems a lot more esper and a lot less azorious than mine, I would certainly suggest Lingering Souls, as it is literally, very arguably the best black/white card in the format, and has very, very strong synergies with Gifts Ungiven. You may also try some discard, ie. Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize. Another sleeper card that may do well is Noxious Revival, but with your gifts only numbering two, it may not be needed at all. I personally prefer a fourth Serum Visions than a fourth Thirst for Knowledge in this deck specifically, because of its relative lack of one drops.

As for the sideboard, I don't understand why a bunch of these cards are even in there, namely baby jace and elspeth. Gut Shot is just a stupid card to run sideboard, it really ONLY helps against infect (or so I think, do correct me if I am wrong) and even then, only marginally so. I would suggest to up the Negates, and Disenchants. I would suggest 1-2 more Timely Reinforcements as well, it is simply such an amazing card.

Alright, there's a wall of text for you to sort through :)


LVL_666 on Sliver (5 Color)

3 weeks ago

You want my input? okay.

  1. First, I notice that you don't have a proper deck description. You need to at the very least give a brief description of how the deck works because it's kind of annoying to have to pick the deck apart to try and figure out what it is you're trying to do to win. Here are some resources to get started: Do you want to write a Primer?

  2. Rocks. Get them. You can get Sol Ring for a cheap price, maybe Burgeoning, or Nature's Lore.

  3. Now for your slivers to be more competitive, you're going to have to pour more money into your manabase. Slivers are inherently slow unfortunately, and since you're running 5 colors you're going to need a lot more than just basic lands. If you're going budget, don't fret as there are plenty of options for you: The Mirage Fetchlands are an excellent substitution to the Onslaught/Zendikar Fetches. The Mirage Fetchlands combo very nicely with Shock lands because they themselves are basic land types. So when you sac your Fetchland to search for an "island" you can pick up a Hallowed Fountain or Watery Grave because they are both islands, and you also needed a or at the moment. Additionally you have the Odyssey Filterlands which can help you get that much needed mana at a fraction of the cost of say a Cascade Bluffs or Flooded Grove. My point is - you need better lands.

  4. Sliver Queen. You have utterly zero support for her. She's just "there" and you're not utilizing her. I'd say go for Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Hivelord (or both). They're more fitting for the themes within this deck. If you insist on running Queen, then you have to run some of her combo pieces as well, i.e. Training Grounds, Mana Echoes, Basal Sliver, Heartstone and Ashnod's Altar.

I'll make another post on specific slivers you should include because I'm not all to familiar with modern...

Falconer26 on Tezzie Junk

1 month ago

As Volvary was saying the Seat of the Synod, Vault of Whispers and Sol Ring need to go. Good mana base replacements are putting a couple Darkslick Shores, a 1-of Academy Ruins, a couple Creeping Tar Pit, a 1-of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, a couple Watery Grave or Polluted Delta. Id also raise the land count to 22-24 depending on what you want to do. Chalice of the Void, Contagion Clasp, Contagion Engine, Decimator Web, Everflowing Chalice, Voltaic Key and Grindclock are either too slow or not following your overall strategy. Time Sieve and Krark-Clan Ironworks are very winmore imo. Running a playset of Thirst for Knowledge over Thoughtcast, 1 Muddle the Mixture and Fabricate is pretty much a must as it digs very deep and you can always discard sword with it to get back later. If you want more ideas on how to make the UB Tezzeret + Thopter Sword combo works theres a pretty good primer on MTGSalvation that shows a lot of cards that can work and the staples the deck has. Tezzathopter is my take on the formula that is much more controlled focused than other lists. Hopefully this sparks up some ideas and makes the deck better for you

Kai-Erik on What's a permanent? [Modern Esper Gifts]

1 month ago

Also, in order to have that one blue mana open on turn one, I usually have to pay two life into a Hallowed Fountain or a Watery Grave

Simon_Williamson on Fevered Visions madness

1 month ago

Polluted Delta, Flooded Strand, Bloodstained Mire, Steam Vents, Blood Crypt, Watery Grave, Sulfur Falls, Spirebluff Canal, & Darkslick Shores is a good mana base if you can afford it.

I won't tell you how to put in your lands though, your judgement is better than mine.

KylerStar on Together We Stand

1 month ago

Why no Watery Grave? First three time I playtest I get a blue or black fetch, and B/U is the land I need to fetch for. xc

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