Watery Grave

Land — Island Swamp

*(T: Add U or B to your mana pool.) *

As Watery Grave enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Watery Grave enters the battlefield tapped.

Acquire Watery Grave


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Watery Grave Discussion

TwoMagicDudes on The Deadly 10

11 hours ago

Well, you've got this set as Modern, so if you are indeed keeping this Modern legal, you have a couple of cards that aren't allowed--Recoil and Diabolic Edict (same with Propaganda and Rhystic Study in your maybeboard.)

Honestly, neither of these are great cards in any format, aside from maybe EDH. Recoil costs too much for what it does, and Diabolic Edict gives them a choice of which creature to sacrifice--often not a good idea. Go for the Throat is probably a better choice than Diabolic Edict, and Unsummon should probably replace Recoil. The suggestions I'm going to give you are all Modern legal, since I'm not as familiar with mill in Legacy or Vintage.

In order for mill to really work, you have to buy yourself enough time to do what you want to do.

Spell Pierce is really great for foiling plans early on when your opponent won't have the available mana to pay for the spell. It also protects your own spells from being countered, which is crucial--nobody wants their Mind Funeral fizzling and going straight to the graveyard.

Thought Scour might seem like a weak mill card, but that extra card draw it gets you is great. It thins out your deck to make it more consistent, letting you get your key combos into play faster. Plus it's an instant, so you can hold onto it until the end of your opponent's turn in case you need to use your mana to respond to something else they do. Even better, since Serum Visions is one of the most prevalent cards in Modern for setting up combos, you can screw up their scry really well with it. Those two cards you mill might be the exact two they were hoping for. (You probably also want to run Serum Visions in here to set up your own combos, though it is a little pricy.)

Next, your best combo in here is Mindcrank with Duskmantle Guildmage, so I would run at least one more Mindcrank. I know you are transmuting Dimir Infiltrator to grab them, but that three mana it is taking you to search for them is slowing you way down. I would run four of each if you aren't going to have cheaper ways of digging for them, and your best options for doing that are Serum Visions and Gitaxian Probe to thin out your deck. Gitaxian Probe is also great because it gives you an idea of what to expect so you can play more intelligently on your opponent's turn.

The next idea have might seem a little silly, but it can actually work, and your opponent will honestly not know what the hell you just did: Altar of the Brood with Heartless Summoning and Myr Retriever.

All three of these cards already have synergy with your build. Myr Retriever brings back a key artifact when it dies (Mindcrank tends to get countered or blasted pretty quickly, especially after sideboarding). Heartless Summoning will get your creatures out faster, it won't kill your key creatures, but it will let you cast Myr Retriever for free and then make your Myr Retriever die. That's great, though, because when it dies, you grab another Myr Retriever that's in your graveyard. Then you cast it for free. It dies. Grab the Myr Retriever that just went in your graveyard. Rinse and repeat and mill their entire deck.

If you don't want to go that route, you should definitely be finding a way to get your Consuming Aberration through, since it is easily chumped by any 1/1 on the ground. Aqueous Form is great for this purpose.

Lastly, you are running fetch lands, so you should also be running Watery Grave, since your fetch lets you grab those as well (they count both as Islands and Swamps).

I hope this was helpful. Mill can be fun, but difficult to pull off in competitive play without some trickery to keep your opponent under control.

m4ver1k on somewhat budget ob grixilis

2 days ago

Vaarek - Yeah, I imagine Black Sun's Zenith is played a lot more in kitchen table environments that thrive on indestructibility. I remember my playgroup used to have a hayday with indestructible creatures. BSZ was our response and how we had ultimately quit playing them. You could also Path to Exile them or do something like Geth's Verdict.

Anyways, fetches definitely rule this build thanks to Ob Nixilis. Since you don't have Cryptics/Damnation yet, I guess technically you can put less of an emphasis on Watery Grave. Go with the purchase you mentioned of 3x Polluted Delta, 1x Steam Vents, and 1x Blood Crypt. The two Steam Vents will probably be the most used card in your deck.

At some point you'll want to remove the Bloodstained Mire for Scalding Tarn. The reason is so you can crack your fetches for basic Islands if need be to help you combat any decks running Blood Moon.

Vaarek on somewhat budget ob grixilis

2 days ago

Life's Finale has performed well in playtesting so far, and against the usual suspects. i can image a few instances in which i would rather play Black Sun's Zenith , but this might just be influenced by the types of decks my friends at the kitchen table play ( lots of indestructible stuff)). i imagine in a competitive enviroment , im not gonna get a lot out of Black Sun's Zenith where as lifes finale is always going to give me something more than just straigt up wipe the board.i found it highly relevant to remove those 3 creature cards , as , if anything , i just got another snapcaster , young pyromancer out of sight.it costs quite a lot of mana though , but to be perfectly honest , i have never ever played black suns zenith for less than 6 , so thats not something i worry about. i know that damnation is the real deal , but for now , i think Life's Finale is the better budget option.i know i already got suggestions on the manabase , but the current situation is as follows.

i already own a Bloodstained Mire , and i can get one Steam Vents from a friend of mine. currently i am able to afford these following combinations : 3 Polluted Delta1 Steam Vents and 1 Watery Grave


3 Polluted Delta , 1 Steam Vents and 1 Blood Crypt

or 2 Polluted Delta 1 Steam Vents 1 Blood Crypt and 1 Watery Grave

keep in mind that i already have a bloodstained mire that could be used , and that i will get a steam vents from a friend.

m4ver1k on somewhat budget ob grixilis

3 days ago

Hey Eretoryi! Your deck has changed a lot since I last seen it.

Vaarek - I think the biggest investment you could make to your deck is in your lands. 4x Polluted Delta first, then 2x Steam Vents, 1x Watery Grave, and 1x Blood Crypt. That list is in order of preference. To mention what Eretoryi had stated, Snapcaster Mage is very important, it's where the flexibility of the deck comes from and helps make it so resilient. But I say lands first though because having the flexibility means nothing if you don't have the means to cast the spells in the first place. Plus, Polluted Delta help make trigger your Ob Nixilis. You could even take a break from acquiring lands after those first 8 I mentioned so you could acquire a playset of Snapcaster Mage, but those first 8 are extremely important.

I'd stick with playtesting Life's Finale until you can get a couple Damnation.

As far as Thoughtseize and discard spells in general, I dislike just shooting to 1 for 1 cards in that fashion and taking life to do so. But running the 2x Thoughtseize allows me to try to find the card in their hand that essentially holds it together and get rid of it. When you get the hang the proper timing to play Thoughtseize and know which card to grab to shred their hand, that's when I find it's worth 2 life. When you play it correctly you really won't need more than one or 2. It has crazy psychological factors too, as people can go on tilt when you destroy their strategy. A well timed Thoughtseize can cause people to scoop. Never play it just to play it, a lot of people will just try to play it on turn one so they can basically just do something. Unless you're playing against a really fast deck, sit on it until you think you can take a combo piece or win condition from their hand.

I've been playtesting Dig Through Time vs. Treasure Cruise, and I will agree with Eretoryi. I really liked Treasure Cruise initially because most the spells in this deck were so good I didn't mind just drawing through them all. For those reasons I would just play Dig Through Time like Treasure Cruise, except at instant speed on their end step. That was a mistake. Treat it a bit like Thoughtseize and just wait. There's no point in casting it to gather win conditions if you aren't ready to win. You either cast it when you're ready to dig out your win conditions, or when you need to try and find an answer to something. Once I started playing it in that fashion it became an amazing utility card.

XyZiron on 2014-11-25 update of Heartless Myrs ...

1 week ago

I mean you could just run 4xWatery Grave 2xSwamp 2xIsland and 12 fetches, in the rare situation we cannot get land number 7 because we have 2xswamps 4xWatery Grave in play and a black/red fetch I think we have bigger problems

Skulloelegy on Return of the Wanderer

1 week ago


Most likely:

4x Polluted Delta

4x Watery Grave

4x Godless Shrine

3x Plains

5x Swamp

3x Island

miracleHat on failurechild88

1 week ago

There must be a mixup because I don't have any straight Lightning Bolt. I guess that I could drop 1 Watery Grave from gatecrash to you.
I could send:
Watery Grave GTC 11 (yes, I am valuing this more since it is a shockland)
Scourge of the Fleets
Akroan Horse
Hammer of Purphoros
Ruric Thar, the Unbowed
Anthousa, Setessan Hero
Jarad's Orders
Dragonskull Summit

=$18 + any assortment of temples / checklands / bolts
Would you trade:
Lord of Atlantis
Supreme Verdict
Master of the Pearl Trident
Merrow Reejerey promo

Do we have an accord?

failurechild88 on miracleHat

1 week ago

No worries, the arid mesa is pretty valuable. I'm not too keen on getting the temples, but are you interested in trading for 2 of your Watery Grave? I'm also more interested in your foil Lightning Bolt than your regular ones - what do you value that as ( if available for trade)?

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3.27 TIX 4.6 TIX
Color(s) Black Blue
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Avg. draft pick 1.3
Avg. cube pick 10.7


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare


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