Watery Grave

Watery Grave

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Land — Island Swamp

*(T: Add U or B to your mana pool.) *

As Watery Grave enters the battlefield, you may pay 2 life. If you don't, Watery Grave enters the battlefield tapped.

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Watery Grave Discussion

pskinn01 on vishnarg

20 hours ago

From your want list (and your message) I have:
2x Deathrite Shaman 15.98 (7.99 each)
Stomping Ground - 8.58
Dig Through Time - 5.58
Mutavault - 10.44
Thoughtseize - 20.64
Master of the Pearl Trident - 3.69
total - 64.91

Avacyn, Angel of Hope 35.77
Lightning Greaves - 5.99
Steam Vents - 13.29
Watery Grave - 9.79

total: 64.84

Cerradura on Welcome to the Undercity

1 day ago

Just a few land base improvements could be:

Polluted Delta
Watery Grave

+1'd a long time ago, but congrats on 100+!

realmwalker on You Breed Like Rats (Need Help)

4 days ago

I don't think you need 4 Typhoid Rats or Vampire Nighthawk so maybe one of each. or an Erebos, God of the Dead since the ability is basically the same but you don't need to pay life. also Tasigur, the Golden Fang's ability is two blue so try taking out a few swamps out for Polluted Delta and you can add Watery Grave which can be fetched from the delta. so id take out 5 swamps for 4 deltas and one grave. plus the lands in graveyard can help delve a tasigur

scrotality on 2015-04-18 update of Bloody Singleminded ...

4 days ago

yea the casting cost is rough. i run obliterators in mine as well, so all of my lands produce (Watery Grave, Creeping Tar Pit, Overgrown Tomb).

Ancient_Sentinel on Dont know yet

1 week ago

No worries Vyrax, I don't take offense to these sorts of things (usually =P). Choke performs well under 2 circumstances. First, UR Twin decks usually run lots of Islands to allow for 1-3 Blood Moon in their sideboard. Secondly, Choke states that "Islands don't untap...": The key word there is ISLANDS. This means that any lands that have type Island, not just basic lands, will not untap. This basically means that shocklands (Steam Vents, Hallowed Fountain, Breeding Pool, and Watery Grave) won't untap. What can a Blue Control player do if they can't even untap their lands? Not much. Furthermore, a Torpor Orb can often seal the deal against them in game 2, but in later games they will probably bring in a couple of artifact hate cards. I personally find Qasali Pridemage much better because you get a bear body, which is no pushover, and you also get free exalted. All of these benefits come only at the cost of 1 extra green, which is a small price to pay. Another Art/Enchant hate choice is Unravel the Aether or Deglamer, since they can eliminate things like Wurmcoil Engine and Blightsteel Colossus. Finally, both Relic of Progenitus and Rest in Peace are good, with different bonuses for each. Relic gives you a cantrip, while RIP is a more permanent option. Tbh I didn't see RIP in your sideboard; either option is good. If you have lots of Affinity in your meta, Stony Silence is the best. Good Affinity players can use Arcbound Ravager to play around Kataki, War's Wage so just plain shutting them down is the best. Suppression Field is helpful, but the more the merrier. Hope this helps!

enpc on Lazav, Steal/Copy EDH Manabase queries.

1 week ago

As far as mill lands go, Nephalia Drownyard is a good one to run.

The problem here is budget. I would recommend cards like Phyrexian Tower, Volrath's Stronghold, Academy Ruins, High Market, Miren, the Moaning Well, Cephalid Coliseum etc but the price tag for these is not cheap.

At the end of the day, for a blue/black deck most of your mana base is going to be built around mana consistency. You might find yourself running a few nice effects but for the most part all your need to do is produce mana. Often you'll see decks running more complicated mana bases (effects wise) but generally this is because the deck either

A) needs as many copies of an effect as possible


B) the deck's colours natively lack an effect and the mana base helps make that up.

One card I think most decks should run is Strip Mine, or at least Strip Mine like cards. Its not about land destruction specifically, but if my opponent was constantly milling my deck through a Nephalia Drownyard, Strip Mine is one of the easiest ways to deal with it. On a budget, I would recommend Tectonic Edge as a replacement.

In regards to cards you're looking to get long term, I would avoid Darkwater Catacombs. Lands that require a mana investment to produce any mana (with the exception of things like Cabal Coffers) aren't a good idea.

From your list, I would look at prioritizing Watery Grave then Polluted Delta. From here, Drowned Catacomb should be your next grab along with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Also, do't be afraid to run "off colour" fetches if you are able to aquire them. Especially once you can get your hands on Watery Grave. You have 7 useable fetches available to you. You can also use Grixis Panorama and Esper Panorama in the meantime if you want to increase your fetch count.

I hope this helps a bit.

abenz419 on Funeral Shroud

1 week ago

I like it. You did remove all of the manlands which may open you up to control but solid play and the natural recursion should help that. I was wondering about the Watery Grave though, is that supposed to be a Godless Shrine for the white splash you talked about? Because I don't see a need for the blue anywhere.

One thing to consider as well, and I don't know specifically where you'd find room for it because sideboards are more meta dependent and you know that better than me, but I'm assuming you bring in Thrun, the Last Troll against control and you may want to find a way to fit a basic forest into your sideboard to bring in with it. This is for the reason's I was talking about earlier, the additions you made will help you but if you find that land destruction is a thing then having a basic will be beneficial and make it harder for them to keep you off of it. I wouldn't put it in the mainboard just because of the strict mana requirements you already have, but in games where you need a lot of your sideboard your green requirement goes up considerably, especially with the double green in Thrun and Creeping Corrosion. Just something to consider, the other stuff may prove more important because like I said... sideboards are more meta dependent than everything else.

Cerradura on Lazav, Steal/Copy EDH Manabase queries.

1 week ago

Hey there!

This is the current deck I am running, but I am having a little dilemma with my Mana-base. Not sure of the utility of a few of my lands, for example Duskmantle, House of Shadow. As well As the overall spread, Amount of ETB tapped and Swamp vs Islands.

Here is the link:

Copyright Enfringement Playtest

Commander / EDH Cerradura


Due to budget i am not looking at getting the following cards: Though I will be in the near future, Though will be trying to trade for them: SHOW

Cheers for the input!

Color(s) Black Blue
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 1.31
Avg. cube pick 9.98


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Rare
Ravnica: City of Guilds Rare

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