Greenwarden of Murasa


Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Mythic Rare

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Greenwarden of Murasa

Creature — Elemental

When Greenwarden of Murasa enters the battlefield, you may return target card from your graveyard to your hand. When Greenwarden of Murasa dies, you may exile it. If you do, return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

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Greenwarden of Murasa Discussion

Chuff_Bucket on More Life, More Problems

1 day ago


Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts is fun and scary, but a 7 mana card that doesn't really do anything to help your game plan seems like a decent cut.

Angel of Despair is obviously good, but you're not exactly hurting for removal. Seems like a good cut since you already run (the arguably better) Ashen Rider.

As for a third, it gets tricky. My two picks for the third cut would be Blood Baron of Vizkopa or Greenwarden of Murasa. They're both very good, though. I would do some more testing and see if one of them seems to underperform.

GregorinWoefin on Why Does The Air Hurt My Face?

3 days ago

Qolorful I have actually considered Past in Flames my only worry is flashbacking it then it getting countered and now it is exiled and I can't get it back with like Recollect or Greenwarden of Murasa or something. However I am still considering it, but what I am really looking for right now is some tutors. I know I need to pick up Mystical Tutor but if you know any others in these colours I would appreciate the advice.

cosmokai2000 on It's Meren, yo

1 week ago

Greenwarden of Murasa is an all-star in commander, it would take a lot for me to trim him out of the list. But we'll see.

BUGboy on It's Meren, yo

1 week ago

Definitely want Spore Frog. Spore Frog is probably the strongest card I would use with Meren. The card checks a lot of boxes, like being able to sacrifice itself and is easily brought back with Meren if you ever need a fog or even just extra exp counters. Plus, having a fog on board that you can sac at instant speed makes people less likely to attack you. Maybe swap it with Greenwarden of Murasa?? I don't think the cost to cast him is worth a second E-Wit effect...

PlutoniumWedding on Why Does The Air Hurt My Face?

1 week ago

Hey, I like your deck. I have a similar "make the opponents punch each other to death"-deck with Vial Smasher and Sidar Kondo as the generals, and the political aspect is a lot of fun.

Anyway, from that experience I would like to suggest a couple of cards you may want to think about.

On the defensive side, Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker is an incredible rattlesnake. Dissipation Field is also OK, unless your meta has a lot of one-hit kills, in which case it can still convince them to save you for last. Less powerful but way more hilarious is Illusionist's Gambit.

If you want to play up the "please beat each other to death" angle, Fumiko the Lowblood, Grand Melee and since you're ramping so hard Avatar of Slaughter are all options to make things interesting quickly. Bitter Feud is also a flavourful card that doesn't risk harming you in any way and aids your opponents' demise.

If there's ever been a deck for it, this must be the one. Mercadia's Downfall will punish all of your opponents for those fancy lands you've been giving them, and you can play in on someone else's turn since it's attacking creatures and not yours. It's a one-time surprise, but I bet you most people will never have even heard of the card. Expanding on the theme, Sylvan Offering would work well both with this and with Gahiji.

Speaking of things being one-time, since you mention Treacherous Terrain as your main win condition, it might be nice to cast it multiple times. You have Archaeomancer and Eternal Witness already, but you could consider Izzet Chronarch, Mnemonic Wall and Anarchist for more castings. A more widely useful option is Greenwarden of Murasa. A more slow-and-steady plan could involve Charmbreaker Devils.

You can also use these guys with Mistmeadow Witch to get the spells back any number of times, and if you feel your mana base can support the colourless requirement, Eldrazi Displacer.

To cast it twice for more burst damage, you could include Riku of Two Reflections, who is also an all-round solid value guy, or cards like Dualcaster Mage or Meletis Charlatan. Again more funny than realistic, but these guys with Reins of Power can also let you make any two players' armies fight, with you and the defending player cooperating to have as many of both as possible killed.

I hope this gives you some ideas, at least. :)

Rzepkanut on Elvish Conspiracies

3 weeks ago

I love Elf decks and I love helping new EDH players! So after looking at your list I thought of some suggestions for you. I would add lots of additional ramp and more top end cards to better take advantage of your commander's tutor triggers. I think what the Elves are truly best at is ramping mana. Cards like Priest of Titania, Elvish Archdruid, Wirewood Channeler, and Elvish Guidance, also non-elf ramp like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx & Karametra's Acolyte. Genesis Wave is probably the most powerful X spell in green..surely one of the most powerful in any color...and I bet it will be great to cast in your deck. Its so fun and insanely powerful, it feels like cheating. Personally I like more recursion in my EDH decks, cards like Den Protector, Eternal Witness and Greenwarden of Murasa (especially the ones that can come down from Genesis Wave and return the wave right back to hand upon ETB). Zendikar Resurgent & Mana Reflection are super great cards that make you feel like you are cheating too. If you need some budget fatties I love Artisan of Kozilek and Primeval Protector, if you can get Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger that too. They are big, beefy and they do cool stuff. As far as cuts, I'm not sure if Endbringer has a place right now, because his activated abilities have almost no colorless sources to be used with. If you want more ideas, I have a few elf decks on my profile page to look at.

Happy gathering!

JoltsOfEnergy on Dude, Where's My Ramp?

3 weeks ago

I definitely recommend more card draw. Harmonize and Rishkar's Expertise are cards I highly value. Other than that, some recursion like Eternal Witness or Greenwarden of Murasa always do well imo. And maybe more tutors like Green Sun's Zenith and Tooth and Nail.

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