Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Planeswalker — Elspeth

+1: Put Three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield.

-3: Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater.

-7: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+2 and have flying."

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Elspeth, Sun's Champion Discussion

Unlife on Marath's Army (Help make this a better deck)

17 hours ago

Doubling Season can help with making more tokens, Triumph of the Hordes is an alternative wincon. With Spike Feeder, Archangel of Thune can be used to combo out with. Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury are both token making planeswalkers and Sword of Body and Mind can both help protect your commander and make a token. Kamahl, Fist of Krosa may also be an option, as it lets you overrun more then once. Hope this helps

Osphilia on This is Akroas

22 hours ago

Update to the Deck Before.Before the update there were this six cards in main board Iroas, God of Victory Ajani SteadfastElspeth, Sun's ChampionHammer of Purphoros and 2 Wind-Scarred Crag

As for the Side board I revamped it greatly. the only cards that did not change in the side board are Deflecting Palm and Messenger's Speed

moves much faster now

buildingadeck on Returning from Berlin

1 day ago

I am also working on a Selvala deck, so I am curious as to how well Elspeth, Sun's Champion is working for you? I am considering if she's as good as she is in standard or not. Check out my deck here for some comparison, and please leave comments if you can: Current Selvala EDH.

Some thoughts:

I feel like City of Brass is not helping you except for speed. If you can afford it, I'd get Windswept Heath instead. If not, Grasslands isn't a bad substitute. I also think that Mosswort Bridge is a stellar utility land. I also think both Heliod, God of the Sun and Nylea, God of the Hunt work well in here. Heliod works in tandem with Pristine Angel magnificently, and also prevents you from being vulnerable after striking. Nylea has obvious synergy.

I really like your inclusion of Vorapede, and I think I will replace my Putrefax (a card I picked up for a quarter as a filler card since I don't own much green) with it, especially since it has great synergy with Abzan Falconer upon death.

Overall, it looks strong.

Rayenous on 4 card standard combo...

1 day ago

Those are all reasons why I would stick with UW and go control... Allowing for alternate win-con of Elspeth, Sun's Champion.

sylvannos on Sandsteppe Mastodon! Fate Reforged!

1 day ago

The question about this card's playability is what does it replace? What role does it fill? For a green 7-drop, I'd rather play Hornet Queen. 6 power with flying and deathtouch distributed among 5 different creatures is more resilient and more likely to push damage through than 10 power on two creatures with no evasion.

Standard is also a format right now where the best decks are playing really good removal...Crackling Doom, Murderous Cut, and Hero's Downfall are often played as 4-ofs.

You may wind up in Magical Christmas Land where you get to pump a Siege Rhino or a Wingmate Roc. More likely, you'll end up making a 7/9 Courser of Kruphix that gets blocked by Elspeth, Sun's Champion tokens all day.

In Limited, however, you first pick the shit out of this guy.

Fabionaut on Esper Control Reborn: Khans of Tarkir

1 day ago

This Deck looks very nice,but i think a Liliana Vess is much better than the third Jace's Ingenuity with her you can destroy the Enemy Hand and search for an Elspeth, Sun's Champion. I would put the Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver in the Main Deck because, it can be a Win Condition, you can mill your Enemy and can play his Courser of Kruphix, his Siege Rhino or something other you wouldn't like to see on the Ememy Side and he is the Best Card against the Whidisi Deck.

evncrbch on Mardu Control!?

2 days ago

I'd run a third Elspeth, Sun's Champion over Zurgo. She's just a better investment of mana. Otherwise I like it a lot, so +1.

Tempic on Raka/Jeskai control

2 days ago

After testing and reconsideration i have dropped 1 Lightning Strike for an extra Dig Through Time, 4 seems a bit overkill to me.

As for the finishers i want to keep both of the Keranos, God of Storms, i really really like the card and i am quite content about the 6 finishers + burn.
. Jace, the Living Guildpact ... i have been doubting about that one, i'm affraid it's not going to do enough for me... however, it never hurts to playtest i guess.

Pearl Lake Ancient, and Prognostic Sphinx didn't make the cut for me because i wanted sweep safe finishers. neither Keranos, God of Storms, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker or Elspeth, Sun's Champion die to my own End Hostilities

Planeswalker Loyalty 4
Color(s) White
Cost 4WW
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 2.06
Avg. cube pick 1.6


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
MTGO Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora Mythic Rare
Theros Mythic Rare


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