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Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Planeswalker — Elspeth

+1: Put Three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield.

-3: Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater.

-7: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+2 and have flying."

Acquire Elspeth, Sun's Champion


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Elspeth, Sun's Champion Discussion

UpperDeckerTaco on 7 Upvotes for Who playtests ...

15 hours ago

So I playtested your deck. I ran it three times to get a feel for it to hopefully even improve my deck. Han Ensoulo.

Game 1: Ran it, and your deck was able to pull out some crazy control mumbo jumbo with Bile Blight , Banishing Light and Hero's Downfall getting rid of my threats and making sure that my Scuttling Doom Engine got exiled (granted I knew to play it that way because I know how my deck works). Your deck was able to drop 1 of each of those spells and a Master of the Feast and killed me by just attacking with me not having any creatures on board, and not having drawn any Stormbreath Dragon .

Game 2: Was a different story, because I was able to get my Ornithopter in play with an Ensoul Artifact on it by Turn 2 and just kept attacking and had managed 2 Swan Song in hand and actually had to use 1 to prevent you from Hero's Downfall my Ornithopter . You then had a 2/2 flyer to block with but I topdecked a Shrapnel Blast to win.

Game 3: This was crappy for both decks, both decks drew into land like crazy. I had to have my deck mulligan down to 5 and your down to 6. Then drew into nothing but land for 3 or 4 turns until one of our decks had something viable to play and by Turn 5 I had played a Scuttling Doom Engine with a Swan Song in hand. You were able to drop a Whip of Erebos and the following turn Elspeth, Sun's Champion . I had attacked once with my Scuttling Doom Engine but you gained most of it back with your tokens and then you ended up bestowing Herald of Torment on one of your tokens and started hitting me hard, in the meantime I had played Thassa, God of the Sea to help keep dealing damage, hoping for a good draw. You went to Banishing Light my Scuttling Doom Engine and I used Swan Song . You got the 2/2 flyer and were hitting me heavily. I used Anger of the Gods and got rid of all your tokens except the bestowed one. You kept gaining life from the whip, and I was able to drop a Keranos, God of Storms and Shrapnel Blast my Scuttling Doom Engine to finally bring you down to 3 life after I had attacked with Scuttling Doom Engine . Your turn, you went down to 2 life from the Herald of Torment , you dropped a Master of the Feast , and attacked again which gained you some life back, and I was down to 5 life. I was hoping to draw at least a Lightning Strike to do 3 from Keranos, and 3 from the Lightning Strike to win, but drew, scried, threw the land on bottom, drew again, and it was a land, drew the next card and it was an Anger of the Gods . Used the Anger of the Gods anyway, and your next turn, you attacked with Master of the Feast and the bestowed token, and won. The card I drew from Master of the Feast was a land, so that didn't help. It was a close one this game, and that Whip of Erebos helped you out tremendously.

sexytaco on Purphoros and Pals

15 hours ago

I feel like Launch the Fleet could be an interesting tech, however unless I have out Purphoros, God of the Forge the tokens won't be doing much. I would much rather use Elspeth, Sun's Champion however I like the way you are thinking and I will definitely consider it! :]

Aerokid on Heroic Enchantments

16 hours ago

I assume you mostly play casual and understand where you're coming from. Decks that play the same every time get boring to play with and against. From the standpoint of variety, you're pretty well set. This deck won't play the same way all the time, but with 4-of Spiritdancer, Eidolon, and Hero, you won't lack the power to win regardless.

I guess you could put 1 or 2 Oblivion Ring or Banishing Light in the main just to deal with noncreature threats. Also Elspeth, Sun's Champion can provide creature control or simply just flood the field with more tokens, and would be a decent 1-of. If you enjoy lots of tokens, Evangel of Heliod can be a great late game play.

irishwrath on junk deck (need help)

17 hours ago

SB Arbor Colossus . Save him for when you actually need his reach ability. What about Polukranos, World Eater instead? If you want to keep Liliana Vess in the main that's fine. If not, I'd definitely switch out Godsend for Chord of Calling so you can get Courser of Kruphix out on the board ASAP.

Back to Nature is an awesome SB card. I'd also suggest getting Reclamation Sage in there too. On my Jund deck I keep 2x Reclamation Sage 2x Back to Nature and 2x Destructive Revelry (Which you can't use) in my SB. They helped me wipe out 2 opponents this past FNM running mainly enchantments (Characters,etc). Just destroys a lot of the Nyx/Born decks.

If you're going to run Elspeth, Sun's Champion , have you thought about may'be a couple Launch the Fleet 's? It combo's like crazy with the tokens you'll be spamming.

One last thing. Play test Drown in Sorrow vs. Bile Blight You may find that when you use it you might not need you're Elvish Mystic 's at the time and it might be better for board wipe.

Just a few things to think about.

paper_wasp on Catapult Battalion

22 hours ago

Elspeth, Sun's Champion is way better at token generation. +1 gives 3 vs the 1 that Elspeth, Knight-Errant gives. Also, possibly Celestial Crusader , Coat of Arms , or Preeminent Captain ?

spyroswiz on 7 Upvotes for Who playtests ...

1 day ago

I playtest your deck against my Mono White Weenie. Match 1 your deck started pretty aggressive. I had some mana issues, stuck for a couple turns with 3 lands. Couldnt handle the pressure and a Brave the Elements for black finished the match. Match 2 was interesting. The sideboard was pretty impressive against aggro, especially Gray Merchant of Asphodel .The White deck started drawing lands, but was able to cope with the attacks. Then Master of the Feast come down. Combined with lifelink from Whip of Erebos AND Gray Merchant of Asphodel i took back lots of life and finally won the game. In match 3 I had some awkward draws. The White deck started aggresive. I drew Elspeth, Sun's Champion and 2 Whip of Erebos (the awkward part). Underworld Coinsmith took some life back with herald and master. Without drawing anymore lands the White deck with Hall of Triumph finished the game.

I would definitely change some things. First, elspeth is difficult to cast with only 23 lands and when we dont draw lands its a bad draw. I think 2 more instants removal such as Doom Blade and Ultimate Price . Finally, put some more cheap enchantments for Hero of Iroas and take out Indulgent Tormentor (same reason with elspeth,also dies to Lightning Strike and Bile Blight ).

Dalektable on Losing Friends On A Budget: TurboFog

1 day ago

Myogenesis You got the Ethereal Haze and Batwing Brume Interactions exactly right. An alt win con is an idea, though I'm pretty much okay with playing the long game with this deck. Inkmoth Nexus is an idea, but I think with the abundance of removal it would just die as soon as I activated it. Maybe an Elspeth, Sun's Champion in the side? I don't know, but I encourage you to test anything you wish and let me know how it goes. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$17.5 $21.95 $29.99 $42.1
Planeswalker Loyalty 4
Color(s) W
Cost 4WW
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 2.44
Avg. cube pick 1.64


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Mythic Rare