Alhammarret's Archive


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Mythic Rare

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Alhammarret's Archive

Legendary Artifact

If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

If you would draw a card except the first one you draw in each of your draw steps, draw two cards instead.

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Alhammarret's Archive Discussion

RingoDingo92 on Daretti, Some Assembly Required

23 hours ago

Gosse, I mean, nothing really comes to mind; you've definitely seen my list and line of thinking on Daretti enough to have a sense for what I play and why. I'm intrigued by your cut of Alhammarret's Archive, though, considering I love it. Why sack it, good sir?

Gosse on Daretti, Some Assembly Required

1 day ago

Hey guys hoping you could help me trim some fat off my list for some more useful or interesting things to playtest considered moving Alhammarret's Archive to try somthing else let me know if you see anything else you think I might be able to swap out!

RingoDingo92 Reverie42

Philoctetes on Licia, the Sanguine Storm

5 days ago

Hey there DrunkManSquakin666! Thanks for your suggestions, those are both really awesome cards in the right build!

Paradox Engine is I think a great idea, but would require a massive re-tooling of the ramp mana rock package. As of today, I'm not feeling in for that, but it could be that the ability to untap signets and wash our mana is good enough to try for it....

Null Profusion and Recycle are a couple of cards that have always caught my eye, I just have never been able to stomach the mana cost to put them in my decks. In a way, it acts like an improved Alhammarret's Archive on the turn we go off, though, so maybe it is worth considering! I'll have to think on it a little bit.

Gleeock on Sram, Senior EDH-ificer

6 days ago

Nah... You've got it about right. Anyway at around that CMC, if you're looking for additional card draw you use Alhammarret's Archive. Although I'm not a big fan of dead drop turns for more card draw

volttrememaster on Zedruu, Fun for everyone?

1 week ago

Hey there,

I see your average cmc is 2-4, playing 39 land might be a little much, you might want to switch to 37 instead. Celestial Dawn doesn't really do anything, for a 1 colour opponent you don't do anything and a 5 colour opponent you only help get his/her mana fix. Eye of the Storm, you only have 17 instants and sorceries considering you have played eye of the storm before you play any instants or sorceries you can cast 17 times the instants and sorceries under Eye of the Storm. Now imagine someone playing an izzet deck, that guy will go totally nuts by casting a ton of spells with Eye of the Storm and he will kill you with a whole lotta spells. Oblivion Ring and variants are great for zedruu, you exile something with Oblivion Ring and then you donate the Oblivion Ring. You gain life and cards and you have exiled something. Alhammarret's Archive will help you gain life and draw cards even more through zedruu. And a Laboratory Maniac as third win condition (next to Felidar Sovereign and Insurrection) can't hurt either.

MRDOOM3 on Oloro, Lifegain Winner

1 week ago

Aetherflux Reservoir serves as another nice wincon. If you want to put in the money, you also can toss in Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond for a nice "piss-off-your-friends-wincon". Celestial Convergence and Test of Endurance work as well.

If I were building Oloro, I would definitely put in some more pillowfort cards, because, face it, you're bound to get attacked sooner or later. Aurification, No Mercy, Koskun Falls, Windborn Muse, Propaganda, and maybe Sphere of Safety are all really good here.

I also would suggest more sweepers like Cyclonic Rift, Cataclysm, Mutilate, Tragic Arrogance, etc. to account for cards like Avacyn, Angel of Hope. But what do I know, maybe no one in your playgroup runs her.

I also would suggest cards like Boon Reflection, Rhox Faithmender, and Alhammarret's Archive to double Oloro output.

I am literally typing this right before class, so this, unfortunately, is all I can say for now. Hope my suggestions (or giant wall of text, whatever you want to call it) helped, and good luck with the deck.

enpc on shu non creature

1 week ago

You could increase the mana rock count and add Paradox Engine to compliment Jeskai Ascendancy. There's also Alhammarret's Archive which works well with your loot effects so that you net gain cards.

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