Alhammarret's Archive


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic Origins (ORI) Mythic Rare

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Alhammarret's Archive

Legendary Artifact

If you would gain life, you gain twice that much life instead.

If you would draw a card except the first one you draw in each of your draw steps, draw two cards instead.

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Alhammarret's Archive Discussion

PillzHere on Angel Tribal

1 week ago

dizzierabit I like the suggestion but it would require me to rework my mana base which I am probably already going to do but at the same time I would need to add quite a few basics which would make the ramps spells so much more important to hit. I have a friend in my meta who likes to counter ramp spells too so I think I will try playtesting this at the very least. Cloud Key I have found is really not needed and will probably be cut too. My meta which mainly consists of me and 3 friends are pretty predictable. No one cares about me until I have a threatening board state and my other friends like to play big creature decks and act like they have a big dick so I let them hash it out while I just sit and get strong. But, my biggest thing is I want flavor but I also need utility to play the flavor so I appreciate the advice and will see how it plays out.

Heliogabale She isn't legendary even though wizards have basically admitted that she should have been. Endless Horizons definitely seems like a high risk high reward card that I am interested in trying However, I dont think Exploration would affect it based on how Endless Horizons reads. I don't really want shapeshifters cause as I've said, I want to get as much flavor as possible rather than competitive plays. I have debated both Door of Destinies and Coat of Arms and I don't feel I really need them, they are for sure in my watchlist though because I havent had alot of testing. I also have a friend that plays tribal eldrazi and a fine tuned Ur-dragon deck so coat of arms is pretty much a no no. I feel 36 lands is enough too and I'm not sure what I would cut at this point to add more lands. I use Belbe's Portal rather than quicksilver and I dont want too much cheat because I got a fair bit of cast triggers that I dont get from just putting it into play. I agree to cutting Font of Mythos but with how much lifegain and draw I can get I really like Alhammarret's Archive. Oh and asuza is only for playtesting right now, I figured the one exception I can make to angels is humans but it's really just iffy right now.

Heliogabale on Angel Tribal

1 week ago


Why would Maelstrom Archangel be an illegal Commander? I don't see it on any official Banned list. Please tell me if I am missing something.

There is a lot to be said in favor of theme over cookiecutter; however you do need to enjoy the games, so a little efficiency is still required.

If you are looking for on-theme ramp, I suggest Endless Horizons. it would ensure you always have a second land for your Exploration or Burgeoning. I don't think ou will ever have enough cards for Azusa to have value; since she is not an Angel you may want to lose her.

Are Shapeshifter allowed, since they are considered Angels, like a Metallic Mimic? Adaptive Automaton is also an Angel and works in a similar fashion.

Tribal pieces that would add power to this deck include : Door of Destinies, Vanquisher's Banner and Coat of Arms.

I don't agree you need more than 36 lands, what you do need is ways to cheat your high CMC cards into play. Maybe a Quicksilver Amulet would be welcome here?

You can afford to cut Font of Mythos and Alhammarret's Archive.

Hope this helps!

enpc on Grandma's Odd Yennett

2 weeks ago

You have enough lands which enter untapped that you don't need Amulet of Vigor, especially if you cut Azorius Chancery for something like Adarkar Wastes or equivalent.

More ramp is always a good thing, cards like Chromatic Lantern, Darksteel Ingot, Magnifying Glass, Seer's Lantern are all good if you want odd costed rocks.

I don't think you need Alhammarret's Archive - you're better just focusing on raw card advantage rather than conditional advantage. Phyrexian Arena is an awesome source of more card advantage.

Also, Rout it probably one of the best wraths you can run. It feels much better than Fumigate.

roshendo1 on Oppa Enchantress Style!

3 weeks ago

What kind of deck is this? It seems pretty lackluster for an enchantress deck, and there are several cards in here that don't really work for the conventional enchantress strategy. I'm going to assume this is Voltron, given that most of the Tuvasa decks are. So, with the assumption of a Voltron deck I'll recommend things, and if that is not your goal, then let me know and i can adjust my recommendations. The general key to Tuvasa Voltron Enchantress is use enchantress effects to rip through your deck to get enchantments that you can cast to draw more enchantments. So for one, all the enchantresses: Argothian Enchantress Satyr Enchanter Verduran Enchantress Also, we can include effects that directly aid the voltron strategy such as Kor Spiritdancer Sram, Senior Edificer

So now looking at what doesn't super work with this strategy: Archetype of Imagination doesn't really work for this strategy. It's 6 CMC for a constellation trigger and "evasion" while many aura's do this but better. Aqueous Form does this in spades for 1, which is better for netting multiple enchantress triggers a turn. In fact a good number of the creature's here can be dropped, such as Arixmethes, Selkie, Daxos, Elderwood Scion, Omnivore, Slime, and Yavimaya Enchantress. Would probably replace these with enchantresses and a Laboratory Maniac

As far as instants, some other tutors would be good, as well as some tutors that can hit creatures so you can more consistently grab other enchantresses, so Worldly Tutor and Eladamri's Call both reasonably fill that niche. Some counter-magic to stop your opponents from resolving sweepers can also help, especially VS Cyclonic Rift and other such effects that can't be stopped via hexproof or indestructible. Of course, running sweepers of your own is also a good idea.

Skipping lands, cuz improving the landbase is a given, and money is hard.

I would highly recommend adding Estrid back to this. Mask Tokens are actually quite borked when they come down each turn, triggering constellation, pumping Tuvasa, and protecting permanents.

Your Sorceries are... fine. but I would recommend taking out stuff like Martial Coup and Rebirth for good ol fasioned WOG and Austere Command. Citywide Bust also seems good as pretty much none of your creatures fulfill that condition, and the ones that do can be protected or you can just allow to die.

As far as enchantments, pretty much all the mana amp aura's can be dropped. these were in the pre-con for Estrid, but you'd be better off running cantrip aura's in their place. Cantrip Aura's give you another draw, and are cheap, which means you can get through your deck faster. Dictate of Kruphix, Bounty of the Luxa, Ground Seal, Starfield, Ever-Watching Threshold, and Sigil can come out if you want to go full into the voltron strat, though out of those, Sigil can play into the strat.

As far as artifacts, you'll want more fast mana, and probably Alhammarret's Archive for enhancing your value from your draws.

DrukenReaps on Divine Decree

1 month ago

I'm going to be removing the 'lifegain' specific cards from this deck because I'm making a lifegain/token deck and I would like to make room for more 'bleed' and 'pillow' cards. So the following will come out to make room for some of the recent suggestions and other things I've been looking at:

Sanguine Bond, Vona, Butcher of Magan, Alhammarret's Archive, Words of Worship, Vizkopa Guildmage, Venser's Journal, Exquisite Blood, Aetherflux Reservoir

I'm not sure about all the additions as of yet so it might be awhile before this change happens.

Dawnbreaker7727 on Daxos EDH

1 month ago

Ok, first of i LOVE daxos

with that out of the way i really think that Sovereigns of Lost Alara can be an ok include.

to maximize that combat trigger i would dump the resonator and put in either Battle Mastery or Fireshrieker or Grappling Hook

daxos can gain you a lot of life so Alhammarret's Archive or Rhox Faithmender

and lastly, voltron commanders always need Rogue's Passage and Hero's Blade in my opinion

hope this helped!

generalrenard on Looking for a second opinion ...

1 month ago

Aetherflux Reservoir and Sentinel Tower are both very good win conditions, with reservoir being the better one, and Thought Reflection is very expensive gas. Even if you don’t need another win condition, I would consider Alhammarret's Archive since it does the same effects for cheaper. Overall, what you need to do is decide if you need a wincon or gas.

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