Isolated Chapel


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Event Deck Rare
Innistrad Rare

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Isolated Chapel


Isolated Chapel enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Plains or a Swamp.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Isolated Chapel Discussion

DubiousDanish on B/W warrior (<3 Black)

5 days ago

Good start Mulle. You need to switch it's tag from standard to anything else, if not all of the comments you get will be about that insignificant detail. As for your deck, it looks really fun and I really like the Warrior tribal theme.

Now for some suggestions: Oketra's Monument Cost reduction for white creatures and more warriors.----Brutal Hordechief You're playing aggro and his ability bypasses a board stall.----Devoted Crop-Mate Your opponent will need to stop this guy, reviving fallen warriors is always good.----Glory-Bound Initiate This guy hits hard when exerted, if he is unblocked it equates to an 8 point life swing. If he's blocked, you still gain 4 life on top of his combat damage.----Mardu Strike Leader He is a warrior who creates warriors, need I say more?----Obsidian Battle-Axe Every warrior that you get after this is on the battlefield can have +2/+1 and haste... yeah.----Metallic Mimic This wonder of Kaladeshi ingenuity is great in every tribal deck ever, literally!----Anguished Unmaking Exile anything you can target is worth 3 life more often than not.----Cremate If you are using Mardu Woe-Reaper because someone in your playgroup is playing a graveyard build, this card can replace that mechanic with a better upside. Draw a card > gain 1 life & any card > creature only.----Declaration in Stone Against builds running 4x copies or tokens this card does work. Trust me, it's worth considering.----Long Road Home A great way to protect one of your creatures, cast in respone to your opponent's spell and it comes back stronger.--Path to Exile This is a great way to exile for one mana. Though against certain decks letting your opponent fetch a land is bad. Worth consideration but requires evaluation utilizing information that I don't have.----Suffer the Past Another graveyard-hate card, but the upside to this one is that it can also finish off an opponent.----Swords to Plowshares One mana to exile, one mana. Even if they gain a few life this card is a staple in most white decks.----Utter End Another way to exile anything you can target. It costs one more mana than Anguished Unmaking but does not burn 3 life.----Adaptive Automaton Has been a staple of tribal decks for a long while, but is now competing with Metallic Mimic. The argument about which is the right choice is quite divisive. Mimic comes in earlier and permanently buffs each creature (of the chosen type) after it, whereas Automaton buffs everything (of the chosen type) as soon as it hits the battlefield. Your choice I guess.----Cover of Darkness In the right matchup this card reads "at the next damage step, you win the game", In other matchups it's terrible. I had to mention it since you're running a Black aggro deck.----Stoneforge Masterwork Deserves an honorable mention due to you running a tribal deck.----Mirage Mirror A recent card that I think could start to see play in decks looking for ways to use mana in the late game.

The cards that I would put on the chopping block first: Archfiend of Depravity It's a great card but does not contribute to the tribal theme.----Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip Sweet after flipped but difficult to flip without a sacrifice option.----Mardu Woe-Reaper Has some utility but there are much better options for those slots.----Scoured Barrens Enters tapped and gains one life could be upgraded with a number of other lands. (Isolated Chapel, Mana Confluence, Marsh Flats, Orzhov Basilica, Scrubland, and Tainted Field (If you decide to lean toward Black more) for instance)

That's all I've got for now, if you would like me to take another look later let me know. Good luck and happy hunting!

RazortoothMtg on casual torpor sundial

2 weeks ago

Add Hushwing Gryff if changing the manabase isn't too pricy. You can use checklands (Glacial Fortress, Isolated Chapel) as budget duals

NobleGhost117 on The Walking Deck (Dead)

2 weeks ago

I wanted to build zombies for the longest time, but looking at this deck I may just steal yours :)

Reminder that Isolated Chapel isn't standard, but Concealed Courtyard from Kaladesh is.

TheSpiritombEnthusiast on Liliana! Say you're sorry

2 weeks ago

I'd consider swapping Forsaken Sanctuary for Isolated Chapel. It's a bit more expensive, but if price isn't an issue I'd swap them.

BrandonJamesCAC on The Devil Wears Prada, God Wears Gucci

2 weeks ago

Hey there, I would just run 4 Castigate if you are wanting to use the 2 mana discard.

In the kindest terms, Transgress the Mind sucks.

Terashi's Grasp is also close to unplayable. Disenchant exists and it's instant.

They are good but not main deck, 2 in the sideboard is great though.

Mortify is not great. Anguished Unmaking Exists.

Read the Bones is not great Night's Whisper exists.

Child of Night - There are so many 2 mana cards in modern that are better.

Look to the Knights for budget stuff Knight of Meadowgrain or

Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim

Consul's Lieutenant - Double white for no benefit. Renown doesn't really work in modern.

The same 2 cards I listed above are strictly 200% better. I think they are both cheap $$.


Go Aristocrats.

Basic/Generic/Budget(ish) Build could like this

4x Concealed Courtyard

4x Isolated Chapel

8x Swamp

4x Plains

plus 2-4 other lands

4x Blood Artist

4x Zulaport Cutthroat

4x Bloodsoaked Champion / Viscera Seer

4x Lingering Souls

4x Cartel Aristocrat

2x Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim

2x Anguished Unmaking

3x Path to Exile / Fatal Push - Depending on budget.

Ummm... some sort of kill em all spells Killing Wave is my favorite.

Rally the Ancestors / Return to the Ranks

Lot of options in black and white.

Rurara_Rahura on Diplomatic Immunity

2 weeks ago

Yes, Providence does set your life total, but I held on with Angel's Grace. So I brought my life total up to 26 twice; once at the beginning of the game and once via playing the spell with 1 lifepoint remaining.

I don't like Path to Exile because it gives my opponent a land. Declaration in Stone can remove copies and in the event that my opponent gets to investigate they would have to spend mana to use their clues instead of casting spells.

Diabolic Tutor is there to grab one combo piece. In the majority of my games I can easily draw into two pieces if I don't start with them. The lands are split down the middle so I don't have to worry about not having black when I actually need it, and I can trade in my black sideboard cards without adjusting.

Isolated Chapel is a great substitution for Caves of Koilos. Lately I've been thinking of just adding two more Snow-Covered lands to replace them though. With a 50/50 land distribution playing a land that enters the battlefield tapped can be a big detriment when I'm hoping to end the game on turn 5.

MrSilk on Diplomatic Immunity

2 weeks ago

Rurara_Rahura Thanks for the explanation!

So I was just reading up on your competition notes:

"I held on in the third hand by having Providence in my opening hand and casting it on turn 7 after Angel's Grace saved me a turn. The Elves were fast and fierce but couldn't attack hard enough to overcome 52 lifepoints."

How did you get the 52 life points? Like I understand 26+26=52 (if you play two), but Providence makes your health 26 no matter what right?

Also, why 2x Declaration in Stone? Any particular reason? Why not Path to Exile when it's an instant and is only one mana. This deck is godlike.. The only apprehension I have with it is the mana demand of your primary cards and the possible need for more tutor or a cheaper tutor than Diabolic Tutor.

Do you think it would be fine for someone to add 2x Isolated Chapel to replace your 2x Caves of Koilos if they really aren't on a budget?

I know you're pretty much set on the deck and it's clearly kicking butt, I'm just picking your brain a little bit.. I'm more of a min-max deck builder guy. :-p


strembl7 on Oloro, ageless ascetic

2 weeks ago

Cut down to 37 lands:-1 Shambling Vent-1 Temple of the False God-1 Tainted Isle (often colorless - might as well run a good colorless land like Academy Ruins, or Volrath's Stronghold)+1 Exotic Orchard (might as well be an ABU dual)

Consider ditching the lands that look for 2 basics (such as Sunken Hollow) in favor of lands that look for basic land types (such as Isolated Chapel). You have so few basics to fuel them. You don't need fetch targets so badly that you need to run tapped lands. If you feel the need, the cycling lands are better in my opinion. They're not dead drops in the late game.

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