Progenitor Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Progenitor Mimic enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield except it gains "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this creature isn't a token, create a token that's a copy of this creature."

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Progenitor Mimic Discussion

Akkrand on Zada Storm Grinder

1 week ago

That is not correct. It may affect Zada when she is attacking (because she's the only creature you have attacking), but it does so without targeting Zada.

This is important, as Zada's triggered ability explicitly requires the spell to have a single target, and that target to be Zada. Gorilla War Cry satisfies neither of those requirements.

To have a target (as per Zada's triggered ability), the spell must literally say 'target'. GWC does not contain that word, therefore it does not target. Some spells can affect a single permanent or player without targeting anything, like Dromoka's Gift, as the rules for Bolster simply says 'choose a creature' - if Dromoka's Gift was a red spell, in a Zada deck, then if you cast it and were able to choose Zada to bolster, you would not copy the spell and bolster all of your creatures.

This is also how a Progenitor Mimic can enter the battlefield as a copy of Inkwell Leviathan even though Inkwell Leviathan has Shroud and so can't be the target of spells or abilities. Progenitor Mimic chooses a creature, and does not target it, therefore it can choose the IL, and Shroud does not prevent that.

Another example, a player (A) has Aegis of the Gods in play, and another player (B) has Saskia the Unyielding enter the battlefield - player B is free to choose player A for Saskia, since player A's hexproof does not prevent Saskia choosing him, as choosing is not targeting.

It's one of the quirks of the way targeting, hexproof, and shroud works. But back to my original point - Gorilla War Cry does not target anything, ergo it does not trigger Zada's ability, ergo you draw a single card.

LiquidMagic on [Primer] Riku Pod

1 week ago

Cards I'm not playing

Cards I want but cost money

Good cards that I've cut for better ones

  • Progenitor Mimic has been in and out of the deck a lot. I've found that Duplicant is usually better, since it's actually removal as well as a clone, at the same cmc.
  • Mimic Vat is strong, but not really on theme with the deck and didn't really fit anywhere once I broke the deck down into categories
  • Hull Breach is good enough that I'll probably end up playing it at some later point in time. 4 kills for 4 mana with Riku out.
  • Terastodon got cut for a Natural Order package. Ironically, the two would go really well together, but I've found that Avenger of Zendikar is good enough off of Natural Order.
  • Body Double was nice, since it's a clone that even worked on an empty board, and could also be Podded into to create two four drops to pull off a Kiki-Conscripts combo the next turn. It's not in the deck anymore because I needed to cut something and I figured there was a reason why Rise From the Grave wasn't seeing play.
  • Archaeomancer was great as another way to pull off infinite turns, but it's enough worse than Eternal Witness that it got the ax in the process of streamlining the deck.
  • Tolaria West is out because it's a tapland and none of my other lands are good enough that they're worth paying 3 mana for.
  • Strionic Resonator I've found to be a bit win-more, but it's still better than Parallel Lives because it doesn't just work with Riku
  • Sphinx of Uthuun would be played if I could Natural Order into it, but feels a lot weaker than my other curve-toppers when I'm paying full price for it
  • Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite were cut because I found I could make infinite creatures with Kiki-Jiki often enough with just Conscripts in the deck, and they're a lot worse on their own.
  • Holistic Wisdom as with a number of these cards, I've found that with this many tutors, it's better to have a more streamlined deck with diversified answers than duplication of effects. I can tutor for Eternal Witness, but not for this.
  • Palinchron was given up in a trade for a Snapcaster Mage, and, honestly, I don't miss it. It does make infinite mana and infinite Palinchrons with Riku and 9 starting mana, but with the deck in its current configuration, I can combo off earlier and equally consistently anyway.
  • Comet Storm was there just in case I wanted to kill in one turn with infinite mana, but I've found that's not worth a card slot once the deck as a whole got better.
  • Strip Mine is of better use in my Xenagos land destruction deck. Also, this deck is better off laying down threats than answering them, and would rather have a mana base that just lets us cast all of our spells when we want to.
  • Brainstorm was in when I had more fetches, but it's not as good now that the fetches are in Modern decks.*Recurring Insight draws a hell of a lot of cards, but also makes you tap a lot of mana without putting something on board. Card draw is good when you're behind because it lets you find something to bring the game back, but when you're behind and tap out to draw cards, your opponents kill you before you get to cast them.

Bad cards that I'm not playing

  • Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and Second Harvest are win-more. That is, they're do-nothing cards unless you're already winning, and thus end up losing you games when they just sit in your hand. Maybe they don't actually do nothing, but in the majority of games, you'd have been better off playing a creature of the same converted mana cost.
  • Time Stretch, Blatant Thievery, Clone Legion, Genesis Wave and the like are generally not what we're trying to do here. Sure, it's sweet if you pull off copying it, but you win if you copy enough cheaper spells anyway (as I've said, we're usually not losing after a copied Time Warp. We don't need Time Stretch). These are good control finishers, but Riku is a midrange/combo general.
  • Signets are worse than Farseek and friends because they're easier to remove. Green doesn't need signets.
  • Reiterate and the like: Riku already does this. They're not needed. Also, since they're so mana intensive, you tend to have hands with all Forks and no real spells to copy, since you cast all your other spells before you had mana available to Reverberate a spell.

Pour one out

filkinsmark on pillow draw

1 week ago

blackhawk22, I was thinking Pulsemage Advocate as a recursion spell- for bringing back your high-priority targets (things your opponents are going to remove as soon as they're able, such as Progenitor Mimic Avenger of Zendikar Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur etc.). I can see how the gods aren't your best choices. I recommended Lurking Predators because of the fact you have a ton of high cost creatures, but further than that- at the very least you're semi-scrying each turn, right?

filkinsmark on pillow draw

1 week ago

Some cards to consider, off of similar buildsBlunt the Assault, Treacherous Terrain, Manifold Insights, Ghirapur Orrery, Wild Evocation, Rite of the Raging Storm, Lurking Predators, Fevered Visions (This one is awesome), Helix Pinnacle would give you another win-condition, Pulsemage Advocate, Azor's Elocutors w/ Progenitor Mimic would be another win-con

simoneca on Kraj - test

2 weeks ago

Update #1:

To avoid infinite combos (banned in palygroup):

OUT: Krosan Restorer and Elvish Aberration

IN: Progenitor Mimic and Counterspell

Snap157 on All the Upkeeps. Ever.

3 weeks ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi Neat! Scute Mob was actually in the first draft of the deck, I ended up taking it out for the proliferate. Progenitor Mimic looks exnpensive but could be super handy. What would you take out for it?

seshiro_of_the_orochi on All the Upkeeps. Ever.

3 weeks ago

Progenitor Mimic to target Mykoloth, creating some saplings in response to getting multiple mykoloths every turn. Just saying. Also, and I know he's not a fungus, but Scute Mob wants to join you sooo hard.

TheDuggernaught on Mimeoplasm Budget/Casual

3 weeks ago

Granted my Mimeoplasm deck is much more combo oriented, some cards I have found to be super useful fir Mimeoplasm are Pathrazer of Ulamog, Mindshrieker, Consuming Aberration, Corpse Connoisseur, Havengul Lich, Sepulchral Primordial, Diluvian Primordial, Sphinx Ambassador, Compulsive Research, Thirst for Knowledge, Sultai Ascendancy, Dance of the Dead, Necromancy, Shadowborn Demon, Compulsion, Frantic Search, Forbidden Alchemy, Cyclonic Rift, Alchemist's Refuge, and Progenitor Mimic. Some of those aren't the cheapest things in the word, although I did try to exclude things that I think are a bit pricey. I guess it depends on your budget though. I have also had a lot of success with Worm Harvest.

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