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Progenitor Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Progenitor Mimic enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield except it gains "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this creature isn't a token, put a token onto the battlefield that's a copy of this creature."

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Progenitor Mimic Discussion

Atsuma on Jenara Control/Aggro

3 hours ago

my choices for what i would change card by card would probably be

remove Fierce Empath for Worldly Tutor

remove Stonecloaker for Venser, the Sojourner

remove Vanish into Memory for Blue Sun's Zenith

remove Momentous Fall for Garruk, Primal Hunter

remove Silverblade Paladin for Ajani, Caller of the Pride

remove Empyrial Archangel for Forbid

remove Body Double for Progenitor Mimic

nickiru on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

1 day ago

HAH, I like Shattering Spree .

I am a bit stubborn about Progenitor Mimic and Consuming Aberration . I will reduce them to 1 in my deck with aberration being sideboard. I want some flexibility when searching with Primal Command .

I do agree to rid of Nettlevine Blight . yah, it just, yah... put a lot of thought into it and ya...I agree...

I really like Batterskull and I will begin testing with it while adjusting my mana draw because I don't need black as much.

KingSorin on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

1 day ago

I second Batterskull as a win-con, and I'd say to cut Consuming Aberration , Nettlevine Blight and Progenitor Mimic . They're really unnecessary. You've already got plenty of ways to win, and those don't help you in the early-game. Your lands also look a lot neater. My favourite card for boarding against affinity has to be Shattering Spree . It's just really funny.

nickiru on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

1 day ago

hmmm, cool that you can make a copy of my deck and show me your ideas. That's great. I play tested it a about 20 times. That's my average test barrage.

It definitely has more beef to it. But its economics are kinda poor. About 1/4 hands I got were good, turn 2 lando. And a couple of those good hands had turns down the road that didn't do anything because I needed a color or something, or I kept drawing lands. It is weird I know, but I with this deck I have 16 lands and anymore is just to much. Since you went the route of not having as much expense I think you shiuld drop the land count to at most 16 lands.

Arbor Elf was actually more disruptive than constructive. I think keep the birds and add 2 Arbor Elf s. The way I got my enchant ramps and whatnot, it just didn't flow right. Maybe it would correct itself if there were more green lands?

I did like the extra Primal Command . However, I ran out of good stuff to search for. With only wurmcoil and a couple Deus of Calamity s, I searched for a goblin ruinbuster because I already had gone through all three big guns... Which by the way was nice but I got them out a little too late; even for this deck.

My natural tendency is to have good end game. I think at least 1 Progenitor Mimic is necessary.

Also, back to economics, all lands must have green. If you scan through the posts above you'll see my argument for the necessity for green all the time. (to ensure turn 2 lando utilizing green ramp, green is necessary.) first hand, I got Blood Crypt with mana ramp and was screwed. Though the odds are low of this happening, I don't think a RB card is necessary. Replace with RG or GB. There are other things but I know you didn't spend an hour on it fr perfection.

The focus on brute force was nice. I think a combination of power with light turn 2 lando would be good; as your deck variant did.

ideas, ideas... hmm goody...

nickiru on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

1 day ago

My logic with the big cost cards is:what else am I to do when I got 10 mana and am drawing only one card at a time. I want some big guns to pay for, that are better than a 4 cost twerp.That's is all. And really, they don't slow me down hardly at all. I get them out turn 5-7 average while my enemy has 1 or 2 lands and maybe a couple critters. My ramp cards not only allow turn 2 lando, but lando continually thereafter. When I say continually, I am not only implying drawing an Avalanche Riders and playing it turn 3, but having Progenitor Mimic or Nettlevine Blight annihilate their last few lands and creatures 'continually' until they are wiped completely and I come in for the kill. All the while bombing lands and storing cards in my hand because I have 1 LD a turn that I don't have to pay for. If I lose my continual lando, I'll have a couple cards stored by then to help transition into another continual land destroyer. [repeat function until target dead]

nickiru on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

1 day ago

In response to Tiktacy...

Wo there. Phyrexian Metamorph is one time use. I want continual land destruction with Progenitor Mimic . Because the enemy is crippled, using 1 or 2 lands, Progenitor Mimic comes out rather easy. Although turn 7 average, my enemy can't do anything about it other than Path to Exile it.

I am liking Cavern of Souls . Anti-counter, get the colors I want. Hmmm...

Abrupt Decay requires 2 mana. By the time they get lucky and get another mana, I can care less about my Birds of Paradise and Utopia Sprawl . The whole purpose of those guys are to enable turn 2 LD. After that, I really start using the lands and the birds often are meat shields.

I strongly disagree with Noble Hierarch . In what way is she better than Birds of Paradise ?!?!!My birds give me any color, noble gives me three, white I never use, and blue rarely. Her only superiority over the birds is that exalted ability. But I'm never gonna use that. (meat shield.) If she produced red than Hands down I would take her......

About Nettlevine Blight ? That thing is an equivalent to Progenitor Mimic . Blows up a land every turn, but rather than a token every turn, it can be put on critters after the enemy runs out of lands and plague his creatures; or visaversa if they want to spare their lands as much as possible which is typical. Which ever they put it on after I take out a land at the start of Nettlevine Blight is a win for me because the other option is creatures which leaves him open for my big dogs to come in and kill which takes out even more lands. Similarly, I can get Nettlevine Blight out with ease turn 6 or 7, as well as progenitor. Nettlevine Blight in some cases is better because I don't have to have a creature to copy. I just chuck it on the enemy and let it do its thing.

nickiru on None

2 days ago

Hmmm, well the purpose of Nettlevine Blight was continual lando as you probably already figured out. It is an equivalent to Progenitor Mimic in my deck as far as LD, it also takes out critters. Its purpose though also is for when I run out of 3 cost lando in my hand. It is for a smooth transition from running out of LD to one last LD card, Nettlevine Blight , that will forever plague them until they are dead broke while I prosper drawing more LD and creatures for killing. Then stuff like Consuming Aberration comes in for the kill.

Also Aberration allows another victory means, milling. I have had Platinum Emperion com out once when I lost control of an opponent. Still one by milling.

I do agree with the mana dorks. I probably will utilize more 1 cost green mana dorks. ...while disagreeing: I want to keep my end game items just in case I fail to bust their knee caps which happens as often as someone getting a bad hand. That way I can ramp to a land slaughterer and then they fall hard.

KingSorin on 2014-04-22 update of True Land ...

2 days ago

The problem with boom/bust is it doesn't work well with Utopia Sprawl . Nettlevine Blight is like Progenitor Mimic , it's a win-more. Most modern decks only run 22-ish lands, so blowing up 3 will generally seal the game. Also: the more colours you add, the more damage you will be taking from fetch lands, as if you need very on-colour plays such as turn 1 Birds of Paradise into turn 2 Molten Rain , that's at least 4 damage that you're taking to reliably get that play. Adding in a double-black requirement means you will need to devote slots to Overgrown Tomb s, Watery Grave s and Blood Crypt s, which will take away from the consistency of the deck. Why not just run Tamiyo, the Moon Sage if you want something to seal the game. It only costs 5, and can be used to stop already-present threats and also to lock down a land. It also can be used to re-fill your hand in a bad spot, and its emblem will mean with 1 land-killer you've essentially won. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$2.5 $3.84 $8.0 $16.8
Power / Toughness 0/0
Color(s) U, G
Cost 4GU
Converted cost 6
Avg. draft pick 5.36
Avg. cube pick 3.44


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Mythic Rare