Progenitor Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter

You may have Progenitor Mimic enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield except it gains "At the beginning of your upkeep, if this creature isn't a token, create a token that's a copy of this creature."

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Progenitor Mimic Discussion

Qolorful on Riku of Two Everythings

5 days ago

Well Sylvan primordial is actually illegal, though if you're just playing with friends who don't mind you can keep it. Also, you might enjoy Progenitor Mimic. It fits the theme well, and can get out of control really fast.

ownagefactory on Kruphix Tron

2 weeks ago

Mirrorpool with clone leigon/overwhelming stampede/rite of replication/tons of big dudes this could be a valuable card in the deck.

Tempt with Discovery in a 3+player game you can dig out all the tron (untapped by the way) with this one. Usually only works a few times before they catch on.

the deck seems weak to an air force. maybe Silklash Spider?

Constant Mists there are quite a few decks that have no way around it. You have some land search and Splendid Reclamation. That makes it seem like a good fit.

Hydra Broodmaster/Gelatinous Genesis are great mana dumps for all the mana kruphix can store.

Progenitor Mimic is a card.

Heroic Intervention is a good way to protect your board from mass removal.

TwoIdiots on Baby's First Multiplayer Cube (cards to include?)

3 weeks ago

CHANGELOG 02/05/17

Thought it would be good to show Simic some love to help define the archetype a bit. Thinking maybe ramp? Also added some stuff to make Selesnya tokens more viable. Thinking Embalm could be good here, as embalmed creatures are tokens.


IEatChildren on 9,000 STORM CROWS

3 weeks ago

Progenitor Mimic green splash? Cx

Kossie on Rashmi

3 weeks ago

Mogelijke leuke kaartjes:

Goodstuff?: Master Biomancer, Ezuri, Claw of Progress,Imperious Perfect, Reclamation Sage,

Ramp: Coiling Oracle, Wood Elves en Farhaven Elf

Mogelijk ook erg leuk, kloon effecten zoals deze: Clone , Progenitor Mimic

Je kan ook voor verdeding enzo counters spelen zoals: Counterspell

ArchangelAlchemist on Best Copy-cat colors

3 weeks ago

I would like to know whether you want steal effects or copy effects more. If steal you can use Marchesa in a steal and sac package because Marchesa keeps them on your side of the field or Sen Triplets as the ultimate thief commander.

If you just want to copy the best things, I still suggest Riku. Riku can only copy your things but your things are copying theirs. Diluvian Primordial and Knowledge Exploitation can be copied to give extra uses of your opponents things. In addition to all the mono-blue clones you also gain access to Altered Ego, Dack's Duplicate, and Progenitor Mimic. Also fun red spell copiers like Reverberate and Wild Ricochet

ChargingSnail on I'll Bring Some Combo (Suggestions Loved)

3 weeks ago

Hey, its me again. Been tinkering with your deck for a while now. Although your deck is awesome as it is, the whole infinite combo idea just does not work for me. I thought you might like the suggestions of Sen Triplets and Progenitor Mimic. I know they have their downsides (triplets cant be copied by kiki and you get nothing out of blinking it, progenitor can only me tutored my primal command), but they just open so many possibilities... Maybe their place is in another kind of "bring to light" deck. All i know is they seem really cool and i wanted to share them with you.

P.s.: Nice improvement on the description!

Raging_Squiggle on Best Copy-cat colors

3 weeks ago

So, on to my next, semi-casual EDH deck. I've had it on the back burner for quite some time now, and I've decided to try my hand at creating a clone deck with a subtheme of stealing or reanimating.

The reason for this deck's creation is I occasionally get complaints from people not liking my decks or it's too mean. This deck will only be as good as my opponent's, so if they complain, they end up inadvertently bashing their own deck building skills. (Lol).

Anyway! I have a couple ideas in mind, and I'd like to know what you all think!

  1. Lazav, Dimir Mastermind (Non mill)
    I used to have a mill Lazav deck. But that wasn't very fun in the long term. 2 Colors, less ability for reactions, but more consistent. Only has to see the creature enter the graveyard from anywhere. Copies, doesn't steal. 4 Mana. Hexproof.

  2. The Mimeoplasm
    I have most of the land base for BUG, as I used to run Damia. Adds green for ramp and Progenitor Mimic and Altered Ego. Adds reanimator cards like Meren of Clan Nel Toth. Provides reaction cards for artifacts and enchantments. But is more expensive to cast, and requires 2 creatures in graveyards to interact with.

  3. Merieke Ri Berit & Rubinia Soulsinger
    I haven't played with these before, so I don't know how I would like them. They have decent abilities, however each one either lacks a good color for thieving/copying, or has a color that is not suited for the theme.

  4. Sakashima the Impostor
    I have probably 3 mono-U decks, so a fourth isn't too appealing to me. On top of that, it loses both black and green, making me resort to more preemptive responses to threats, making me run more counterspells. Which at that point ends up being my Baral, Chief of Compliance deck. But if someone can make a good argument for this one, i'll take it into consideration.

  5. Marchesa, the Black Rose
    Trading Green for Red, or just adding Red, has come across my mind before. It allows for Dack's Duplicant, and more steal effects. However, I feel like this deck would turn into a combo deck at some point with Marchesa, which I'm not intending to do here.

Anyway! I'd love to hear your thoughts! As a side tangent, but still relevant, if there are commanders in some combinations of these colors, while not sticking to the theme of copy/steal, that you think would be good to use, let me know!

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