Kambal, Consul of Allocation


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Rare

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Kambal, Consul of Allocation

Legendary Creature — Human Advisor

Whenever an opponent casts a non creature spell, that player loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.

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Kambal, Consul of Allocation Discussion

MonochromeDisco on B/W Artifacts

1 day ago

Siding against control would probably be something like this:

-3 Hope of Ghirapur/Watchers of the Dead depending on whether they use their grave more or just spell sling.

+3 Kambal, Consul of Allocation

-4 Essence Extraction

+4 Lay Bare the Heart

If they have a specific combo that doesn't rely on an artifact:

-2 Hidden Stockpile

+2 Lost Legacy

I'm thinking that the deck might want to side Dispossess to handle tower of power to strip Dynavolt Tower or Torrential Gearhulk. Would probably go down to 2 Fragmentize and remove that slot filling Watchers of the Dead for them. You'd be at a bit more of a risk vs vehicles, but you could just as easily side in the Dusks and blow up their Heart of Kiran

Nephylos on Passive Aggressive Vampires ($20)

2 days ago

I am considering running a few Kambal, Consul of Allocation and a few other tweaks before I give up completely. He's not an ally, but he is just as effective because he punishes your opponents for doing anything besides casting creatures. If you have a Zulaport Cutthroat along with him and your opponent wants to kill something, a 6 point life swing is a heavy price to pay to kill one creature. Declaration in Stone really hoses this deck if they target your Kalastria Healers, but learning to use your Ally Encampments wisely can get around this.

I am not a big fan of Chaplain's Blessing, because even with a Cliffhaven Vampire, you're only dealing one damage to your opponent. You gain 5 life, sure, but gaining life doesn't win you the game. I'd rather play a card that does more than prolong the inevitable and maybe slap my opponent on the wrist IF there's a Cliffhaven Vampire in play, but that's just me. Seems like having a card that does something to my opponent is better, such as Battle at the Bridge. I do like Expedition Envoy over Ondu Cleric early game, but I cut Cleric for something else, so it doesn't apply in my case.

Thephelddagrif on Queen Marchesa<$100

4 days ago

Thanks for the +1s, and thanks for the suggestions RUST-O! I already have Thalia, Heretic Cathar in the deck- it works wonderfully with the theme. Gonti, Lord of Luxury isn't what I want to be doing. However, I will certainly test out Kambal, Consul of Allocation- I like the taxing effect he provides.

RUST-O on Queen Marchesa<$100

4 days ago

Love this. +1

Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Kambal, Consul of Allocation, & Gonti, Lord of Luxury would all fit nicely here.

Foutch16 on Gain life/lose life

6 days ago

When you go up against control decks then you should board out Trespasser's Curse for Kambal, Consul of Allocation

Foutch16 on Gain life/lose life

6 days ago

Put Kambal, Consul of Allocation in the side board and take a copy of Accursed Witch  Flip out to run x4 Blessed Alliance

Master_Of_Obscure_Blue_Spells on Zurgo Board Control Hatebears Help

1 week ago

I wrote I long winded, detailed list of what I wanted, but it didn't get through somehow, so I'll try again. I'm playing Zurgo Voltron. I need some hatebears/restrictive artifacts & enchantments that are effective but not too deck specific. I already have New Thalia, The Torpor Bird,Kambal, Consul of Allocation and a few others. I am trying to aqquire a Torpor Orb and Grand Abolisher, and maybe Rest in Piece. Anything that makes it hard for my opponent to play magic so that I can get an eventual kill with Zurgo Helmsmasher . Keep in mind that the deck is running 3-5 graveyard matters cards, whic can be removed if need be. Please leave suggestions.



Gadianten on Divine Machinations (Cleric Tribal)

1 week ago

Thank you for the input NV_1980 for your input. Your observation about Eight-and-a-Half-Tails cost is accurate and his casting cost can be a hamper at times as I want to cast my creatures rapidly, although I have been tempted to add him for spot removal denial and ensuring evasion of blockers for end game plays and card draw using my commander. Previously, if I am honest his lack of the human sub type has generally kept him out of the deck but I guess all I really need are the combo pieces to be human so I will see if I can find a spot for him.

Frontline Medic has been in and out of the deck several times; it was cut last time for lower CMC clerics to help speed up the deck for powering up the main combo, oddly enough I have found that X spells are not what get you in my meta or even generally inconvenience you. I have toyed with putting him back in and if I do I will probably replace one of the more expensive token generators with him.

There is only one reason Kambal, Consul of Allocation has not found a spot in the deck and that is his lack of the cleric sub type. It makes me very sad that some of the best Orzhov creatures are not clerics as he would be primed to be a star in the deck otherwise; as it stands he is not a cleric and does not support the main combo or interact with the tribe like most of my non cleric creatures do.

Thank you again for the input and suggestions.

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