Soul of New Phyrexia


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Mythic Rare
Magic 2015 Mythic Rare

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Soul of New Phyrexia

Artifact Creature — Avatar


: Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

, Exile Soul of New Phyrexia from your graveyard: Permanents you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

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Soul of New Phyrexia Discussion

Steelspike on Need help on protection from ...

18 hours ago

Sadistic Sacrament. Just get rid of the offending cards before they can be played.

Renegade's Getaway. Save at least one.

Soul of New Phyrexia. I know it's a pain in the ass to leave 6 mana open all the time, but might be worth it to protect from nukes.

I really can't think of any more. Sorry.

Starsky2814 on Michael Bay presents... Omnath: Age of Explosions

2 days ago

Oak_Guy, great recommendations! I like Chandra, Flamecaller, but I decided to go with Nissa, Vital Force, when I was deciding on a planeswalker. Once I filter through the under performing cards in my play throughs, she'll probably get a spot. I like Skullmulcher a lot, I'm just not a fan of not being able to abuse the ability. I'll add it to the maybe board. Vigor is interesting, I'll do some play testing with it.

PANDASrevenge, thanks for checking out my deck, I really appreciate it! Soul of New Phyrexia has me intrigued, but in this deck, board wipes are usually a good thing. I get to dish out bolts from all of the elementals, if Omnath is in play. I'll do some research on it and see if it has a better use than what meets the eye.

andypants040, I do feel like I need more synergy with Titania, Protector of Argoth outside of fetch lands. I've almost considered cutting her because I've felt like she has been under performing in this deck. Your suggestions can totally change that, thank you! I'll have to do some play testing and see how beneficial having more synergy with her will be.

Chandrian on Wrath.Deck

2 days ago

I'd recommend Caged Sun for going up in mana faster, it also boosts the stats of the color you'd choose.

If you want to save your stuff from not being destroyed when you go for a boardwipe, I'd suggest Soul of New Phyrexia.

I was busy commenting on other decks, so you slipped in front of me in the commander deck help thread, so I came back to put this right :)

Nice deck though, +1 from me.

Pal00ka on Wanderlust

3 days ago

Why Embodiment of Spring? Sakura-Tribe Elder is better. Same with Birds of Paradise instead of Rattleclaw Mystic.

Atarka, World Render is fun but you only have 3 dragons. More (immediate) impactful drops in the 7 slot could be Avenger of Zendikar or Hornet Queen.

Panharmonicon would be bonkers in here.

Shamanic Revelation, Elemental Bond, and Mouth are great mass draw spells that complement what you are doing.

Soul of New Phyrexia plays well with most of your guys being big and combos nicely with Boompile for a one-sided board wipe.

Archetype of Endurance goes nicely wth cascade and protects your team. Same with Asceticism to a degree.

Eldritch Evolution could pair well mid/late game on a mana-dork to snag Reclamation Sage, etc. for a nice toolbox effect.

PookandPie on Budget Breya: Need help cutting!!!

1 week ago

You said you wanted to cut 7 cards, so here are my suggestions:

Hellkite Igniter is expensive and pretty terrible. 7 mana should do more than just get +10/+0 for 1R, and it doesn't even have the capacity to kill someone unless you have tons of open red mana.

Silas Renn- you have enough recursion, and his, being limited to combat damage, is the worst of these abilities you run.

Sharuum- You don't run Phyrexian Metamorph or Sculpting Steel to go infinite with it, so it's just a 6 mana recursion effect. You can do better than that, especially since you're not even running Master Transmuter to get the effect without having a 2-3 card board setup just to re-use Sharuum's effect efficiently.

Filigree Angel- Lifegain isn't worth 8 mana. Master Transmuter and other cards may make high cost cards like this one worthwhile, but you're not running that card, so Angel is an 8 mana do nothing card. If you have 8 mana to gain life, then you should have 8 mana to try and win the game, not just prolong it.

Scuttling Doom Engine really isn't great. 6 damage can be superseded by other things pretty easily.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar- producing some tokens is nice, but they're harder for this deck to recur and their pay 2R: Deal 2 damage isn't exactly great.

Servo Schematic - I don't think this card does enough to warrant taking up a slot in the deck. It doesn't replace itself like Ichor Wellspring does, and making 2 tokens is pretty worthless in comparison to drawing 2 cards, especially considering there are better token generating engines than this card. The opportunity cost (letting this card occupy a slot in the 99 over a better card) doesn't seem worthwhile to me.

Card suggestions:

Vedalken Archmage- Not an expensive card, and most of your deck consists of artifacts which means this is an overcosted Glimpse of Nature at almost all times. Seems great here and it's not expensive either.

Thopter Assembly is a better token producer than half of the token producers you run in the deck.

Soul of New Phyrexia doesn't seem awful here.

Noxious Gearhulk seems like a perfect fit, since you can destroy opponent's creatures and then bring it back for more.

Anointed Procession seems reasonable given your deck's ability to create tokens for win conditions.

brianguy132 on Ghave - Powerful Unlimited Budget Token Deck

2 weeks ago

carpecanum You bring up a great point with losing all tokens from Cauldron of Souls and Mikaeus, the Unhallowed. I tried changing out Cauldron of Souls with Soul of New Phyrexia as I am hoping to be able to use the ability more than once and I am hoping to have the spare mana using the mana doublers. I also liked that they were a creature to help my card draw that focuses on creatures (this may be a mistake as creatures are less durable). I am still trying to find the balance with enough life gain and protection cards.

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