Noxious Revival


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Uncommon

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Noxious Revival


Put target card from a graveyard on top of its owner's library.

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Noxious Revival Discussion

Juha on Aggro and Discard served with Card Draw

2 weeks ago

sunshine1223; Agreed. I also added 2x Noxious Revival to give the deck more "speed".

Mr.Mirage on Modern Miracles: Ebb & Flow

2 weeks ago

My this deck has been busy since I've been away.

So I've tested See Beyond. 1. It's Sorcery. 2. I don't want to lose my Miracles to my deck, not knowing where they are.

Geier Reach Sanitarium does an excellent job at dumping my miracles where I can use them at any time when I draw in to a Noxious Revival

I may think about Hinterland Harbor. One of the many things I struggled with was what to do about the variety of decks I'd face game 1. It's a lot easier playing less of one card and more of cards I that could reuse the "less of one card". Meaning Snaps and Noxious as well as Narset Transcendent. Commandeer is a fun card, not really competitive. Any who thanks for the suggestions and I'll be looking to tweaking the card counts soon after a tournament or two.

Qumps on Atraxa Planeswalker WIP

2 weeks ago

Noxious Revival, my friend. Better with more card draw, but still cheap to cast.

Pandaka on Crazy Deck

2 weeks ago

Your deck needs a Noxious Revival instead of reclaim because if you use reclaim you lose a turn of Constant Mists. Also you only need 2 because you only need to use it twice during the whole game if you go second, but you only need 1 if you go first.

AlexRuzhyo on Sidisi's Legion

2 weeks ago

While signets are good, you'd consider mana dorks over rocks. Sidisi triggers, cheaper to cast, ect.

You have a lot of ways to trigger Sidisi, which while not bad, means you're relying a ton on her. You may lack interaction or not do much besides trigger her. I'd look to try the deck with a couple less interactions or a way to put your graveyard back into the deck. Things like Stinkweed Imp, with dredge 5, can add up pretty quickly.

Rooftop Storm + Gisa and Geralf

Satyr Wayfinder, Commune with the Gods are cheap inclusions.

Skullwinder -> Revive, cheaper and assyemtrical. Non creature body tho.

Noxious Revival is pretty handy.

I think Rot Farm Skeleton is too expensive compared to your other options.

Animate Dead, easier to cast and less conditional than Stitch Together, also allows you to pull from someone else's yard.

Life/Death, Exhume are also reanimation options.

Ashnod's Altar is good ramp with zombie tokens.

You may appreciate some draw sources. Phyrexian Arena, Dig Through Time, Treasure Cruise, and that whole lot.

Heretic_Dragoon on Esper Gifts (Thopter Copter Norn)

3 weeks ago

To answer as best I can, gifts has a couple variants, but each are a mix of a control/combo deck. You normally wanna grind out until you can cast gifts, or naturally draw what you need. It's a tool box style of deck, and normally you want to run mostly one-ofs of similar effects to grab for gifts. I also have been running 2-3 snaps, but have cut down to one(The norm for most gift decks depending) as to experiment with different cards. As for gifts piles, that entirely depends on the match, for your combos, you can just grab Unburial Rites and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite(Or whatever other fatty), the thopter/sword combo and a way to recur it; Academy Ruins,Noxious Revival etc etc. Even just grabbing a removal package, gifts gives you the advantage of information and making your opponent pick their poison, cause it's UP TO, you don't have to grab 4 options. Any other questions?

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

3 weeks ago

SwaggyMcSwagglepants yes it does (Thing in the Ice  Flip bounces Death's Shadow). its an avatar, not a horror. yea, i thought so too for a long time. Why, you ask? Not sure ;).

But honestly, I've been testing Suicide Blue a bit, and Fatal Push is just too good against that deck. The card straight out makes Thing in the Ice  Flip super risky to play.

However, I haven't yet combined shadow with thing. That might actually work. Thing in the Ice  Flip, Death's Shadow, Noxious Revival, Monastery Swiftspear, Manamorphose, Mutagenic Growth, 1-of Bedlam Reveler, a bunch of cantrips and you're ago.

Thing in the Ice  Flip would be replacing Gurmag Angler, and you're ago.

The problem i see is that because of TiTis enabler requirements, it would be an aggro/tempo deck, not a midrange one, like all the shadow lists out there, which is, well, probably a considerable disadvantage because discard is one of the reasons Death's Shadow decks are so hard to hate on.

Does anybody think Thing in the Ice  Flip could work together with Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek? seems super counter intuitive since you cast those BEFORE your threat, but what do i know...

Darthseniar92 on Suck on my Thing!

4 weeks ago

Oh shit, I did not realize that about Mental Misstep, and there's actually 4 copies of Disallow in the main board. Figured it wouldn't hurt to double up. Definitely gonna add Noxious Revival though.

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