Noxious Revival


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Noxious Revival


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Put target card from a graveyard on top of its owner's library.

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Noxious Revival Discussion

molok on Arclight Izzet - Decklist and In-Depth Primer

3 days ago

FranzW1990 Gut Shot does seem like a neat idea, but I'm not sure that 1 damage kills enough stuff we care about. I've seen other lists that use Noxious Revival as another free spell, or alternately extra burn with Burst Lightning and I'd probably be trying out copies of those before Gut Shot.

Spazik008 thank you for the suggestions.

Blood Moon I don't think is a good fit for this archetype because

  • The manabase doesn't support it - we'd need more basic islands and fetchlands to go find them, when most of our spells are heavily red

  • it doesn't do that much - Blood Moon in general doesn't feel all that strong to me because it's so easy to play around, and which would you rather be doing on Turn 3- gumming up their mana a little, or attacking for 10+ damage? T3 is the critical turn to flip TiTi and recur Arclight Phoenix and I don't want clunky spells.

The Madcap + Emperion combo is pretty interesting and I could maybe see it as a sideboard "gotcha" plan. However I don't think it belongs in the main. Emperion is non-bo with TiTi and it's not like they're going to board out all their removal against us... If someone would care to do testing with this and report back results I'd be interested to see it, but my intuition is that it waters down the main gameplan too much to use.

CyberLynx07 on Spicy Jeela

1 week ago

Hey, this looks like a solid list so far, I like it, but there are a few things I highly recommend to make it much faster and more consistent

First off, I would highly recommend more card draw. I see you have some, but it could definitely use at least Rhystic Study and Sylvan Library. Those are possibly the best card draw engines in the format. Skullclamp also looks amazing in this deck.

Secondly, some more mana acceleration would greatly help the speed of the deck. I would recommend at the very least Birds of Paradise, Noble Hierarch, Bloom Tender, Mana Crypt, and Deathrite Shaman. Commander's Sphere, Thran Dynamo, Mana Vault, and Gilded Lotus also wouldn't hurt, but they aren't as essential.

I know they're not warriors and might seem kinda boring, but they are crucial to a successful deck. I would also recommend cutting the lands the enter the battlefield tapped in favor of all the fetchlands and original duals if you can afford them or can proxy them. Considering this optimized landbase, Farseek, Nature's Lore, and Skyshroud Claim all become viable options if you need them since they hit shocklands and the og duals as opposed to Cultivate and Harvest Season (though I don't think you really will need them).

As for cuts, at first glance, Archetype of Aggression doesn't seem overly strong considering the bulk of most of your creatures. Combat Celebrant seems redundant with Najeela, and Thrilling Encore is probably just better than Garna, the Bloodflame, but you might need to maintain your warrior count, you've done more testing than I with this deck, so that's up to you. Aggravated Assault seems unnecessary for the same reason as celebrant, but it's not even a warrior. Wretched Confluence is actually surprisingly weak, I'd recommend cutting that. Chance for Glory isn't really the greatest; it does nothing the vast majority of the game, sometimes all of the game. You're in blue, just run Time Warp if you want an extra turn. Kolaghan's Command is dissapointing in edh as compared to modern. If you're looking for something that hits multiple targets, you can run Decimate and Curtains' Call. I'd also recommend Austere Command for this. Noxious Revival seems kinda unnecessary for this kind of deck, but it's fine.

A few random suggestions to end off, I'd recommend at least having one or two emergency counterspells like Pact of Negation, Negate, and/or Disallow/Counterspell. I would also highly recommend a Craterhoof Behemoth. That thing slaughters people. Eldrazi Monument also seems great in this deck due to all the tokens you're generating.

Sorry, I know that's a lot more suggestions for additions than cuts, but that speaks to the power of the list you already have here. It's kinda tricky balancing the warrior count with other "better" options. Trust me, I played a Gishath, Sun's Avatar deck back when he was released, and keeping dino numbers high while trying to run as many cards that are just better was rough, but it can be done. Keep at it!

Rhadamanthus on can i draw the noxious ...

1 week ago

Yes, there's a way to make that work:

  • Activate the mana ability of Chromatic Star
  • The Star's triggered ability is put onto the stack
  • Respond by casting Noxious Revival (since it's an instant), using the currently in your mana pool
  • If there are no more responses, Revival resolves and puts a card on top
  • If there are no more responses, the Star trigger resolves and you draw the card

Note that this doesn't work with Chromatic Sphere, since with the Sphere you draw the card as part of the mana ability resolving.

mathijsderouck on can i draw the noxious ...

1 week ago

Hi, if i make a green mana with Chromatic Star to cast Noxious Revival. Is it still possible to draw the card i put on top of my library using the draw-effect of the Chromatic Star?

generalrenard on Timetwister loops

2 weeks ago

I know Timetwister loops need like a Noxious Revival or a Memory's Journey and an infinite draw engine, but what do you do from there besides Swan Song? Also what types of cEDH decks would want to use them?

Brian.whitney1126 on competitive alternate infect

3 weeks ago

star performer Noxious Revival -lets you return a fetch if you're low on lands -returns protection if you run out -returns your last pump spell if you don't have enough -can block the opponent on the"last" turn by putting a useless card on the top of their deck -lets you play an "extra" copy of one of your sideboard cards

KillTheIslandUser on Sisay and her Merry Band of Legends

1 month ago

Remove the scry land and get horizons canopy, put some more recursion in here... like Noxious Revival type cards. Removal in the deck needs to be better streamlined.... like get rid of return to dust...just put in Nature's Claim. You should also be running literally the best removal in the game in green color.. Beast Within. You have no way to deal with their lands.... and that will give you flexibility to do so... or other stuff. You might want to honestly play Seasons Past in this deck. Late game especially it will do more for you to get back some stuff. Yes I know you run bow... but that isn't enough.

Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper is literally a worse Ancient Tomb in every possible way... it's also dmg... versus paying the cost of life. That does matter in some situations. While we are on the topic of lands... get rid of riftstone portal... you shouldn't ever be having issues getting the land needed for what you do need. Yes I know it lets your fetch lands tap for green or white.... but just get a Strip Mine or Wasteland

You can remove lotus petal as you aren't a fast combo deck... it's unnecessary.... also remove mirari... you again aren't a combo deck... and even combo decks aren't using it. It's more of a good value feel card.. and you only have 9 cards that can use it... it's a wasted slot beyond necessary. You can put something else in there of value...maybe more good ramp? maybe... the Chord of Calling... which should be in here. You should probably have Crop Rotation in here... you have 2 very powerful lands in here that I'm sure you want out. Just because you have sisay doesn't mean you can't have other good tutors. Gaea's is a good sisay tutor... but why do that... when you can get rid of a fetch land that you don't need to fetch any more stuff... and get gaeas with it.

These are just a few things too look at. You have a lot of things that don't belong in here, or stuff that literally is just better to replace it. You can generally tell if a deck is optimized by looking at certain card choices. If it is because of money... then fine I get it, but most of these cards I mentioned are not expensive.

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