Noxious Revival


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Noxious Revival


Put target card from a graveyard on top of its owner's library.

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Noxious Revival Discussion

taq on Neo Bloo (Noxious/Scour Package)

1 day ago

Tethys, I really like this deck concept, and have created something very similar. I struggle with it though against pretty much any other deck.

I think one issue I have is that I don't have the expensive land cards, so I find myself all too often paying for Mutagenic Growth or Noxious Revival with life. My opponent can just defend and watch me kill myself (thus the "suicide" in the title, I assume). Manamorphose helps, but seems to never be in hand when I need it most.

I find myself up against cards that wipe out my creatures (there's one that deals 2 damage to each non-pirate, for example). Then I draw cards that are useless since I have no creatures to cast them on.

Have you encountered this, and do you have any recommendations on what to swap out? Is it possible to make a deck like this work with primarily basic lands?

enpc on Angel's Grace, Backup Win Conditions ...

1 week ago

As the thread name eludes to, I am considering adding Angel's Grace to my Thrasios and Tymna deck, Triton Weaver. This is primarily to do work with Ad Nauseam.

I am also looking at my backup win condition package. Currently it is using Noxious Revival and Memory's Journey to loop Reality Shift to exile each opponent's library. However I recently added Thought Scour to the deck which I can use in place of Reality Shift, as well as looping Swan Song for infinite birbs.

So the question is this: should I cut Reality Shift for Angel's Grace? Is there another card I should cut for it? Is it actually worth running?

The other thing is that I am looking for feedback about the combo package/deck in general. I know I'm missing Imperial Seal, Arid Mesa, a few of the ABURs and Timetwister.

Timetwister is currently placeholdered by Day's Undoing - we house rule undoing to be twister in comp games as none of us want to drop over a grand for a single card.

Thanks in advance.

CivilizedSin on Superstition, Fear, & Jealousy | Sidisi EDH

2 weeks ago

Hey, thanks for the recommendations! It's definitely crossed my mind, but I'm unsure of what I'd want to take out for it. I see the potential for the zombie chains it could cause, but as a 4-mana non-creature that doesn't do anything on it's own, I haven't found something I've been willing to pull out for it yet- what would you pull out in my place?

Currently, I haven't! There's very little graveyard hate in my current meta (I'm hoping my deck forces them to change that). Riftsweeper lived in the deck for a time, but was more of an answer to things like Swords to Plowshares than graveyard hate. The cards that truly threaten my graveyard are the ones that go off immediately, such as Tormod's Crypt. The benefit here is that the majority of the time, these are one-off effects. As I'm not playing combo, no individual card is worth enough for me to worry about losing, even if I am losing 10-20 cards from the graveyard at a time. The cards that I typically have to worry about are those with a persistent PASSIVE effects, such as Anafenza, the Foremost, Rest in Peace, etc.. Since I have a modicum of control over WHEN I'm self-milling, I'd rather use the precious card slots in the deck to provide answers to the persistent effects (supplied in the form of Go for the Throat for creatures, and Krosan Grip for non-creatures, among others). The additional point to this is that the cards I'm currently using have alternative instances in which they're useful as well, which I believe outweigh the general benefit of cards like Repopulate, or even the speedy Noxious Revival.

TL;DR is that I'd rather be reactively dealing with the card that's causing the problem permanently, instead of temporarily mitigating it's effect, if that makes any sense at all.

I definitely appreciate the thought though, and welcome any counter-argument you might have for the above!

SeekerofSecrets on Valued Momentum

2 weeks ago

TheAlexGnan thanks for the response! During the late game i do really wish i had a snap and cryptic in hand but I've attempted to mitigate that by going bigger then most decks as well including a few more hard counters

Reveler and counters don't feel amazing but I've tried to smooth that out with Noxious Revival(which feels amazing to me in this list)

Field of Ruin actually makes the tron match up bearable but I'm really hoping that the reprint of Blood Moon will drop it inside my price range. If not i might need to include some more aggressive cards in my side board for decks like eldrazi tron

RightyLefty on Izzet da turn 3 win? More $

2 weeks ago

Manamorphose is invaluable as a 4 of in this deck. Its essentially a free +3/+0 and fixes your mana, can even prevent you from taking Mutagenic Growth or Apostles Blessing damage. In general with this deck your going to want all the cantrips you can get as you will be burning through cards very quickly. For this reason I would suggest Slip Through Space over Distortion Strike and 2 Bedlam Reveler over 2 of your Nivix Cyclops. Also for this reason I would suggest Serum Visions over Mystic Speculation. For the sideboard I would cut Cryptic Serpent (Bedlam Reveler is better for this deck) and Guttersnipe (too slow for what you want this deck to be doing). In their place I would suggest 4 Noxious Revival to get back your creatures if they are killed or spells to pump them again.

TheHelvault on UW Mentor (Primer)

2 weeks ago

Hey thanks for the feedback!

I think I'll meet you halfway on the Brave the Elements subject, because I often don't have the right mana open to dedicate white to casting it, however this is a great sideboard against red decks that side in Anger of the Gods. So I think I'll come halfway and cut the two Apostle's Blessing from the sideboard, and replace them with 2 Brave the Elements, and see if that works. I've only played 3 matches with the deck so we'll see how future matches go!

Noxious Revival will find a home here somewhere but I have to make room for it. Intangible Virtue just seems like it gums it up too much to be worth it, after all, it only triggers prowess once even though it does boost my critters for the rest of its life, which gives them protection from something like Night of Souls' Betrayal. It also gives them vigilance, which could be good against aggressive decks, but so far I don't see a need for it. I'll keep it in mind though!

Cafelattis on UW Mentor (Primer)

2 weeks ago

Pretty neat deck! U/W is my favorite colors and Mentor is such a underrated card! But i do have some suggestions. Generally speaking Brave the Elements is just a better card than Apostle's Blessing, maybe against Affinity it is better because of protection against artifacts and then color, but that is just against ONE deck, Bte protects all your creatures and enables them to go for lethal, pump and swing. Since most creatures in your deck are tokens (except Mentor). Intangible Virtue is a good choice, triggers prowess and pumps all of your tokens, be it monks or just humans. It does screw with the tempo a little but i think its a good choice. Maybe some kind of Phyrexian spells to, just to surprise your opponents, Noxious Revival is a great way to get one more token or counter on Myth, pumping the team or just getting an extra Path for something like Kitchen Finks. Gut Shot is the same but killing a Bird or Bob in the early game is sometimes worth it. Hope this helps in any way!

chadsansing on Omnath, Locus of Rage

2 weeks ago

Looks fun!

Maybe a light recursion package that starts with float all your mana + + sac all your lands to Zuran Orb + Splendid Reclamation and then uses Creeping Renaissance, Regrowth, Reclaim, Noxious Revival, and Eternal Witness to get back Reclamation again and again?

Happy brewing!

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