Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Rare
Planechase Rare
Onslaught Rare

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Untap all creatures and gain control of them until end of turn. They gain haste until end of turn.

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Insurrection Discussion

Bhaal666 on Best Copy-cat colors

4 days ago

well Marchesa, the Black Rose is going to be the best in that you will have access to the most steal and copy effects. Blue/red has the largest amount of copy and steal effects, black is really nice too though. Marchesa would even allow you to easily run all of their instant and sorceries with Fork, Radiate, Reiterate, Reverberate, and/or Wild Ricochet. I think that is most of them, I don't know any blue ones. Radiate may not be one you run but I find it funny...

Insurrection seems like a perfect in flavor win con.

pskinn01 on Best Vampire generals?

5 days ago

Olivia Voldaren is the vampire's red/black commander. gives you access to more vampires, and things like Mob Rule and Insurrection.
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet - can be good, and hoses recursion decks.
Yahenni, Undying Partisan - is also a fun vampire to take the mono black helm.

I have not seen him used for a while, but Anowon, the Ruin Sage also works as a good mono black choice.

gregularg on Mad Cow Disease (Neheb, The Worthy EDH)

1 week ago

Mightyhulk1, Hey man! Thanks for the upvote and im happy to give some suggestions to make it a bit cheaper. If you stick to the discard hellbent ability and tribal theme then you can easily cut some of the pricier splashier cards.

First off the more expensive lands can be swapped out, Bloodstained Mire for any colour relevant panorama, Blood Crypt and Sulfurous Springs for some tap lands, strip mine for Ghost Quarter and finally Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth could just come out for a basic swamp or another tap land.

Arifacts can change by ditching the swords and greaves for cheaper alternatives. Change greaves to Swiftfoot Boots and then the swords can be replaced with any budget equipment you think fits with the rest of the deck or that you simply enjoy playing!

Enchantments can be cut down by replacing Aggravated Assault with Berserkers' Onslaught as it is still giving you that extra push but doesnt allow you to pull off any combos or trickery with multiple combat phases.

Creatures can be cut really simply to just focus more on the tribal aspect so replacing pricey creatures with other minotaurs is the easy/quick way to go about it. Its hard to say what kind of price tag we are going to see on Hazoret the Fervent but to replace her simply look at what she's doing for the deck and find a suitable replacement. The card is giving us a great late game discard outlet which ties nicely with our commander, so replacing her with a self discard enchantment or spell is a good choice. Same goes for Sheoldred, the Whispering One, she is really great recursion so again, replace her with a recursion enchantment, artifact, spell or otherwise!

Finally the more expensive spells are Kolaghan's Command and Insurrection. Replace command with a card that gives you one of its four abilities depending on your play style, e.g more burn, recursion, hand hate or artifact hate. Then replace Insurrection with something like Besmirch that does the same effect just on one creature. I prefer besmirch over Act of Treason in this situation purely because EDH is the 'fun' format and its a bit more interesting to play with and for your fellow players to play against!

I hope some of this has helped, if needs be I can still throw together a cheaper alternative when I have the time. Going from what ive suggested here you should be able to shave off around $100.

KronicNinja on Atarka, World Render

2 weeks ago

Seems like a fun deck. Here are a few suggestions:

Aggravated Assault for the combo with Savage Ventmaw (definitely depends on the playgroup).

Hellkite Tyrant is a blowout against an artifact heavy deck, and can act as an alternate wincon. Even on its own, it's not bad to steal opponent's artifact ramp, etc.

Cryptic Gateway, Quicksilver Amulet and Elvish Piper are good ways to cheat high CMC dragons into play.

Gratuitous Violence to double all damage you deal, and Berserkers' Onslaught is a copy of Atarka's effect if you need it for whatever reason.

Warstorm Surge can act as removal or burn every time you play a creature.

Chaos Warp is usually good removal.

Insurrection wins games, simple as that.

JustinEndymion on Slinging Spells and stuff

2 weeks ago

I've got a few suggestions depending on how you want to play your table.

More fun? Wild Ricochet Steam Augury and Illusionist's Gambit make for more table interaction that can get a little wild.

Want to run a little more cleaner? Rewind and Syncopate are good counter spells to throw in, maybe adding a Isochron Scepter to make your Twincast and Reverberate a constant threat, draw cards like Blue Sun's Zenith and Stroke of Genius will help keep you with steady answers.

Want to blow your friends away? Comet Storm and Increasing Vengeance with Mizzix can get out of control, Insurrection is a great way to end a game if your table runs a little stompy. And I'm a huge fan of using Runechanter's Pike on Mizzix to remove someone from the game with commander damage.

Either way excellent deck thus far!! Mizzix a great commander to build around,

TheRedGoat on precociousapprentice

3 weeks ago

Hey, I'm someone that just saw your Marchesa deck and I'm actually really impressed by the work you've put into the primer on it. Truly in-depth descriptions that go over how the deck runs aren't as common on here as they should be.

Anyway, your deck mainly got me curious about the Aikido deck archetype, and more specifically how one might go about making it when they don't have access to a commander like Queen Marchesa.

I think I have inadvertently made an Aikido deck before by running Xenagos, God of Revels with group hug ramp, red chaos effects, and also Insurrection-esk cards, but as you can guess it was gimmicky to the extreme and became boring to play. What I've been considering is that if I was to try for an actual Aikdio deck like yours, I would need to base it in blue for creature stealing/copying effects (of which I have in an excessive quantity) as opposed to the more subtle interaction spells you use in Mardu (mostly due to not having them).

If it helps my Xenagos build is on Tappedout if you wanted to see it, but if nothing else I just wonder what exactly defines a deck as being "Aikido" and not something else.

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