Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare
Planechase (HOP) Rare
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Untap all creatures and gain control of them until end of turn. They gain haste until end of turn.

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Insurrection Discussion

Heliogabale on Neheb the Manataur

1 day ago

Cool burn deck!

Here are a few ideas.

Cards I would take out : Acidic Soil, Faithless Looting, Smash, Fall of the Titans Bitter Feud, Endless One, Shivan Dragon

Cards I would add : Jaya Ballard, Insurrection, Scourge of the Throne, Browbeat, Past in Flames, Vandalblast, Steel Hellkite

Hope this helps!


_Delta_ on I want to build a ...

5 days ago

Not sure of any other commanders not suggested so far, but it seems like you would really like to make use of cards such as Insurrection. I will give more ideas when I have the time.

supergnaw on Fling for 10000 damage

1 week ago

It's always fun to cast Insurrection play Thromok immediately afterwards.

aznb01777 on Commanders by Power Level [EDH Tier List]

2 weeks ago

SynergyBuild Serra's Sanctum is playable in this build, you can easily blow up anything with Aura Shards and Enchanted Evening or a permanent Insurrection combo with Aura Thief. Not to mention the enchantment draw engine is pretty consistent while also having ramp from green, and strong blue cards Cyclonic Rift and River's Rebuke, and you can even run Training Grounds, Gaea's Cradle, and Heliod, God of the Sun for even more synergy.

Pinkie_Satanas on Grenzo Mono-Red Aggro-Control

3 weeks ago

Hello! I love to see how you are updating the list and our versions are kind becoming more different. I start to feel like i have my own deck instead of just a copy and it's quite great :D i'm also glad to have been able to help you improve your list!

Some coments about stuff you said that called my attention:

1) I've been consistently and surprisingly impressed by Lightning Bolt! Acts like a doom blade most of the time, instant speed is huge, and the fact that can hit walkers is the best. I've noticed there's not much efficient red removal that hits walkers! I wish they printed something like a Flame Slash that can hit walkers too, and the lack of it is what's keeping me out of Mizzium Mortars, it's sorcery and doesn't kill walkers. I'm gonna stick to bolt for now, and i can't honestly believe i'm defending that card in edh multiplayer xd

2) I also like Rolling Earthquake despite it not hitting walkers cause it's the most efficient X damage boardwipe that there is, and i love the fact that hits players. It's a fireball, can end the game on the spot, or can help take out problematic opponents. The alternative i was considering for an effect like that was Comet Storm, but for now i'm sticking with the earthquake until further testing.

3) I'm very curious to hear how Tilonalli's Summoner goes for you. To me that card has always looked like a win-more thing or a bad Tempt with Vengeance, but i'm willing to be proven wrong. Pia Nalaar looks good to me cause it's very consistent value (i always loved her activated abilities) and the fact that thopters seems to be grenzo's best friends.

4) Meekstone feels great in this deck, thanks for putting that into my radar ^^ i also did the exact same thing with Manic Vandal, exchanging it for Goblin Cratermaker.

I'm still a bit on defense about Legion Warboss. I like from the rabblemaster that he can pull out a shitton of damage on its own. I'm gonna be playing warboss in standard so i'm waiting to get some general experience with the card before i put it in.

Furthermore Experimental Frenzy looks really good and something i wanna test after i get some games with Stolen Strategy. I feel it's mostly an enabler for strategies that want to be super proactive at some point, and i'm not sure it fits ours as we wanna be very controlling and oportunistic at times. I'm also not sure we have as much ways to do things with the cards that get stuck in our hand. The fact however that you can just destroy it when it stops being good is what makes it worth the shot, so i'll be testing it at some point, probably after i get the chance to see it playing a bit in standard too.

5) I forgot to mention last time, but i was also considering taking off Insurrection for Molten Primordial. The cealing of the primordial is lower, as he steals less stuff, but i like that he offers more consistent value and gives you a big body you can keep, which make it better than insurrection against spell-based decks.

Now that i have more time i'll work on putting my version on tappedout with a bunch of anotations for these specific cards that are different from your take on the deck, and i will link your version so people can see the basic explanation of the concept, general card choices and your videos. We will have a nice place going on for people wanting to make a strong Grenzo list, which is exciting!

Wicked_N_Irish on Snatched!

3 weeks ago

Insurrection should be an auto include for this style deck. It's usually a game winner even if you're not sac-ing the creatures.

Hybrow on The Fat Red Line - Purphoros EDH

1 month ago

Hello DRmagic2017,

Thanks for the view and suggestion.

Legion Loyalist is nice in a deck with big beasties, but this deck is full of weenies that don't attack. He would work nicely if I still had Insurrection and Molten Primordial, but I've removed them in favor of creatures that enter with friends (and the purphy triggers associated with them) . My next cut is probably going to be Mass Mutiny.

The problem with the creatures that I run in this deck is that no one is afraid of first striking, trampling 1/1's

MurderForBrunch on Come to me, my Survivors! Varchild Voltron/Blink

1 month ago

Hi Akujiki

I didn't know that game. I'll have to check it out now, I guess. Thanks for the suggestion haha :)

Hi Mr9Loganja

I'm glad you like the list. Also thanks for the suggestions, I'll consider both of them! I'm not so sure about Saheeli's Directive, in that, some of the non-artifact cards might outright win you the game (like Blood Moon, Insurrection or Price of Progress, for example). But thanks for either suggestions, I'll test for both of them! :D

Thanks to both for commenting!

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