Kozilek, the Great Distortion


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare

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Kozilek, the Great Distortion

Legendary Creature — Eldrazi

When you cast Kozilek, the Great Distortion, if you have fewer than seven cards in hand, draw cards equal to the difference.


Discard a card with converted mana cost X: Counter target spell with converted mana cost X.

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Kozilek, the Great Distortion Discussion

momo_2004 on Counters, Wurmcoil, Titan, then Ugin. Beat that.

17 hours ago

Pheardemons Also, another consideration for a big dummy is Endbringer. I have tried it in my build and it can be phenomenal against decks such as Affinity where they cannot afford to let it live. It can also be huge value in card advantage, but it unfortunately dies to Dismember without counterspell backup and can be too slow in some matchups. The same can also be said somewhat for Reality Smasher. This effective 4-turn clock can be a nightmare for other control decks, with all of its value when you counter their removal, effectively making them two-for-one themselves.

Also, thanks for sharing the amazing idea of Kozilek, the Great Distortion.

sonnet666 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 days ago


For starters, I have already looked at your's and ay.lobo's Purphoros lists at least 10 times. You don't have to keep posting them. I know you've submitted them, and they're on my mind.

Secondly, Purphoros was the first EDH deck I built when I first got into the format, and I've played and updated the deck ever since then, so I know the ins and outs of the deck very well. And believe me when I say you are still using some sub-par strategies in your list. For instance, I can say with certainty that Glitterfang and Lightning Berserker are too slow to be of any real use.

Third, goldfishing Turn 6 wins is no longer enough to get you higher than T3. Since the advent of Paradox Engine, Aetherflux Reservoir, Walking Ballista, new efficient combos like DramaticScepter, and the Protean Hulk unban, nearly everything in the top tiers have gotten a significant uptick in power level. Nearly everything in T2.5 and above is capable of goldfishing T4 wins. The top tiers have so many overpowered cards right now that they could unban Tinker without shaking up the format too much. Purphoros gets a little bit of leeway, since he screws over AdNaus decks so badly, but if I were to put your list up as the example for Purphoros right now, I would have no choice but to demote Purphoros to T3, since it's unrealistic to expect a deck that wins on turn 6 to compete with the upper tiers in this meta.

If you still think that your deck is between T2 and T1.5, then I challenge you to playtest the Arcum Dagsson and Azami decklists from T1.5 and T2 in the description. Both of those can go off on turns 2 to 4 easily, with occasional T1 wins. A Purphoros list would lose to those decks without a doubt 99 times out of 100.

That being said, I appreciate the contention with the current Purphoros list in the description. As ay.lobo has brought up, restricting the deck to just goblin tribal cuts out a lot of cards that synergize really beautifully with Purphoros. However, there are a lot of things that play well with Purphoros, and unfortunately, not all of them play well with each other. The reason we have a goblin tribal deck up right now is that the tribal synergy speeds up the clock of the deck by about 1 turn because of the extra rituals, tutors, and things like Warren Instigator or Goblin War Strike. It's that little bit of speed that's keeping Purphoros in T2.5 really.

I think what needs to happen going forward is to work out how to add the non-goblin cards that Purphoros shines with to a goblin shell that will continue to speed up the deck. Could be super tricky. I've been planning on taking a crack at it for a while now.

spudman3d, A while back I suggested a six tier system in the interest of separating the moderately (mostly) Janky commanders like Chisei, Heart of Oceans or He Who Hungers from the complete trash like Barktooth Warbeard or Myojin of Infinite Rage. (Also, to keep stuff like Chisei from clogging up T4, which clogged up T3, which actually bothered people.)

We tried it for a little while, but ultimately thegigibeast decided that T5 and T6 were so close that functionally no one cared to separate them. He combined them into the current T5, and I think that's fine the way it is.

Also fyi, there are actually some pretty functional Phage decks. Black has the best tutor power and the best graveyard recursion, so you can easily get one of the six ways to get Phage out of the command zone: Sundial of the Infinite, Command Beacon, Null Brooch, Thrull Wizard, Withering Boon, and Kozilek, the Great Distortion. It's stupid and over-complicated for what is essentially a mediocre Voltron deck, but it does function.

greyninja on Leaks = Ban

1 week ago

When Kozilek, the Great Distortion was leaked, that was an absolute shit-show. Everybody had theories and contradicting theories that all ran rampant.

Wizards will give you the f@#&ing information when they're ready!!! Imagine putting years of blood, sweat and tears into a project; just for some knucklehead to take shitty photos on their phone and leak it to the world. It's not like you're getting eternal glory out of these leaks. You can't tell anyone it was you because wotc will shred you a new one!

You could argue that it may be "vital" for tcg stores and pro players so they can have an edge on the competition. Many stores probably pay big money to attain leaks early. But that is wizards' intellectual property. They own it. End of story.

spectrevr4 on Jhoira

1 week ago

Now that the deck has had some play testing this is the next step in it's configuration. Storm has been removed as it wasn't very dependable in my meta. The combo's are too fragile. The board wipes were great, but there were just too many and I found myself holding more than one at any given time. The most consistent win condition was putting out big creatures fast using suspend so I intend to capitalize on that effect. To keep the creatures coming I added card draw to refill my hand. The new "Maybe Board" shows cards that I intend to put in the deck before further play testing and it should take the deck from a 50-50 win ratio to something much more competitive. It's already fast as hell and has dropped Kozilek, the Great Distortion on turn 5 followed by a Bearer of the Heavens and Stormtide Leviathan on turn 6 together. And since they come out of Suspend with Haste they can attack right away. That sort of pressure is pretty consistent and can be hard for others to keep up with. Not impossible by any means, but in the price range that the deck was in during testing of roughly $100 that's pretty impressive.

TheBooman on HOU - Grixis Control

2 weeks ago

i know this is probably a bad idea but this is the eldrazi king within me looking for a plug. Kozilek, the Great Distortion could be a SB/1 of since he is a big creature, and counters by discard.

Biggest downside for him is the 10cmc with 2 of it being colorless. Might as well ask.

As for Liliana, Death's Majesty i'd say it is more of a budget choice(and an amazing option in general) and it is worth a shot.

Triton on Call of Rhonas

2 weeks ago

I'm not too keen on Standard at the moment, but I'm happy to take a shot at it!

Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger seems better Kozilek, the Great Distortion to cheat out.

For sideboard, would Pulse of Murasa be better than Grapple with the Past? I feel like the former's lifegain would help you stay in the game.

Hope this helps!

MoGoose831 on Call of Rhonas

3 weeks ago

Those are the exact 4 I was just going to recommend, shagg!

Champion of Rhonas is beefier, attacking Piper and she was designed to get your game winners out asap!

Decimator of the Provinces is great because it gives you a creature your opponents have to deal with immediately.Kozilek, the Great Distortion offers pretty powerful control once hes on the field. The only downside to both of these is you aren't casting them so you dont activate their abilities.

Still all 4 are at least worth a test play or 2.

shagg on Call of Rhonas

3 weeks ago

Decimator of the Provinces, Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Scaled Behemoth, Aetherwind Basker (maybe?) off the top of my head. Essentially, think of Champion of Rhonas as a sort or Aetherworks Marvel. Obviously the mechanics are a touch different, but its the same basic idea of putting something with an absurd cmc on the battlefield for free. So your best targets are going to be mostly the same ones that marvel decks run, be they the budget options or the top shelf ones. Just keep in mind you get none of the casting triggers that a lot of these bombs come with, so your options might vary from typical marvel picks slightly. Assuming he's budget enough (he's about 3$ each), I'd run 4 Kozilek, the Great Distortion and go from there. See how it plays out and if you want to include a few more bombs or if you feel you end up holding on to them too often as it is.

You have a fairly aggressive agro deck even without Champion of Rhonas cheating things out for you, so if you can land a threat that they struggle to deal with, you'll either win with that threat or by going wide while they deal with it. Look for hexproof or indestructible creatures with more than 4 toughness specifically so they can't be Unlicensed Disintegrationed or Murdered or Grasp of Darknessed.

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