Academy Rector


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny Rare

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Academy Rector

Creature — Human Cleric

When Academy Rector is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may exile it. If you do, search your library for an enchantment card, put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

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Academy Rector Discussion

Worx on Competitive Captain Sisay

2 days ago

Hello Profet93... thank you for your feedback.

I'm not a fan of Living Plane as it can't be tutored, and in my meta I'd rather a more controlling enchantment that would be needed dependant on board presence. Plus I have tutorable Kamahl and I'd still need Elesh out to make it work... so too much hassle with LP.

Academy Rector is one of my all time favourite cards, but alas in this deck I just can't justify him a spot. First he can't be tutored easily, and second, theres no guarantee I can kill him off without adding another card just for that purpose...

... which brings me onto Miren, the Moaning Well. This is a card I have considered in the past, and will look even more studiously at. Just for gaining that bit of life .... It's a card that always on my mind actually :)

And last but not least; Yavimaya Hollow. It used to be a staple in my deck, but to be honest I rarely used it, if ever..... especially since my meta is huge on exile and bounce.

Profet93 on Competitive Captain Sisay

2 days ago

Hey! I love your deck! +1 from me. I used to run Sisay until all my friends made me retire the deck due to the following combo...

Eleshnorn + Living Plane. Although Teeg does stop it and you do have Kamahl who does almost the same thing, I thought it might be worth mentioning depending on your level of brutality.

I see you have dark depths in your maybeboard. You could always get Academy Rector to search for solemnity and your commander to find dark depths. Lastly, Miren, the Moaning Well can help you sac your creatures in response to exile (or kill the rector). It's a little slow and clunky but its an option you might want to consider.

Yavimaya Hollow to regenerate?

thegigibeast on Daxos the Terminator

1 week ago


Just finished moving some things around after some playtesting and would have liked to know what are your thoughts now. I finished dropping some more hatebears, and I decided to include Razaketh, the Foulblooded, as reanimating him is simply awesome, and we can sacrifice tokens to tutor or even Academy Rector... Which should end the game pretty much.

I feel like the deck would be far better now than what it was before, but I would like to get some inputs on the edits. Thank you very much for your support!

Daedalus19876 on Bad Luck Brion

1 week ago

Overall, the deck looks good, especially on a budget! I'm a fan of RW as an EDH color combination - if you want to look over a deck in exchange, and also find some cards you might use, I'd appreciate if you'd look at my Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER* deck haha.

I feel like your deck could use a Gratuitous Violence. It would double the damage your hasty creatures deal, while also doubling the damage (and life gain) you reap from Brion throwing them. To spit it out earlier, you could run Academy Rector, and use Brion to sac her :)

I would highly recommend Test of Endurance over Felidar Sovereign: cheaper, and harder to remove.

Crumbling Colossus is your weakest high-power creature by quite a margin, and would be my first cut.

I'd also consider finding a slot to put Kor Cartographer back in: RW does not get much ramp, and she can fetch a Sacred Foundry if you decide to buy one.

You have Swords to Plowshares in here, but there's other removal you might want to be playing (Path to Exile, Oblation, Chaos Warp, etc). Also, add an Enlightened Tutor to your Sunforger Package; you'll thank me later haha.

Your ramp is...marginal at best, I'm afraid. I personally would try to play all of the 2-mana rocks you can, since they let you cast Brion on T3. That suggests Coldsteel Heart, Fellwar Stone, Fire Diamond, Marble Diamond, Iron Myr, Gold Myr, and Mind Stone (listed from best to worst). Normally I'd suggest Mana Crypt too, but it's worth half as much as your deck in total ;) I'd cut your 3-mana rocks wherever possible.

RW always lacks card draw. You literally only have 2 cards in this deck that can draw you cards, however. That is a PROBLEM. I'd recommend getting a Memory Jar, Wheel of Fortune, Reforge the Soul, and Wheel of Fate. Yes, I am aware of the cost of Wheel, but it's vital to your deck, and it's a good investment (price keeps going up, and it's good in every red deck). If you're feeling fancy, Scroll Rack+Land Tax is another super good combo ;)

Hope that's helpful! :)

Gennten on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

1 week ago

Flash and Show

Commander / EDH* Gennten


This is a year old and I devote the most effort on this than any of my other decks. It's a strong control shell filled with various strategies. Some of the inclusions are adjustments to various metas I play (For instance, Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast vs. blue-focused metas). I hope this deck could get some good suggestions, but it's fine if any reader is stumped. Sorry if I'm too lazy to write a description. Happy reading.

1) Flash + Protean Hulk -> Nomads en-Kor + Cephalid Illusionist Laboratory Maniac

2) Show and Tell / Flash + Academy Rector -> Omniscience, try to win.

3) Eternal Scourge + Food Chain -> General Tazri + Halimar Excavator/Kalastria Healer

Others: Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace/Laboratory Maniac + Tainted Pact

hoardofnotions on Gwafa, You're such a D!CK!!!!! (HELP)

1 week ago

Possible cuts include;rupture spire, two color decks don't need to slow down this much for mana fixing. Just run Sejiri Refuge or Tranquil Grove.

Vivid creek I think is worse than a ETB tapped land like tranquil grove. You could add Flood Plain to find your dual lands as well.

Outwit seems like a too conditional conterspell, maybe run SwanSong instead?

Cut zealous guardian, azorius arrester, battlewise hoplite, curse of chains, downpour, ghostly touch, basically all your auras because not powerfull enough for commander imo

That should give you enough room to fit in your maybe board

Also some generic good control cards include Cyclonic Rift, Consecrated Sphinx, Swords to Plowshares, Academy Rector combos with omniscience.

Take a look at for good / spells and ideas

Have fun messing with your opponents!

enpc on Just Stay Dead

1 week ago

jjp16: I haven't played Altar of the Brood, however I kind of think it would fall into the same category as Perilous Myr / Inquisitor Exarch (see above comment). Generally if something is part of a 4+ card combo then it needs to be effective outside of that combo too. Altar of the Brood draws too much hate and does too litte, plus has the potential to help out graveyard decks.

Knight of the Reliquary is a powerhouse. She generally does the opposite of of mana fixing as I'm getting a colourless only land, however she fetches things like High Market (instant speed sac outlet), Buried Ruin (get back an altar), Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (card advantage), Strip Mine (land hate), Inventors' Fair (dig for a combo piece given enough artifacts) or the most common target - Gaea's Cradle (which commonly is tapping for like 4 mana). Plus there's nothing like like having Lotus Cobra see Knight sac a land, get a fetch and then crack it to get another land.

I've thought about Tireless Tracker in the past. I run enough lands to make it work but it always felt a bit slow. It has a reserved spot in the back of my mind and if I was going to go for raw card advantage, it would probably be then next card in line for it. I also like that clues help with Inventors' Fair. Though I think the next addition to the deck is going to be Academy Rector as it's stright up dig for a win condition.

I don't really like Bygone Bishop as it's only on cast. I think it would just miss too many triggers to make it worthwhile. It does some work, but overall I think that Mentor is the better choice. The other thing is that Mentor also triggers off Karmic Guide and any 1/1 counters from an opponent's Forbidden Orchard. Little things like that which are probably irrelevant, but can pay out in those weird corner cases.

MaksWell42 on Zurtron the Resonator

2 weeks ago

Need a Replenish to replace Sun Titan, but I'm very happy with where this deck is sitting right now. Had Academy Rector in for a day, then realized that without a sac outlet it's nearly pointless. Added tutors, most likely to search for Strionic Resonator to double Zur's effectiveness. Added fetches and foils and foreign stuff, this is a fun project deck.

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