Lifeblood Hydra


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare

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Lifeblood Hydra

Creature — Hydra


Lifeblood Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Lifeblood Hydra dies, you gain life and draw cards equal to its power.

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Lifeblood Hydra Discussion

Gorky on Nikya of the Old Ways EDH

1 month ago

Primordial Sage will get you a bunch of cards, Lifeblood Hydra even more and Siege Behemoth will ignore your opponents defenses.

Dolmen Gate could be a useful artifact aswell.

Ocelot44 on The Old Fashioned Way

1 month ago


Mina and Denn, Ulvenwald Tracker, and Magus of the Candelabra are all great, but I had them written down already. The maybeboard is a list of cards I am considering for this deck

Wayward Swordtooth and Rhonas, while both relatively cheap, are still out of my budget range for this deck. All of the things I have in the mainboard right now are things that I already own, and I’m trying to keep all of my single purchases to $2.99 or less each

Ogre Battledriver could be interesting! I’ll keep it in mind

Moonveil Dragon is good, but I plan on going big, not wide, so it might not be that useful for this deck

Gruul Ragebeast is cool, but I don’t want to force any of my tiny utility creatures to fight when they enter because they’ll just die.

Champion of Lambholt looks really cool! I might try it out

Savageborn Hydra is good, but I’m worried that if he’s just by himself, he’ll just be chump blocked for days. At least with other hydras like Genesis Hydra , Hooded Hydra , or Lifeblood Hydra , you get something of value besides a big beater. I’ll have to think about it

Thank you so much for the suggestions and the +1!

charmeleorino on Kydele and Reyhan

3 months ago

Goals of the deck

Your primary goal with this deck is to create a critical mass of big creatures and get some explosive plays. My personal favorite method of making a huge board is creating a massive Master Biomancer with whatever method whether it be from Reyhan, Last of the Abzan triggers or however else and then dropping something like Prime Speaker Zegana drawing a ton of cards or playing a massive Hangarback Walker (which can then be sacrificed by a sac outlet to possibly distribute more counters to Master Biomancer which in turn makes all the thopters MASSIVE). This deck likes explosive draws over incremental draw to really abuse Kydele, Chosen of Kruphix , however the problem arises that the mana she produces is purely colorless. For this exact reason I run both Cascading Cataracts and Crystal Quarry . Now what do you do with the disturbing amount of mana Kydele can produce? It's as simple as purely giving you more gas to draw more cards after an initial explosive draw or to funnel a ton of mana into a lethal Exsanguinate or to make some rather THICC hydras like Hooded Hydra or Lifeblood Hydra .

hkhssweiss on Ravos, Soultender// Reyhan, The Last Abzan

4 months ago


Card Advantage (CA) is always key in any deck. The thing about Fecundity is that sometime's opponents can also get CA from it as well, and I prefer it to be as asymmetrical as possible. Izoni is also quite slow to be a decent CA engine. For budget purposes I would actually recommend something more akin Grim Haruspex, Phyrexian Arena, or even Mindblade Render as CA engines.

In regarding for cards like Greater Good and Disciple of Bolas, I love them. They are great in any reanimation decks. I would also recommend Corpse Augur if you have a pretty filled grave most of the time, and it doesn't even have to be yours as well since it's target player. Lifeblood Hydra is a bit risky, but since your going with a +1/+1 theme it's decent. I would not add in Etched Oracle, it may seem good but it's meh at best. Skullclamp is also a great engine with a sac outlet on the field as well as having Ravos return the creature back to your hand to reuse again.

If you have a bit higher budget I would definitely recommend in getting Sylvan Library, one of the best CA engine around. For sac outlets I would also recommend Viscera Seer as it is one of the most cost efficient one as well as a relevant ability upon sacrificing. Carrion Feeder also goes along with theme. I do recommend as I mentioned earlier Journey to Eternity  Flip as for a reuseable reanimation ability as well as not being hard to trigger being a Aristocrat type deck.

A few more cards to consider would also be Drana, Liberator of Malakir, she is a hidden gem in this deck to constantly proc +1/+1 counters and she is force to be reckoned with. Bane of Progress is also a good mass board wipe against plenty of artifact or enchantment based decks. Necropolis Regent is a bit high on the curve but does a lot for making counters. Bow of Nylea can also help you make more counters or protect your graveyard from hate. Hope that answers your question and feel free to ask for any help!

Jumgei on Ravos, Soultender// Reyhan, The Last Abzan

4 months ago


I thought about the Winding Constrictor but it just seems underwhelming. I'll include Cathars' Crusade since I have a few token generators I feel like it has a lot of potential.

I'd like to avoid useing too many instants and sorceries if I can, i'd rather use creature or enchantment cards since I can get creatures back and echantements stay. I like Lifeline, Oversold Cemetery and Debtors' Knell a lot even if it is a little on the high mana cost. Karmic Guide seems decent since I can always bring it back with Ravos when it dies.

Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest was in the my first version of the deck but didn't perform very well. I think that's because I didn't have enough sac outlets, i'll put her back in again and see how it goes.

I'd like to add some card draw, a part from Fecundity and Izoni, Thousand-Eyed I don't have any. I've been thinking about adding cards like Greater Good, Lifeblood Hydra, Etched Oracle and Disciple of Bolas. What do you think about these cards?

Awoken_Leviathan on The Vengeful Golem

4 months ago

ZendikariWol thanks for the suggestions, the more feedback the better.

There is a decent amount of removal in my meta and one particular person likes to play mil, however I don't plan on needing to recur things for the most part and only use it as a panic button which is why all of my recursion is either continuously effective, pulls the entire graveyard, or targets several cards at once.

Rage Forger was specifically included to get around the "attack one player" restriction since it targets any player, allowing me to spread the damage around.

Solidarity of Heroes Doubles as a combat trick, but even if I only use it on a single creature, lets say one that has 4 counters on it, then I get 4 counters for 2 mana which I find decent enough.

I understand the Lifeblood Hydra has a bad mana curve and have avoided running it up until now, but with so many ways to produce and move counters it will continue to grow even after being played.

Vraska is mainly run for her ultimate, I know that is generally frowned upon but she doesn't require you sac something, it is a may ability. If she happens to be put down with a doubling season it will only take her 2 turns to ulti, and if not then it gives the less aggressive decks a reason to attack me and as a result, I am able to attack them. I considered using Vraska, Scheming Gorgon instead but she had a higher CMC and the ulti only lasted for a turn.

Both Triskelion and Walking Ballista are combo pieces (the same piece to be specific, in order to raise consistency, along with Deathbringer Thoctar.

Balefire I considered mostly as a repeatable removal, a 7/7 with flying and menace is hard to block, especially multiple times in a row.

The rest I'll take a look at removing.

ZendikariWol on The Vengeful Golem

4 months ago

Okay. Apologies, this comment is going to be even longer than the last one.

Your entire Recursion folder is not great. Cauldron of Souls is good, but the rest seem very weak. How much removal is there in your meta?

Borborygmos has a nice effect but is also 7 mana.

Death's Presence is fine, but once again, pretty mana-costly. There are better payoffs for that cost.

Oona's Blackguard is not super good. It forces discards, yeah, but not enough. This deck has too few creatures to really make use of it.

Panharmonicon is a confusing inclusion. You have EIGHT creatures with ETB effects. Eight. That is not enough to justify panharmonicon.

Rage Forger's only use outside a deck that's going wide (which yours is not) is as planeswalker removal. And even then, it'll probably take two attack steps.

Solidarity of Heroes is suboptimal. How many creatures do you usually hit with it? Let's assume four if it's cast late-game as your only spell of the turn. It doubles for things' counters, which is probably... 12, total?? Not great.

Lifeblood Hydra is BAD. To understand why, I'll walk you up the curve. At 4 mana, it's a 1/1 that gives you 1 card and 1 life. At 5 mana it's a 2/2 that gives you 2 cards and 2 life. At 6 mana it's a 3/3 that gives you 3 cards and 3 life. The first time I see this being worth the casting cost is at NINE MANA, and by the time you have nine mana, there are better things to cast.

Why are you running Vraska, Golgari Queen? You don't have very many aristocrat synergies, I don't see where sacrificing creatures at sorcery speed would ever help.

World at War isn't that great here. I mean it's good, but not as good as a lot of other things you could play at 5 mana.

Violent Ultimatum is hilariously bad for its mana cost. Its variable use is nice, but SEVEN MANA to destroy 3 permanents? Pass.

Undercity Plague really doesn't do a lot. It's great against one opponent but it doesn't have a lot of impact on the board as a whole.

Triskelion and Walking Ballista are all pretty lame if they're not being used as combo pieces. Triskelion is much worse than Ballista.

Balefire Dragon is good, but it doesn't synergize with the rest of your deck at all.

Oh yeah, and your deck has 109 cards in it, if I read correctly.

ZendikariWol on Best. Friends. Forever.

5 months ago

All right. I'm not going to go into detail on cards to add unless you ask, but I am going to link one of my fairly similar decks at the bottom. I am going to focus on cuts.

But before we get to that, I'd like to address a couple glaring issues.

Your mana curve is devastatingly high. You are going to be playing nothing until turn 3 most of the time and that does not fly in commander. You should have your engine set up, or at least have a decent board state by turn 4. A lot of decks spend the first turns ramping and turn 4 is when shit begins. Your deck is looking more like turn 6.

Your deck has too much goodstuff to establish a reliable engine. There are a lot of cards here that really don't contribute to the theme. They're good, sure, but they could be better used in other decks and they could also be replaced with a card more applicable to your deck's theme.

Also you have VERY few cards that put counters on other creatures. I count 6. Note that that is just cards that place counters, not double them or add. I see a lot of circumstances where you have a proliferate effect or a counter doubler but have counters on maybe 2 creatures, and only because those creatures entered the battlefield with counters. You have a low creature count and most of them will either cost a lot of mana because they have an , or they don't place counters at all.

Now that that's out of the way, down to cuts.

Altered Ego is not that good. I mean it's not bad but it's pretty overcosted and it is downright awful in the early game.

Beast Whisperer is not going to be drawing you many cards, with a meager 26 creatures in the deck.

Hooded Hydra is also fairly overcosted, though it's not as bad as many other cards in the deck.

Laboratory Maniac is BAD, unless you're drawing enough cards to deck yourself out, and if you are then it'll probably get shot down and you'll lose the game. Not only that, but you will never deck yourself out because you would totally die first.

Lifeblood Hydra is either very overcosted, or it's not gonna die. For my reasoning, consider the curve. You cast it at 4 mana, it's a 1/1. Cast it at 5 and it's a 2/2. Cast for 6 and it's a 3/3. I would say that a 4/4 for 7 mana with that ability is BARELY worth it and anything bigger than 7/7 (10 mana) is not going to easily die. Do you want this to stick around? If so, it's overcosted. Do you want it to die? If so, still overcosted. It could stick around for a couple turns, eat a big attack IF an opponent is playing voltron and the voltron doesn't have trample, flying, or unblockable, and then die. That is the only use I could see for it.

Overbeing of Myth is goodstuff and not really all that good unless you have unlimited hand size.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid is great but this is not a deck that can take advantage of its power.

Walking Ballista doesn't seem like a ton of value. It can ping down a small creature or two but with very, VERY few cards that consistently provide counters to creatures it won't last long.

Fuel for the Cause is just plain bad. First of all it's a 4-mana counterspell. A 3-mana counterspell is pushin it but 4?? That means you're leaving 4 mana up HOPING to get something worth countering, rather than playing another spell every turn. Not only that but how many of your dudes have counters on them cuz most of them either enter with counters or aren't going to get them.

Darksteel Reactor is laughably slow.

Elixir of Immortality is a confusing addition. What does it do? Do you play against mill often? I will repeat that you are NEVER drawing enough cards to deck out before someone kills you.

Lux Cannon is also laughably slow.

Death's Presence is a good removal failsafe, but it costs a lot of mana and your creatures aren't dying in combat. So unless your opponents are packing a fair amount of removal this isn't doing a lot of work.

Rite of Replication and Spitting Image are bad because they DON'T copy counters (love the tricksy idea with Toothy tho), so whatever you're copying is probably an opponent's creature or one of few creatures you control that DON'T have in their costs.

Garruk, Caller of Beasts is super bad. His + is likely not to hit anything in such a creature-light deck, his - is equally bad. His ult is insane but you'll never get there because insane ults draw hate. Your opponents would just kill him.

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets is not great here. His + is fantastic but has nothing to do with the theme. His - is fairly weak. His ult is also a game winner, but once again, the opponents would just kill him.

Kiora, the Crashing Wave is bad in this deck. + is bad, - is decent but unreliable, and ult is kinda strong but not anything crazy and it would take a bit to get there.

Nissa, Vital Force has nothing to do with this deck. Her + isn't bad, but her - is and her ult is not gonna do you a whole pile of good.

Nissa, Voice of Zendikar is not bad here, but there are much better places she could be.

Here's my relatively similar deck, if you'd like to take a look.

Buttermilk Pancakes

Commander / EDH ZendikariWol


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Lifeblood Hydra occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Green: 0.14%