Pathbreaker Ibex

Pathbreaker Ibex

Creature — Goat

Whenever Pathbreaker Ibex attacks, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the greatest power among creatures you control.

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) None
Commander 2015 (C15) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Pathbreaker Ibex occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.03%

Green: 0.28%

Golgari: 0.08%

Pathbreaker Ibex Discussion

IrateWarrior on Ghired's Pound Town, Jumanji addition

1 week ago

Camaraderie has my eye a lot, as for Swapping Drakuseth, Maw of Flames for Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite it hurts me personally just as Drak has won me games by just keeping creatures off the field while im swinging for 10 BUT i cant argue Elesh has that immediate benifit.

Cathars' Crusade im reluctant to get rid off as each turn my board gets atleast +1+1 with ghired. thats without every other token maker i have, and i find even if its not much that extra trample getting over adds up plus Pathbreaker Ibex is usually a win shot for me and that helps cement the extra damage.

My Brain says Drakuseth, Maw of Flames might need to take the bench but my heart hurts lol

Xenephrim on Clever Girl Ghalta

2 weeks ago

I have several suggestions:

Pathbreaker Ibex would be a fantasic finisher in a big green beats deck.

Traverse the Outlands would ramp hard with all these big creatures.

Yorvo, Lord of Garenbrig comes in early and just gets bigger as the game goes on.

Asceticism will protect your big greenies while giving some kind of recovery to board wipes.

Nyxbloom Ancient would produce all the mana.

Guardian Project is good card draw in a creature heavy deck like this.

Nessian Boar plays into your theme of big green for a measly five mana.

If I think of more, I'll be back...

SupremeAlliesCommander on Omnath mana pool

3 weeks ago

I think Pathbreaker Ibex over Fangren Pathcutter. I mean, depending on your budget, you could go with Craterhoof Behemoth.

Sambo3975 on Big Bois

4 weeks ago

The way this deck works is pretty simple. Get out Vorel of the Hull Clade and one other creature. Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature (using one of many possible methods) and start using Vorel's ability to make it huge. You can equip Illusionist's Bracers to Vorel to quadruple the +1/+1 counters instead of doubling them. You can also use Gilder Bairn or Hydra's Growth for even more counter doubling. I considered adding a Doubling Season, but it's too expensive. You can use Seedborn Muse or Bear Umbra + Murkfiend Liege to enable you to activate Vorel's ability during your opponents' turns.

Once the creature gets huge enough to one-shot another player, you can use Crowned Ceratok or Trollbred Guardian to give it trample, or you can use Skatewing Spy, Archetype of Imagination, or Invert the Skies (which has the same effect as Archetype, but temporarily) to give the creature flying. You could also use Rogue's Passage to make the creature unblockable. I'm considering more tech (like Herald of Secret Streams) to make creatures unblockable. Use your giant creature to finish your opponents off, one-by-one, or, for a quicker finish, use Pathbreaker Ibex or Overwhelming Stampede to make all your creatures huge and kill everyone at once.

There are a couple alternate win conditions in the deck. Simic Ascendancy will get 20 growth counters on it pretty quickly, and its hexproof-ness makes it hard to remove before your next upkeep. Using Vorel's ability a few times on Darksteel Reactor is another option.

DemonDragonJ on Clash of the Titans

1 month ago

maxon, that is a great suggestion, but this deck does not have a major emphasis on lands, and, also, the Pathbreaker Ibex, in combination with Progenitus, could grant all of my creatures a bonus of +10/+10 at the very minimum, which definitely can end games very quickly.

Gidgetimer on Philosophy Represented

1 month ago

That is why Xenagos is so great. You can pose a credible combat threat without overextending. Wrath of God kill your Malignus? No worries, just cast Atarka, World Render on your next turn and swing for 24. Some meany path Atarka away? Looks like they want to get to know everyone's favorite 6 mana 3/3, Pathbreaker Ibex. If he sticks around for a turn cycle they get to marvel at the synergy he has with Kessig Wolf Run.

Azeworai on Ghired's Rampage EDH

1 month ago

A favourite of mine is Sylvan Safekeeper. It can mess up your opponents' plans to deal with your board, and you often don't even need to activate. The threat of activation is enough to ward off removal.

Remorseful Cleric and Containment Priest are fine and graveyard hate is necessary in every deck. (In my opinion, at least)

Grand Abolisher is as good as it reads, and Charming Prince can be cute with your commander, but I wouldn't recommend him.

Just Birds of Paradise or Avacyn's Pilgrim can advance your game plan far enough, and people don't kill them as they would in a 1v1 format. When they do die to the inevitable wrath, their value has already been gotten. But, if you prefer land-based ramp, Wood Elves is fine. Fauna Shaman can also be fun.

For six-drops and more, I almost never run them unless they can command a game on their own or are powerful enough to warp your game plan around them, save for my Xenagos, God of Revels deck. :)

Pathbreaker Ibex can end games on one attack, and thus is fun for one player. Sigarda, Host of Herons is one I include in some decks, fulfilling a similar role to the Sylvan Safekeeper. Many creatures are just incidentally humans. Dragonlord Dromoka can really defend your turn nicely, so that can be fun. For a more on-theme finisher, Omnath, Locus of Rage beseems this strategy.

Hope this helps!

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