Sunpetal Grove


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander (2016 Edition) Rare
Magic 2013 Rare
2012 Core Set Rare
2011 Core Set Rare
2010 Core Set Rare

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Sunpetal Grove


Sunpetal Grove enters the battlefield tapped unless you control a Forest or a Plains.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Sunpetal Grove Discussion

Homer127112 on Roon of the flickering realm

4 days ago

No problem. The main thing I would focus on is upgrading the mana base as well as working on upgrading your narrower blink targets. For the lands, I would prioritize dual lands that have the ability to come into play untapped, such as Prairie Stream and the check lands (Glacial Fortress, Hinterland Harbor, Sunpetal Grove)

I would also look into the Scry Lands as well, as they not only fix your mana, but also smooth out your draws:Temple of Enlightenment, Temple of Mystery, and Temple of Plenty.

Just the changes to the mana base alone will give you more consistency and speed up your development, as you will have fewer lands come into play tapped, plus those suggestions come in at just over $17, but you can save almost $5 by holding off on Hinterland Harbor for the time being.

lagotripha on Complete Manifesto

6 days ago

I can see where this is going, and I like it, but there are two major hurdles to cross. One is that your curve drops a lot of creatures on to the battlefield a little late, and they don't have the immediate board presence to offset this loss- this isn't Gatekeeper of Malakir stuff- eternal witness is a great card but its just a bear the turn you play it, and that is unlikely to be enough to survive in this fast-paced metagame.

The second issue is unreliable mana- your lands are entering untapped which is essential for creature based aggro, but are not providing multiple colours, effectively leaving multiple cards in your hand blank.

I'd reccomend adding the following, and cutting the number of cards that don't have an immediate impact on the game.

Budget - Avacyn's Pilgrim Honored Hierarch Magus of the Vineyard Wild Cantor Bloodlust Inciter Boros Elite Doomed Traveler Ulvenwald Tracker Experiment One Knight of the White Orchid etc.

Less budget -Karplusan Forest Rootbound Crag Sunpetal Grove Clifftop Retreat Cryptolith Rite Inspiring Vantage.

Don't talk about the price - Noble Hierarch Knight of the Reliquary+fetches Horizon Canopy Blood Moon etc. Just look at tournament lists at this point. All lists including this type of card have been largely explored and optimised, so its not much worth mucking around with.

I'd reccomend cryptolith over prismatic, because you need the added acceleration if you're sacrificing a turn to play it in a deck that wants to be attacking and casting bigger stuff. That said, you could just play token spells in those slots or some more lands. It doesn't look as flashy, but it keeps the deck running smoothly without 'loosing' a turn.

You can make the deck a lot, lot more stable by leaving a colour to later in the game, only including a single basic and alternative ways of producing the mana, allowing you to reliably cast creatures turns 1-2-3. You aren't pumping out hoardes of goblin or elemental tokens or abusing flicker for impact tremors to be super effective, so leaving the only red spells as Kessig Malcontents as a finishing blow in an otherwise green/white list will be a lot more reliable. Swap kytheon and twin bolt main to sideboard- you might want to keep the impact tremors there if you face a lot of Fog effects.

Borderland ranger is too expensive mana wise for what it does- Harrow is an instant and leaves two lands untapped and better creatures are out there to fix mana. There are better cards for that slot.

All told, playtest, look at what other people are doing and most of all, have fun!

michael208 on Naya Creature Deck

3 weeks ago

I've been trying for weeks to put together a decent Naya creatures deck with great difficulty. Your deck gave me some great ideas. The only card recommendations I'd make are Ghor-Clan Rampager and Boros Charm. They combo nicely for a quick win.

In terms of mana, I like your idea of Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. But having that many basic lands in your deck is definitely going to cause problems. Rootbound Crag, Sunpetal Grove and Clifftop Retreat are all relatively cheap dual lands that would fit into your deck.

trav1405 on Ajani the Lion King

3 weeks ago

Alright, to start with Mother of Runes is not modern legal and a good deck will always have a mana curve. This means not having and equal amount of each mana cost, generally, you want to deck to be centered around one cost. Also, because you have several high costing cards, such as Loxodon Smiter and the monstrosity of the Fleecemane Lion it would be a great idea to run some mana dorks.

Here is a list of changes I would consider making:

Overall, to make a competitive deck it needs a solid game plan and an efficient way to execute it, decks want to fall into the category of either aggro, combo or control. A fast mana curve and a consistent mana base are the keys to making a deck like this work in modern.

And then of course there is Path to Exile... This is a must, no doubt about that. And also good duel lands, Temple Garden and Windswept Heath are possibly the best, but on a budget there are always alternatives. Sunpetal Grove for instance.

snotice on Anafenza, the Bolsterer

3 weeks ago


1.) Shocks: Temple Garden, Godless Shrine & Overgrown Tomb.
2.) Check Lands: Sunpetal Grove, Isolated Chapel & Woodland Cemetery.

I would up the land count to at least 36 to ensure you get close to your average CMC which is 3.59, within reasonable amount of turns, consistently.



1.) I see you have Dragonlord Dromoka in the deck. I think Grand Abolisher is a great addition as well to silent most activity during her turn.


1.) Eternal Witness always works well with Sun Titan, but isn't a must have in the deck.

I can offer more suggestions later on, but right now I got work. Hope this helps her out!

abby315 on Infinite Elves!

4 weeks ago

Looks like you've got some help already; there are some cheap "dual" lands that can help you splash white for that Midnight Guard: Sunpetal Grove, Canopy Vista, Temple of Plenty. I would also suggest Harmonize or Regal Force > Abundance, Arbor Elf > Lifespring Druid if you get the dual lands, and 4 Utopia Sprawl > 2 Abundant Growth and 2 Ezuri's Archers.

Even if you can't get the dual lands, be sure to add a Plains or two to fetch with Sylvan Ranger so you don't get stuck unable to cast Midnight Guard!

These are also all budget suggestions. I can point you in the direction of some competitive elves decks for various formats whenever you'd like. I'm a big ol' fan of elves (and you're lucky, they happen to be the best Tribe in the game)!

azurekamimura on Gw Eldrangels

1 month ago

Applesauce_Magician, Thank you very much !!! If you want to save a little you can use basic land instead of Temple Garden, Sunpetal Grove and Temple of Plenty, try to use 12x Forest and 8x Plains. Sigarda, Host of Herons and Dragonlord Dromoka can be replaced as well for something of your choise hahaha

TheAlexGnan on G/W

1 month ago

Since you yourself have talked about Windswept Heath, and fortunately its not the most expensive fetchland, I'll go ahead and propose a mana base with it:

4x Windswept Heath

2x Stirring Wildwood

4x Temple Garden

3x Sunpetal Grove

4x Forest

3x Plains

In your Colors, Horizon Canopy is an Option, albeit a very expensive one.

Unflinching Courage is pretty terrible. if you want an effect like this, Basilisk Collar is the way to go.

Generally speaking, i think 5drop planeswalkers are too greedy, even with acceleration. The only reason you would Need Cryptolith Rite is to cast them, and rite is just a bad Card in many situations.

I would dop all 4 Cards that occupy those Slots and work on redundancy, or possibly include some Kitchen Finks. you could max out on Voice of Resurgence too, its really powerful.

Doomed Traveler might also be worth a thought. it becomes Spectral Procession with Parallel Lives.

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