If an artifact or creature entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time.

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Panharmonicon Discussion

Cariddis on Kamahl, Fist of Krosa EDH

6 days ago

DecadeFire thank you for the advice!

About swapping Terastodon for Ancient Greenwarden, I am a little doubtful: the latter does a Panharmonicon effect that I don't see particularly relevant in Kamahl. The former, on the other hand, it's a green multiple removal tool that can deal with problematic cards, like stax pieces or damage-preventing tools like Glacial Chasm

Scute Swarm seems very powerful in a pure-aggro style of commander. I suppose this strategy could be viable depending on the meta. I usually play against midrange/combo decks, therefore I don't actually need another tool to further push the aggro plan.

I am about to write another update related to Zendikar Rising cards, and I can give a spoiler here: it will need some other 20+ games to be confirmed, but it is highly likely that I will add Ashaya, Soul of the Wild to the 99. With Kamahl in play, you can go infinite with Quirion Ranger / Scryb Ranger and an animated Gaea's Cradle. This is so cool and broken that some times it didn't even feel fair lol. Like always, I do not make change until I played at least 100 games, therefore I will let you know soon :)

liamk585-mtg on Gruul Panharmonicon

1 week ago

I understand that, Pyrra, and this deck is not supposed to be as competitive as you think. I honestly just like the concept of a Panharmonicon build-around.

Pyrra on Gruul Panharmonicon

1 week ago

i think modern is just too fast and efficient for Panharmonicon. modern is a format where Emrakul, the Aeons Torn can come down turn 3 with haste.

LandoLRodriguez on Windy Kitty's Landfall Engine

2 weeks ago

Changes, 30Sep2020:

-1 Devastating Summons, +1 Nissa of Shadowed Boughs. Even with the synergy with Doubling Season, I feel like I'd have a better reason to sacrifice my lands than to Devastating Summons. A planeswalker with a landfall trigger to add loyalty is a dream for this deck, and by the time she got rolling, her minus ability can probably get any creature in the deck that's available. I can't wait to play with this card.

-1 Army Ants, +1 Ancient Greenwarden. I have plenty of land destruction options that are better than a once-per-turn, creature-facilitated option like Army Ants. I think I may have been including it for purely nostalgic options. Ancient Greenwarden, on the other hand... a 3rd crucible effect, and a land-Panharmonicon (landharmonicon?), both attached to a big body that can swat down fliers? Yes please! Either one of his abilities would be enough to include him, but both?! I've mentioned before that I love the possibility of exponential growth, and I'm excited to get this guy rolling with Doubling Season and watch the ensuing chaos. It's like this guy was made for this deck.

1empyrean on The Angels' True Nature

3 weeks ago

I think this deck has few big problems beyond needing a win condition.

First, your deck has 18 creatures + your commander. This might work in a control deck, you seem to want to play angel tribal, so this is a really low creature count.

Second, your land count is a little low. In the playtester it seemed to work out ok a decent amount of the time, but only with the red loot spells. Some are even cycling lands, which kind of makes things worse. Personally, I like 34-37 depending on various factors.

Third, Panharmonicon has almost no interactions in the deck. The only one that has much of any payoff is Thalia's Lancers. It is a dead card otherwise.

Your gameplan leans heavily towards having creatures to protect, but a majority of them cost 5 or more, so you lack early game presence. You also can't really rely on you commander flashing in if you need to play to have any blockers...

Anyways, I'm coming up blank on a good wincon. Maybe Warstorm Surge and similar effects?

liamk585-mtg on How Does Vexing Devil Work …

1 month ago

If I had a Panharmonicon on the battlefield, and then I played a Vexing Devil, what would happen?

dzanon on Trostani's Friends

1 month ago

Monomanamaniac glad you like the deck! I had a selesnya tokens deck back when I first started playing Magic and turned it into this one when I first got into Commander. Yeah I don’t own many copies of Sol Ring and Arcane Signet so the ones I do are in other decks, but I plan on adding them here when I can! Same thing for Panharmonicon too. Somehow never really thought about Helm of the Host, good call! And I just loved Seance, will definitely try to fit it in this deck too, thanks for all the suggestions!

About Aetherflux Reservoir, yeah it usually catches people by surprise. It has helped me close out games I couldn’t win through combat, same with Felidar Sovereign.

Monomanamaniac on Trostani's Friends

1 month ago

Don't know if you like suggestions, but it looks like you're not running Sol Ring or Arcane Signet, which are staples. I'd also suggest thinking about Helm of the Host, because populating non-legendary copies of trostani is particularly spicy. Also Panharmonicon is really insanely good in this deck. Lastly a sleeper card I adore is Seance because trostani can populate a permanent token you can keep.

As for cuts, nothing really stands out to me, I love the use of Aetherflux Reservoir in this deck because even if you're not storming trostani is buffing your life total immensely. I like this deck, I've always wanted to build one and this may have given me some inspiration

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