Scavenger Grounds


Not legal in any format

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Scavenger Grounds

Land — Desert

: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice a Desert: Exile all cards from all graveyards.

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Scavenger Grounds Discussion

Lord_Dunsparce on ErnhamGeddon IN STANDARD

5 hours ago

Sweet deck I’m playing something similar but more focused around Deserts running Scapeshift with that combo where Scavenger Grounds just takes out their graveyard

thymeandplace on Multani SMASH

2 days ago

Scavenger Grounds seems pretty great. I would probably lean g/b because I have the lands for it already and Torment of Hailfire seems like a great finisher. The new stuff is all pretty bonkers, so we will have to see what all works and doesn't work. That one could be great with Carnage Tyrant but probably not with Walking Ballista or Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar.

DreadnoughtMTG on Multani SMASH

2 days ago

So, Mono-Red and RB are both fairly common right now (at least at bigger tournaments); you might want to consider adding black or white to have access to some decent removal. Ixalan's Binding can hose any recursive threats, Vraska's Contempt is also decent. Fatal Push isn't bad if you have any. Along the exiling note, Scavenger Grounds helps get rid of that crazy phoenix as well as any other graveyard things; you would likely only need slash want 1 or 2. Song of Freyalise might be super useful against Goblin Chainwhirlers to keep your dorks around.

Also, the double explore guy is crazy if you have him. Explore in general is kind of nuts. Carnage Tyrant is pretty crazy and maybe worth an include.

Hour of Promise seems ok if you want to use some various utility desert lands.

Kilay on Lathliss' Flight

3 days ago

Hey there! Love the deck. I personally run an Ur-Dragon deck and this dragon queen really pulls me to mono red for sure. I do have some suggestions for the deck based on some games that I have played. My local meta might be different(possibly more cut-throat) than yours and you might not need some of these cards. Budget also might be a thing too, as these do have a little bit of a price(not too much though). These are some suggestions:

Creatures:Glorybringer, Scourge of Kher Ridges, Thunder Dragon, Ryusei, the Falling Star, Taurean Mauler, Solemn Simulacrum. The four dragons listed will help keep the board semi-clear as you will likely have a slower start than other decks. Having these dragons out and about clears the way. Taurean Mauler is a dragon(because of changeling) and gets huge quickly! Lastly, solemn simulacrum is a must have because of the ramp/card draw.

Artifacts: Sol Ring, Unstable Obelisk,Dragons hoard(new in C19), Lightning Greaves,Swiftfoot Boots, Darksteel Plate. Here are some useful artifacts! Sol ring, because, sol ring(it really helps with ramp). Unstable obelisk is a way to help ramp but more importantly it helps red players destroy problematic enchantments later down the road. Dragon's Hoard is ramp with a way to draw cards down the road, which red needs. Your commander and big dragons need protection. Lightning greaves and Swiftfoot boots are used to give haste to your creatures that you equip it too, but also make them untargetable, which can be useful! Last artifact would be darksteel plate. It gives indestructible to a creature and it itself is indestructible. Very useful things.

Enchantments:Flameshadow Conjuring, Fervor. This part is simple. Basically fervor gives your dragons haste, so they can fly in asap(more haste effects, the better). flameshadow allows you to summon more dragons with haste. While it does not trigger your commander's ability, it does allow for cool interactions!

Instants:Scour from Existence, Spit Flame(new from C19) Scour is expensive i know with 7cc cost. However, it gets rid of anything super problematic for you at the table. Exile is super useful. Spit flame is new in C19 and is a great inclusion for this deck. I would use this over lighting bolt.

Land:Haunted Fengraf, Scavenger Grounds, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Buried Ruin, Arch of Orazca, Sea Gate Wreckage. I could go into more detail about these lands, but I feel like they explain themselves. It allows you to use your graveyard a bit more, ramp more, and allow you to draw cards in the late game(which is where mono red struggles). You could also try for 38 lands over 40 if you were feeling lucky. I am sure you'll find a good balance.

Before I go, here are some suggested items to take out (and maybe throw in some new things(doesn't have to be what I listed :P )).

  1. Lightning Bolt. For a one time use, it does not do enough in EDH. 3 damage to a creature is small, and for a player it is even smaller (40 life x 3 people). I would highly suggest using Spit Flame instead(suggested under instants), as it is reoccurring from the graveyard.

  2. Draconic Roar Similar to #1, It does not do enough in this format in my opinion.

  3. Eldrazi Conscription While I love this card, I feel it costs too much mana for this deck and is a win-more card. Enchant creature effects don't seem to last too long in EDH.

  4. Verix Bladewing I love these dragons, but in its best case, it is 2x 4/4s with no addition text. Worse case it is just a 4/4. Overall, I think there are better dragons.

  5. Two-Headed Dragon This creature is expensive and does not have a big presence on the battlefield from what I have seen

  6. Akoum Hellkite This creature is expensive and does not have a big presence on the battlefield from what I have seen. 2 damage is very minimal in EDH. It does work sometimes but often times enough, it is minimal.

  7. Shivan Dragon This creature is expensive and doesn't have a big impact when it hits the field. I would suggest others over it in my opinion.

  8. Blood Moon While it is great to slow down other decks, I feel like you'll make more enemies than friends with this card. Its all personal preference, but I feel that it does not fit this deck's objective.

And that is it! If you read it all, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to check out some cool ideas. No pressure for any of these! I hope your deck kicks butt and that you have fun no matter how you play it. I look forward to see how this deck evolves in the future. Good luck friend!

Randomguy006 on Standard Scapeshift

4 days ago

If you're running ways to tutor nonbasic lands then you should have a "toolbox" land package instead of just 4x of two useful lands. You definitely need a copy of Scavenger Grounds at least. Some other considerations are Dunes of the Dead, Hostile Desert, Memorial to Unity and Memorial to Genius.

You should also probably run a split of Wayward Swordtooth and Ramunap Excavator, instead of just 4x swordtooth. They combo well together, and the swordtooth doesn't really do anything after you've played out all your lands from hand / don't have ascend yet.

Tanky on Casual Madness

1 week ago

Cajek Thanks! thats exactly how the deck works but in the way that it tries to cheat mana. Im playing casualy against my friends who dont play much control so i wasnt really in need of searching for defending my creatures ^^, thanks for testing the deck this way. Im gonna try Swiftfoot Boots tho, it may be as well good for the haste boost. I also added Sundering Growth to sidedeck in means of enchantment destroyal, hybrid mana cost may cause problems but populating 6/6 trample worms seems cool so im gonna test it!

kamarupa Im gona try Gnaw to the Bone but i cant imagine situation where prolonging the game would be better for me, when playing against my friends who play late oriented decks. Scavenger Grounds for when i boosted my oponent with burning inquiry unintentionaly? But my deck is adjusted for getting upper hand when graveyards are getting full while oponent isnt. Or you just suggested it as to apoint that card would totaly antipick my play? Thanks for suggestions!

Modark_Oscuro on Tour de Amonkhet

1 week ago

This deck is really fun to play, but is really vulnerable to graveyard hate cards like Scavenger Grounds, wich is in 99% of the decks. Can still do some work in late game with Archfiend of Ifnir, but is really slow.

kamarupa on Casual Madness

1 week ago

Maybe Gnaw to the Bone in the sideboard? 1xScavenger Grounds

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