World Breaker


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Mythic Rare

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World Breaker

Creature — Eldrazi

Devoid (This card has no colour.)

When you cast World Breaker, exile target artifact, enchantment, or land.


, Sacrifice a land: Return World Breaker from your graveyard to your hand. ( represents colourless mana.)

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World Breaker Discussion

QuantumMechanic on Cutting Cards from my Selvala ...

1 day ago

As stated in the title, I'm working on finalizing my first ever hand-built commander deck, a Selvala, Heart of the Wilds deck. The deck is a Mono-Green Ramp deck featuring plenty of Eldrazi and mana ramp, and long story short, it needs to be cut down a bit; both in cards and in price. So, I'd like suggestions on which cards I should cut (and why, please)! (Any other suggestions are also welcome.) I need to cut 8 cards to make the deck legal!

Here's the deck itself:

Selvala's Eldrazi RAMPage!

Commander / EDH* QuantumMechanic


Now, these cards below are the 20 most expensive ones in the deck (aside from Selvala or ones I already own). I'd like to cut cards from here to help reduce the cost of the deck, as I plan on buying it. Or, if there are cheaper alternatives to these cards or other cards in the deck, let me know!

Eldrazi Conscription


Garruk Wildspeaker

Darksteel Plate

Urza's Incubator

Eye of Ugin

Elvish Piper

Song of the Dryads

Lightning Greaves

Reliquary Tower

Pathbreaker Ibex

It That Betrays

Spawnsire of Ulamog

World Breaker

Sol Ring

Sword of the Animist

Wirewood Lodge

Tempt with Discovery

General's Kabuto

Elvish Harbinger

Pieguy396 on Big-Foot

3 days ago

Ah, OK. My Path to Exilefoil icon is the newest FNM art, the one pictured here. I think that for the Rebecca Guay art, you need to use

[[Path to Exile *F* (000)]]

Which comes out as this: Path to Exilefoil icon

In any case, how about Scalding Tarn and Sensei's Divining Top for your 3x Bloodstained Mire, Wurmcoil Engine, and World Breaker?

Also, just to give you a heads-up, the Top has some very slight wear around the edges on the back; I'm happy to send you high-res pics if you'd like.

kmach1ne on Forfks

5 days ago

1 of's galore. Deck is not at all focused and is very inconsistent. We can't always play our favorite cards in one deck which I imagine is what you're doing. If you want to play a ramp deck, play ramp cards like Hedron Archive, Hour of Promise, Beneath the Sands, Servant of the Conduit or even Natural Connection. Play as many 4 of's as you can while still maintaining early interaction. This means play removal like Harnessed Lightning, Abrade, Kozilek's Return, Declaration in Stone or even Cast Out to survive the early game because our late game will essentially be unbeatable. General rule of thumb for ramp decks is have 6 to 10 ramp spells and about 3 to 6 payoffs like Kozilek, the Great Distortion, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and World Breaker. You also want to play roughly 24 to 26 lands with about half of those being basic lands. Look at some of the standard ramp decks on mtggoldfish's website to get a better idea to what I'm saying. Hope this helps.

JKRice on 1+1+1=7 {Tron Primer}

5 days ago

I have looked at a lot of torn decks and honestly, oblivion stone isn't very good. There are much better things to put in, like maybe World Breaker.

MoGoose831 on Selvala's Choose Your Own Adventure

1 week ago

Lure of Prey!!! For real its at least worth a test play! No one will expect a turn two Elderscale Wurm, World Breaker or Worldspine Wurm

jorgeduardo on TREMORS - Top 8 FNM

1 week ago

Really cool deck! To make it rotation proof I would swap Permeating Mass with Oashra Cultivator. I think it could be as effective if not more since it adds ramps value to the deck as well.Also swapping either Elder Deep-Fiend or World Breaker for Aetherwind Basker could work, so you can make the most of the energy you get lategame.

Ruby_Rule on Simic Moonfolk Landfall

2 weeks ago

Boundless Realms triggers landfall multiple times while thinning out your deck. Seer's Sundial is good for card advantage. Sunstone and Constant Mists will halt aggro decks in their place and buy you valuable time. Dust Bowl will help deal with annoying non-basic lands. Also Sunstone, Constant Mists, Dust Bowl, Blighted Cataract, Blighted Woodland and World Breaker all work well with Crucible of Worlds and Ramunap Excavator. Simic Growth Chamber is also good.

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