World Breaker


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Mythic Rare

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World Breaker

Creature — Eldrazi

Devoid (This card has no colour.)

When you cast World Breaker, exile target artifact, enchantment, or land.


, Sacrifice a land: Return World Breaker from your graveyard to your hand. ( represents colourless mana.)

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World Breaker Discussion

Deefy on Robot Tron

2 days ago

I would suggest using some Forests so you can use Ancient Stirrings and World Breaker in place of the counters and Islands. In Tron you don’t want to be holding your mana for responses.

ChrisKB on Xenagos Smash

2 weeks ago

Thanks Guys For your suggestions!

kamelyan I now see how Woodland Bellower can tutor for one of my other tutors like Fierce Empath or Mwonvuli Beast Tracker and help me get another big badass creature ready to be played next turn! also Mage Slayer with creatures like Malignus or anything equipped with Grafted Exoskeleton could be a game winner so that is at the top of my shopping list!

babushkasara I have added Sol Ring but I feel Command Tower isn't worth the value for me in a dual colour deck. World Breaker is my favourite of your other suggestions as I added it and it has saved my life and changed the game several times, especially against troublesome lands and decks with lots of graveyard recursion. Lurking Predators I wouldn't want to run purely because of the revealing aspect of the card as I like playing my big spells and shocking people when playing magic. The rest of your suggestions are definitely going to be worth ordering and testing in the deck!

Thanks again guys!

RazortoothMtg on Proper formatting of keyword abilities ...

4 weeks ago

Also, for Keyword ordering, things that are relevant in all zones go on line 1 (Devoid), then keywords relevant while in your hand (Flash), then cast triggers on the next line, then battlefield abilities (deathtouch, haste), then graveyard based abilities (like on Nephalia Moondrakes). Make sure not to put things like Flash, Devoid, and First Strike on the same line as eachother.

World Breaker is a good reference for this.

SynergyBuild on White Knights Unite

1 month ago

I don't think you understand modern as a format, unless you can overwhelm Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and his infinite swarm, Path to Exile is useful, same goes for a Wurmcoil Engine and it's babies, or if you ever want to cast a spell chosen by a Meddling Mage.

Sure, this deck may be able to beat a 2/1, but if you want to stop Dark Confidant from overwhelming you with card advantage, pack yourself a couple Path to Exiles before you get beat.

Decks in the metagame that Path to Exile is useful against:

5 Color Humans (Meddling Mage, Dark Confidant, Mantis Rider)

R/B Hollowed One (Everything, they want it recurred, now it is in exile)

Jund (Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf)

Mono-Green Tron (Ulamog, ceaseless hunger, World Breaker, Wurmcoil Engine)

U/R Gift's Storm (Baral, Chief of Compliance, Goblin Electromancer)

Affinity (Whatever creature they alpha strike with)

Burn (Eidolon of the Great Revel, Grim Lavamancer)

Grixis Death's Shadow (Death's Shadow, Gurmag Angler, Tasigur, the Golden Fang)

Eldrazi Tron (Matter Reshaper, Thought-Knot Seer, Reality Smasher, Endbringer, Wurmcoil Engine, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger)

Bogles (Dryad Arbor, Kor Spiritdancer)

U/W Control (Wall of Omens)

Land Destruction G/R (Courser of Kruphix, Tireless Tracker, Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Inferno Titan)

Jeskai Control (Spell Queller, Pia and Kiran Nalaar)

Mardu Pyromancer (Young Pyromancer, Bedlam Reveler)

Scapeshift (Primeval Titan)

Ad Nauseam (Laboratory Maniac, they lose they next turn off of an Angel's Grace)

Counters Company (Devoted Druid, Vizier of Remedies, Kitchen Finks)

Grishoalbrand (Griselbrand, Borborygmos Enraged, Worldspine Wurm)

Amulet Combo (Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Courser of Kruphix, Primeval Titan)

Living End (Archfiend of Ifnir mostly, but any of their creatures should help slow down their explosion of creatures)

Infect (Self Explanatory, any of their creatures and they are doomed)

Ironworks Combo (Kill their Scrap Trawler, and they lose)

Welp, that about wraps up my reasons why path is so dang good, but I guess I'll share some more:

It isn't rare to have Path to Exile be named the best removal in modern, next to Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push as it's contenders, it exiles, unlike either, and is unrestricted removal, some decks splash white just to play it, and you don't play it when it is your only color it looks stupid to say "Oh, I'll trample over all of the creatures it could hit", when your creatures are smaller than many (even after buffs and accounting for double strike) and they wouldn't block the others.

Creatures aren't removal (until they are, like Nekrataal), and Path to Exile is, please don't think removal is only for blockers or attackers.

unaekkeanu on Gitfrog Monster Midrange

1 month ago

Quite a few of those are gonna go on my acquire-board, sadly the main thing preventing me from getting most of those powerhouses are cost. Crucible of Worlds is definitely one I want to get, as is Oracle of Mul Daya, Scapeshift, and Toxic Deluge. Blighted Woodland got cut because it was a bit too much mana investment for me. Damnation, Decree of Pain or Necromantic Selection might get put in. I'll probably swap my Liege of the Tangle for World Breaker

kamelyan on Gitfrog Monster Midrange

1 month ago

Oh...I knew Gitrog (he laments). It got so much hate from my playgroup. The only deck to beat it was Rhys the Redeemed; I didn't run enough boardwipes like Damnation, Decree of Pain, Necromantic Selection, or Toxic Deluge.

Oracle of Mul Daya, Crucible of Worlds, Scapeshift, Tilling Treefolk, World Breaker, Zendikar's Roil, and Aid from the Cowl would do nicely.

Blighted Woodland, Dunes of the Dead, and Petrified Field are a few land suggestions.

Gitrog with Your Bad Self

Commander / EDH kamelyan


multimedia on DRIVEN BY MONO GREEN

1 month ago

Hey looks good for a first Commander deck. Azusa is all about lands and benefiting from being able to play more than one in a turn. 28x lands is not enough land to take advantage of her as Commander. I suggest 40x total lands.

Here's some suggestions of cards to consider adding (all cards are budget not one is over $7):

  • Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse: these budget Fetch lands are great with landfall and Ramunap Excavator in combination with Azusa to chain landfall triggers
  • Blighted Woodland: like Wilds and Expanse this is another powerful land for landfall and good with Excavator
  • Ghost Quarter: unconditional land removal with no mana cost to activate, great with Excavator
  • Temple of the False God: you'll get five lands into play pretty fast with Azusa making this land good
  • Arch of Orazca: land that draws a card is good with excess mana

  • Horn of Greed: You'll be playing more lands than your opponents each turn drawing a card each time you play one can give you a huge advantage. The draw only happens when a player plays a land, your opponents can only play one land each turn whereas you can play up to three lands per turn
  • Sol Ring: staple Commander card, it's too good for only one mana
  • Swiftfoot Boots: protect Azusa, give your big ramp creature haste

  • Lotus Cobra: when landfall is a strategy then Cobra can make a lot of mana for a turn. Very good with budget Fetch lands and being able to play more than one land a turn
  • Fierce Empath: tutor for a big creature such as Rampaging Baloths or Craterhoof Behemoth put it right into your hand
  • World Breaker: good creature to ramp into versatile removal, can come back from the graveyard to play again. Blocks most flying creatures
  • Soul of the Harvest: draw engine with other nontoken creatures

  • Beast Within: unconditional instant permanent removal
  • Genesis Wave: powerful spell to use a lot of mana with putting a lot of permanents directly into play
  • Nissa's Pilgrimage: another Cultivate, land ramp that also puts a land into your hand to play with Azusa. Spell mastery is a nice bonus
  • Harmonize: good draw spell for green
  • Crop Rotation: tutor for any one land instant for one mana sac a land you control such as a Forest
  • Sylvan Scrying: tutor for any one land put it into your hand great to find Wilds, Expanse or Blighted to start a landfall chain with Excavator
  • Eldritch Evolution: sac a creature to tutor for another creature with a higher CMC. Example sac Llanowar Elves tutor for Excavator
  • Green Sun's Zenith: tutor for any green creature equal to the amount of mana you pay to cast it put that creature directly into play. Zenith is then shuffled back into your library allowing you to possibly cast it again in the game if you draw it

  • Nissa, Vital Force: use lands as 5/5 Elemental creatures, powerful -6 ultimate since you're playing a lot of lands each turn.

Suggestions of cards to consider cutting:

  • Advocate of the Beast
  • Atzocan Archer
  • Baloth Pup
  • Drove of Elves
  • Durkwood Baloth
  • Gnarlid Pack
  • Grazing Whiptail
  • Highspire Artisan
  • Leafcrown Dryad
  • Primal Huntbeast
  • Ridgescale Tusker
  • Territorial Baloth
  • Grounded
  • Mantle of Webs
  • Web
  • Desecration Plague
  • Stinging Shot
  • Lay of the Land
  • Take Down
  • Caravan Vigil

Good luck with your deck.

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