Arguel's Blood Fast


Temple of Aclazotz


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Transform (V17) Mythic Rare
Ixalan (XLN) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Arguel's Blood Fast

Legendary Enchantment

, Pay 2 life: Draw a card.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 5 or less life, you may transform Arguel's Blood Fast.

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Arguel's Blood Fast Discussion

Drakoy07 on Atraxa's Wrath of Life

1 week ago

Hey NV_1980,

Made most of the drops you recommended. Dropped Palace Siege, Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip and Diabolic Revelation. However I am keeping Tooth and Nail as this is actually a sly combo wincon. Even though it's not mentioned in the details as yet, but will be soon enough. With that one card your potential to win the game increases dramatically (obviously as long as you don't get countered).

I use Tooth and Nail to search up the combo pieces Archangel of Thune & Spike Feeder. It's usually used as a last resort when the game isn't going our way or if we just want to end the game.

We know these 2 cards combine to give us infinite life, but once you add Mirrorpool in the mix to copy the affect of Tooth and Nail. You then get to grab x2 more pieces Crystalline Crawler for infinite mana & Fathom Mage to allow you to draw the entire deck to find the final finishers (now that we can manually increase our life to go infinite) Aetherflux Reservoir or if that's gone Sanguine Bond or if that's gone Vizkopa Guildmage or if that's gone Debt to the Deathless (now that we have Infinite mana from Crystalline Crawler). You get the idea. ;)

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'll also be making some time to check out your have quite the catalog! :D

Swing4Lethal on Dimir Surveillance

2 weeks ago

SP3CTR3_chelts, My experience with Connive / Concoct is that it is an absolute bomb in limited, but lacks any kind of star quality in constructed. Connive being 4 CMC is bad when you're stealing at best something like Aurelia. You'll likely be in a spot where you would rather have Vraska's Contempt or Ritual of Soot in a deck that plays Aurelia. Especially if they follow up your Connive with a Conclave Tribunal or a post attackers step Justice Strike. The Concoct side is decent for the surveil 3, but overall The Eldest Reborn is far superior for a reanimation effect. It also deals with pesky Carnage Tyrant, planeswalkers, and allows to you reanimate a Doom Whisperer, Dream Eater, or whatever spicy thing your opponent has in the graveyard for you. TER also plays well with Raider's Wake and the overall discard control plan. Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip and Thaumatic Compass  Flip are brought in against late game match ups where land count matters and your opponent is likely to be attacking with only one creature at a time. These were both experimental choices and are up in the air as to how long they remain in the deck. Arguel's is a lot better in higher creature count decks, but does nullify your opponents removal spells so it's up to you if you want to try it. Compass is okay, I wasn't super impressed by it. However, it does shut down Crackling Drake very well. I am still working out the kinks and trying new techs. One thing I have been wanting to try is a creature heavy surveil list with white in it for Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants, but that will be once the next set drops and we have access to all U/W and B/W shocks. Once you have your list posted, link it to me here so I can take a look and we can continue brainstorming! I appreciate your questions and suggestions! Keep them coming!

Gadianten on Ayli Clerics

2 weeks ago

In keeping with the card drawing theme, some others to consider are Bygone Bishop for more tribal draw. Other draw sources to think about if looking at add more would be Dawn of Hope, Greed, Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip and Mind's Eye.

bushido_man96 on How to make this deck ...

2 weeks ago

I don't know if you're familiar with The Command Zone podcast, but I watch it religiously on youtube, and when I deck build, I try to follow their deck-building format as much as possible. If you're not familiar with it, they advise the following: 10 card draw, 10 mana ramp, 5 single target removal, and 5 boardwipes. If I waver on anything, at times it tends to be the boardwipes. But, I generally try to follow that format as I deck build, and once I'm done, if I don't meet all those criteria, I try to start figuring out cuts to do so.

So, let's break it down:

Card draw: you have 4 to 5ish, if you count Commander's Sphere replacing itself. Preordain is a one-off. I'd usually rather have a more permanent source of card draw. Something like Greed or Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip can fill the void here. Jace Beleren is nice, too, as you can get political with him, and he doesn't really pose too much of a threat. There are others, to be sure, where you can perhaps sac creatures to draw a card, which would synergize nicely with cards like Grave Pact. Something to think about there.

Mana ramp: I think you're good there. You've got lots of rocks to help get your colors, and you're running a little heavier on lands than I usually do, but that's not a bad thing, either. I'd say good there. You've also got several ways of creating Spawn creature tokens that you can sac for mana, which is good for your theme overall. Check this box off.

Single-target removal: Eh, you're kind of ok here, with the effects you get from your Eldrazi and Grave Pact effects. That helps a ton. You might consider cards like Imprisoned in the Moon and Chaos Warp for dealing with special cases. Many times playing Imprisoned in the Moon on a commander can be better than removing it from the board. Chaos Warp smacks any troublesome permanent that has hit the board. Also, you're playing , so any counterspell can be considered a single-target removal.

Boardwipes: Again, your Grave Pact effects help out here, so you've covered a lot of your bases. You've got some of the best colors in the pie to help with wipes: Cyclonic Rift is the granddaddy of them all, and Vandalblast can be especially good in artifact-heavy metas. Black offers some of the best creature wipes out there, from Damnation to Toxic Deluge to Decree of Pain (which offers boardwipe AND card draw; two-for-one there), and one-sided wipes like Plague Wind and In Garruk's Wake, if you can stomach their high CMCs.

Like I said, these are just guidelines to use when building, and you don't need to follow this format exactly, but what I've found is that if you stick close to it, then you get an amazing amount of consistency out of playing your deck. With your's the only thing I would really want to address is the card draw. A Skullclamp might be worth running.

Hope that helps!

Argy on Treasonous Ogre

3 weeks ago

Yeah I forgot about that one, too.

It was REALLY good when there were heaps of Vehicles around.

I think you could definitely take out 1x Keldon Overseer for 1x Hijack.

You then need to have a little think. If you want the deck to steal stuff sooner, you'll need to think about swapping Hijack for some of your five drops. The Eldest Reborn is probably the best swap. That's a fairly useless card against Weenie decks, which we could now see a lot of (given they were Top 4 in the Pro Tour).

I don't know the meta you are playing this in. You might be right in that Sideboard copies could be useful.

This might be the way to go:

Minus two of these, in any combination:

Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip
Fight with Fire
Sorcerous Spyglass

+2x Hijack

The combination of what you take our depends on your meta. My gut says 2x Fight with Fire is probably the way to go. Maybe even all three Fight with Fire, then put in two Hijack and one extra Banefire.

saluma on Jund *in progress*

1 month ago

Chasmolinker Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip has worked really well for me. I have been able to draw several cards in one turn (when I left mana open to react to my opponents but they didn't play anything) and before I used Death's Shadow it really saved my life cuz I could sac a Tarmogoyf in respons to a Lightning Bolt or something simular. Has not yet had the chans to try to sac a Death's Shadow

Chasmolinker on Jund *in progress*

1 month ago

I hear ya there. I like to use 1-2 Field of Ruin in those cases. How has Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip been?

Argy on Treasonous Ogre

1 month ago

Every deck needs a Sideboard, and this is no exception.

Have a think about something like this:

2x Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip - most decks run one of these in the Sideboard to allow for better draw. You have little draw, so I would have two.

1-2x Banefire - extra copies to let you get the last bit of damage through against Control.

3x Fight with Fire - more fire power against larger Creatures, can also deal lethal damage.

3x Goblin Chainwhirler - clears the board of x/1 Tokens, another Creature to come in against Control, excellent blocker.

2x Sorcerous Spyglass - useful to shut down Planeswalkers.

3-4x Vraska's Contempt - deal with Planeswalkers, Rekindling Phoenix, Indestructible Creatures (every should run these).

The deck is fun to play and works quite well.

A better Sideboard will make it more competitive.

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