Craterhoof Behemoth

Craterhoof Behemoth

Creature — Beast

Haste When Craterhoof Behemoth enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

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Craterhoof Behemoth Discussion

Enyeto on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

2 days ago

I use AR more for board state answers. Planar Collapse , Defense of the Heart , Aura Shards and Followed Footsteps are often grabbed.

Mirari's Wake is great to grab, Doubling Season is also great as I play 7 PW's. Day of the Dragons I was thinking about putting in just for AR if Zendikar was on the board. But that was too conditional.

For Pattern of Rebirth is usually have a way to kill whatever creature its on. Most often I'll have Polymorph in hand, Avenger of Zendikar on the field. Pattern of Rebirth on a saproling token and then I'll polymorph it to snag a creature from the deck plus Craterhoof Behemoth

Forkbeard on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

2 days ago

So I've made a lot of tweaks based on suggestions made here. I'll probably cut Strionic Resonator + Conjurer's Closet to make room for Parallax Wave + Birthing Pod if I can wrangle'em.

As for Stonehorn Dignitary + Lavinia of the Tenth , I've found them both extremely useful in my experience (although they both induce fury, sometimes even tears). Likewise with Craterhoof Behemoth ...Sometimes a mighty Craterwin finish is required to put someone out of their misery. I would also argue that Craterpwn is relevant to creature heavy flicker - Trample opponent A's face into the dirt, flicker CB next turn to trample opponent B's face into the dirt etc. It's really all about trampling faces into dirt.

Lastly, I can't bring myself to remove Venser, the Sojourner from this deck. The hate draw is real, but he's just so damn handy. I agree that he's pricey to cast but his +1 is perfect for the deck & I've been able to control the board long enough to get his ultimate rolling a couple times now. Each time = insta-scoop.

Anyway, thanks again for the sage advice. I feel like new life has been breathed into the deck, I'm looking forward to frustrating people with it soon.

cian114 on The Triune Dryad

4 days ago

Ze_Geuse81 it seems slow to me. One of the changes I've made is to increase the ramp and card/land advantage to get to Craterhoof Behemoth , so I don't know about Sacred Mesa

Tigerhawk55 on Elvish Fury

4 days ago

Joraga Warcaller + Craterhoof Behemoth is a very fun combo

Spootyone on State of Mana Dorks in ...

6 days ago

The inherent problem with mana dorks will always be that they scale badly into the late game when your opponent wipes the board or handles your 2-3 threats you've obtained. Turning dorks into threats is the best way a ramp deck can win. See: Craterhoof Behemoth , Ezuri, Renegade Leader , Ajani, Mentor of Heroes , or I guess Gavony Township to some degree.

The only one of these in standard is Ajani.

Without having a way to turn dorks into late-game threats, you absolutely run the risk of getting continual bad topdecks mid to late-game as well as flooding on ramp and not getting enough threats to use the mana on.

Another card I like in super-ramp or ramp in general is Villainous Wealth . Why? You don't even need win conditions in your deck besides it. All you have to do is focus entirely on getting it to resolve with a large and you can let your opponent's deck do the heavy-lifting.

So, here's what I'm getting at. Don't play a bunch of mana dorks unless...

A) You're willing to risk bad top decks while getting to play T3 Polukranos, World Eater or Stormbreath Dragon


B) Instead, play ramp into a card that can make use of so much mana/make your mana dorks a viable threat afterwards.

nayrash5 on Azusa, Death by mana

1 week ago

Craterhoof Behemoth is really good in EDH, and its really fun to say the name...

sapofeo on Whoa Bigger

1 week ago

I appreciate the suggestions, but those cards are actually too slow. If you play it a few times, you'll see what I mean. The Craterhoof Behemoth is nice but ya'll will be dead by the time it's big enough to be scary. The Doubling Season adds counters to others things as well, not just the creature tokens, which makes it WELL worth the money. Drawing cards is more consistent with Carnage Altar as opposed to Harmonize as I usually have a ton of Mana and creature fodder, plus I can keep going. Scute Mob is just too small. This deck is consistently getting into gear by turn 6, which in our group games is wicked fast.

BTW, you weren't supposed to see this yet, lol.

SpaceNinja on Whoa Bigger

1 week ago

It says that Wheel of Fortune is an illegal card. Either it's not legal in Legacy format or it's banned. But who cares :)

Anyway nice deck! I actually like including Craterhoof Behemoth in this deck. Maybe just one so you will only pull it late game and when you have the mana for it. But with tokens, you want to either produce dozens and dozens, or you want to cast an Overrun type card like him.

This site is awesome because it has the "Play Test" feature, where you can play a mock game, tap mana, draw cards, etc and then after a dozen plays, you will really know if your land count is appropriate is and if it's a good mana curve. I like how you can see the mana curve so you can see if you have like no two-drops - that means you will never have a good second turn (unless you have two mana elves you can cast).

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