Craterhoof Behemoth

Craterhoof Behemoth

Creature — Beast

Haste When Craterhoof Behemoth enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

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Craterhoof Behemoth Discussion

Takno on Protect the Forest

2 days ago

Gather the Townsfolk for Voice of Resurgence , Shielded Passage (Even if you want to run a similar card both Faith's Shield and Gods Willing are superior) for Intangible Virtue , Call of the Conclave for Phantom General , Heroes' Reunion for Overrun , Safe Passage for Emmara Tandris , Blade Splicer for Healer of the Pride , Captain's Call for Cathars' Crusade , Giant Adephage for Craterhoof Behemoth and while he wasn't among the first suggestions I made, he's good for all your card drawing needs Mentor of the Meek in for Gideon, Champion of Justice

ZombieCat on Khanye

2 days ago

Sure, I can do that trade (Courser for Wooded). I was wondering if you'd want anything else from me.. I'd like to be able to trade for your Craterhoof Behemoth

Takno on Protect the Forest

4 days ago

Have you thought about adding Increasing Devotion for even more of those Human tokens? A Phantom General might be a good idea as well, as is Intangible Virtue if you have a token focus. Another great card is Healer of the Pride which will give you insane amounts of life in a token based deck. In addition to this I think you want some of the more swarm finisher cards like Overrun and Craterhoof Behemoth , Hornet Queen and Emmara Tandris could be good additions as well. Hope this helped you at least somewhat, also Avacyn, Angel of Hope is always nice, you could also add Voice of Resurgence for value... Geist-Honored Monk is also a good addition. Any of the Elspeths are good as well. Cathars' Crusade is insane in token focused decks and Champion of Lambholt can make your entire army practically unblockable. I apologize for the long comment and array of cards but these are all cards I feel are good additions to the deck.

maximus456 on Elves of Light

5 days ago

WHERE'S THE Arbor Elf ??????That guy can add a disgusting amount of mana to your pool!same with Nissa, Worldwaker . probably going to drop in price after standard rotates again.I'd also invest in Temple Garden seeing as it combos.thoughts on Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx ? could get gross with all your triple costs. devotion in general could be interesting.what about Craterhoof Behemoth as a finisher?

Enyeto on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

1 week ago

I use AR more for board state answers. Planar Collapse , Defense of the Heart , Aura Shards and Followed Footsteps are often grabbed.

Mirari's Wake is great to grab, Doubling Season is also great as I play 7 PW's. Day of the Dragons I was thinking about putting in just for AR if Zendikar was on the board. But that was too conditional.

For Pattern of Rebirth is usually have a way to kill whatever creature its on. Most often I'll have Polymorph in hand, Avenger of Zendikar on the field. Pattern of Rebirth on a saproling token and then I'll polymorph it to snag a creature from the deck plus Craterhoof Behemoth

Forkbeard on Roon of the Hidden Realm: Transcendent Rhino

1 week ago

So I've made a lot of tweaks based on suggestions made here. I'll probably cut Strionic Resonator + Conjurer's Closet to make room for Parallax Wave + Birthing Pod if I can wrangle'em.

As for Stonehorn Dignitary + Lavinia of the Tenth , I've found them both extremely useful in my experience (although they both induce fury, sometimes even tears). Likewise with Craterhoof Behemoth ...Sometimes a mighty Craterwin finish is required to put someone out of their misery. I would also argue that Craterpwn is relevant to creature heavy flicker - Trample opponent A's face into the dirt, flicker CB next turn to trample opponent B's face into the dirt etc. It's really all about trampling faces into dirt.

Lastly, I can't bring myself to remove Venser, the Sojourner from this deck. The hate draw is real, but he's just so damn handy. I agree that he's pricey to cast but his +1 is perfect for the deck & I've been able to control the board long enough to get his ultimate rolling a couple times now. Each time = insta-scoop.

Anyway, thanks again for the sage advice. I feel like new life has been breathed into the deck, I'm looking forward to frustrating people with it soon.

cian114 on The Triune Dryad

1 week ago

Ze_Geuse81 it seems slow to me. One of the changes I've made is to increase the ramp and card/land advantage to get to Craterhoof Behemoth , so I don't know about Sacred Mesa

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