Craterhoof Behemoth

Craterhoof Behemoth

Creature — Beast


When Craterhoof Behemoth enters the battlefield, creatures you control gain trample and get +X/+X until end of turn, where X is the number of creatures you control.

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Craterhoof Behemoth Discussion

Phoenix_3473 on Meren help needed

1 day ago

@sixsam7 thanks for the reply! Overall I'm not too worried about my budget, but when I looked at them the two that really stuck out to me were Hornet Queen and Mitotic Slime. What would you suggest I pull for them though? Craterhoof Behemoth looks like a great choice but I feel like it's underpowered compared to Pathbreaker Ibex since its effect only counts the turn its played /:

VexenX on Pros/Cons of Omnath

1 day ago

I have both Omnath decks, and they are both feared in my meta. Because you are asking about Omnath, Locus of Mana I'll talk about him. (My list that I have up is not up to date, but I'll update it if you want once I get back from my vacation on Tuesday.)

The deck is all about ramping like crazy unwell you either win with a couple Eldrazi or overwelm your opponents with effects like Craterhoof Behemoth. On top of that I have won countless time by swinging with a massive trample commander. I have never played someone with the deck and they shrugged me off, in fact everything I play it I tend to be the target. I have also played in a handful of commander tounerments with it and won. This deck does an amazing job of coming out of no where and winning, even after several boardwipes. The only real con is the lack of good removal and multiplier interaction. The Ulamogs help with this though.

I hope this helps you! I have ton I can share about the deck, just shoot me some questions!

rockleemyhero on Rith, party of 200? (help with cuts!)

1 day ago

hubatish Flamekin Village is a sweet card but I'm not sure if it's what I want in here- I'm actually gonna get a Serra's Sanctum to add in instead! Hopefully I have enough enchantments to support it...

And Secure the Wastes has been amazing for me. Instant speed tokens are great to follow up with a Craterhoof Behemoth or Skullclamp a bunch of stuff! Unfortunately Sylvan Offering and Tempt with Vengeance aren't instants, but they probably are still solid choices I need to test

Hc_Clan on What are those?!?!?! W/ Primer

2 days ago

Is draw an issue? If so, you may want to consider Skullclamp. Also, if you are looking for an alternate wincondition, and are made of money, Craterhoof Behemoth could be your new best friend.

JohnnyBaggins on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

2 days ago

But Worldly Tutor is card disadvantage. You give up a draw step to get the card and then cast it. Elves plays Green Sun's Zenith for a reason. You put your Craterhoof Behemoth into play immediately and win. Worldly can't do that.

CheeseBro on Eternal Masters Spoiler Thread

3 days ago

I wish Argothian Enchantress was rare and Craterhoof Behemoth was the other green mythic. It would fit well with the elves/Natural Order archetype

Veliavus on Nissa v2 - 50% more flavour, 100% more Eldrazi.

6 days ago

I've been eyeing Craterhoof Behemoth a lot, I think it might be an alternative to Talon of Pain if that doesn't work out. Strictly speaking though it completely breaks theme, so do Acidic Slime and Arbor Colossus. The only reason I have them in there is because I needed a strong removal card and something to help me deal with flyers. It doesn't bother me too much to run a few things that break theme though, at least until something in theme is released.

On the topic of removal I'm trying to run at least seven cards which can act as spot removal, Desert Twister is one that I just can't find a viable alternative for so I'm going to keep it in there. I might consider running a strong fight card though since I got a ton of big Eldrazi now.

Oh and I have been seriously considering Bane of Progress, just haven't decided on if I'll put it in yet so I've been using Acidic Slime since it's cheaper and more versatile.

I won't be running any infinite combos though, I used to do that and it really ruined the games I played in with my group.

Thanks by the way for all the suggestions it really means a lot to get some feedback, thank you so much.

abby315 on Nissa v2 - 50% more flavour, 100% more Eldrazi.

6 days ago

Really nice list, love the write up and the theme :)

As far as competitiveness goes, I'd like to see +1 Craterhoof Behemoth and then something like Tooth and Nail to make use of all that mana. Then you can do something like the infamous Craterhoof Behemoth + Avenger of Zendikar, or big Eldrazi X + big Eldrazi Y, or big Eldrazi X plus Craterhoof for haste.

And if you're going to put Helix Pinnacle as a win con, I feel like you should add at least one infinite mana combo! Karametra's Acolyte + Umbral Mantle or Sword of the Paruns looks like it'll work well in this deck, Acolyte being a good addition anyway.

As far as I can tell, none of those suggestions are off flavor, at least not any more than Acidic Slime or Arbor Colossus might be. And speaking of Acidic Slime, wouldn't Bane of Progress be better? I also think Skyshroud Claim should make it in there in place of some of the Battle ramp spells, like Natural Connection or Nissa's Pilgrimage.

I would probably take out low impact dudes like Eldrazi Mimic and maybe Desert Twister, since Scour from Existence is simply better, for the other cards.

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Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Avacyn Restored Mythic Rare

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