Nath of the Gilt-Leaf


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare
Lorwyn (LRW) Rare

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Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior

At the beginning of your upkeep, you may have target opponent discard a card at random.

Whenever an opponent discards a card, you may create a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token.

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Nath of the Gilt-Leaf Discussion

Drew_64 on Please help refocusing my deck.

2 weeks ago


I have a Meren deck which is my "most worked on deck", but aside from the engine of the deck slowly wearing people down, the "one turn" win-cons are all variants of Nim Deathmantle loops, making it pretty fragile if that piece gets removed.

To try and break this up, i threw in Bloodchief Ascension, Nath of the Gilt-Leaf, and Sadistic Hypnotist as a way to speed up the engine, to bring people low enough to be finished off.The problem is that this is feels very "thrown in", and apart from bloodchief ascension, the other two cards are pretty "meh" on thier own.

Can anyone advise either ways to make the main "combos" more robust (assuming the deathmantle gets exiled for example) or suggest some similar loops that are on theme for a reanimation feel?

Also recommendations on cards to cut in favour of suggestions is super useful too.

current combos:

Ashnod's Altar + Nim Deathmantle + Grave Titan or Mitotic Slime (+ 2 mana or a creature) generates infinite mana.This can be followed up with any of the following:

Spicy merenade

Commander / EDH Drew_64


theindigoeffect on Optimal Discard Spells for Damia, ...

1 month ago

Since Damia, Sage of Stone has built-in card advantage, I wanted to avoid slotting in card draw for myself and focus on creating card disadvantage for my opponents.

Basically, my deck will be divided into five parts: lands, ramp, card disadvantage, disruption/removal, and synergistic win-cons (mill, mass recursion, etc.)

I already have a variety of different discard cards in my possession, but since this isn't a hellbent deck, and I don't want to dedicate a large percentage of my deck to recursion, I'm thinking that cards like Necrogen Mists and Words of Waste would be better suited to the task than cards like Mindslicer. I know that Damia, Sage of Stone will replenish my hand, but I don't want to lose a much-needed card.

What do you guys think? Is discard even a viable strategy with Damia, Sage of Stone? I personally don't care for Nath of the Gilt-Leaf.

dsigsbee on Nasty Nath and The 8-Rack Elves

2 months ago

Thanks for the suggestion! I might play test cutting one then the other for Hymn to Tourach. I need to see if have land/mana-ramp issues, since the focus of the deck is playing Nath of the Gilt-Leaf. If this weren't a casual deck I would just cut green and elves from it entirely :)

tadium54 on New to commander - looking ...

2 months ago

Looking to get into commander. Unsure on the general I want, but I've narrowed it down to the ones listed below. If anyone has any experience (or a decklist for inspiration) either playing with or against the listed commanders, I'd love to hear from people

Animar, Soul of Elements, Sisters of Stone Death , Nath of the Gilt-Leaf, Sigarda, Host of Herons, Jenara, Asura of War, Sapling of Colfenor, Ulasht, the Hate Seed, Uril The Mist Stalker or Savra, Queen of the Golgari.

Thanks gang

asarov on Wheel Deck (Entropic Uprising Upgrade)

2 months ago

I have Nicol Bolas in this list because I opened one recently and this is the only EDH deck I have that is in grixis. My play group is fairly casual so I decided to include it because it seemed fun.

In all honesty, it has very little synergy with the main goal of the deck, and could very easily be replaced. I would recommend replacing Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh with a different card like Nath of the Gilt-Leaf or another alternative.

Thanks for your interest! I hope the list has been useful to you.

dbpunk on Ixalan Spoilers

3 months ago

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf players are going to love Raider's Wake. And I'm going to hate playing against it.

filthyc4sual on Testing Elves

3 months ago

You have few enough blue cards that I would just go for BG with Nath of the Gilt-Leaf.

Fyndhorn Elves and Arbor Elf are basically must haves in every elves deck. I would also recommend Wirewood Channeler, Birchlore Rangers and Joraga Treespeaker.

Wirewood Symbiote and Quirion Ranger, and Wirewood Lodge are good options to untap your elves.

I would get Elvish Visionary, Regal Force and Shamanic Revelation, Chord of Calling and Summoner's Pact for consistency.

Finally, I would add Craterhoof Behemoth and Genesis Wave as win conditions.

Here's my elves deck in case you want some more ideas:

Great Balls of Elves!

Commander / EDH filthyc4sual


MindAblaze on Prossh Totty

3 months ago

Skarrg, the Rage Pits is a nice addition to get Prossh through.

I went the "things die so let's benefit from it" route with a lot of my black spells so Zulaport Cutthroat, Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble, as well as Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos and Butcher of Malakir.

If you want lots of tokens, Dragonlair Spider adds some guys, Mycoloth is powerful but slow and vulnerable, Mitotic Slime makes lots of extra bodies for one card and there's always the Nath of the Gilt-Leaf+Sadistic Hypnotist interaction. Hypnotist is good here anyway, as saccing Kobolds to destroy people's hands is always useful.

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