Mind Stone


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(1), Tap, Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

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Mind Stone Discussion

ZombieCat on Aurelia's One-Two Punch

3 days ago

I'd take out Mind Stone for Chromatic Lantern . Just a suggestion.

hubatish on Mayael, Cut-Throat of Naya

6 days ago

Priest of Titania is pretty good with your general. Depending on how consistently you get green mana, could be better than Mind Stone . Does look like a pretty explosive deck.

Didgeridooda on KRENKO

1 week ago

Got a few things to suggest here too. Gauntlet of Power , Caged Sun , Wheel of Fortune , Wheel of Fate , Reforge the Soul , Sol Ring , Staff of Nin , Mind's Eye

Also lots of smaller ramps. Wayfarer's Bauble , Fire Diamond , Mind Stone

Ramp fast, draw a ton, and just overwhelm. If you make everyone keep drawing new hands, you will be able to empty yours while they get one or 2 cards out. You will gain a huge card advantage there.

PrestonShilling on 2014-09-08 update of Nekusar's Perfect ...

2 weeks ago

It just, if your opponents make it to Blightsteel Colossus against this build, I feel like you've done something VERY wrong.

Same scenario with the sydri cards. We haven't play tested against this build, but I feel like I ramp much, much harder than most decks... Even better than most green decks out there. With that in mind it should also be very difficult to tutor correctly against me, so finding lattice and forge should be kinda hard to do.

The main reason for me wanting to test it was to replace one of my weaker mana rocks. But seeing as a lot of cards are uu in this deck, it can limit the number of blue spells you play in a turn. But in the end it's a mana rock with extra value, so it could be worth a shot.

I'm thinking maybe trim Pentad Prism since you can only use it twice, Fellwar Stone because it's usually just a mono colored/colorless mana rock, or Mind Stone but at least it can potentially turn into a cantrip. What do you guys think?

PlatnumxStatuS on Kruphix, God of Possibilities

3 weeks ago

If your focus is getting the prophet out, you'll want more ways to search it out, so add in Vedalken AEthermage . You would only have 2 targets for the latter though with your deck as is but I've made suggestions below to maximize its searching effectiveness.

Replace Vedalken Orrery with Leyline of Anticipation since you can cast it for free if you have it in your opening hand. Same CMC as Orrery. You can even have both in if you want.

Since you're running Novijen, putting in a Glen Elendra Archmage will give you an almost-infinite counterwall. I say almost cuz you can only use its ability once per stack and that's the time counterwalls like this are vulnerable. But the fact that you have a free 3-mana cost counterwall AT ALL TIMES is better than not having one and make your opponents think twice. It's a wizard so you'll have another target for Aethermage if you wanna use it.

You already have Hinder, so why not make it better and replace another one of your counters with Spell Crumple to tuck an opponent's general? Screws them over more than a regular counter would.

Replace Simic Cluestone with a 2-CMC mana rock instead for speed. You are running 2 colors so getting color-screwed isn't likely. Worn Powerstone , Mind Stone , Fellwar Stone , etc would be good (fellwar can copy an opponent's mana they can produce with a land, so if any one of them run green or blue, you'll also be able to make that mana).

Prophet of Kruphix is a kill-on-sight card and anyone that doesn't counter it or try to kill it immediately hasn't seen its capabilities. If it ends up your GY, you're gonna want to be able to copy it, so Body Double would be good. You can also copy other people's creatures with it.

Add Blue Sun's Zenith for draw power and to combo with Psychosis Crawler and Skulker.

Add in a Rogue's Passage for unblockability. Can combo with a fat Psychosis Crawler to kill off an opponent. Replace a common land for this.

Maybe a Mycosynth Lattice to make every spell or ability you can use at a whim since colors no longer matter. Iffy on this one but it could work. I use this combo with Kruphix in my Derevi deck.

Since you're working with +1/+1 counters, Zameck Guildmage would be a good card to add in. Turn those counters into more draw power. Another wizard target for Aethermage.

Prime Speaker Zegana for another wizard target and also for counters and draw power. Combos with Conjurer's Closet so you can draw X number per turn. Can trigger off of evolved creatures.

Crystal Shard for repeatable bounce and reuse of your ETB effects. You can bounce opposing threats as well.

Archaeomancer to fetch counters or reuse spells. Conjurer's Closet or Crystal Shard to combo with this. With closet, you fetch a spell once per turn from your GY. Also another wizard target.

Cards to remove:Dissipation Field . ETB-happy decks will absolutely love attacking you.Dawn's Reflection : You're better off with ramp spells such as Explosive Vegetation , Search for Tomorrow , etc. Or outright replacing this with a suggestion from above since you have some ramp already.Vigean Hydropon is a bit lackluster.Sigiled Starfish could be replaced with Thassa, God of the Sea . Grants unblockability and a scry 1 per turn. I've used the combo with the starfish and prophet before and all it did was make me an even worse target and turned the game into 1v3. Lol.Fleetfeather Cockatrice simply cuz it's just a 5 to cast deathtouch creature. It gets counters but you're better off with replacing this with one of the suggestions I made above.Rogue’s Gloves cuz you'll have a lot of draw power with the suggestions I gave.

sylvannos on 2014-08-31 update of Myrs

1 month ago

You still need to play Vesuva , giving you 24 lands. It functions as an additional Tron piece or Cloudpost . If you turn one Cloudpost , you can play Vesuva and copy Cloudpost , then tap your first one for two mana. That lets you drop in a Plague Myr . Or an Everflowing Chalice for one. Or a Mind Stone . Either way, turn three Lodestone Golem s.

If I had to choose a card to cut, I'm leaning towards Lodestone Myr after playtesting your deck a bit. By the time you get to four mana, you're already starting to do broken things like set up your combo or playing more ramp to drop a Sundering Titan / Myr Battlesphere .

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$0.48 $0.78 $1.75 $5.06
Cost 2
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.00
Avg. cube pick 7.74


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Weatherlight Common
Promo Set Uncommon

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