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Mind Stone


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(1), Tap, Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

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Mind Stone Discussion

nobu_the_bard on Just built my first EDH ...

2 days ago

Actually if you wanted to complain about Astral Cornucopia or its cousin Everflowing Chalice you ought to be mentioning that they have a casting cost of zero, which makes them not great sacrifices for Bosh.

In that case you might rather have Dreamstone Hedron , Ur-Golem's Eye , Sisay's Ring , Khalni Gem , Mind Stone . If you're more hard-pressed, Darksteel Ingot , Heart of Ramos , Fire Diamond , Vessel of Endless Rest .

Sol Ring is pretty great and a EDH staple.

nobu_the_bard on Just built my first EDH ...

2 days ago

Generally speaking, direct damage spells like Lightning Bolt in Commander tend to be a little too small-scale. It depends on the meta though, and your strategy. I would not bother with Shock at all, for example. Having some for spot removal is probably fine, though damage-based spot removal is a little less reliable. However if you want them, then run the higher impact ones like your Lightning Bolt (not conditional, cheap, efficient) or Feedback Bolt (potentially a finisher if you get enough artifacts into play) instead of Shock ; Shrapnel Blast or Galvanic Blast also sound like too much work to me for the results.

You generally want every creature to be able to matter. Ornithopter for example is not going to do much on his own; you might rather have Steel Hellkite or Darksteel Forge . The deck could use some big splashy finishers like Wurmcoil Engine or Colossus of Akros too, and ways to cheat them into play, like Quicksilver Amulet or Goblin Welder .

That said stuff like Shield Sphere can shut down early attacks, Roterothopter might be okay but I don't think you'll have the mana. You need more stuff to help you draw cards and play cards like Staff of Nin or Mind Stone .

You need some stuff to ramp your mana like crazy. Red is not super good at it but playing a bunch of myr and something like Mana Echoes or Blinkmoth Urn might help.

In Commander you need to think big. 40 Life is a lot to chew through.

Also you should play Golem Foundry . It'd be amusing.

cosmicteapot on Oona Combo-Control

3 days ago

Both Mind Stone and Nevinyrral's Disk are new additions and need testing. Everflowing Chalice is surely an option, but I personally don't like how it ties up mana. Still, I keep it in mind.

Nevinyrral's Disk was a replacement for Oblivion Stone , which I thought was too expensive to use. Nevinyrral's Disk has its flaws, so I need to see which one I want, as I can't find a slot for both of them.

Megalomania on Oona Combo-Control

4 days ago

More suggestions. Not sure why you need Mind Stone . Maybe an Everflowing Chalice might serve you better. It being searchable using Trinket Mage is an added bonus.

In your experience, does Nevinyrral's Disk stay in play long enough for you to actually use it? I'm not sure if i'm just unlucky but whenever I play multiplayer, it always gets destroyed hence my Perilous Vault suggestion earlier.

nobu_the_bard on Olivia Voldaren EDH?

4 days ago

They keyrunes are mostly a little low powered I think; generally also this commander would rather be the outlet for your mana that getting a little demon. I would personally prefer stuff with higher returns like Darksteel Ingot , Mind Stone , Rakdos Signet , Sol Ring .

I have used the keyrunes before though when I was just toying around with stuff since I have a bunch of them; I still preferred even Rakdos Cluestone though (as at least it can draw you a different card if you don't need it later in the game).

zinv72 on Eat My Deck (at 107 cards, what do I cut?)

4 days ago

15 cards that you should cut because, they either are "one for one"s that isn't removal by the means of exile or sending to the deck (not very good in EDH) or just plain too slow and inefficient:

Armillary Sphere , Too slow, not even ramp. Godsend , seeing as you're not playing voltron, this card is too slow otherwise for EDH. Mind Stone , you need colored mana ramp and there are better options than this. Swiftfoot Boots , you already have Lightning Greaves and having both is redundant. Wayfarer's Bauble , too slow. Dimir House Guard , does not do much and there are better options. Underworld Connections , inefficient use of land. Duress , a bad 'one for one'. Thoughtseize , in EDH this card is too inefficient. Crimson Wisps , just not a good card for EDH. Yosei, the Morning Star , not worth the space in my opinion. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben , not worth the space. Coldsteel Heart , enters tapped, too slow. Expedition Map , an even worse Armillary Sphere. Fleshwrither , though it tutors, too inefficient.

I hope this helped. Just know the final decision is on you, and the deck should really reflect how you want to play the game.

ReggaeTrolI on Defeat at Iroas' hands is inevitable...

5 days ago

Hey dude, thanks for commenting on my Aurellia deck!

I really like your creature base! Only card I would add is Solemn Simulacrum

I think your deck is a bit heavy on the enchantments and land. Maybe consider swapping a couple of lands and enchantments for mana rocks like Sol Ring , Boros Signet , Mind Stone , Gilded Lotus , Darksteel Ingot and Boros Cluestone (I normally don't like cluestones but BW has trouble with card draw and every little bit helps). This would help your deck get a more explosive start.

As for the enchantments, I would cut a few of the low impact ones and add Marshal's Anthem and Legion's Initiative (awesome against wipes).

To address the card drawing problem that BW decks have, I feel that cards like Staff of Nin and Mind's Eye are almost mandatory, you could try running Reforge the Soul since it's already in your maybeboard.

Last suggestions that come to mind are Mistveil Plains for your sunforger package, always nice to get used instants back into your deck. Return to Dust is also a stronger card than Wear / Tear in the modern age where you need to deal with theros gods.

Oh and Blasphemous Act is AWESOME when you have Repercussion on board.

Hope these suggestions help! Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.48 $0.78 $1.75 $5.06
Cost 2
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.99
Avg. cube pick 7.74


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Weatherlight Common
Promo Set Uncommon