Mind Stone


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Weatherlight Common
Promo Set Uncommon

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Mind Stone


: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

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Mind Stone Discussion

abby315 on Oona, Queen of Infinity

1 day ago

I don't think the regular mill subtheme works super well; it's a really convoluted win con for EDH excepting infinite combos, and you don't have many cards that take advantage of the graveyards of other people. I think focusing on the infinite combo aspect harder will give you a more streamlined gameplan for sure, and the alternate win-con should probably be tokens with Oona.

To that end, here are some more great tutors to grab Navigator and your other pieces:

Tainted Pact

Plunge into Darkness <-- works amazingly with Oona tokens.

Diabolic Intent

Dark Petition

Demonic Tutor

Sidisi, Undead Vizier

There are some better board control cards as well:

Toxic Deluge

Glen Elendra Archmage

Notion Thief

Faerie Macabre <-- for graveyard synergies, if those are prevelant

Go for the Throat


Fast mana:

Dimir Signet

Worn Powerstone

Talisman of Dominance

Mind Stone etc.

And some more combos/alt win con ideas:

Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter is also an infinite mana combo.

Scion of Oona can let you swing for the win.

Capsize + infinite mana lets you bounce whatever you choose.

Not that all mill pieces aren't good; Altar of the Brood obviously mills out with infinite bounces, Sword of Body and Mind is just good value, Jace's Mindseeker can be nuts with other go-big decks, etc. But the cards that exist just to mill, like Keening Stone, Mirko Vosk, Szadek, Dimir Guildmage--cutting these for a more streamlined approach will help the deck function smoothly.

Of course, if you love the mill strategy, play what you love! But a better commander for that approach is probably Phenax himself.

PookandPie on White Power

3 days ago

Drop Karoo (which is actually disadvantageous for you, unlike the Ravnica bounce lands like Golgari Rot Farm, because the land has to specifically be untapped) for Myriad Landscape. Kor Haven is a Maze of Ith that actually produces mana- so that should be worth a look- perhaps over New Benalia.

You could easily remove a couple of lands, going down to 39 or 38, and include more mana rocks and ways to find lands. This would smooth out your early game a little bit and let you establish more quickly in the games you draw multiple rocks (Marble Diamond and Coldsteel Heart aren't bad options, but Mind Stone is good too since you can crack it later on for a card when you feel you no longer need it).

Lilbrudder on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

3 days ago

Oh you have a budget! How about Mana Crypt (edit nvm you have a foil version) and Imperial Recruiter ermm wait...I'm not very good at this. I am obviously all about going fast and pushing things to the limits but I will never go above 32 lands for any commander ever again except maybe for asusa, angry omnath, or turbofroggy. Rocks will always get you there faster. Unfortunately your colors are horrendous for good rocks I will think on this. Mind Stone? Coldsteel Heart? How about you sell your foil copies for regular versions of the cards then buy grim monolith and mox diamond. Blasphemy?

hoardofnotions on Claw of the Red Dragon Tribe

3 days ago

How has howling mine worked for you? I know card draw is slim in mono but giving cards to your opponents seems iffy. Maybe try out an Outpost Siege? Kinda risky if you hit a dragon you can't cast, but still good card draw.

Maybe add a Mind Stone, so you can crack it after ramping? maybe take out thought vessel, how many times do you need no max hand size? With that in mind, maybe replace reliquary tower for a mountain as well. get more bonuses with mana doublers and valakut.

A different sacrifice outlet could be Spawning Pit, maybe swap out the gargadon?

how has dictate of the twin gods worked out? If you like the card maybe a cheaper version in Furnace of Rath could be good?

berryjon on Cute Pet - Meet my Eater of Days

4 days ago

I'm confused about the presence of the Talisman of Dominance. You don't need the it gives you. Chromatic Sphere, Chromatic Star, Coldsteel Heart, Mind Stone, Prismatic Lens and Silver Myr all are in the same 2-drop, and provide mana without the damage drawback.

SimicMimic on Jori En Artifacts EDH

4 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Austin_Smith_of_Cards. I have some of the cards you mentioned (i.e. Solemn Simulacrum, Mind Stone, Psychosis Crawler), and have a few of them in my physical deck, so I'll update the online list to better represent my actual deck.

I appreciate the input!

Austin_Smith_of_Cards on Jori En Artifacts EDH

4 days ago

Izzet Signet fixes and ramps mana and is an artifact.

Psychosis Crawler lets you take advantage of all of your card draw, slugging opponents and getting huge in the process.

Solemn Simulacrum is a staple EDH card that ramps and gives card advantage when it dies.

Foundry Inspector makes your artifact spells cheaper, which is really useful to trigger Jori En's ability by playing multiple artifacts in a turn.

Phyrexian Metamorph is an excellent Clone variant that stays an artifact regardless of what it is copying.

Torrential Gearhulk has a hefty pricetag, but it is another way to cast two spells off a single card, and potentially during an opponent's turn.

Mind Stone, Isochron Scepter, Aetherflux Reservoir, Sensei's Divining Top, and Commander's Sphere all are useful artifacts that go well with your strategy.

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