Mind Stone

Mind Stone


: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

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Mind Stone Discussion

MagicalHacker on Looking for a slang term

3 days ago

InfiniteParadoX, hmm maybe "spot removal" is the inadequate slang term here then if different groups of people have different definitions of what it means...

guessling, I've heard pop or popped to refer to sacrificing a permanent to it's own sacrifice ability. "I guess I'll pop my Mind Stone..."

DevoidMage on What's the craziest game you've ...

4 days ago

I very often turn 4-5 people with my commander deck with infinite everything (like, every-thing. Cards drawn, damage, destroying their permanents, extra turns, and / or milling them). People don't really like that deck so much.

Craziest game i've played with it, Turn one land Sol Ring Mind Stone, turn two land Rings of Brighthearth Voltaic Key, turn three land Basalt Monolith Sands of Delirium FTW.

enpc on Grand Arbiter Prison

4 days ago

Personally, I don't like Rewind. While I'm happy to pay 3 for a counterspell to get more functionality (some people refuse to pay more than 2), I think that at 4 mana it really has to do something. While it CAN uptap your lands, it has to resolve beforethat happens. I would rather just play a 3 CMC counter and have 1 extra mana open as a backup for SwanSong or Flusterstorm.

As for big stuff I think yo ucan cut, Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger seems like an easy choice. While I get that he's really good and all, 10 mana is a lot to get the same kind of removal value that white is famous for. I also don't like Kozilek, the Great Distortion. I think original Kozilek is better as well as easier to cast. Isperia the Inscrutable seems lackluster in the build. She works much better as the commander. I'm also on the fence about Entreat the Angels, though I feel like it is a game ending card, so it should be ok.

For ramp, Burnished Hart, Thran Dynamo, Wayfarer's Bauble, Kor Cartographer, Solemn Simulacrum, Thought Vessel, Mind Stone, Azorius Signet are all viable options.

Also, Day of Judgment should be either Wrath of God, Rout or Supreme Verdict.

Tetravirulence on Vela's Unblockable Ninjas

5 days ago

You have a lot of weenies. This works well with unblockable but you may want to consider wipes and cards like Night of Souls' Betrayal or Elesh Norn being played early via some graveyard manipulation.

Also consider that they have blockers for your blockable creatures and removal for your unblockable ones. What is your gameplan then? If your blockable creatures aren't threatening to your opponent's creatures as well as the opponent, you may get stalled.

Consider some stronger creature options. Your low CMC is good for a faster clock, but can hinder you when the faster clock results in a slower gameplan.


You are running 10 mana rocks which is quite a bit actually. I'd suggest cutting some, or swapping them. Try Worn Powerstone or Mind Stone for the Keyrune. Maybe work in an equipment subtheme?

Debate keeping wrexial.



Ninjas sometimes have a subtheme of equipment. Just figured I'd recommend a few if you go this route.

You'll want to avoid wipes since you rely on creatures a lot yourself, beyond things like Cyclonic Rift. If you find wipes to be troublesome, try something like Living Death or a mass return-to-hand-from-grave spell.

A draw package is optional. Ponder Preordain Brainstorm are the big three everyone loves to run. I don't know if they really fit this list though.

Lands to consider:

Here is an odd idea which might be appealing. Steal their creatures, attack, and ninjutsu your own in, bouncing their creature and putting yours into play.

If you want to go this way, I can suggest some big ones:

MagicalHacker on Nahiri, the Lithomancer: You Won't BELIEVE Her Art

6 days ago

I included Mind Stone, Sol Ring, Expedition Map, Mana Crypt, Knight of the White Orchid, and Weathered Wayfarer in my land count when I built the deck, and have never really had any mana issues, especially with all the card draw in here :)

ibstudent2200 on Turbo Frog

6 days ago

You're playing Cancel over Counterspell, and Clash of Wills over Condescend.

You listed the deck as Commander rather than Duel Commander, so you should be playing Sol Ring.

Stealer of Secrets is not a good card in this format. It's not even a mediocre card for the format. It's just plain bad.

Your ramp is not nearly good enough to consistently hit the top end of your curve consistently. You've got 4 cards that cost 10+ mana, and 5 mana rocks (including Phyrexian Metamorph to copy someone else's mana rock). Furthermore, three of your mana rocks provide only one mana, and Sphere of the Suns only produces that mana 3 times before it's useless. Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, Sky Diamond, Mind Stone, and Everflowing Chalice are all better than Sphere by a significant margin.

Your deck doesn't do a whole lot to affect the board. Your clone effects can help a lot in this area, but you only have 4 ways to get rid of creatures once they're on the battlefield. Of those, 2 of them only stop attacking creatures, one is a sorcery that is incredibly risky due to the prevalence of strong ETB effects in the format, and the last one is extremely slow, taking 3 turns and 18 mana just to get rid of a 5/5. Your only defense against enchantments and artifacts is counterspells, and since you don't exile anything, graveyard recursion is still an option. Your lack of spot removal is strange, since blue is the third best color in the format for efficient creature removal (Rapid Hybridization, Pongify, Reality Shift, Curse of the Swine, Cyclonic Rift, Capsize, Mystic Confluence, and Cryptic Command are all solid, though some of them are better used in modes other than getting rid of a single creature).

Tumble Magnet is not very good. I'd recommend playing Icy Manipulator instead, since it doesn't run out of gas. Staff of Domination is another option, if you think you have the mana to spare.

Your proliferate subtheme seems a bit odd. You have 5 cards that proliferate, but only 5 cards that use counters (including Tumble Magnet, Sphere of the Suns, and Blightsteel Colossus, which I would normally ignore because they're either on the cutting block or don't need proliferation to work). Yes, you can manipulate counters on other players' permanents, but most counters are beneficial, so that application doesn't help you in most situations (and therefore shouldn't be a consideration during deck construction). 5 instances of an effect in a 100-card deck is not enough to see at least one card with that effect each game in most decks (though having access to blue card draw gives you some leeway). I normally use 10 instances as the lowest number for which you can expect to consistently see at least one card with that effect per game (mathematically, the number is closer to 12, but that's before card draw and card filtering effects are taken into account). I'd recommend either cutting the proliferate cards, or increasing the number of cards that use counters. If you want to add more proliferation, Fuel for the Cause is fine.

Your deck description doesn't match the deck itself. You have 2 cards that force other players to draw cards (ignoring Jace's ultimate, which doesn't count because anyone who ignores you for long enough to let you use a planeswalker's limit break deserves to be punished for their idiocy). If milling your opponents out by forcing them to draw cards isn't your gameplan, then don't play Howling Mine effects. They don't generate card advantage since your opponent(s) will draw just as many cards as you, and they didn't spend a card to do so. If you want to mill your opponent out, then play way more Howling Mine effects instead (and consider playing Nekusar, the Mindrazer as your commander instead, to increase your consistency). If, when you described your deck as "turbo-draw", you meant, "this deck draws tons of cards", then you just described 90% of mono-blue decks in the format (and about 80% of blue decks in the format). People should be able to figure out that you plan to draw tons of cards just from looking at your color identity.

ducttapedeckbox on Snow Mountains: Home to the Nalaar Family

1 week ago

All of the lists that I've seen use some form of an artifact draw. This uses Relic of Progenitus, Chief uses Pyrite Spellbomb, and some lists I saw elsewhere use Mind Stone.

Relic is good when graveyard strategies are prevalent, Spellbomb is good for the extra shock, and Mindstone enables a T3 Walker' or P&K. What do you guys think is the best right now? Well, I guess that's obvious from your lists, how about why you think they're currently the best?

I built RW to toy around with and loved the feel in goldfishing and a few test matches. Ajani is great, although I need to work with the land base as I was never hitting white when I needed it. I used Mind Stone there so that I could get a T3 Walker, but now that I think about it, it's really only good like that in my opening hand. Later in the game it becomes useless, whereas Relic and Spellbomb still have applications, and draw for less.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Uncommon
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Weatherlight Common
Promo Set Uncommon

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