Mind Stone

Mind Stone

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: Add to your mana pool.

, , Sacrifice Mind Stone: Draw a card.

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Mind Stone Discussion

Saljen on Infinite turn 3or4 kill

41 minutes ago

It doesn't seem like there is much control in here at all... How do you expect to get your combo out? You have no draw with the exception of Mind Stone and you're running SIXTEEN Banefire effects when you really only need 1 to win. What about Muddle the Mixture to fetch Pili-Pala? What about Lightning Bolt for some early game stability? What about Remand for some control? Serum Visions for some draw/dig? Also, Training Grounds does NOT create in infinite combo. You need to spend 1 mana to untap Pili-Pala every time. It specifically says so on the card, it cannot lower the cost of activation to less than 1. Grand Architect and Pili-Pala on the other hand do make an infinite combo. If you're really wanting this to be a combo deck there is room for improvement. You've already looked at my version, but it really does bring 1000x more consistency to the combo than what you have here. Grand-Pala (Infinite Mana Combo).

Foxhound438 on T̄̆̋ͩ̅̌H͆ͦ̽ͪẼ̿ͥ̉Y̔̒ ͦ̈̍̓R̆̄IS̎̓ͨ̊̊̋̀Ė͊ͥ̑͆̎ͮ

2 days ago

would definitely make room for some signets, a Sol Ring, Coldsteel Heart, Coalition Relic, and perhaps some rocks you can sac for cards like Mind Stone or Commander's Sphere. Rarely will you sac them, but when you need the card you won't miss them.

Evoksva_______ on Erebos, God Of All Of The All The Of Enchantments

1 week ago

Certainly. I'm very curious to see how a highlander match goes, should be interesting.

Darkness: You'd be suprised how many times someone will slap out something that makes a billion tokens, gives them haste, then casts Craterhoof Behemoth. That one turn will burn through whatever expensive effect they have and (more importantly and to the point) leaves them vulnerable. See Simulacrum.

Black Market can be removed in a 1v1 or even 1v1v1 singleton situation. I still use it as the only creatures I use are disposable, and most shops round here have EDH pods of 4+ people. See your meta, then judge accordingly. It's important to have lots of mana, which is why the below is so important.

Bubbling Muck: Oh my word this card is amazing. There are numerous effects that will cause this card to recur, and this doubles your swamp for a turn without having the easily killable revanents and banshees. EDH games last a while, on average, this nets around 7 land. You are correct about it not having very many swamps in this version of the deck, as it's very out of date (3rd rendition maybe?)

Jet Medallion fits a price niche that very little else does, it's worth it and never gets destroyed. The only bonus it has over the Mind Stone is that it's essentially "reusable." You have a good argument on it though, so I will analyze whether it's more/less effective than other options. I like the Mox Diamond idea, will look at.

Charcoal Diamond is better than all of these. It's just very efficient, what the Moxen were supposed to be. Maybe less so in the case of the Mind Stone, I think you'll find in EDH (or perhaps even in a faster format) that the extra 1 mana from the Skull isn't too significant.

Crawlspace: I have done so much math and playtesting with this card, as I absolutely love the art on the new version. Your problem with the card is absolutely correct, A huge majority of decks focus on having 1-3 beaters and a bunch of blockers or chump blockers, and the beasties just soar right through. I thought that having Erebos a creature could fill the block, but it just doesn't interact enough with the deck. Many times when I desperately needed a card to deal with the board state, I drew this card and promptly lost the game. I love the effect, I really do, but drawing this card has killed me more consistently than anything else in my deck. Sad to say it, but pass it along.

Mirror Universe is no Soul Conduit, but Soul conduit requires two entire turns to work, and mirror universe is often times too fast for people to react to. The effect itself is priced at 6 mana. People won't destroy it because it sacs itself, and the only usable during the upkeep part is easily overlooked/forgotten. Mirror Universe was chosen over Soul Conduit because of the speed. Any effect that turns life into damage can insta-kill people. Lets take Necropotence, pay 39 life at the end of their turn, Switch life and take another soul for Erebos. It's a win condition with style! As with other win conditions, tutor the pieces you need first.

Cabal Coffers: This will be hard to demonstrate unless you try it. Unless it was in my opening hand and I have less than 5 land in that hand, I would just mulligan. This land nets on average anywhere from 5 to 12 black mana a game. Horrendously overpowered land. Just don't start with it in opening hand and You're fine.

Lake of the Dead was a win more card, mostly so I could keep the old card theme going. It's inferior to a Swamp, but hey, if it forces them to blow it up instead of a Glacial Chasm or a Cabal Coffers, (which in essence is just blowing up the swamp you sac'd) then it's worth it. Play those other lands after you play this one. Is mean if you have Crucible of Worlds in play. Your call, my current system of mana management gets over the weaknesses, but you are correct that a swamp is better in this slot.

Insidious Dreams is amazing. Instant speed, so there's no reason to cast it on your turn. If they try to mill you, just grab it with Erebos. Generally speaking, your hand advantage is nothing compared to being able to pull everything you need to win/beat a given scenario from your deck. The primer has more information. (I need to update it, but life gets in the way sometimes) Diabolic tutor will give you 1 card, but Insidious dreams can give you 7.

The discard theme was eventually cycled away, but the current rendition works. The current deck does not feature discarding as a way to kill. Dingus Staff is still a powerful card to use against reanimators and a way to prime your next board wipe spell to do terrible things to their life totals. Again, it's more of a multiplayer spell that's used as fodder to other things if it's not needed. Dingus staff on average deals about 12 damage per player over the course of the game, to about 24 against players that rely on sacrifice. Against single players, the 12 damage can come much sooner. See Lethal Vapors argument in the other deck discussion. I will probably post two versions of this deck later, one as a discard variant of null and another as a solid life-based variant of null.

Staxx: *Sigh. Yes I do. No I don't. Yes I do. I am supremely undecided on Staxx effects. The problem with them is that they suck to play against, and the staxx mentality will creep into a meta much like fungus creeps into your garden while it rains. When you start to play it, and you win, 2 things happen; people will avoid playing your deck, or people will justify other staxx effects such as Back to Basics in their decks because you did it, and you lose your ability to tell them it's a bad idea. Lethal Vapors, Crawlspace, Tainted AEther are all not staxx effects. Ensnaring Bridge is. If you decide you want staxx, you need a bit more than one or two cards to sufficiently protect yourself, and when you finally have everyone's answers on lockdown, people start to get angry. You'd be surprised how often politics come up in games like these.

Jayo on Erebos, God Of All Of The All The Of Enchantments

1 week ago

I read your comment and I love your insights! Since you seem to have a lot of experience with your decks and the cards you play I have some questions regarding a few cards I'm thinking about running myself, but I'm not sure about their performance. I play highlander (100 singleton cards, no commander, no sideboard, 20 life points and a slightly different banned list), the format is a bit faster and your life points are a bit more precious but this shouldn't effect most card choices I think.

Darkness: You loose a card and only postpone the inevitable. Wouldn't some mass-removal be better in the long run? I don't think it's worth the card slot.

Black Market: You got a point there. In my format you only have 20 life points, so it's a bit faster and the Market won't get as strong. But I agree, given time it is a very powerful card!

Bubbling Muck: Is it better than Dark Ritual? Or even Cabal Ritual? You play quite a few non swamp lands so it might take a while until it actually does anything. Sure it can really do stuff when it gets late in the game. But the Rituals can accelerate the early game as well. Could be quite good to cast No Mercy or the like in the 2nd or 3rd turn. For the Bubbling Muck to be better than Dark Ritual you need at least 5 Swamps, if you get those in most of your games I guess the Muck is better. Cabal Ritual allows you to cast your 4 mana spells (where you have the most) in turn 3 and it is also strong in late game since you will probably always have more than 7 cards in your graveyard with your deck. Also being able to cast the Rituals as an Instant might help in some situations.

Jet Medallion: You have 17 Artifacts, 35 Lands and another 10 spells without generic mana symbol in your deck. That leaves only about 40 spells where it has an effect. And to use its full potential you need to cast 2 of them in one turn. I really like Mind Stone because it has the same effect if you only cast one spell a turn (and since you have quite a few expensive spells in your deck how often do you cast more than one spell a turn?), it helps you cast artifacts and also lets you draw a card if needed. Of course in combination with Yawgmoth's Will the Medallion it's much stronger, but there is no guarantee u get both. Another card I'm considering is Mox Diamond it can really accelerate your early game and in combination with Crucible of Worlds and/or Yawgmoth's Will the drawback of discarding the land becomes less painful.

Charcoal Diamond: Is it better than Talisman of Dominance, Mind Stone, (Skull of Ramos)?

Crawlspace: What's your experience with the card? I have the problem that 2 creatures might already be enough to finish me. I prefer enchantments/artifacts that protect me altogether from creatures.

Mirror Universe: I love this card! But how often can u pull it off? I would imagine that once you play the card it gets quite a lot of attention from your opponents. Is it worth the 6 Mana? And how well does it work with the other cards in the deck (e.g. Pestilence, Glacial Chasm, Necropotence)?

Cabal Coffers: You play a lot of non basic lands. I guess EDH/Commander matches are longer than highlander but how often do you have a Coffers that doesn't generate mana because u don't have enought swamps in play (and no Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth)? Since you need at least 3 swamps for it to do anything and 4+ to give you an advantage.

Lake of the Dead, Glacial Chasm: Where I play, almost everyone has a Wasteland in the deck. I don't play the Lake at the moment but I do play Glacial Chasm. I feel that it's really risky to sacrifice a land only to have your Lake or Chasm blown away in the next turn. And you can't always rely on having a Crucible of Worlds to recover from that. And sacrificing a swamp also hurts Cabal Coffers and Bubbling Muck.

Insidious Dreams: How do you use the card? Is there something special in your deck (maybe a combo) you always go for? Or do you just use it as an ordinary tutor? In that case even Diabolic Tutor would be better since Insidious Dreams produces a big card disadvantage.

Another thing I'm wondering about are cards that deal damage but fail to do so on their own like Megrim, Liliana's Caress, Dingus Staff and so on. I guess in multiplayer matches they are better than in one on one scenarios. But I always wonder if it would be better to play cards that can damage my opponent without relying on other cards like discard spells. Probably in your deck it's no problem since you play a lot of discard spells but I would still be really interestet in your experience in that area!

I see Nether Void in your Maybeboard. Have you ever thought about other Staxx like cards like Sphere of Resistance, Static Orb, Storage Matrix, Winter Orb (I guess Winter Orb would be too much since you don't play that many mana artifacts yourself)?

ViridianTempest on Not your mother's Scion

1 week ago

As a fellow Scion player, I can safely say he's one of my favorite generals to play (and I've played a few). Some quick thoughts I had... Mana Bloom and Armillary Sphereare far outclassed by some very cheap pieces of ramp... Skyshroud Claim and Farseek(which get better if you have shocklands or True Duals), while Mind Stone and Chrome Moxare cheap and good pieces of ramp (okay, Chrome Mox isn't super cheap.) Moving on, Terminus might not be the greatest piece of boardwipe for a deck that relies on it's commander as much asScion decks do. Austere Command may be the actual best boardwipe, and it gets points for being one of the most modal. Leyline of the Void is a great Magic card, but it clashes with your reanimator subtheme. Something targeted like Tormod's Crypt is often better. Kill Shot is easily outclassed by Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile, and Krosan Grip is just something you should be playing. Gravepurge is not as good as Footbottom Feast, you should play Feast first every time. I'll finish up with a few Dragons... Dragon Tyrant usually spells the end of an opponent, Quicksilver Dragon says "2U: Save Scion from a spot removal spell", Hellkite Charger + Bear Umbra + Aggravated Assault makes infinite combat steps, and Scourge of Valkas, in addition to being my favorite card with the Dragon subtype, is the best thing to target with a kicked Rite of Replication. Also, while I remember, you're playing all 5 colors so play the best counterspells: Plasm Capture, Counterflux, and Pact of Negation won't break the bank, while Mana Drain and Force of Will are the best counterspells ever. Whatever floats your boat.

Scion of Legends Playtest

Commander / EDH* ViridianTempest


The only other thing I can suggest, which would do more for this deck than any of the above suggestions,is to upgrade the manabase to shocklands/true duals and fetchlands. This is easily the most expensive part of a 5-color deck, and it's not an easystep to take, but the more consistent your mana is, the more often you'll get to smack people with big fat dragons. Take a look at my list if you don't mind, and let me know if there's anything you think I should change. Thanks for listening to me ramble on for way too long :p

enpc on King Macar's Cruel Control

1 week ago

The other thing is, I think you could improve your ramp base a fair bit. Cards like Meteorite seem out of place here - they're expensive and since your commander has built in removal, the whole damage thing seems redundant. Liliana's Shade seems slow - why not just use something that puts the lands into play? You can do much better than Opaline Unicorn as well. You're a mono coloured deck, tapping for mana of any colour isn't that important.

A few cards I would recommend: Crypt Ghast, Thran Dynamo, Worn Powerstone, Jet Medallion, Burnished Hart, Solemn Simulacrum, Charcoal Diamond, Mind Stone and Unstable Obelisk.

I run a Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief voltron deck. The contro laspect is a little bit different and I run a lot more equipment but there are a lot of similarities. I'd recommend taking a look at it, it might give you some good ideas:

In the Black

Also, Indulgent Tormentor can straight out be replacd by Bloodgift Demon, he's so much better.

unBillieveable on Sydri, Galvanic Genius

1 week ago

sup Uaoie!

thought i would put some suggestions up now that you've got this posted:D

LANDS-i would increase your land count +1-3

bounce lands-Azorius Chancery,,Dimir Aqueduct,,Orzhov Basilicathese will give you the colors you need and some virtual card draw.:D

Halimar Depths,helps fix your draws,Bojuka Bog-gy hate


Ichor Wellspring,,Mycosynth Wellspring these two seem perfect for gaining you some advadntage and you can animate them, chump, and get more value. with sydri around they turn into mini sad robots! alsoMind Stone animate/block/sac/draw

signets-ex:Dimir Signet i feel like the last time we played you had a little trouble with land and also getting your colors on time. these would help with both.


Salvaging Station-recursion engine! executioner's capule is a machine gun with this. also wraths give you lots of triggers

Expedition Map--Wayfarer's Bauble--Skullclamp--Nihil Spellbomb--Executioner's Capsule--Dispeller's Capsule--these will give you early ways to use your mana and give your trinket mage a nice package. sun titan also is a fan of all these baubles.

well i think thats all ive got for now! let me know if you need help on making cuts

jandrobard on In Tajic we Trust.

1 week ago

Of the ones that make you discard your hand, Reforge the Soul, Knollspine Dragon, Slate of Ancestry, and Wheel of Fate are good enough to run, and with enough repeatable lifegain, Well of Lost Dreams is good. Farsight Mask, Candles of Leng, and Mind's Eye have no strings attached. If you run Sun Titan, you can repeatedly recur and sac Commander's Sphere (which you already run), and Mind Stone (which you don't).

Cost 2
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 2.96
Avg. cube pick 8.67


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Uncommon
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra Uncommon
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Weatherlight Common
Promo Set Uncommon

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