Shattering Spree


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Guilds of Ravnica: Guild Kit (GK1) Uncommon
Guildpact (GPT) Uncommon

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Shattering Spree


Hooded Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Hooded Hydra dies, put a 1/1 green Snake creature token onto the battlefield for each +1/+1 counter on it.

Morph {3}{G}{G}

As Hooded Hydra is turned face up, put five +1/+1 counters on it.

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Shattering Spree Discussion

SynergyBuild on Staxshifter

6 days ago

Chains is totally a non-budget upgrade, probably over E-Bridge.

Also, yes, this deck is Teferi's well-rounded, less loved brother, in more colors, but is smaller and so is overlooked.

It could be tier 1 given a few more cards come out, considering that Yisan is also tier 1 by some placements. This deck could easily be equal to that midrange list, however I would personally make a few major changes.

Helm of Obedience is a weak wincon in cEDH, not bad in your meta, but in cEDH I would swap it out easily, as it alone is a dead draw. Nether Void seems a little bad to me, 4 mana is a lot, but it shuts out decks like Trinisphere, expect has less ability to have a broken parity. It could be good, I am unsure.

Food Chain lists are two-fold, Tazri which dies to Sphere of Resistance, and Prossh which you need to stop their outlets, like Blood Artist. Humility will stop all of the creature-outlets, but an infinitely large Walking Ballista swinging in for combat damage. Seems rough, but Tazri I think you can stop. Perhaps you want to run a Pithing Needle, Sorcerous Spyglass to name Food Chain? That should work.

Also, I was thinking over if you could run a Chalice of the Void, it might be worth it? CMC=1 stops Chain of Vapor, Nature's Claim, Natural State, By Force, Vandalblast, Shattering Spree, etc. It hits 14 of your cards, but still might be worth running, and it stops Prossh/Teferi at CM=6, but you aren't realistically ever gonna get there xD.

vomitpile on Experimental Storm

1 week ago

The transformative sb is sweet, seems like it doesnt help against storm hate though, specifically Damping Sphere type effects, since it still requires you to cast multiple spells, maybe some amount of either Abrade or Shattering Spree? They have other uses also, so not narrow additions by any means. I'm working on the opposite plan, going from the creature version to a burn style kill. Good luck!

RedmundR2 on Modern Vampires

2 weeks ago

You're off to a great start by having answers like Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt mainboard and not just throwing in every vampire you can find. I definitely recommend taking a look at your curve - 2.38 CMC is pretty high for Modern that isnt a control or combo deck so you probably want to tone down the 4 drops and add more 2 drops to try and get on curve as much as possible. I recommend either Shattering Spree or Vandalblast for anti-artifact hate (Ensnaring Bridge is always to be considered). Dismember and Ratchet Bomb should be considered as well. Maybe even Grafdigger's Cage, Nihil Spellbomb for the sideboard. Gifted Aetherborn is a fantastic suggestion, as far as other vampires you seem to have nailed most of the ones im familiar with so you might consider some more creatures that arent vampires even if they dont directly synergize, for utilities sake.

Arendellecze on Mizzix, budget first build

3 weeks ago

Hello there,

for sure you gonna need Reiterate and Capsize to go with Mizzix. I'd take outShattering Spree and put in Vandalblast Seal of the Guildpact is not great in Mizzix deck, because thanks to him you gonna cast spell for cheap. All 3 enchantments what you run - I'd take them out because from my experience they get removed quite fast. You definitely want to put Brass's Bounty in there, comboing it with Reiterate for infinite mana in form of treasure tokens. Take out Nevinyrral's Disk. Run bit more control spells, type of Evacuation Crush of Tentacles Capsize Cyclonic Rift Curse of the Swine

Reality Spasm or Turnabout - you can either tap anything on board or again, infinite mana combo with Reiterate.

K1ngMars on Shrek Fottimadre Jones

1 month ago

Il tuo mazzo necessita di un buon pacchetto di removal per far morire quante più creature possibili, in modo da rendere Kresh grosso, ed allo stesso tempo ti servono cose che diano evasion a kresh per fare in modo che riesca a colpire. Farò suggerimenti su cambi funzionali e cambi di budget, sia in più economico che in più costoso.

Valuta di trovare un posto per carte che diano colpo sicuro a Kresh, come:

Valuta di inserire qualche sacrifice outlet come (nella sezione terre ce ne sono altre molto forti):

Nella sezione terre ti consiglio:

Se con queste sostituzioni nella mana base finisci per avere più di quattro terre che producono , valuta di inserire al posto di una creatura ramp la Chromatic Lantern, che è stata ristampata da poco ed è scesa.

Pheardemons on Argent Moon: Liquimetal Control

1 month ago

Chandra's uptick is more useful when a deck isn't reactionary. I'm sure flipping over a counterspell does feel bad. I understand that skepticism. However, in saying that, her emblem is monstrous. Easily something that finishes games. Jace, the Mind Sculptor does seem to fit this play style a lot better. I understand using him instead.

That is an interesting thought with the Phyrexian Metamorph, but also something that does seem clunky and cute. That spot would be better to stop other decks, rather than simply copying their win condition.

The suggestions I would have are:


-2 Crackling Drake, -3 Thing in the Ice  Flip, -2 Spellskite, -1 Shrapnel Blast, -1 Mission Briefing

+1 Keranos, God of Storms, +1 Ral, Izzet Viceroy, +1 Jaya Ballard, +1 Jace, the Mind Sculptor, +2 Wandering Fumarole, +3 Anger of the Gods (or Sweltering Suns)

The reason I am taking out the Spellskites is that against a deck that doesn't attack much or is combo, this card is dead. It only has 0 power which means it cannot attack. Shrapnel Blast I'm assuming is there to try and get the last bit of damage through, but you don't really want to be sacrificing your artifacts, or whatever other permanent you'll have with Liquimetal Coating. I get the combo with sacrificing lands late game with Isochron Scepter imprinting it, but that's a fragile combo and you'll probably want something more concrete. For these my thought process was to add in board wipes to help you against those aggressive matchups, of which you have Anger of the Gods. I suggested Sweltering Suns so that in a matchup that they aren't needed, you have a cycle. Your choice.

I know your hesitation with adding more lands, but 18 seems pretty low for a deck that may now have potentially 3 cards at 5 mana, as well as wanting to cast multiple spells a turn, if necessary. I only added in the two, and I felt with the benefit of the planeswalkers and Keranos they can help you draw through the rare pocket of lands.

Sideboard: I'm just going to create a sideboard for you as a template, then you can curtail it to what you need for your meta.

2x Damping Sphere 2x Echoing Truth 2x Negate 2x Blood Moon 2x Shattering Spree 3x Grafdigger's Cage 2x Sorcerous Spyglass

Damping Sphere is a two-for-one against storm and tron. For storm, your stall tactics don't really affect them. You have a couple counters, but Remand only stops them for a turn, and they can usually pay for Mana Leak once they start. Your creature destruction also helps, but they can also do it naturally. This is that little bit extra to stop them after game 1.

Echoing Truth is a catch-all. It is really good against tokens, enchantments (that you can't deal with once they land cough cough Leyline of Sanctity), ect. It can be brought in against anything and every, and imprinting it with Isochron Scepter I'm sure will feel amazing.

Blood Moon is helpful against multi-color decks as well as an extra boost against tron. I'm not sure how bad that matchup is for you, but it couldn't hurt. Decks that don't see the mainboard Blood Moon may not fetch correctly game two, and therefore you may have the advantage of stopping their colors.

Grafdigger's Cage is another almost catch-all in the sense that it stops storm, hurts Snapcaster Mage, dredge no longer means anything (and it is on the rise), and any other graveyard shenanigans. Warning, this stops Mission Briefing, so you may want to side that out if you need the Grafdigger's Cage.

Sorcerous Spyglass is a great card to stop planeswalkers (if they land) as well as other cards that may become a hassle. The looking at your opponent's hand is also very good in being able to plan your next couple of moves.

Negate is a better hard counter against decks when Mana Leak or Remand won't cut it. Or, just extra counters if needed.

This sideboard is just a frame for you to mess around with. I don't play this kind of control so I used my knowledge of the meta, as well as when I've seen other people do, to make it. Hopefully it's at least adequate.

Liquidbeaver on Argent Moon: Liquimetal Control

1 month ago

Logics: Thanks for the thorough comment! Here are my thoughts.

Lands: The landbase has been working out pretty well so far, but I cut a second Sulfur Falls for a 3rd Field of Ruin, and after a bunch of real playtesting last night (the first non-goldfish testing of the deck). I think that was a mistake. The Fields have been working out well as they are also effectively my 7th and 8th fetches as well. The more I cut them though, the stronger Blood Moon gets instead.

As for the number of lands, at 20 lands I was flooding pretty regularly, so I tried 18 and it was much more consistent. 19 is definitely a good place to settle to, as it would improve the mulligans. Also, I went from no cards above 2 CMC, to four cards at 4 for last night's playtesting, so it was a pretty big swing. I think that should be at most two of them, or take that down to cards that are 3 CMC.

Bounce: Boomerang is really strong, especially when used on a land during the opponent's upkeep step. If it is imprinted, they are locked at that number of lands for the rest of the game, unless they can remove the scepter. That being said, I used to run 4x and it was way too many, and I constantly had multiples left in my hand and nothing constructive to use them on, so I cut them back to 2x. I added Vapor Snag to help with creatures, but effectively caused the 4x Boomerang problem again. I think I will at the very least sideboard the Snags, if not cut them altogether. Those slots would be better served by harder control, like you said, Remand or something similar.

Delay: Delay has been working really well on the scepter, and is awesome against counterspells because all of them except Cryptic Command fizzle when they get recast. I think Delay would be even better alongside a stronger counterspell package, not cut to make room for it. That would help the only real negative I see with Delay being creatures you counter having haste when they get re-cast.

Opt/Visions: I agree with you completely, I think my lack of digging is the biggest issue at the moment. The Izzet Charm and Mission Briefing being my only cards is definitely not enough. Between Opt and Visions I would lean more towards Opt, but I am also looking at Faithless Looting, which would let me pitch extra combo pieces that I don't want in hand.

Muddle: I think that is a fair statement, and although I don't want to cut it entirely, I think going down to a 1-of would be better. That way I still get a tutor if I need it, but I make room for a more versatile spell, and I never end up with 2 in my hand, which has really sucked when it happens. The statement about being good without scepter is spot on, and what I am hoping to accomplish with the deck. It needs to be a value engine, but not an integral part.

Coating: This is something I noticed a few times during my playtesting, so you are on the right track. Often enough I had a March of the Machines or a Liquimetal Coating out, but no removal in hand to use. I think a MB Shattering Spree is a great idea.

Again, thanks for the detailed comment. It really helps to get outside perspectives on this.

Let me know what you think of the newest revision!

JKRice on Spray and Pray

1 month ago

This is one of my favorite modern combos, and I can definitely help you with the manabase and sideboard and possibly the mainboard if you’re willing to change it.

1) The Manabase

I’m not sure how much you’re willing to spend on the manabase, but in the modern format the mana is usually the most expensive part of the deck. I will give you budget and nonbudget options. Obviously don’t take all of these suggestions because then you would have maybe 40 lands

A: Fetchlands

These cost between 20-50 dollars. For your deck, if your willing to spend that much, I would reccomend 4 Bloodstained Mire and 2 Polluted Delta. These allow you to selectively get lands depending on what colors of mana you need. These also allow you to pull lands from your deck, decreasing the chance that you whiff on a draw.

B: Shocklands

These cost between 8-30 dollars, and allow you to pay life to fix mana, and the land types mean that they are best when paired with the fetchlands. I would reccomend 4 Blood Crypt

C: Check lands

These cost between 3-10 dollars, and allow you to fix your mana a turn late. These are a decent budget option. I would reccomend 4 Dragonskull Summit.

D: Fast Lands

These are between 5-25 dollars, and are your best option behind the fetchlands. I would recommend 3 Blackcleave Cliffs

You already have the lain land in your mainbaord so I won’t discuss that.

2) The Sideboard

You should probably vary the sideboard a bit. The sideboard is meant to give you the most variety in answering the opponent’s strategy and protecting yours, so I would say you only want to run 1-2 of each card.

A: Engineered Explosives is an amazing card in a variety of matchups, but it’s definitely not budget. If you can afford it, I would say run one of them in the SB.

B: Fulminator Mage is a great card against power decks like Tron and scapeshift, and have the added effect of messing with multi color decks like jund. I would reccomend 2.

C: Damnation is amazing as a hate card against humans, which is a very prominent deck in the meta. I would run 1.

D: the Relic of Progenituss, Shattering Sprees, and Crumble to Dusts are all great, but I would cut them down to 2 each.

3) The Mainboard

A: Bitter Ordeal is an amazing card in the mainboard. I would reccomend that you run 1 grapeshot and 1 ordeal in the mainboard TK give you variety against decks that have responses to either.

B: There are better ways to get the combo to your hand than Beseech the Queen and Diabolic Tutor. These just come off too late and won’t do much in control matchups or combo matchups. Instead, I would run multi-Use dig spells like Faithless Looting, or else you could possible run midrangey control spells like Liliana of the Veil or Liliana, the Last Hope.

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