Shattering Spree


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Guildpact Uncommon

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Shattering Spree


Replicate (Red) (When you play this spell, copy it for each time you paid its replicate cost. You may choose new targets for the copies.)

Destroy target artifact.

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Shattering Spree Discussion

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All are Rakdos.

18 hours ago

ComboCrazy thanks for all of the suggestions man! I actually do really like Hedron Archive over Thran Dynamo. Honestly, I just had the dynamo which is why I put it in.

Heartless Summoning and Lifeline are interesting thoughts! I like the thoughts behind them. I'll think about them and playtest.

Subterranean Tremors I did have in here for awhile. It underperformed. I rarely had the mana to get to the 8/8, and more often than not I held it in my hand because i didnt want to lose my own mana rocks. Granted I may replace Shattering Spree with By Force, but I'll see. Also, redundancy is needed. Not only may I not draw one (or both) artifacts are very easily recoverable. It helps to be able to make sure they stay dead.

ComboCrazy on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All are Rakdos.

18 hours ago

Hmm, okay. I just thought it'd be a cool early option, if you can't get Rakdos out quickly. Also, why Thran dynamo instead of Hedron Archive? Archive seems like it'd be better here, since Rakdos only requires two colorless, and archive provides draw later. Also Heartless Summoning would help a lot here I think. It helps power out your commander, and only prevents you from playing one creature in your deck, Orcish Settlers, which can be removed for something like Fulminator Mage. Also, Lifeline may be worth looking into, in case you run into a lot of removal. Last off, are the artifact hate redundancies on purpose? I understand all the land hate but you've got a lot of artifact wipes in here. I'd replace one of them with another tutor, if you've got one in mind. I'd get rid of Shattering Spree, myself. It's a bit too color-intensive. Subterranean Tremors would be a great replacement either for Spree or Vandalblast, since it doesn't just kill artifacts, doesn't hurt Rakdos, and can be cast for more if you want the 8/8. Just a thought. Seven deadly sins would be cool for this, I think.

MagicalHacker on MagicalHacker - List of All Item Removal Cards

4 days ago

Eldrazi Conscription can be used repeatably to remove any artifact/enchantment.

I guess I could add cards that can destroy multiple artifacts or multiple enchantments without hurting your own. Vandalblast, By Force, Shattering Spree, and more (Fiery Confluence!) are definitely solid cards, so I should find a way to add them.

Shape Anew only hits one artifact though, and it can't hit enchantments.

Iron_Cube on MagicalHacker - List of All Item Removal Cards

4 days ago

Isn't Eldrazi Conscription against your rule 4 ?

What about Vandalblast, By Force, Shattering Spree ?
Everybody should already know that has nothing for enchantments anyway.

Wonky.wombat. on Redlock

1 week ago

How about, instead of one Kari Zev's Expertise, a Shattering Spree a Noxious Revival and a Batterskull for four Relic of Progenitus in the sideboard to beat storm, dredge and any other graveyard decks floating around, as it is very hard for them to come back from that, and if it isn't as good as you want it to be, it always cantrips.

TheMagicPenguin on Shrek Storm

1 week ago

Please look at what the cards in the deck do before commenting. I have plenty of single removal (Decimate, Grapeshot, Shattering Spree, Beast Within, Chain of Vapor, Chaos Warp, Cyclonic Rift, Doomblade, Murder, Rakdos Charm, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and Pyroblast), as well as enough wipes to keep the deck effective (Evacuation, Cyclonic Rift, Shattering Spree, and Grapeshot). As for playing against mill, you clearly haven't even looked at what Magus of the Will, Elixir of Immortality, Day's Undoing, Past in Flames, or Noxious Revival do. As for burn decks, I'd have to depend on my tutors to get out my Doomsday + Laboratory Maniac combo out as soon as possible. My testing of the deck has had me realize that I can win as early as turn 4 with this combo, so I'm not too worried. And I won't even discuss how ridiculous it is that you think Traumatize would be a threat to my deck, especially when Im using Doomsday. First off, the goal of the Doomsday combo is to empty out my deck so that I win using Laboratory Maniac, and second off, anyone with half a brain would go after a deck that actually has cards in it, so they get their 5 manas worth. 5 mana for 2 cards in a combo that tries to mill itself out is beyond ridiculous.

Please, please, look at the deck before commenting.

freakingShane on C'mon... Do it... You know you wanna...

1 week ago

The deck looks well made, man. I apologize for my long comment that follows...

I have some suggestions, but I don't know what your stance is on "infinite combo" shenanigans. I totally understand if none of these fit your build.

You already have Sword of Feast and Famine so I would recommend its perfect buddy, Aggravated Assault. You don't even have to "go off" with this. You can take two or so extra combats just for a little politic'n if you'd like, or you could use it to finish the game when it's 1v1!

Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker is always a good card. Whether you decide to do infinite combos with him or not, he guarantees more ETBs of your valuable goblins.

I definitely think Cavern of Souls is a must. This shuts down any chance of counter magic messing up your goblin strategy. If that isn't enough, you could always play Price of Glory. The latter pairs extremely well with War's Toll.

Lastly, I would recommend cutting Tuktuk Scrapper, as well as the other Allies, in place of their instant counterparts like Smash to Smithereens, Vandalblast, and/or possibly Shattering Spree. You do miss out on the damage that Scrapper gives you, but instant speed removal is better than the "what if" power cards. Additionally, you are fairly creature heavy (which is not a bad thing) but it wouldn't hurt to essentially "translate" those Allies into instant speed artifact removal.

Really though, this deck is solid. I would only suggest bringing a little more balance towards your instants and enchantments, and less of your creatures. If you have any questions or anything, don't hesitate to ask! And again, feel free to turn down any or all of my suggestions. This is your deck and should be played the way you enjoy! :)

SailorJoeV on Penicillin (The Cure for Infect)

2 weeks ago

Thanks for your input!

I put Detonate and Shattering Spree in there because I see Ichorclaw Myr and Corpse Cur as a common staple in infect.

The idea behind the deck is to throw up as many low cost blockers as possible for long enough to sack or immobilize all potential attackers. Then it's death by many small cuts.

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