Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Rare

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Put X 1/2 green Spider creature tokens with reach onto the battlefield, where X is the number of creatures attacking you. Prevent all combat damage that would be deal this turn by non-Spider creatures.

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Arachnogenesis Discussion

Rzepkanut on Phelddagrif, the Support, Who Supports Everyone

2 days ago

Here's a few ideas... I run lots of ramp in every one of my decks. This deck has very little, maybe in your meta its less important to come out fast. Classics like Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation and Skyshroud Claim work great but whatever you got is fine. Mana dorks too, Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian could be good synergy ones. Trophy Mage, Drift of Phantasms & Muddle the Mixture can do useful things and/or tutor for combo pieces. Dissipation Field & Lightmine Field are great pillow fort cards. Keep Watch, Arachnogenesis, & Selfless Squire are fun combat tricks to try if you think there will be lots of creatures attacking. Edric, Spymaster of Trest & Assault Suit can help encourage others to hurt each other. Happy Gathering.

Bababad on Kruphix and the Value Town Toolbox (Pararite)

5 days ago

Disallow is strictly cheaper/easier cmc than Voidslime I just prefer the art on VS and already had it in deck with absolutely no issue playing it.

It's personal preference on Snapcaster Mage, being able to flash back any spell in my grave for 2 mana is rather nice, being able to copy/abuse his etb makes my care package more reliable (a single counterspell can shift the balance of the game, Cyclonic Rift game winning, and a second Arachnogenesis is rage inducing and hilarious), and he has been used to chump giant damage without trample very often.

Low cmc useful goodstuffs shine in this deck and he is always a welcome topdeck when I start digging deep past turn 5.

Hope that clears some stuff up :)

hjl247 on SPIDERS!!!!

2 weeks ago

Jwako yes the artifacts were just haphazardly thrown in except for the Viridian Claw which I want to have first strike for my deathtouch creatues. I need to stay with Spiders all the way. I like Tangle and think I will replace it with an artifact. Think Arachnogenesis will stay since it creates more spiders and keeps my spiders alive. I know Power Matrix is not very good but it is cheap and that helps alot. Thank you for the ideas and up vote.

Jwako on SPIDERS!!!!

2 weeks ago

Metallic Mimic or Adaptive Automaton seem way better than Caged Sun, i don't think the ramp matters much at turn 6 without a lot of card draw. The whole artifact setup seems kinda extraneous, maybe drop a bunch of those and add something like Overrun and/or maybe Collected Company? Maybe Tangle instead of- or in addition to Arachnogenesis, it kinda fits the flavour too and that 1 mana matters when there's a chance the opponent reads you and doesn't attack. If you're ok with straying from the "no non-spider creatures" idea, Elvish Mystic or Llanowar Elves would do wonders as a potential 1st turn drop to help get those 4CMCs on the board.

GoldGhost012 on Looking for EDH Cards

3 weeks ago

Also have some Modern cards I'm looking for, but I really want to focus on finishing my EDH deck. Cards of high interest are:

Let me know if you feel like trading!


wack on kynaios and tiro of meletis, fun for all

1 month ago

i didn't want to necessarily 'stop' people from attacking me, rather...make it so if they do, i prevent it or interrupt it to buy time that way. with cards like: AEtherize, Arachnogenesis, Cyclonic Rift, Mirror Match and Reins of Power. im interested in more types of overpowered fog effects that don't just 'prevent damage'

choss_monkey on Budget Edric, Spymaster of Trest

1 month ago

Alchemist's Refuge flash in things.
Cyclonic Rift every blue deck should run this
Wirewood Symbiote is great for elf decks..saves your creatures, and boosts your activated abilities
Viridian Corrupter never hurts to blow up stuff.
Krosan Grip For when your opponent is about to go off.
Overwhelming Denial I can see this card being good in this deck...You'll almost never get to cast it for its surge cost on the opponents turn, but it's great for protecting your stuff.
Reality Shift Unconditional exile...yes please.
Coastal Piracy essentially a second Bident of Thassa
Creeping Renaissance Great to recover after your huge army gets wiped.
Beast Within Price is low due to a recent printing and goes in every green deck ever!
Simic Signet

I would reconsider the following cards:
Abjure too conditional. It would suck to not have a blue permanent when you need to counter something.
Aeon ChroniclerKinda slow and expensive. You may be better off running other card draw.
Quiet Contemplation is a cool card, but only triggers on non-creature spells. How consistently are you able to tap something down?
Grip of Amnesia is too conditional. consider Syncopate or Swan Song. Swan Song has the political synergy with Edric. "I give you a creature, now swing at our opponent for value!"

Some "non-budget" recommendations:
Upgrade your manabase, first with a Breeding Pool
Eternal Witness recursion...Good with bounce effects, which you're running a lot of
Arachnogenesis It supports your "go-wide" theme and is usually a one-sided Fog (your creatures kill theirs).
Song of the Dryads Unconditional removal in green. So good in Commander.

Bababad on He's better than everyone, Kruphix.

1 month ago

I would highly recommend the 4 card change.

And I can vouch that Arachnogenesis is a complete stop on a big swing for 3 mana, I actually survived and won against a Primal Surge insta win combo (Arachnogenesis + Polymorphist's Jest is my favorite control combo in these colors)

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