Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Choose artifact, creature, or land. Tap all untapped permanents of the chosen type target player controls, or untap all tapped permanents of that type that player controls.

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Turnabout Discussion

redace10 on Ojutai Control

1 week ago

Some suggestions:

Lands - Temple of Enlightenment and Prairie Stream would be better than evolving wilds and terramorphic expamse. I'm a big fan of Arcane Lighthouse too.

Vigify: Brave the Sands, Reconnaissance, Always Watching , Ajani Steadfast, Turnabout. Sounds like you know about the equipment.

Where's Grand Arbiter Augustin IV? He'd be boss in this deck to both slow people down and ramp you.

Hour of Revelation is a strict upgrade to planar cleansing. I'm also quite partial to Fumigate and Tragic Arrogance.

I'm not a fan of Ojutai's Command in this deck, looks like it will virtually always end up being used as Exclude. Something like Supreme Will would be better.

You have a Nazahn deck too? Excellent, we have similar tastes in EDH decks, I have one as well. I'll have more suggestions/ideas in the near future, keep rocking :)

Bxbx on Kruphix Tron

1 month ago

Hey, thanks for commenting on my dinosaur tribal!

Your deck reminds me of a Riku of Two Reflections deck I once played and enjoyed, so I'll recommend some cards from that deck:

That's all for now. Cool deck! +1 for going biiiig!

Reverie42 on And Melek said, "Let there be Spells"

1 month ago

A couple suggestions that I've found very good in Melek:

  • Turnabout can generate absurd amounts of mana. If you sequence things correctly, you can frequently play it 5+ times in a storm turn.
  • Some amount of additional graveyard recursion for spells might be useful. Some options there could be Mystic Retrieval, Pull from the Deep, Mizzix's Mastery or Snapcaster Mage. I wouldn't run all of them, but 1-2 might be useful.
  • Mizzix of the Izmagnus is still pretty good in the 99. May or may not be as worth it when you're balancing between storm and value creatures, but it might be worth a shot at some point if you're looking to mix things up.

NV_1980 on Drakes and Japes (Budget)

1 month ago


I'd really replace Curse of Verbosity with Rhystic Study if you get the chance. For some free spells, I'd definitely recommend As Foretold. Some of your instants and sorceries could be replaced with some more powerful versions (depending on your budget constraints of course). I'd recommend adding Disallow, Fact or Fiction, Mystical Tutor, Ponder, Preordain, Twincast and Turnabout. Not sure what to replace, but most of these are staples in blue control decks.

Happy gaming!

Raphiezar on

2 months ago

Swarm Intelligence and Mirari for copying spells. Archaeomancer can allow you to reuse your instants and sorceries, especially with a kicked Rite of Replication, allowing you to get the Rite back and up to 4 other spells from your graveyard. Similar value can be had with Clone Legion, especially if an opponent has a creature that can recur the spell, like the Archaeomancer or Eternal Witness. Fork, Reverberate, and Reiterate are great for copying your bigger spells, sometime twice with Kess if you have the mana. Turnabout and Mana Geyser can get you the mana you need to help cast some of your bigger spells with fork effects, especially if you have Swarm Intelligence and/or the Mirari. Drain Power can be used similarly but it also taps your opponents down, which you can use with the Mana Geyser to make more mana. If just tapping down your opponents is what you care about, Mana Short is a non-ramping version of Drain Power.

Zakading on Hi, Inalla Mays here!

2 months ago

The Turnabout addition seems decent enough to seriously consider. Having one extra combo tends to always be good stuff, indeed, and it's not as blatantly obvious as the Mistbind Clique, bloodline necromancer and Wanderwine Prophets combos before the game even started. I've had Thalakos Deceiver on my mind for a while as well. Might give it a try, though I do worry that the difference between 1 and 2 toughness might be relevant in my playgroup. Definitely something that needs field testing to properly judge.

Herald’s Horn , while definitely a generally good, value generating card, doesn't seem TOO important right now. Might swap one in in place of Stonybrook Banneret, since they both do essentially the same thing, but Horn has another upside and is harder to remove. Did want to somehow squeeze in a Sundial of the Infinite, but cutting stuff is getting increasingly difficult without cutting a bit into the super value cards. The Alchemist is in a similar vein, as it's essentially sometimes a better AEther Adept, but has a prerequisite to it and still fills the same niche as pseudo-removal.

Saharez on Hi, Inalla Mays here!

2 months ago

All good suggestions, especially the Trophy Mage which can fetch pieces such as Urza's Incubator and Ashnod's Altar

Your list is winning based on comboes as best as I can tell and you might just have enough of them, but if you want one more super janky combo then take a look at Turnabout.In combination with Archaeomancer a sac outlet and Bloodline Necromancer you can tap down all your enemies and generate infinite mana aswell as tokens.

When it doesn't play out like that, Turnabout is still a solid card in my experience.

Sedraxis Alchemist can be a solid addition aswell, even if it rarely wins games by itself, unless of cause Urza's Incubator is in play, in which case it's 2 mana, boom target nonland permanent, rinse repeat.

I noticed your Sower of Temptation in your list, after testing, I find that Thalakos Deceiver is a better fit, easier on the blue mana, the control is permanent.The downside is that you only get 1 of the creatures immediately.

I'm currently tweaking my own Inalla list based on how it performed when I took it out last.So in that light, I want to suggest Herald’s Horn card and mana advantage.

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