Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Urza's Saga (USG) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Choose artifact, creature, or land. Tap all untapped permanents of the chosen type target player controls, or untap all tapped permanents of that type that player controls.

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Turnabout Discussion

enpc on The ultimate list for an Izzet spellslinger

1 week ago

You're missing Eyes of the Watcher. Other than that it looks pretty complete. Are you going to include cards like High Tide, Turnabout, Reset, Dramatic Reversal, Time Spiral, Reality Spasm, etc. which give you fuel to spell sling?

hoardofnotions on Un-FLICKING-believable!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

I_TappedWrong Thanks for explaining the combo. I like it! but i'm not sure i'll be able to fit Turnabout in on the budget. If i have extra room one day it'll be on the drawing floor though.

bradtheimpaler13 Thanks! The new Nicol is pretty sweet, I just died to the ultimate of it the other day lol. I like the idea of Garna, the Bloodflame as well, just finding cuts is rough. If you have a card that you think is weak please let me know!

Cicjose I appreciate the suggestion, but my thought process is that i want cards that are good in mulitplayer. Cursing one player, even with a devestating effect, isn't as much value as dealing with all of my opponents stuff. So i'm not sure cruel reality has a place in the list right now.

TuckerMTG This is a great suggestion! I added the marsh and Sunscorched Desert for my Dualcaster Mage + Ghostly Flicker combo. Thanks!

ZendikariWoi I agree that hard removal is slightly lacking, though i do run a lot of the Fleshbag Marauder effects and a couple Ravenous Chupacabra type cards. If i could fit in Terminate in on the budget i think i would. the cool thing about Thraximundar is that he's immediate board impact due to haste and the edict. Also i try to play him as a 3 hit kill with commander damage a lot of the time. I might swap him out one of these days to see how Crosis would handle the helm, but I'm really liking what Nasty Thraxy is offering right now.

I appreciate all the comments and sorry I didn't respond sooner. If anyone would like to discuss their thoughts more or suggest other cards I would love it!!

Cloudius on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

catar2 BINGO! I like brewing decks. Am concocting a casual creatureless Yennett, Cryptic Sovereign combo deck at the moment:

We Love Freebies! *Primer*

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Feel free to give suggestions too if Esper is your thing.

You're absolutely right about the heavy reliance on Tatyova as the main card draw engine. I've very little protection for her though (only a handful of Counterspells and Sylvan Safekeeper as the main protector). With a good draw, this deck threatens to win on turns 4/5, or even as early as turn 3 so I didn't invest heavily in her protection.

In the unfortunate event she gets removed, I'd continue ramping and the next time I cast her, will be the turn I try to combo off for the win.

You're right that Hurricane and Squall Line are double-edged weapons and I do take damage from them too. Glacial Chasm is my protection against cases whereby I've less HP than opponents. The lifegain from Tatyova helps alot and more often than not, I'd have the most HP in the group (unless there're dedicated life gain decks around).

I've considered Mana Breach before but it fits better in a control archetype whereas this deck is combo based. Very often, I can cast 10-20 spells a turn while comboing off and Breach would actually hamper this as it'd return all my lands to my hand, stopping the combo (e.g. I'd have no more lands to untap via Turnabout).

I actually bought Deprive, Foil, Thwart, Forbid and the likes but hasn't found space for them in the deck atm. I may add them in if I play against removal/counter heavy decks.

Horn of Greed is an interesting card. It could be a redundancy for my commander if she gets removed too often and becomes too expensive to recast. Good suggestion, I'd try to grab hold of one!

You're absolutely right that Words of Wind doesn't allow us to target which permanent gets returned, however my aim is to return as many permanents as possible within the same turn. Opponents' mana base will be severely crippled once they start to return several lands per turn as most of them can only lay 1 land each turn. Most opponents would scoop up once this lock is established.

For the land ramp spells, all spells are under consideration as I try to find the best ones for the deck. I'd really like to try out Philoctetes's pet card Pir's Whim and some of those you've suggested above. Please keep the suggestions coming!

Speaking of Carpet of Flowers, I do have mono-blue players in my play groups so it's a possible include. It's under my KIV list atm. I do try to make the deck as generic as possible, being able to handle most decks without having to swap cards in and out depending on match up.

As for Stroke of Genius vs Blue Sun's Zenith, both have their merits and it boils down to personal preference. I just prefer Stroke's base cost of over Blue's . In times when I want to mill my opponents, I agree that Blur is better likely you rightly pointed out. Cheers!

I've opted to go with a Spellslinger build so am keeping the deck very creature-lite.

This deck doesn't have any "infinite combo" per say and I must say I probably use the words loosely for convenience sake.

Unfortunately, I don't stay in Germany though, else I'd love to meet up for games too. You may want to use the Playtest function that tappedout offers to try this deck out. Hopefully you can draw into an explosive hand and get addicted to this deck as much as I do!

Thank you once again for your suggestions. It is obvious you've put in serious thoughts about each of them and I appreciate it alot!

Cloudius on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

fuster Fully agree with you on Oboro et al outclassing Simic Growth Chamber. I'm usually not a fan of the Karoo lands too and almost never run them in my decks.

Untap all lands effects are the bread and butter of my deck though so I run 3 copies of it - Early Harvest, Turnabout and Rude Awakening.

Turnabout can be a life saver too, tapping down your opponenent's creatures to buy yourself a turn.

Speaking about buying myself a turn, was playing this deck yesterday and Exhaustion became an "extra turn spell" when my opponent tapped out his mana and attacked me with all his creatures during his turn. As he was very "exhausted", he could only draw a card and pass the turn... I went on to combo off for the win thereafter.


fuster on Life is Like A Hurricane

1 month ago

Cloudius not bad! I decided not to run any tapped lands so I don't really have a need for the Amulet. Cards like Simic Growth Chamber, while useful, already feel outclassed by cards like Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, Ghost Town, and even Gush. I don't feel super justified running it just for Scapeshift either. If I can work Turnabout into my list (and I already have a couple of cards I'm thinking of putting on my chopping block already), I can just use that to work around Scapeshift.

Cloudius on Tatyova competitive

1 month ago

+1 I like the direction you're taking with the deck.

I see you running Rude Awakening and Turnabout, perhaps Early Harvest may interest you too.

I've a Tatyova Spellslinger deck too, focusing on combo finish.

Life is like a Hurricane *PRIMER*

Commander / EDH Cloudius


Let's trade pointers going forward.

Spirits on Mizzix, the Storm EDH

2 months ago

Hi Modern_Brews,

I've run Mind's Desire it's amazing. I've also ran Ignite Memories. The reason they are not in the build is 1) I don't like the randomness of them (in an Infinite Storm situation, it's just another win-con of which I have others, but it is one way) 2) Outside of an Infinite Storm situation it's high CMC and low ability as a "stand on it's own". As a guide I value cards that have utility outside of the combos (although some don't), I will agree this one is worth it, just didn't make my cut 3) I don't actually need the Storm ability in an Infinite Storm situation anyway, and it bother some other players, when I factored that against my needs to win, I didn't end up needing it.

Spellseeker is fabulous, Tutor a Merchant Scroll and then a Firemind's Foresight to Tutor Reiterate + Comet Storm + Mystical Tutor > Turnabout | Infinite Mana + Infinite Damage. Thanks for the excellent suggestion, I'll try and figure out where she slots in later this week, also being a Wizard is a bonus, perfect!

Geralf_Cecani on deathly group hug.

2 months ago

Palinchron and any mana doubler

Palinchron and Phantasmal Image

Deadeye Navigator and Palinchron/Peregrine Drake/Great Whale

Deadeye Navigator and Archaeomancer/Salvager of Secrets/Mnemonic Wall with Dramatic Reversal/Rude Awakening/Turnabout/Early Harvest/any take an extra turn spell; in your bin

Brago, King Eternal is an entirely new kettle of fish

Archaeomancers and take additional turn spells in the bin, Strionic Resonator and two mana worth of rocks (cos brago untaps shit)

Ezuri, Claw of Progress and Sage of Hours...

Naru Meha, Master Wizard and any flicker/copy spell

Archangel of Thune, Fathom Mage, Horizon Chimera

Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir, Knowledge Pool (think about it for a second)

Thats all I can think of at the moment :)

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