Search target opponent's library for a creature card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Bribery Discussion

Wiizy on Rubinia's grubby hands

3 weeks ago

Nice deck, haven't seen this commander before. Just a suggestion if you want more steal creatures Beguiler of Wills is a good one. Some other good one time steals are Blatant Thievery and Bribery.

rdean14 on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Vedalken Plotter

Vedalken Bargain


Search your library for two cards and target opponent's library for two cards. That opponent separates those cards into two piles. You may play one pile without paying their mana costs , and your opponent may play the other without paying their mana costs .

Fact or Fiction plus Scheming Symmetry and Bribery seems like a manipulative deal.

The challenge go to Gatherer, use the Random card function, and make a card based around its flavor text.

dbpunk on Double Masters Speculation

3 months ago

Honestly it feels like a rip off, but Im interested in seeing if they do some high value reprints, like the Praetors. Honestly one thing they could definitely reprint is Bribery and lower the cost on that.

dbpunk on None

4 months ago

Hexproof is based on the controller. For example if I use Bribery and go through an opponents deck and grab an Archetype of Endurance it makes my creatures hexproof, not theirs, and they cant target things I control.

lagotripha on Next new deck?

4 months ago

I highly recommend a group hug deck, with a focus on fun positive interactions with other players. Green/Blue has most of the great group hug effects with symmetric draw/ramp.

Then there is the question, how to win? I reccomend playing other people's cards with stuff like Bribery or Annex, which largely reflects the tables style. Add a few politics friendly mechanics like monarch and spells to buff other's creatures with and you can have a blast.

When selecting cards think 'will this make everyone's game more fun': it'll make the game exciting for everyone and really help the politicking.

Tylord2894 on "Gain Control" Rulings

5 months ago

While Gilded Drake's effect doesn't end when the Drake leaves the battlefield, that effect is notably different from that of Bribery.

The effect from the Drake creates a continuous effect that gives you control of the target creature and gives your opponent control of the Drake.

On the otherhand, Bribery puts a card from an opponent's library onto the battlefield under your control. At no point is control of that creature changed. This is similar to how Thief of Sanity would work in this case. Since there are no control effects to dispell, the creature that you gained is exiled.

That make sense?

Randomsome1 on "Gain Control" Rulings

5 months ago

Super helpful, I think I know where I got confused. But, I do have 1 follow up. Rhadamanthus Tylord2894 If I Leave the game wouldn't the creature I took with Gilded Drake go to exile with the creature taken with Bribery? The drakes effect doesn't stop when it leaves play, like Control Magic does.

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