Search target opponent's library for a creature card and put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Set Rarity
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Mercadian Masques (MMQ) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Block Constructed Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Unformat Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Noble Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Leviathan Legal

Bribery occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Blue: 0.19%

Bribery Discussion

dbpunk on Double Masters Speculation

1 week ago

Honestly it feels like a rip off, but Im interested in seeing if they do some high value reprints, like the Praetors. Honestly one thing they could definitely reprint is Bribery and lower the cost on that.

dbpunk on Nine Luls

3 weeks ago

Hexproof is based on the controller. For example if I use Bribery and go through an opponents deck and grab an Archetype of Endurance it makes my creatures hexproof, not theirs, and they cant target things I control.

lagotripha on Next new deck?

3 weeks ago

I highly recommend a group hug deck, with a focus on fun positive interactions with other players. Green/Blue has most of the great group hug effects with symmetric draw/ramp.

Then there is the question, how to win? I reccomend playing other people's cards with stuff like Bribery or Annex, which largely reflects the tables style. Add a few politics friendly mechanics like monarch and spells to buff other's creatures with and you can have a blast.

When selecting cards think 'will this make everyone's game more fun': it'll make the game exciting for everyone and really help the politicking.

Tylord2894 on "Gain Control" Rulings

2 months ago

While Gilded Drake's effect doesn't end when the Drake leaves the battlefield, that effect is notably different from that of Bribery.

The effect from the Drake creates a continuous effect that gives you control of the target creature and gives your opponent control of the Drake.

On the otherhand, Bribery puts a card from an opponent's library onto the battlefield under your control. At no point is control of that creature changed. This is similar to how Thief of Sanity would work in this case. Since there are no control effects to dispell, the creature that you gained is exiled.

That make sense?

Randomsome1 on "Gain Control" Rulings

2 months ago

Super helpful, I think I know where I got confused. But, I do have 1 follow up. Rhadamanthus Tylord2894 If I Leave the game wouldn't the creature I took with Gilded Drake go to exile with the creature taken with Bribery? The drakes effect doesn't stop when it leaves play, like Control Magic does.

Rhadamanthus on "Gain Control" Rulings

2 months ago

Technically Gilded Drake and Control Magic do work differently but the end result of a player leaving the game isn't going to be much different between the two.

Let's say you've taken control of something with Control Magic, exchanged control of something with your Gilded Drake, taken something with Bribery, and you have to leave the game.

  • Everything you own (cards you brought into the game) goes away. That means Control Magic and Gilded Drake are taken out of the game. The creature enchanted by Control Magic immediately goes back to its previous controller
  • Any effects giving you control of objects you don't own end. The creature you exchanged for Gilded Drake goes back to its previous controller
  • If you have anything on the stack not represented by a card (either an activated/triggered ability or a copy of a spell), those go away too
  • Finally, if you still control anything owned by another player then those things get exiled. The creature you took with Bribery will be exiled

smilodex on NARSET'S WAY OF A JESKAI MONK [cEDH Primer]

2 months ago

@Annexus: Yes I totally agree with your thoughts about Timetwister but not with those to Wheel of Fortune. Budget options for those 2 cards are for sure / Time Spiral and Echo of Eons but you definitely need some wheels in your deck and Wheel of Fortune is the really strong, but the deck wouldn't lose much strength if you play Windfall and Echo of Eons/Time Spiral instead of Timetwister/Wheel of Fortune.

The two other Narset are cool flavourwhise but I personally thought that there were simply better alternatives:

I think the deck has only like two slots at maximum for "win more" cards.

At the moment I play Thousand-Year Storm and Aggravated Assault. TStorm cannot be cut because I won almost every game with him as soon as he touched the field. But maybe Narset Transcendent could be a replacement for Aggravated Assault. Narset is a bit more versatile but sometimes you don't hit any extraturn/combat and then narset is a lil bit worse than the Assault, because with the assault you gain another try with Narset, Enlightened Master and if you hit Time Spiral you get ANOTHER attack and with the assault you always have atleast 2 attempts per turn to hit a another turn/combat spell.

Narset, Parter of Veils is a good card but for me atleast I found a lot cards I liked more but can be a budget option JTMS. If you pla atleast 3+ wheel cards in this deck, she could be worth, but with only 2 wheels, there's lacking synergy.

JTMS is just insane and has fallen out of favor or forgiveness just like Narset, Enlightened Master, JTMS is a walkin Brainstorm and toolbox. It's a great feeling when Time Stretch is stuck in your hand and you can put it back on your deck.

Dack Fayden is also pretty good to steal your opponent's ramp pieces but I think he's the one who could maybe replaced by Winter Orb or like you mentioned Teferi, Time Raveler. I loved Teferi, but some dudes from the Narset Discord have somehow talked me out of Teferi...

Man I would really enjoy to play some 1vs1 games of different lists/cuts, to scientifically prove which list is the fastest and after that to test it in a real environment against legit decks to check which card/list is good in the current meta. (Do you have Xmage?)

I see your point on Gamble, sure this card has the opportunity to fail, but narset is just a "if you have luck you win deck" and with this cards I'm also gambling high, but yeah cards to replace gamble are: Idyllic Tutor/Merchant Scroll or like you mentioned Ponder/Preordain.

I tested Jace, Wielder of Mysteries a lot and in 99% of the time he was a dead card or not needed... when you draw your entire library you just win with Nexus of Fate/Beacon of Tomorrows but most of the time you opponents surrender before that ever happens after like your 5 extra turn... And if you really want another wincon then I would always prefer Bribery because this card is savage and in almost every cedh match somebody is playing Thassa's Oracle or another winon which you could possibly steal. Or just play the good old Approach of the Second Sun.

Vash13 on Sen triplets [first deck build]

2 months ago

Hello how's it going, I love commander and always like seeing what people come up with, since this is your first deck let me throw out a couple observations from having built many different decks over the years. First thing I notice is 31 lands is pretty low for not rocking some outrageous ramp/mana shoot closer to 36-38 if you dont have a ton of ramp but even my ramp decks dont go under 34. Next is the large amount of instants, since commander is designed to take longer and involve more ppl a classic instant packed deck doesn't have the same value as in modern, the 1 for 1 logic doesn't apply since you got 4 other guys to worry about ideally. Instants work best in commander as support for an over arching strategy of a deck, to many and you leave yourself cardless quickly unless your goal is to drop a Rise from the Tides while running telrand other than that you should make them more online with your theme, the stronger you can support your main them the better value for values sake will dilute a commander deck. that said some cards I think would run well with your deck are Bribery/Acquire would be funny, Azor's Elocutors/Mechanized Production/Approach of the Second Sun are all great alternate win cons for control decks. Dance of the Manse is a great card for this many enchants and artifacts and a Rise from the Tides or Luminarch Ascension would allow you to drop some creatures in favor of some more classic controll like Winter Orb,Stasis, Static Orb, Propaganda, and with this many enchantments Sphere of Safety. And lastly who wouldnt want to order the top of their deck as they see fit? Well Soothsaying is here to do just that. I hope this helps in any way if you have any question about anything I said feel free to ask, good luck and welcome to commander.(sorry 'bout being so long winded lol)

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