Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Mythic Rare

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Creature — Dinosaur

Enrage - Whenever Polyraptor is dealt damage, create a token that's a copy of Polyraptor.

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Polyraptor Discussion

DragonMaster224 on Naya Dinosaur Combo Deck

1 week ago

You should add Assure / Assemble to your deck to keep your Forerunner of the Empire and Polyraptor combo infinite!

DragonMaster224 on Dinos of the Perfect Curve

2 weeks ago

Cool infinite combo by Bad Boy Gaming On YouTube, it involves Assure / Assemble, Forerunner of the Empire and Polyraptor. How it works is after u get Forerunner of the empire out, you play assure on it, giving it indestructible. You then play Polyraptor and have Forerunner deal 1 damage to it and have it create a copy and then deal another damage to both and so on and so forth it would be cool combo in your deck if you want to add it :)

SP3CTR3_chelts on Super Budget Standard Combo (Rotation Proof)

2 weeks ago

hey, I was surprised not to see Shield Mare on the list?

but a greater recommendation is not to stay mono white:

Splashing green for an Emaria or two and a couple of Trostani would give you a good win con outside your combo to better beat decks that know how to beet your combo as a couple of removal pieces does destroy it. This would also allow knight of autumn for main or sideboard because it is such a versatile card! It would also allow the activation of Shalia's ability (not a core reason to splash green but a little bit of sugar on top).

Also why are you only playing a 2 of your sorcerer's wand. if it is a combo piece you want it all the time and do not care if you have one in hand and one on board! a deck causally running 3 knights of autumn or any other artifact removal piece would dismantle the combo?

On a different note if you are looking for more combo decks look up Polyraptor/Raptor Hatchling + Forerunner of the Empire +something that gives indestructible. really fun combo and if you do not have all the combo pieces it can still work really well eg. forerunner tutors polyraptor then play the dino creating 8 polyraptors (and killing the forerunner) 1 card combo :D

zdtsd on Trostani value tokens

3 weeks ago

Oh shoot I forgot: have you considered Polyraptor? Once you get 1 token, you get more and more...

Plus, it is immune to damage-based wraths.

Joker207755 on Dinosaurs of the sun

1 month ago

Bracken993 ty I do have an updated version I deckcycled the wrong one but thanks again I do think I should run 2 Polyraptors in my updated one

Bracken993 on Dinosaurs of the sun

1 month ago

I'd put in a few copies of Polyraptor just because its amazing the a few copies of Rile as well to trigger all those enrage effects you have and draw you a card.

Kizmetto on Repeating Raptors

2 months ago

ok ive done this deck before but definately drop Grazing Whiptail to at least sideboard, if not cut completely and run 4 Circuitous Route. drop Polyraptor to a two of, since you are gonna tutor it up anyway with the forerunner.

with no indestructible, best you going to get is 8 raptors per 1 forerunner. adding in assure/assemble gives you an indestructive outlet to target your forerunner to make many many dinos. I alsp reccomend filling those two empty spots with Regisaur Alpha so those polyraptors can swing asap! do be careful of Settle the Wreckage though.

over Shake the Foundations how about 2 Cosmotronic Wave? clears tokens and allows alpha striking! the other 2 slots could be 2 Drover of the Mighty and if you dropped 1 forerunner and 1 otepec huntmaster to then complete the set.

i think this will allpw you to ramp well into polyraptor this way.

hope the comments help! here is my polyraptor combo deck for reference

Polyraptor Squared

Standard* Kizmetto


you could also look into a Fog based strat.


2 months ago

I found a way to let it truly go infinite. And not need Heroic Intervention.

Step 1: Have 1 Polyraptor, 1 Forerunner of the Empire, and 1 Bellowing Aegisaur. (Yes, this does turn it into 3 colors, but hear me out) Step 2: Play Forerunner, searching up another Aegisaur. If possible, play the Aegisaur that turn, but no pinging(unless it's helpful) Step 3: Play your recently searched up Aegisaur, only pinging everything if needed. Now you have shielded your Aegisaur's from dying, since they place a +1 counter on each other. Step 4: Play Polyraptor and watch your enemies hopes and dreams be crushed as your board is covered in endless Polyraptors, and everything is VERY BIG, and VERY ANGRY. Mostly angry.

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