Falkenrath Aristocrat

Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible this turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

Ryotenchi on Monk's Creed

3 days ago

Flabbergasted, It is actually already on the maybe board. I just have problems with it not being bolt proof... Thinkin of a singleton Butcher of the Horde and two Falkenrath Aristocrat.

Ryotenchi on Monk's Creed

3 days ago

It is actually already on the maybe board. I just have problems with it not being bolt proof... Thinkin of a singleton Butcher of the Horde and two Falkenrath Aristocrat.

arachnophilia on 2015-01-21 update of Nocturne's Dark ...

3 days ago

yamishi, i like R/B better too. R gives you access to Falkenrath Aristocrat and Stromkirk Captain which do a ton to make the deck decent. i also like Terminate for removal. you want to keep all the spells black if possible (sideboard aside) for nocturnus. ditto on the Tragic Slips; if you're sacrificing bloodghast etc to viscera seer, those pretty much will kill anything.

i wouldn't go with four highborns, though. in my deck, i've found Blood Artist to be WAY more effective. i can't always manage to spare a black every time i sac something.

Flabbergasted on Monk's Creed

3 days ago

Have you considered Falkenrath Aristocrat over Butcher of the Horde I find it just brings more pressure to the table and is much harder to remove.

PrecintSix6Six on H: 2x Dig and CP ...

3 days ago

Also looking for Falkenrath Aristocrats and some Path to Exiles. I forgot about those.

Scytec on Rakdos' Sadistic Society

3 days ago

@ChiefBell - Thank you. I didn't even consider Hellrider...I may have one laying around. I think I will run four 4-drops however. I love my aristocrats, and I have had no issues with hitting them in my curve. I would run two of each Hellrider and Falkenrath Aristocrat...but no more than that. Good advice, and much needed. Thanks again.

Baycer on Thorns

4 days ago

Batterhorn is not anywhere near woth 5 mana, generally speaking you dont need more than a Vandalblast for only-artifact hate

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch is pretty underwhelming, haste isnt too relevant in EDH, and she doesn't give any +1/+1 counters to things.

Hellhole Flailer 4 damage each turn is rather underwhelming.

Marchesa's Smuggler just doesnt do anything, unless you plan on killing with commander damage, which isnt what marchesa is good at

Master of Waves this is just not worth it, if it dies, which it needs to to abuse the ETB trigger, all the tokens die, not worth running unless you are mono blue or are running a Horde of Notions deck

Molten Primordial this isnt worth the CMC, generally running primordials in non-green EDH decks isnt worth it.

Nekrataal never been a fan of this card, its just too limiting for me.

Ogre Battledriver again haste isnt worth it, +2/0 and haste, maybe, but this is more for goblin decks, you want abusable ETB and Death triggers, and ways to get +1/+1 counters on things.

Oona's Blackguard a quick look through your list shows that this and Marchesa's Smuggler are your only rouges, you would be much better off with something like a Sage of Fables because you have a fair amount of abusable ETB wizards, and the removal helps with abusing Flayer of the Hatebound's undying, in combination with a Carrion Feeder to get +1/+1 counters you can remove for more cards later.

Rockslide Elemental this is virtually a vanilla creature, it will just get chump-blocked or killed and wont generate an value for you

Simic Fluxmage way too slow to do anything, not a repeatable effect either

Slum Reaper just run Merciless Executioner the functional reprint of Fleshbag Marauder

Taurean Mauler same thing as Rockslide Elemental

Amok discarding at random is almost NEVER worth it, too risky for almost no reward on this card.

Unspeakable Symbol solid card, but you might want some lifegain, that 3 life will add up fast.

Slave of Bolas i love the flavor, but its not a strong effect, run Insurrection with a sac-outlet down and just go to town.

Spinal Embrace same as slave

Black Sun's Zenith is terrible for you, why, if you just Wrath of God all creatures with +1/+1 counters will come back, zenith gives -1/-1 counters, these remove +1/+1 counters therefore they dont come back, honestly running Crux of Fate or something of the like would be a better option

Now for cards i would try and add

Blood Artist and Falkenrath Noble your goal should be to abuse death and ETB triggers, these are always good for that

Cyclonic Rift staple for all blue EDH decks

Vedalken AEthermage i feel you have enough wizards for this guy to be quite effective as a toolbox card (never play him, ever)

graft creatures (Cytoplast Manipulator,Helium Squirter,Novijen Sages,Vigean Graftmage) you can use graft to give +1/+1 counters to creatures you want to bring back, and use a sac outlet to sac the graft creature and the others, and then sort the triggers so the graft guy comes back first, then re-graft the others. ( you should probably run novigen sages at least, maybe helium too not sure )

Dimir House Guard sac outlet or a tutor for 4CMC, great multi-use card

Victimize sac a creature with a +1/+1 counter and get 2 back, and the sac'd creature at end step

Dark Prophecy you are 3 color, but this should still be worth it.

Viscera Seer so, so good. cheap effective free sac outlet.

Pawn of Ulamog get free mana

Sadistic Hypnotist effective free sac outlet

Rakdos Charm / Izzet Charm these are both incredibly good in EDH

Deathbringer Thoctar with marchesa its pretty much impossible to kill, and could easily get big enough to kill a player, and at the very least infinitely kills 1 health creatures, great against tokens

Falkenrath Aristocrat free virtually unkillable sac outlet

Grimgrin, Corpse-Born free sac outlet, creature destruction, pretty good

Mark of Mutiny this is hilarious

Phyrexian Metamorph / Evil Twin / Dack's Duplicate clone spells are good, these are especially good.

Sakashima the Impostor this is a clone that allows you to clone your own legendaries, double marchesa, grimgrin etc.

Fleshwrither this guy could just keep coming back, and is great for tutoring out 4 drops, its up to you if you think you have enough utility/ key 4 drops to tutor

Sage of Hours and Necrotic Ooze you want these two if you go with grimgrin, think about it for a second.

Sage of Fables i talked about this before, but i thought i should mention, it puts a +1/+1 counter on marchesa, meaning marchesa will revive herself if she is killed.

Preyseizer Dragon and Scourge of the Throne these two should probably be together, preyseizer is ok, but with something like scourge it is really quite strong, and hard to kill

in our meta Agent of Erebos is solid, especially with Fleshwrither

Riptide Laboratory abuse wizards etb, and protect marchesa

abusing a Gray Merchant of Asphodel could fuel an Unspeakable Symbol

Izzet Signet / Dimir Signet / Rakdos Signet a few more rocks and you should be set for the mana base

Power / Toughness 4/1
Color(s) Red Black
Cost 2BR
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.24
Avg. cube pick 12.89


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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