Falkenrath Aristocrat

Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible this turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

army88strong on Vampires

1 day ago

The thing I hate abut vampire decks is that there are so many vampires that it's often difficult to figure out which ones are the best suited for the deck. I have a RB Vampires deck and I include some of the best vampires in my opinion in the deck. I definitely recommend mainboarding a playset of Gatekeeper of Malakir as he is very good. Due to requiring 3 Black, I recommend not using 4 Vampire Nocturnus. I run 1 of him mostly because that's all I have but still, I don't think having 4 of him will benefit you much as there are other staples that you could be using instead. Markov Blademaster is a great card to add because of how powerful it is. Combine it with Rakish Heir and after one attack you have a 5/5 Double Strike that will only get stronger. I recommend getting another Stromkirk Noble for the deck as he is a great card to open a game with and apply pressure early. I don't know how I feel about Kalastria Highborn. She has her uses but I feel like there might be better options out there. Malakir Bloodwitch isn't that good in my opinion because the chances of having enough vampires out to make her relevant is low. Falkenrath Aristocrat has a deck that is tailored to her and this is not that deck. I would take her out. I would also take out Vampire Hexmage as there are a lot better options out there. Bloodline Keeper  Flip is strong as he makes tokens as well as contributes a very hardy boost once he is flipped. I recommend at least one of him in the deck. Anowon, the Ruin Sage is really good as it makes your opponents sacrifice creatures. This lets you get in more with your vampires. Bloodlord of Vaasgoth is a sweet card that can make your vampires really scary when they are cast. Mirri the Cursed and Olivia Voldaren are good but I don't particularly care for them in this deck but that's just me.

Skinkesvin on Vampyr: The Thirst

1 week ago

I remember once making a vampire deck in innstrad with Gather the Townsfolk, Falkenrath Torturer and Falkenrath Aristocrat. Stromkirk Captain and Vault of the Archangel worked like bread and butter ;) if it is just for casual play, i could highly recommend it

VampireArmy on Any cards you wish were ...

1 week ago

I wish Butcher of the Horde had Falkenrath Aristocrats indestructible ability rather than vigilance

JexInfinite on 2015-04-23 update of Munk

1 week ago

Olivia Voldaren is definitely preferable to Falkenrath Aristocrat. Yeah, Aristocrat has haste, but being able to protect Olivia from bolts, even after a Blood Moon is very strong. Her abilities are amazing.

kintighd on what creature do you wish ...

2 weeks ago

I use Falkenrath Aristocrat in modern, she's kind of like butcher of the horde. haha

Baltec on My first deck: Vampires

2 weeks ago

Well most tribal decks play out the same way when used aggressively. This particular deck is just throw out as many threats as possible with the removal clearing the way for your attacks. Something to be wary of is over-extending. Just because you have a creature in hand and the mana to cast it doesn't mean you should. Board wipes usually ruin a tribal decks day. Just play smart and recognize when you need to apply more pressure and when your board state is good enough. This is just stuff you figure out while playing the deck so experience is key here.

As for a sacrifice deck there is already one floating around called aristocrats. You could have stuff such as Butcher of the Horde, Cartel Aristocrat, Falkenrath Aristocrat, and Viscera Seer as sac outlets and things such as Bloodsoaked Champion, Doomed Traveler, Reassembling Skeleton, Bloodghast, and Nether Traitor as sac fodder.

Then throw in some toys that benefit on sacrificing such as Blood Artist, Athreos, God of Passage, Teysa, Orzhov Scion, Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos, etc.

Since this locks you into mardu colors you have good spell support in Terminate, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Helix, Path to Exile, Crackling Doom, Lingering Souls, etc.

I mean, experiment around with things, you'll get it eventually. Just be sure to have fun with it.

JeppeAnd on My first deck: Vampires

2 weeks ago

Yearh, I have thought about it a lot today and you are right, I somewhat just want to smash everything together. As long as there is the word vampire on the card, I automatically think it should be in the deck. And then one card follows a specific strategy and another card follows a different one, and my solution is just to throw even more cards into the mix; and I just makes everything really messy. I want to have an agro styled deck with deathtouch to just smash through everything, I want to have a lifelink deck where I build up to more powerfull creatures, I want a deck were I sacrifice almost everything to really boost up a few creatures. And all of that doesnt really match up in the end.

So, I kind of want three decks it seems. One that focus on vampires all over the place, one that focus on lifelink and one that focuses on sacrifice.

I actually really like the deck you just showed me Baltec. So simple and not stuffed with everything I could possibly find, haha :D Would you mind telling me how to use it? I guess Bloodline Keeper  Flip is the main focus, which I need to protect and get rolling? Or? :D

Ill go back to the drawing board and try to make a sacrificing deck with Falkenrath Aristocrat cause I am really starting to love that card. I actually think the artwork is incredible and maybe even tops Olivia Voldaren. (Sorry Square711, please dont kill me haha :D).

Power / Toughness 4/1
Color(s) Red Black
Cost 2BR
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.24
Avg. cube pick 12.35


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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