Falkenrath Aristocrat

Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible this turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

GlistenerAgent on Robust Harvest

5 days ago

Dismember and Slaughter Pact are very strong. Four Remand is mandatory. More Electrolyze will be solid. Cryptic Command is, believe it or not, not that necessary.

I'd go +1-2 Dismember , + 1-2 Slaughter Pact , +2 Remand , + 1-2 Electrolyze , -1 Civilized Scholar  Flip , -2 Falkenrath Aristocrat ], -2 Surgical Extraction , - 0-1 Terminate , - 0-1 Cryptic Command , -1 Go for the Throat .

MindAblaze! on Keranos in Delver?

6 days ago

Hi Everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!)

So I've got this deck. It's essentially a Grixis Delver deck. The thing is, I want it to more effectively lock down my opponent with removal and discard while I develop a board presence. The downside of this strategy is I've found it to be a little slower, and can often run out of steam. As a result I experimented with Falkenrath Aristocrat and a human subtheme, since I like Xathrid Necromancer and Young Pyromancer is a delver staple. I even tested Civilized Scholar  Flip for some looting and a 5/1 beater when it's relevant.

My question...would Keranos, God of Storms be a decent addition? I know it sees some Modern play, but I'm wondering if it makes sense or am I just crazy. I don't like running out of steam, and him throwing Lightning Bolt s and drawing me cards is awesome.

Anyway, the deck is

Robust Harvest Playtest

Modern* MindAblaze!

SCORE: 28 | 19 COMMENTS | 4631 VIEWS

dpac on Mardu Midrange

1 week ago

Thanks williamstrahan, I will try to cut one of those 4 drops. Maybe Falkenrath Aristocrat or Hero of Bladehold .

tyforthevenom on The Monster Mash and Graveyard Smash

1 week ago

Also Falkenrath Aristocrat loses value from none of your guys being human

VampireArmy on My Totally Lopsided Trades This ...

1 week ago

My rebuttal senses were driving me mad....this is what working as a telemarketer does to you.

On another note, did you fukin call Falkenrath Aristocrat bulk rare???

DarkHero on My Totally Lopsided Trades This ...

1 week ago

So I met a new playgroup recently, and a few other kids came to join us, sort of out of the blue. My being the trade whore that I am, I was like hey what you got thats good. Namely I got a FOIL Archangel of Thune , that unfortunately had seen better days because it was being played unsleeved, for Corpsejack Menace , 2 Ordeal of Heliod , and 2 Imposing Soverign. Which was an absolute steal.

And today I traded some bulk, Falkenrath Aristocrat and Phenax, God of Deseption for FOIL Dictate of Erebos , regular Dictate of Erebos , Anger of the Gods , Drown in Sorrow , the Minotaur Captain, and Searing Blood .

On a lighter note, I traded with someone I actually like for 2 Temple of Enlightenment , FOIL Drown in Sorrow , 2 Bile Blight . All for some stuff that added up to about equal value, at least considering I gave this person a stack of cards for free the week before. New Player.

Tayfed37 on Borzhov midrange,

2 weeks ago

I like your set-up, we have similar builds but I feel I'm focusing more on tokens as sac-effects based off of Butcher and Falkenrath Aristocrat . along with Kitchen Finks over your Tidehollow ensemble. Do you feel that the one mana difference between lightning bolt and Lightning Helix is subtantial? Also with the spot removal suite, how does your deck fair against the early game? And (as i fear I have a similar issue) How does it do against aggro? As the lack of early board presence for our decks makes me fear against that battle, even though I've yet to decktest it. Also, what kind of sideboard do you have in mind? I tweaked mine from last you saw it to go against match ups I figured I'd be weak against.

Darkmaster7987 on Vampire Savagery

2 weeks ago


I found that running 4 Kalastria was slowing the deck down.

Running Cartel Aristocrat, tho a great idea, would require splashing white, Bloodthrone Vampire feels weak for a 2 drop as it requires sacks and Kalastria/ Blood artist to make deadly making it slower then I'm intending. Same goes for Viscera Seer (tho he was in the original build). Vampire aristocrat is a good suggestion.

I am trying to keep the deck focused on aggro, the drain life tends to show up as a late game finisher.

I am working a build splashing Red for Falkenrath Aristocrat / Olivia Voldaren .

Thanks for the input. :)

TCGPlayer.com Price

Low Avg High Foil
$1.63 $2.68 $13.4 $12.98

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
5.2 TIX 16.0 TIX
Power / Toughness 4/1
Color(s) Red Black
Cost 2BR
Converted cost 4
Avg. draft pick 1.24
Avg. cube pick 12.89


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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