Falkenrath Aristocrat


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible until end of turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

godzilla080 on New Midrange Grixis Punch

13 hours ago

I'm not sure where it would fit because I see the synergy between Falkenrath Aristocrat and Young Pyromancer but it is still a hard sell for me to pass up Stormchaser Mage. I mean you would play him in the same way you would Young Pyromancer (on turn 3 with protection up) but I almost feel you'll get more value out of him than Young Pyromancer or Krenko's Command. I guess my suggestion would be that I would cut Pyromancer and Krenko's put in Stormchaser and Inquisition of Kozilek.

landofMordor on Blood-Braided Beatdown (Primer)

3 weeks ago

UnleashedHavoc, Human sacrifice tribal is probably possible in Jund colors, though I expect it'd be weaker without W. Deranged Outcast, Obsessive Skinner, Tooth Collector, Skirsdag Flayer, Falkenrath Aristocrat, off the top of my head. Anything Skirsdag, really. And there are probably plenty of human warriors, too. You could add to that by putting in demons like Ravenous Demon  Flip, I think. Does that sound like a direction you're leaning? It's less of a go-wide, and more of a "buff up individual creatures really really big". Which is still valid, for sure.

BlackjackHD on Copter Mardu Midrange

1 month ago

I've been playing Mardu in modern since before it was a thing which it apparently is now. My deck takes on a substantially different strategy than yours, but we Mardu guys need to stick together, and with that in mind I have some suggestions.

First up, lands. 6 man lands is excessive. You're going to have lands enter tapped far too often. I recommend dropping Needle Spires and one or two Shambling Vent for some more fetch lands. Modern Masters 17 just reprinted Arid Mesa and Marsh Flats, so their prices aren't as ridiculous as when I had to get them.

Like my deck, you use your life total as a resource to generate advantage through Bob and Thoughtseize and recuperate with lifegain, so I vibe with that. Sorin, Solemn Visitor seems like a great fit for your strategy, so I'd consider bumping him up to 2. Liliana of the Veil continues to be the ultimate control planeswalker in Modern and should definitely be a 4-of.

Veteran Motorist seems really lackluster. Pumping your looter scooters is great, but he's completely useless otherwise. The best part about Copter is its undercosted crew ability, and Motorist is overqualified. The earlier mention of Bitterblossom may be worth considering.

Fatal Push needs to be in your deck in some capacity. I've been running 2 main 1 sideboard. You could drop a Path to Exile for one. The card is way too good to not use.

Lastly, the sideboard. Ajani Vengeant was my first "core" planeswalker in my deck and I became wholesomely dissatisfied with him. I can't imagine a matchup in which you board him in. Sorin gains you more life and Lily controls better. Crumble to Dust is good, but slow. Consider Fulminator Mage, as he can also crew copters. Hide/Seek is weird, just use Wear / Tear. Liliana, the Last Hope seems okay, but not great. I think Soulfire Grand Master is a mainboard card or not at all present. Tormod's Crypt should be either Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace or Nihil Spellbomb. RiP is risky with Lingering Souls, but it gets the job done, and against decks like Dredge, the disruption is strong enough to slow your own development down and still win handily. I also absolutely recommend two copies of Slaughter Games to help deal with combo decks. Dreadbore and Falkenrath Aristocrat can probably go.

LTmiller on Modern Master 2017 Spoilers/ Speculation

1 month ago

Extractor Demon and Falkenrath Aristocrat reprinted at rare.

Link for Past in flames - http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/past-in-flames-2/ (the coding isn't working here... /:

Happymaster19 on What a Horrible Night to Have a Curse

2 months ago

I feel like Gifted Aetherborn does enough against aggro decks. Flying is helpful but you probably want speed more.

Fatal Push is the bee's knees especially if you have a couple reliable sac outlets like Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Falkenrath Aristocrat, or Viscera Seer.

LordSnow on - Modern Aristocrats -

2 months ago

@artemesis The 3 ghost quarters is definitely a bold move, but I was running across a lot of Inkmoth Nexus' at the time and it worked really well. By no means would I call the mana "very bad." But you could definitely cut a Ghost Quarter if you aren't comfortable with it, but I really have not had problems with getting the right colors of land.

@Wel5 Thanks! I really appreciate it. This deck is insanely fun. Bob gives some crazy card advantage in this deck. He is usually public enemy #1. And as for cutting to fit it Grave Pact it really depends on what you are playing against. I first try to remove irrelevant removal spells. If there are none, I usually remove Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip as she can be a bit slower, especially for a lot of the creature decks that you may be using Grave Pact against. Bloodsoaked Champion is something I remove a lot, because he is not a lot of help against creature decks, since he cant block. Or sometimes Falkenrath Aristocrat if I want to get rid of a different 4 drop. Mogg War Marshal is one I often take out is it is not always the most efficient.

Similar thought process for Wear / Tear. Irrelevant removal first, then look to cards less efficient for the specific match up like Champion, Lili, or one of the Aristocrats.

@Titilanious Thanks a lot, I appreciate it! I am in the same boat. Got into it at the same time. Act 1,2, and 3. I wanted something that felt similar but worked in Modern. Glad I finally got to a spot that is playable and this much fun!

TheDuggernaught on

2 months ago

Okay, I guess the next place to start is by going over the various archetypes for vampires in modern. They are a pretty flexible tribe, so there are lots of directions you can take them. Aggro, midrange, control, and even combo-esque strategies are pretty viable avenues to explore.All the lists are pretty much comprised of the following creatures depending on which direction you want to go: Bloodghast, Vampire Nocturnus, Stromkirk Captain, Stromkirk Noble, Captivating Vampire, Shadow Alley Denizen, Pulse Tracker, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn (AKA Vampire Nightwalk), Vampire Lacerator, Vampire Cutthroat, Stromkirk Condemned, Olivia, Mobilized for War, Olivia Voldaren, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Insolent Neonate, Falkenrath Aristocrat, Indulgent Aristocrat, Falkenrath Gorger, Drana, Liberator of Malakir, Bloodthrone Vampire, Blood Artist, Viscera Seer, Blood Seeker, Asylum Visitor, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and Gatekeeper of Malakir.

Aggro lists generally stay super low to the ground in regards to CMC and include a lot of lords. Given the low CMC. Aether Vial also starts to become very good -- especially since all the lords tend to hang at 3 CMC.

There are multiple routes to midrange. One route is to to try and abuse the madness effect to turn Liliana of the Veil's +1 into a 1 sided effect.

The other is slightly more combo-y. Aristocrats is an interesting archetype that abuses the recursiveness of Bloodghast, the life-loss triggers from Blood Artist, and the instant speed sacrifice effects of Viscera Seer, Bloodthrone Vampire, Falkenrath Aristocrat and Indulgent Aristocrat. I also personally like Reassembling Skeleton, Gravecrawler, Doomed Traveler, and or Bloodsoaked Champion in the list to further be able to abuse the Blood Artist triggers with more sacrifice fodder. White also gives access to things like Rally the Ancestors -- which can be a brutal play to ping for a lot of dmg with Blood Artist triggers.

There is also more traditional midrange which just aims to play threats that if left unanswered -- typically win you the game. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, and Olivia Voldaren are all very dangerous cards for your opponent to leave in play, and Gatekeeper of Malakir can be a huge pain given his ability to not only provide a decent body, but also take down an opponent's creature with his kicker cost. Vampire Nighthawk and Gifted Aetherborn are also good for similar reasons. they trade profitably wirh almost any creature and have the benefit of giving you back some life.

There are 3 routes for combo that you can also go -- the first involves Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Intruder Alarm. The second route is Sanguine Bond + Exquisite Blood + vampire's ability to easily ping for 1 somehow to trigger the combo. The third is Mindcrank or Duskmantle Guildmage + Bloodchief Ascension.

Control would likely play vampires that double as control (Gatekeeper of Malakir, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn), lots of kill spells and discard, and some planeswalkers.

I can definitely help you refine a list once you have a basic archetype in mind. Right now you seem to be in between aggro and midrange. Which is perfectly fine. You can mix and match a little bit. Devotion, as another user suggested, is also viable -- however vampires do not really have a ton of super good ways to use oodles of mana.

Firebones675 on MizzMizz

2 months ago

Forgot about that intro deck. Reminds me A LOT of the aristocrats deck (both the version from earlier this year and the original from the original inistrad/return to ravnica standard. The deck got its name from Cartel Aristocrat and Falkenrath Aristocrat). I'd suggest looking at some of those decks if you're curious where the inspiration came from.

I found - Modern Aristocrats - (not my deck) which looks like a port of the original to a modern setting and has a lot of the things you would want in your deck.

Do I think that cutting the manabarbs will make the deck stronger? Yes. Do I think it will be as fun to play without them? That's something you'll have to answer yourself.

Westvale abby seems fine provided you can reliably get a bunch of creatures.

If you like the zula ports i'd check out Blood Artist, the two cards are extremely similar in what they can do.

abomination is an interesting one. It provides you a steady stream of cards which I think your deck wants unless you want to go super all in on aggression (which i would recomend against). If you decided to cut it, i'd make sure you have some form of card advantage to replace it.

As for Wescoe's deck (the black white one?), keep in mind its for a standard that is not the current one. Any cards legal in his deck are available in modern but by being in modern you have a much larger pool of cards to work with than he does. Seems decent though.

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