Falkenrath Aristocrat


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Mythic Rare

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Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible this turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

Busse on Intimidating Vampires (SOI Update)

5 days ago

Alright, for starters your deck should have at least a hint of a description, so we can decipher what's this deck about, it's strategies and whatnot. Very advisable to have that.

Now, card-wise comments: Falkenrath Aristocrat is not very useful here as you don't have humans and the indestructible ability it grants doesn't seem that powerful in this strategy.
Consider Read the Bones or Sign in Blood (my favourite) to get enough fuel during the matches.
I'd throw in some Victim of Nights to help control the board and Fervor or the like would help exploit Shadow Alley Denizen by accelerating the drop-attack process.
Madcap Skills should be 3x of, to ensure consistency among the matches. Also consider Predator's Gambit if you lower the amount of creature cards.

That's all I have at the moment. Cheers!!

Mitrian on Krenko's Blood Rally

1 month ago

Thank you for the great suggestions... I'm actually looking at molding this a bit more towards a goblin build based on those ideas.

The instant speed Terminate would be an upgrade to Dreadbore, and both bushwhackers you suggested also could have promise here. Will think on those.

Not a big fan of Zulaport Cutthroat simply because it only affects my creatures, however without running any main board wipes, that isn't a huge drawback. If I decide I need more than 4 of the Blood Artist effect, I will definitely consider this guy.

I had initially planned to remove Krenko, and try to focus more on the Vampire theme, however now I'm thinking to try and leverage him more, replacing the Thatcher Revolt, and possibly the Olivia Voldarens and Falkenrath Aristocrats with more goblin token generators.

Thank you for the feedback and the +1's. Will continue to tweak this!

Voxzorz on You Can Sacrifice Dead Stuff?

2 months ago

1-of Vault of the Archangel?

Sweet deck! Falkenrath Aristocrat is one of my favourite cards I have never seen work, this looks like a legit list though.

TheBoraxKid on Vampiric Rapehouse

2 months ago

@YamishiTheWickedOne: Sorry for the delayed reply, I have been away from my computer for a bit. I will try to address each thing that was brought up in the order they are presented.

I believe I could probably afford to drop some basics here, but as for adding more fetches I am a little on the fence. In unison with Thoughtseize, Dark Confidant, and all the fetches and shocks I already run it could make for more life-loss than necessary for a minuscule amount of benefit.. On the other hand, I have recently bumped my Vampire Nighthawk count up to a playset, along with the addition of Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, it might just offset said life-loss and make it worth it so I can hit those Bloodghast triggers every time. It is definitely something I will be considering. With the recent unbanning of Ancestral Vision, and the nerfing of some combo pieces, I think Blue is going to be coming back to Modern very shortly and already has in the form of some Control decks, so I think I could greatly benefit from a copy or 2 of Cavern of Souls. As for Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, I am always sketched out about using it as it helps perfect my opponent's mana in many situations..Not to mention I don't run any basic Mountains, so all of my lands already produce Black/and/or Red. All that paired with the fact I don't have any Swampwalkers means I might need a little convincing on that inclusion.

As far as Viscera Seer goes, I have had this battle in my mind over and over again and I always go back and forth, but actually, your comment on turn one hand disruption kind of helped me make up my mind oddly enough. Analyzing Viscera Seer, Thoughtseize, and Inquisition of Kozilek all, I really started thinking to myself which one I would rather see turn one in this particular build.. which one would help me deal with the things this deck wouldn't otherwise be able to deal with, and I think hand disruption is the best tool I have on turn 1.I love the idea of Viscera Seer and he has been in my deck before, but really looking at him from a competitive standpoint I feel like I have to sacrifice a bit of flavor and synergy and go with the undeniable power of the seemingly obligatory Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize

Flavorwise, Viscera Seer is one of my all time favorite vampires and he even finds his way into some fringe combo decks if I'm not mistaken. I feel as though his place is better utilized in kind of a creaturefuck vampire deck that can get tons of triggers off of Blood Artist or in unison with Falkenrath Aristocrat in an Aristocrats Vampire deck.

In regards to Stromkirk Noble, I have come to kind of the same conclusion for him except I feel his place is in a more aggro build where he can get the ball rolling quick with some damage and benefit from multiple different Captains. I fear in my deck with only 3 Stromkirk Captains he would be a dreadful top deck in the mid to late game whereas a well timed Inquisition of Kozilek can pluck a bit of removal from my opponent's hand at any point in the game.

Not underselling either as a standalone card, just went rounds with both of them at certain points and never felt that they fit the bill in this build.

As for Blood Moon as a Sideboard card I couldn't agree more. I think it's an excellent tool against not only Tron, but against some decks with greedy land bases. I am considering adding another to the SB in lieu of Crumble to Dust.

What are you thoughts on all of this?

@Xica:I am inclined to agree with Yamishi in regards to Shadow Alley Denizen. With Jund and Affinity and a slough of other BlackX decks running amok in Modern, SAD Vamp's ability falls short, and her 1/1 stats aren't enough to merit a slot. I would almost always in all situations rather run Viscera Seer, Stromkirk Noble, or Vampire Lacerator.

I mean no disrespect or to undermine your opinion, it is just my honest thoughts on the matter.

@cplvela0811: I have previously addressed my thoughts on Shadow Alley Denizen in my comment to Xica, and I honestly can't merit adding a card over some other 1 drop contenders. :/

I can see where you are coming from with Bad Moon, and in theory with Dark Confidant on the board it would make sense. However, in practice, anthem effects with no bodies tacked onto them fall short (barring Intangible Virtue in a token deck of course)That is because every single mana spent in Modern has to really make an impact and do something on its' own.2 mana invested on an anthem that by itself does nothing, in my opinion, is a waste. I would rather spend 1B on a Dark Confidant and incur some card advantage and a 2/1 body, or spend BB and get a recurring annoyance with a 2/1 body in Bloodghast.

And for 1BR I could get an anthem effect that effects all but my Dark Confidants AND gives them First Strike.

I hope that explains my thought process on Bad Moon.

As always, thank all of you for your input and advice. It never falls on deaf ears and I always digest it as food for thought whether or not I take immediate action and change my deck around because of suggestions.Additionally, I would like to thank any and all of you for the +1s! Very nice of ya'll :)

Xica on Redesigned Vampire Midrange (for modern)

2 months ago

(I am not asking which decks can win with the perfect first 8 cards before turn 3, like 8x bolts... as reality doesn't give you the perfect draw and topdeck)
Coming up with things like "modern decks win on turn 3" is what makes me angry and be offensive, where do you get information like this? Name it!
Either you are misguided, or you are just trying to anger me with this level of idiocy.

I could ditch Springleaf Drums, but i couldn't put 4 spells in their place, i would need to add some lands (if i don't want to be mana screwed that is). So at best i would gain 2 slots, however i would access mana slower, and i depend on early mana. It enables plays like turn 4 transformed Bloodline Keeper  Flip, enables extorting from spells and creatures, enables casting 2x 3cmc spells on t5. It has a lot of upsides, and 2 targeted discard can't really make up for the lose of them.
I am sceptical about Urge to Feed, while it surely kills, it doesn't do anything to creatures with toughness greater than 3 (which is a thing in modern when it comes to win conditions). Its ability to add +1/+1 counters to vampires can only be employed to win more, otherwise (since its a sorcery) i will lose blockers for having +1/+1 counters.

No Bloodline Keeper  Flip doesn't die to things you mentioned, it can to Lightning Bolt and will to Path to Exile, but not to:
- Abrupt Decay - since he costs
- Engineered Explosives in theory could kill it, but that requires paying 4 different colored mana into it (also 4 color decks are not the norm in modern).
- Ratchet Bomb just takes an unrealistic amount of time to kill, without some way to put extra counters on it.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is not a tribal lord. Its a creature with a inbuilt Blade of the Bloodchief. As such he doesn't depend on other tribal creatures - nor does it gain extra value from them.
Speaking of risky investments Olivia Voldaren should be called the mana dump of the century. When she is casted she dies to bolt, one turn later she doesn't, but still dies to every other creature removal.
She is very good for clearing the board from X/1 creatures, but terrible for anything else, God forbid stealing creatures. Yes you can steal a creature with her for a whopping SEVEN mana, but sadly as she dies those creatures will fall back to their owners hands. Also she is legendary meaning 3 or less copies.
I can get behind the idea of Vampire Nocturnus it has a really nice synergy with both Blood Artist & Vampire Nighthawk. Its has the same power level as Bloodline Keeper  Flip. But i fancy the latter one.
Both have their benefits. But the latter is widely regarded as the "casual" card. We could debate which is better, but other things 1st.
(As a side note, trying to bolt Bloodline Keeper  Flip is stupid, just like casting it before you can transform it)

Why would any sane person try to play Falkenrath Aristocrat in a vampire TRIBAL deck (not an aristocrat deck with some vamppire creatures)? It needs humans to be played to its fullest potential, and benefits greatly from creatures that can be sacced to it multiple (or infinite) times.
Please tell me why is this card any good for vampire tribal decks.

Is instant speed better than gaining 4 life? (Feast of Blood vs. Terminate)
Modern isn't exactly full of regenerating creatures.
While this deck has 21-24 vampire (+2 mutavault) in it (3 of which need to be exiled, or killed twice).

Xica on Redesigned Vampire Midrange (for modern)

2 months ago

I absoultely agree that its the best vampire in modern, so i run 4 Gatekeeper of Malakir in the 75. (Just like 2 extra lords)

Could you give me a link to golgari colored vampire deck you mentioned?

A third colour also helps casting things like Engineered Explosives & Painful Truths more effective -yes its a splesh color, i would be happy to switch for other given enough reason, and a cheap 2 cmc vampire that has something extra going for it in place of Tithe Drinker.
If i were to go down the aristocrat path, with Falkenrath Aristocrat included, i would definetly play Bloodsoaked Champion, maybe even over Bloodghast

When playing against deck with a LOT of 1 cmc spells please consider Chalice of the Void - which blanks 21 card in the tremors deck, and i don't know why against golems anyone wouldn't try to cast Engineered Explosives for 0. Please consider sideboard.
Also i have 3 spells in the deck with cmc 4 (and 1 in the sideboard). Everything else costs 3 or less.
...if i want to be a dick, i could ask "were you playtesting this deck?"

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