Falkenrath Aristocrat

Falkenrath Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire

Flying, haste

Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Aristocrat is indestructible this turn. If the sacrificed creature was a Human, put a +1/+1 counter on Falkenrath Aristocrat.

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Falkenrath Aristocrat Discussion

Chicken_Monk_32 on Modern Aristocrats Primer

1 week ago

It is worth considering switching out Falkenrath Aristocrat for Butcher of the Horde due to butcher's versatility and the fact that it dodges most of the formats removal, even without the indestructible.

TheBoraxKid on Mardu Aristocrats

1 week ago

I think that Blood Artist in replacement of maybe Cartel Aristocrat? I think it would help you gain back some life that is lost with fetches, shocks, Thoughtseize and Dark Confidant.I would also highly recommend Viscera Seer to help adjust the top of your library so late game you can get a better shot at getting your Falkenrath Aristocrats and Butcher of the Hordes. He will also allow you to dig for removal, or adjust what is on the top of your library so your Dark Confidant doesn't hurt you too bad.

The_Marcus on 2015-08-11 update of All Hell ...

3 weeks ago

Next upgrade, I would like to replace both Demonlord of Ashmouth for two Falkenrath Aristocrat

The_Marcus on All Hell Breaks Loose!!!

3 weeks ago

Metroid_Hybrid Thanks for a vote, mate. Your deck seems interesting.;-) Do you think that Falkenrath Aristocrat would be good instead of Demonlord? Only human I have in the deck is Ash Zealot.

square711 on rally-the-ancestors in Modern?

4 weeks ago

Rally the Ancestors works better than Return to the Ranks if your deck is full of one-drops and has a wincon that doesn't care about the exile clause (Falkenrath Aristocrat, Impact Tremors, hell even Mortician Beetle or Champion of the Parish if you build correctly), because you can sacrifice all your weenies, Rally them back for , them sac them all again. The thing is, if you need those creatures for anything other than ETB effects or extra sac fodder, it puts you in a bad spot. If it said "exile those creatures at end of turn" instead of "at your next upkeep", then it'd be incredible. As it is... hardly Modern viable.

sleeper_agent007 on 2015-08-11 update of Vampiric Rapehouse

4 weeks ago

This looks absolutely great! +1

I was wondering, how is Stromkirk Captain working out for you? I've been considering running it in mine but I'm afraid that he might be too slow. I'm also surprised to see that you're not running more copies of Falkenrath Aristocrat. They have been absolutely stellar in my version and close out the game nicely.

Would you mind checking out my list if you get the chance? It could be found here: Budget Modern: Fangin' and Bangin'. I'm on a budget so your deck is obviously much more tuned but I would appreciate some pointers based on your experience.

MementoMuffin on Pauper Aristocrats

1 month ago

Thanks! All the cards mentioned are most definitely worth considering and I need to do some testing to figure out what's optimal.

The main thing I like about Altar's Reap is that it's an instant, but the deck may not have enough instant-speed effects that leaving up mana is relevant, so it's entirely possible Sign in Blood is slightly better in most situations.

Phyrexian Rager and Nantuko Husk certainly seem like a near auto-include if there's find room for them, and I'm still trying to decide if Thermopod is actually worth a slot or if it's just me trying too hard to emulate Butcher of the Horde and Falkenrath Aristocrat.

Appreciate the input!

PrgGLaDOS on 2015-08-09 update of Reindeer Games

1 month ago

Awesome deck. A few suggestions you may have already thought of: Bloodsoaked Champion is pretty strong as a card that works pretty as a few additional copies of Bloodghast. Additionally Dark Deal seems pretty strong as both a source of card cycling, and hurting your opponents strategy if you can use it when they want their hand. If you went a little farther mid-range, Falkenrath Aristocrat is a pretty strong sac outlet that could serve the same purpose as Viscera Seer, albeit at much higher mana cost, but it synergizes very well with recurring creatures.

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