Coat of Arms


Each creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield that shares at least one creature type with it. (For example, if two Goblin Warriors and a Goblin Shaman are on the battlefield, each gets +2/+2.)

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Coat of Arms Discussion

MoonTurtle7 on Bought some cards on craigslist

13 hours ago

Well Helix Pinnacle is a good piece to a Kruphix, God of Horizons deck, along with Bloom Tender I mean you have Harmonize, Kodama's Reach and Rampaging Baloths which is nice. Kruphix can ramp to the Darksteel Colossus. Outside of that, the cards here are pretty mix and match. I have seen the urza lands used in commander decks, but they're pretty hit and miss.

You have some goblins, but none of real note in commander outside of Goblin War Strike. Maybe Coat of Arms, But that one can backfire if your opponent is running tribal as well.

You have some decent artifact support with Darksteel Forge Etherium Sculptor Seat of the Synod Darksteel Citadel and the Myr stuff you got, Orbs of Warding is deceptively useful (depending on Meta). Mindslaver can be fun. I mean it's not a whole lot to work with... but I mean I'm just pointing this out to help at this point.

Expedition Map and Wayfarer's Bauble are useful to the decks that don't have any green and need some ramp/mana-fixing.

That bloom tender can kinda go anywhere where green and mana are needed. So don't stress too much at finding a place for it.

All and all you have a pretty broad selection, I suppose the better question is, What kind of deck do YOU want? it's truly irrelevant what we suggest if the decks you can make are no fun to you. If something here fits in it, you're all the better for it, and save money. I might suggest making a post giving yourself a $400 or so budget, explaining what you like in terms of gameplay. Then the TappeDOut community can truly point you in a good direction. It worked for me in the past, now my Thada Adel, Acquisitor deck is by-far my favorite, and I have these insightful people to thank for it.

DRmagic2017 on Elven Swarm

18 hours ago

If you play tribal deck you need something to boost your creatures. Some ideas: Adaptive Automaton,Metallic Mimic, Coat of Arms, Obelisk of Urd. Ezuri, Renegade Leader can regenerate and boost your Elves.
If you want to swarm the table with tokens you should think about Dwynen's Elite + Parallel Lives + Second Harvest.
Good luck!

junum on Elfball: Balls Out for Ezuri

1 day ago

Honestly part of me thinks i removed the combos because they don't bring me as much satisfaction to win with lol, but i would say from my experience i can create enough mana without them. Although obviously going infinite is strong, the biggest struggle the deck has experienced is being consistent in hitting a big mana dork, and thus i made the shift to include so many creature tutors. i do like the idea of Sylvan Offering, especially in combination with Priest of Titania, but i am hesitant because of the ramifications is can have for them to get so many tokens if i am already ahead. realistically, the Coat of Arms and Eldrazi Monument have been beneficial, especially against direct damage or board wipes in the monument's case. mass removal will almost always be an effective counter to a deck like this, and the indestructible is convenient for that, along with the flying to work as evasion for a lethal swing if my forestwalk isn't quite good enough. the coat is typically like a equal price ezuri pump, but can be far more powerful depending on my population. i think that addresses all the questions you asked, but if i missed on feel free to ask again lol, and thank you for your critique and advice, your deck is very synergistic and seems to work very efficiently

Zero2001 on Is it a bird or a airplane? It's a bird army!

1 day ago

Nice deck! But no Adaptive Automaton, Coat of Arms, or Metallic Mimics? They're great tribal cards.

Osbert on Token for Your Thoughts?

1 day ago

No problem. A general strategy for Commander is you want cards that give you longevity in a game, like playing a card like Phyrexian Arena instead of a standard draw spell like Read the Bones. Arena generates you more value after your 3rd upkeep and onward. The faster your meta, the more you will probably gravitate to instant reward cards which allow for a more responsive game. While I'm thinking about it, there are a few more cards that are really good for going wide; Avenger of Zendikar, Hornet Queen, Coat of Arms, and Overwhelming Stampede tend to make token decks a lot stronger. Also I'm surprised you aren't running haste enablers like Fervor and Fires of Yavimaya, or Odric, Lunarch Marshal to clone saskia's vigilance and haste to your board.

Captain_Ducky on trees

2 days ago

You may want to add Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies along with Sylvan Offering

KingMathoro on The End of Us All

2 days ago

First of all thanks DarkestLight9 for commenting.

Second of all I have been aware of this problem from the getgo. However I just don't run into it that much in my meta. Although maybe I'll try and prepare better for it just in case. I already run Sinew Sliver and Predatory Sliver and Sliver Legion but maybe I'll consider adding the Coat of Arms and Megantic Sliver. Again thanks for commenting.

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