Coat of Arms


Each creature gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield that shares at least one creature type with it. (For example, if two Goblin Warriors and a Goblin Shaman are on the battlefield, each gets +2/+2.)

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Coat of Arms Discussion

Saljen on Slivers, because I've always wanted to

1 day ago

Cryptolith Rite is a pretty solid way to shore up your mana, basically copy 3 of Manaweft Sliver/Gemhide Sliver.

In the same vein, Mirari's Wake really helps to ramp up, both your mana base and your creatures.

Herald's Horn lowers the cost of your Slivers and provides repeatable draw. Very useful.

Phyrexian Reclamation is a repeatable way to return cards from your graveyard.

Shared Animosity doesn't affect your opponents creatures, like Coat of Arms does.

Spirit of Resistance works great with 5c commanders. In particular, it's an amazing combo with Sliver Hivelord.

Paradox Engine gives you essentially an unlimited combo with Sliver Overlord, letting you put all of the Slivers in your entire library into play if you've got Manaweft Sliver/Gemhide Sliver/Cryptolith Rite in play. Even if you don't have the combo pieces in play, it can provide a ton of value.

Distant Melody and Wheel of Fortune are such good draw cards that they're hard to pass up.

I too play a Sliver EDH deck, so these are some suggestions that I've learned from experience can be rather powerful.

MegazoidDestroyerOfWorlds on Elf Tribal

4 days ago

Yeah the cobbled wings are a sideboard card for sure, if that even. I have stuff in my cart on starcity, just waiting to get paid. thanks for the suggestions. def gonna put in Elvish Archdruid and add in some Elvish Promenade also still constructing the sideboard. I also would like to add in Coat of Arms but i really like the draw aspect of the Vanquisher's Banner.

teceramtg on Merfolk Zegana

4 days ago

I appreciate your suggestions. Coat of Arms is in the list. You must've just missed it. I'm not sold on Coralhelm Commander. The input required to get him to lord status is substantial. Flying is appreciated, but plenty of islandwalk in the list makes it underwhelming. Cryptoplasm is interesting, as not getting a lord ability or the like right when you play him is a sure miss, but it's also very versatile. I could see an argument for it. Clever Impersonator is awesome; must've just forgot. And Adaptive Automaton would just be the weakest lord in a deck very saturated with them, but I'm starting to think it would be better than Metallic Mimic, which is terrible late game.

Those are my thoughts regarding your suggestions. Do you have any recommendations for cuts?

ellie-is on Better bring bugspray for this one

5 days ago

I think Door of Destinies is a bit slow most of the time, but it seems to work on this deck! I'd definitely not run Coat of Arms, though. It's just way too good for your opponent most of the time.

One thing that might be nice, given how much the deck likes having forests in play, would be maybe switching out Llanowar Elves for something along the lines of Elvish Pioneer or Skyshroud Ranger? Though you'd probably need to run more lands to get the most out of them, since they're useless if you don't already have a land in hand. But they're nice in that you still have the extra mana even if they get removed, on top of helping out with Scute Mob and Beacon of Creation.

AlistarFiend on Elven Magic

6 days ago

DrkNinja, I added Staff of Domination and Paradox Engine to the deck. I removed Coat of Arms and Creeping Renaissance. Thank you for your help and persistence.

Hjaltrohir on Locust god edh

1 week ago

This is looking super good! A few suggestions:

Rekram on Better bring bugspray for this one

1 week ago

magicsheep thanks! Metallic Mimic would be a nice Addition and Coat of Arms for sure aswell but my Problem with Coat of Arms is that it buffes everyones creatures and in my opinion Door of Destinies and Eldrazi Monument are better options. What would you switch for metallic mimic?

magicsheep on Better bring bugspray for this one

1 week ago

Metallic Mimic and Coat of Arms are good tribal cards that would make fun interactions.
Great deck Rekram! Definitely worth +1 upvote

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