Kor Haven


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Nemesis Rare

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Kor Haven

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by target attacking creature this turn.

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Kor Haven Discussion

Sweepea38 on Selvala's got an impressive toolkit...

6 hours ago

Thanks for the comment and suggestions PookandPie, and I love some of your suggestions! I will disagree with you on a few things however. I'm running Cultivator's Caravan not just for a rock but for a target for Momentous Fall, and Birthing Pod. It's great since it survives lots of sorcery speed removal/boardwipes, and it generally doesn't draw too much aggro being played out on turn 3. Targeted removal is great but the meta I play is much more multiplayer focused, so I'm not stacking tons of targeted removal for the specific reason that it doesn't help me much in politics. This is still a casual deck but I also want it to be strong enough to hold its own. Birds of Paradise does so little for me both in the early game and the late game since in 4+ players games usually noone dares to draw blood early enough to make quick ramp creatures such as Birds of Paradise a better card.

Although yes I do need a Maze of Ith and Kor Haven. I forgot about Kor Haven so thank you for the reminder! And yes I also fully agree that Farhaven Elf is nearly a straight upgrade to Pilgrim's Eye. Minus the flying of course. I also recognize how good of an idea Grand Abolisher, and Heliod, God of the Sun but I'm a bit low on cash at the moment. And I have to hope my small LGS carries them since I'd rather not order anymore cards.

I also want to put Wilt-Leaf Liege but I can't find an appropriate spot for her in the deck.

PookandPie on Selvala's got an impressive toolkit...

8 hours ago

Grand Abolisher is an excellent type of good stuff creature. It's Dragonlord Dramoka except it comes down way earlier, which is worth a slot if you have a lot of control decks/blue in your meta. I'd drop Qasali Ambusher for Abolisher as Ambusher is really just a 2/3 blocker with a brief, "Surprise" factor that is almost immediately going to be overshadowed by threats on turns 4-6 (that Ambusher isn't anything in the face of a Ghave, Guru of Spores, Meren with sac support, Mazirek with a sac outlet, etc., so even if it surprise blocks one thing, you would have been better off running removal to get rid of the threat anyway).

Cultivator's Caravan seems mediocre. A Birds of Paradise does its job better as it comes out t1 and enables t2 Selvala, while Caravan has a higher cost because, if crewed, it has a bigger body. A 5/5 body doesn't really go that far in Commander since it's a 40 life format, though, so I'd say drop it for Birds to shore up your early turns.

Pilgrim's Eye just seems worse than using Farhaven Elf. Putting the land directly into play to ramp you seems better than being able to chump the occasional flying creature. If you can't tell, I think that chumping flying creatures is kind of weak when you could the creature, lol.

If you're running Tolismir Wolfblood, I see little reason to avoid Wilt-Leaf Liege.

Brave the Sands seems like a mediocre use of a card slot. Heliod, God of the Sun gives vigilance, a body, indestructible, and can generate tokens for 2 more mana. Being able to block an extra creature is nice, but that doesn't help against trampling, etc., creatures at all (so that card won't even remotely save you from a Craterhoof Behemoth, Overrun, etc., hail Mary), so I don't find running Sands worthwhile.

I see no reason to not be running Swords to Plowshares. You run things with reach, etc., to chump block flying creatures, which seems backwards when you could just exile them and get rid of the problem altogether. Or add a Maze of Ith or Kor Haven to your mana base, and suddenly any one thing that swings at you that you don't like isn't an issue so long as you keep mana up for them.

Some of your, "Just in case" cards are super narrow. Discarding shouldn't be an issue for you since you run so much graveyard recursion, so Library of Leng probably shouldn't be in here even if you have a meta game of Chainer and Meren + Mindslicer. Melira is extremely silly to run with no Persist creatures + sac outlets or anything to abuse her abilities, as running powerful, low cost removal would let you beat Infect decks without running such narrow cards that do absolutely nothing unless against Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon or Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck (and let's be real: Each of those decks would kill Melira and then gun straight for you due to running hate for them. Great way to turn games into Archenemy, I feel). Gaea's Blessing is another card that seems super narrow. You have Ulamog and Primal Command, both, to help against being milled out (which, that's not really why I'd use Command as tutor a creature + bounce a thing seems way better, but whatever, you don't have many tutors and that's better than nothing). You have enough recursion in other cards, and you don't run enough tutors that shuffling cards back into your library is even remotely powerful, so I see no need for Gaea's Blessing to take up a slot when you have options that can help you stay in a game.

Those above slots could easily become Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, and Beast Within, to help you more adequately against opponent's attacking threats. Opponent trying to equip a Kemba, Kha Regent with Sword of Light and Shadow and Sword of Feast and Famine? No big deal, exile Kemba with the equip activations on the stack, so you don't get beat down by the Angry Cat Lady. Skittles swinging at you for lethal off of a Hatred and haste activation? Again, no big deal, looks like someone replaced that guy's Commander with a 3/3 beast token when he wasn't looking.

Anyway, that's all I got. Have fun.

GoodLuckGuy on CP#12 Kambal with Your Life

1 day ago

Part Two

You gotta run Phyrexian Arena, you just gotta. It's too good to not run. Bloodgift Demon also has this ability, but on a big ol' beat stick; it's crazy value for 5 mana.

Greed is a better version of Erebos' already very strong activated ability.

Tamiyo's Journal can be pretty great in a slower matchup, the utility of choosing to draw or tutor makes it good in multiple different scenarios.

Crawlspace totally stops go wide strats, which I would think this deck could have trouble dealing with otherwise. Ensnaring Bridge can similarly make you hard to attack, and having both out makes you practically unassailable.

Having No Mercy in play means your opponent can only really ever afford to attack you with lethal damage if at all.

Also you should throw in a Kor Haven, it's just a crazy good land.

Ajani's Chosen and Sigil of the Empty Throne reward you with tokens for doing what this deck is already doing.

Ethereal Armor lets you finish strong with one creature, no matter which one it is.

Torment of Scarabs and Painful Quandary put constant pressure on your opponent's resources, these can allow you to focus entirely on defending yourself as your opponent slowly erodes away.

Sorin Markov does so much here, particularly setting your opponent to 10 life, meaning if Kambal is out, they can only cast up to 4 more non-creature spells before dying.

Ward of Bones can lock your opponent out of playing creatures, and because of your pin-down auras, what creatures they do have out may be worthless.

BONUS: Grand Abolisher stops all sorts of counterspells and insant-speed nonsense.

lilgiantrobot on Avacyn, Guardian Angel - The Fog of War

5 days ago

RubyOrzhov - The deck didn't start out to expensive, but its been one I play and tweak the most over the past couple of years. Looking at it now yikes, lol. Snow-Covered Plains are important for Sunstone, but you can ditch Scrying Sheets if you're trying to knock down the budget. Kor Haven can slot in for the Maze of Ith for a couple of bucks cheaper, and it taps for mana (or more straight up removal like Condemn works too!). Glacial Chasm is a new edition, but before then it was just a plains and I was still running a Selfless Squire as another fog. Serra's Sanctum is completely non-essential. I'm not even running enough enchantments to get as much value from it as I'd like.

Land Tax and Tithe can be Gift of Estates and Oreskos Explorer. Temporary Truce is from Portal so it costs a few bucks because of that, but for much less you can run Truce, which is the instant version of it. Or just slot back in the Mentor of the Meek I took out. Angel of Finality can be Stonecloaker. In the general theme, you can run Mobilization and Knight-Captain of Eos for a nice repeatable fog as well. This works well if you've got out a way to protect the Captain.

Academy Rector and Crucible of Worlds are the two expensive cards I put the closest to be needed, but you can work around that too. Just the way EDH works there's still cards I've NEVER drawn in the deck, so I can't say any one is completely needed unless its the actual wincon. Plea for Guidance is your budget Idyllic Tutor or Rector. And White has enough ways to find land (including Eternal Dragon) that CoW is just something nice to have if you can run it.

Thanks for the comment, I hadn't really taken the time to think about a more budget friendly version of this lately!

DarkRequiem on Akiri and Nahiri

2 weeks ago

You're welcome. Have you considered Ancient Den and the red one (something's furnace - at work and gatherer is blocked, oddly enough)? More artifacts with 0 impact on the gameplay (in the way that there's no drawback) that might help you out with Metalcraft.

I'd also add stuff that allows you to draw more. Skullclamp comes to mind. Infiltration Lens would be nice if paired with the helm (from Mirrodin's block) that gives Lure to equipped creature.

I'd add True Conviction. It does have a Boros feeling to it. Have you thought of less creatures and more token creating options? Like Mobilization for example? You get small creatures that get pumped by the equipments you're running.

There's also Tajic, Blade of the Legion... You could run it and equip it with Worldslayer for fun and giggles. More so if you run more indestructible creatures. Like Konda, Lord of Eiganjo. Which brings me to the next 2 suggestions: Eiganjo Castle and Kor Haven..

Enough for now. :D

TearsInRain23 on Konda, Voltron of Eiganjo

2 weeks ago

Since you seem to have a theme of halting attacks might I suggest Kor Haven and Maze of Ith to your land base?

If budget isn't your worry I'd look into better equipment such as a few of the swords and Batterskull for wincons.

UpsetYoMama on you don't need mana to play magic!!!!

1 month ago

You might also add Kor Haven to the list. It acts as another Maze of Ith, with an obvious upside and downside.

Also, if you want to troll people hard, there is always Island of Wak-Wak, although it's best in builds with Chromatic Lantern or Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.

McKremlin on For Queen (Marchesa) and Country

1 month ago

So far I don't think that I have enough lifegain in my deck to justify putting Sanguine Bond, and I don't want to include it just for the combo.

But I never thought about Kor Haven, this card is great and would allow for some political plays.

Thanks for the suggestions WarArchangel86.

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