Bonfire of the Damned


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Mythic Rare
Avacyn Restored (AVR) Mythic Rare

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Bonfire of the Damned


Bonfire of the Damned deals X damage to target player and each creature he or she controls.

Miracle (You may cast this card for its miracle cost when you draw it if it's the first card you drew this turn.)

Bonfire of the Damned Discussion

ZendikariWol on I'd Scry that for a dollar (Erratic Miracles)

3 days ago

Serum Visions seems excellent here.

Also, have you considered some wincons rooted in Miracle, such as Entreat the Angels , Temporal Mastery for general value, Terminus and Banishing Stroke are both nice control pieces, or Bonfire of the Damned is a decent sweeper.

I have no idea what's played in legacy. I am just a humble, broke Johnny.

TinkererEDH on ComicKoS - Lord Windgrace

2 months ago

First thing I'll suggest additions

  • mana ramp: Lotus Cobra - land etb you add one mana of any color - pushes your ramp faster

Amulet of Vigor - if a permanent you control etbs tapped, untap it. Not only ramps you faster, but gets past those pesky all your things come in tapped crud.

Exploration - you may play an additional land each turn, only . Very few things are more satisfying than having 7 lands turn 3 while everyone else is just putting down their third land.

Boundless Realms - search for as many basic lands as lands you control

Scapeshift - search for as many lands (basic or not) as you sacrifice

Kodama's Reach - you need a bunch of ramp spells to act with in case you don't have lord windgrace or he becomes too expensive to cast

Demonic Tutor - search your library for a card

Vampiric Tutor - search your library for a card

Beseech the Queen - search your library for a card

Summoner's Pact - pay or lose at your upkeep

Chord of Calling - search for or less CMC creature

Tooth and Nail - search for two creatures or put two creatures onto the battlefield from your hand

Rude Awakening - all lands you control become 2/2 creatures or you untap all lands or both

three of the five panoramas: The other two only fetch you one of the lands

Jund Panorama - search for any of the three basic land types you need

Grixis Panorama - search for swamp or mountain

Naya Panorama - search for mountain or forest

three of the temples:

Temple of Malady - BG scry 1.

Temple of Malice - BR scry 1.

Temple of Abandon - GR scry 1.

Things to do with

Fireball - x damage to creature or player

Crater's Claws - x damage to creature or player

Rolling Thunder - x damage to creature or player - can do more targets

Banefire - x damage to creature or player

Bonfire of the Damned xx to do x damage to tgt player and each creature he controls

Torment of Hailfire - choice of losing 3 life, sacrifice a nonland permanent, or discard a card - hilarious for huge numbers of x, and can swing the game beyond anyone recovering

Consume Spirit - x loss of life and x gain of life for you

Suffer the Past - x loss of life for x exiled cards from tgt player's graveyard. Kills their recursion and them

Dark Salvation - xx for x zombies and making a creature -x/-x until end of turn.

GreenHamma on Rosheen Meanderer (GR X Spells)

2 months ago

I like x spell decks so much. I run Red Green x spell and hydra in modern. How does it do? Or is it online until you get it tweaked?


Red Sun's Zenith - I can't recommend this card enough. Reusable exile that also shuffles the library. Bonfire of the Damned - 1 sided board wipe. Primal Amulet  Flip You are running unbound flourishing it would be good to have doublers

These are just a few i'll look at the deck a little later when im not being bombarded by kids. Keep up the good work. What is your budget and what combos is there most people won't see?

Liliana69X on Jundbound Flourishing

2 months ago

Ebro i understand why Bonfire of the Damned might "seem" good here since its a one sided board wipe, but the double X is a major pain since the spell will only deal half the damage of a burn spell that only had a single X in the cost. even with the miracle cost, miracle is useless if the card is in my opening hand or if i draw it during a turn i'd rather cast something else.

Ebro on Jundbound Flourishing

2 months ago

This is an amazing build, aside from maybe Bonfire of the Damned I can’t think of a single recommendation to make it better. 10-10 well done

BMHKain on Double Deck Help: Mono-Red Burn ...

4 months ago


Well sylvannos, I chose Gauntlet of Power … But I still need your thoughts on the Following:

* Aria of Flame : Your opponents won't gain anything most likely, & can be used as constant burn every time you play an Instant/Sorcery, & every time you add more Counters; Every. Last. Bit of them.

* Magmatic Force : A huge Hulking menace that burns on your opponent's turns even.

* Conflagrate , Bonfire of the Damned , & Avacyn's Judgment : I'm trying to find stuff that doesn't target; & cuts, but would these be good X-Burns, or are they crap; & several others in addition?

* Browbeat & Risk Factor : Card Advantage if nobody gets pinged, & regardless ping if so. Also, Risk Factor can be used a second time via Jump-Start (Grumbles to thyself about their youth...)

& Do I have too many X-Burns? Maybe not enough Copying? Lack of Mana Ramp/Card Advantage? Not enough stuff that happens every turn while they are in play? I'm just curious.

I'm still contemplating about my lie about being a , & not realizing my true status... I just wish somebody helped me on...

Is somebody capable of helping me on this? Or is there such an impossibility it's mentally wrong?

BMHKain on Double Deck Help: Mono-Red Burn ...

4 months ago

@sylvannos: Jeez, so many One-times; several remain I'm unaware of. Anyways, 3 Opponents would be the dead minimum, but since I've no real playgroup (Much less a Gameshop for such, as well as the fact I'm emulating the idea of an average board over 4 Players; including myself. I threw in a crapton of X-Burns; but I may have left out 3 key cards for that: Conflagrate , Bonfire of the Damned , & Avacyn's Judgment . Any of these X-Burns worth it, or am I using too many as it is? Also curious about the following: Browbeat , & Risk Factor . They're one use, but puts opponents on a gamble; throw in enough damage, maybe they'll think twice about damaging themselves to prevent me from drawing 3 cards. I suppose it's a "No." for the latter two?

Eledain on Hail Hydra

6 months ago

What about Bonfire of the Damned ? :-)

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Bonfire of the Damned occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%