Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander Rare

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Your opponents can't search libraries.

If an opponent would begin an extra turn, that player skips that turn instead.

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Stranglehold Discussion

dan98mg on Santa Zudru

3 days ago

I have really been picking the deck up over the last couple months, plus had some more money/time to test.

Stranglehold, Academy Rector, In the Eye of Chaos, Kismet, Land Tax, plus Enchanted Evening/Aura Thief. OK now that I look at it there are quite a few cards I want to test. I don't know what your meta is like, but with mine Delaying Shield works wonders, As well as Overburden. As well there are quite a few decks that Containment Priest stops from working, so I'm giving her a try.

Love-in-Theory on Santa Zudru

3 days ago

I'm liking the updates, looks good so far!

Have you considered Stranglehold? While you wouldn't want to give it away with Zedruu, you'd be surprised at how useful the hate card is. (Shutting down enemy tutors, no extra turns, no search lands)

Academy Rector would also be great in here. I plan to pick one up, along with a Gilded Drake in the future.

LeaPlath on ways to be mean? (mono ...

4 days ago

Stranglehold is always a fun one, because it shuts down some of the most boring ways people win.

Rzepkanut on Commander Chaos

1 week ago

Stranglehold makes Timesifter only give you extra turns. Its not about milling.

Odysseus_97 on Commander Chaos

1 week ago

Thanks for great feedback :)

Isnt Stranglehold + Timesifter just making Timesifter to sort of a mill card? Cause i dont really see the sort of headscratching which is what I am going for :)

Fevered Visions Seems a little bit like a plus for me with since it deals damage to the others. But it is clearly a card i would consider and add to my deck, probably number one might include right now :)

Puca's Mischief Did have it in the build at first, but decided to cut it :) Again it seems more to give me an advantage rather than Conjured Currency or Avarice Totem.

Storm Cauldron Going straight to the maybeboard

Some of the cards here gives me an advantage, which is what i would like to avoid :) But it might be a good idea to add some cards that could give me an edge.

Thank you very much for the suggestions and feedback, really nice.

Rzepkanut on Commander Chaos

1 week ago

Stranglehold + Timesifter is hilarious. Other ideas: Fevered Visions, Puca's Mischief, Storm Cauldron, Standstill, Illusionist's Gambit, Mind's Dilation.... looking at your list I feel like you could use a few more mana rocks also. Not sure what to recommend cutting. Maybe cut the mill cards like Crumbling Sanctuary, Pyxis of Pandemonium.

Rzepkanut on Calvinball

1 week ago

Hers a combo you can easily include: Stranglehold + Timesifter

I think the deck needs specifically colorless ramp spells like mana rocks. Currently you are not reliant on green mana early since its basically a splash color, so without reworking the mana base I would stay away from green ramp. Look at the mana curve chart, just cut a few from the top casting costs and add mana rocks that cost 3 mana or less. With so many basics in the deck I would focus on ones that provide any color myself.

Happy gathering!

Decrepit_Angel on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 week ago

n0bunga I have played hundreds of games with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, even without the absurdly expensive cards such as Mishra's Workshop (although I did proxy them to see the difference in case I wanted to pick them up one at a time) and I can vouch for the fact that although you will not always have extraordinarily fast hands, Kozilek is much like Narset, Enlightened Master after the loss of partial paris mulligan, which is listed as a tier two deck. Although Kozilek can still function without the commander whereas Narset doesn't do much if someone plays a Moat or Stranglehold.

95+% of the game that I played with the deck, with my initial 7, free mulligan to 7, or mulligan to 6 with scry, I was able to find a hand that could cast an Eldrazi titan by turn 4 at the absolute latest, almost always with haste through a Lightning Greaves effect. I actually started keeping track of what turn I cast Kozilek on when I was improving the list for consistency, and it averaged turn 3. At least 2/3 the time when I played him on turn 2-5 I would also throw out a stax piece like Static Orb or Tangle Wire which almost always resulted in the table conceding.

I get that colorless may not appear to have the consistency of other decks, but given that most games, you will ramp into Kozilek and follow it with stax pieces and additional Eldrazi, there are so many redundant cards in the deck that it was incredibly rare for me to not find the pieces. I have played both Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Thrasios, Triton Hero decks (based on the ones listed here) and had much more trouble with consistency in those decks that in my Kozilek deck.

And from experience playing against entire pods of competitive tier 1 decks, the combination of stax and Annihilator 4 was enough to lock most opposing decks out of the game, even through disruption and counterspells. The Mindslaver effects just made it easier because I understand how most high tiered decks work and I could use it against them by making their Doomsday pile and not casting the labman or using their Food Chain to exile their commander and not putting it back in the command zone.

And I have asked around with my local cEDH meta (consists of 2 Tazri, 1 Leovold, 1 Prossh, 1 Teferi, 2 Zur, and about 6 Tier 1.5 decks) and everyone agreed that my Kozilek list, even missing the hyper expensive pieces deserved a Tier 2 spot. A few even argued for Tier 1.5 but I don't honestly believe that he is quite as powerful as those due to the lack of good tutors and the occasional issues associated with ramp decks like drawing the wrong half of your deck or specific stax to shut you down.

I am willing to continue discussing if you are not convinced that it deserves the spot.

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