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Have (2) Azdranax , Forkbeard
Want (3) vane000 , Memoryk , Streyken

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CM1) Rare
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal

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Stranglehold Discussion

Peoni on Lord Windgrace CEDH Land Hate

1 month ago

I recommend running more stax/hate pieces in this deck. Cards like Null Rod, Sire Of Insanity, Stranglehold, and Trinisphere would do a lot to slow down any proactive combo players at the table and give you time to get your MLD value engine running. This deck isn't fast enough to win a race with them, so you'll need to stifle their speed significantly in order to compete with the faster decks at the table that aim to win in the first few turns.

Chrome Mox would be a nice addition. Could probably serve to replace Arcane Signet since you need your mana to be as fast as possible if you have any hope of hating out your speedier opponents before they go off. I don't know if you need an Eternal Witness in this deck, and I think you could also benefit from running some more cheap mana dorks along with a Priest of Titania rather than ramp spells like Kodama's Reach to speed up your ramp and hit your end game faster. Speaking of Titania, Titania, Protector of Argoth would be pretty strong in this deck.

Like your deck! Hope this helps. :^)

Peoni on Rampage!!!!!

1 month ago

Got it. I'm also assuming from what you're saying you want your opponents to have options in dealing with the rough board states you develop rather than just completely shutting them out of the game with stax and land destruction. I was going to recommend Boil over Choke as an upgrade, but maybe you like the more forgiving but still punishing style of your pick. I'll think some about more fair and puzzle-like picks you could put in and get back to you for sure. One card I would definitely recommend now is Stranglehold. Very good card all around, especially in red stax.

SynergyBuild on TnT Eternal Winter

2 months ago

No/very few Strangleholds in my metagame, but I'm currently running both tutors for consistency purposes, and built a better pile for Neoform.

Notion Thief and Linvala, Keeper of Silence act as strong options to sac Tymna for, or to sac for Muse. Collector Ouphe as beats the Monolith/Scepter piles many other TnT decks go for.

As is I made the deck better for these tutors, I do want to fit 2 more one-stop forks in, but don't want to cut interaction for them. Gtg test more, I'm 3-5 cards over and cutting down actually changes a lot given the density of tutors and cantrips etc.

kaylani on TnT Eternal Winter

2 months ago

I don't think cutting Neoform is a good idea. This card is so versatile. Any dork turns into a stax piece (Drannith Magistrate), removal Gilded Drake or a finisher (Thassa's Oracle).

Since TnT usually has 1, 2 and 3 cmc creatures on the field at all times, Neoform can fetch everything except Seedborn Muse.

But yeah, it's hard to go wrong by going with a good stuff pile in 4 colors. I can see an argument for cutting less impactful tutors in a meta full of Strangleholds, Aven Mindcensors and Ashiok, Dream Renders.

Caerwyn on Need Some Help Brewing. I'm …

2 months ago

You can go with a "Group Slug" theme. Group Slug uses cards that hurt everyone on the field--Burning Earth, Manabarbs, Spellshock, etc.--with some mechanism to ensure you are the last one standing (like Gisela's one-sided damage doubling). Throw in some classic Red/White Stax pieces like Stranglehold, Blood Moon, Aura of Silence, and Aven Mindcensor, alongside some other damage doublers like Furnace of Rath, and you have yourself a deck.

smilodex on Narset's Way of Jeskai a Monk

2 months ago

@AllTurnsRMine: Thank you for your comment. I totally agree, you need stax to slow down your opponents. But please take a closer look at my list, I already play Winter Orb, Cursed Totem, Verity Circle and Grand Arbiter Augustin IV. Stax is good but if you have too much of it, your extra turn chain may be broken and if that's the case you should play another strategy.

If I had more slots I would immediately play more stax, but this Narset build is more proactive than disruptive. If you want to see more stax elements, then a competitive Narset stax build is probably more for you.

I have some other good stax pieces in the maybeboard which can be used to adapt to your local meta (Grafdigger's Cage, Torpor Orb, Stranglehold, Aura of Silence & Karn, the Great Creator).

I'll add Damping Matrix to the maybeboard, but personally I would rather add Torpor Orb or Aura of Silence because I already run Cursed Totem & Verity Circle.

TheOneKiko1337 on [cEDH] Krenko, Mob Boss |PRIMER|

4 months ago

Hey Fran_RuGu, when you''re in a control heavy meta I'd consider cards like: Stranglehold, Defense Grid, Blast Zone, Homeward Path, Sanctum of Eternity, Artifact Blast, Magus of the Moon, Mogg Salvage, Burnout even cards like Alpine Moon are an option if they're running things like The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale or pillowfort cards like Glacial Chasm or get them with some poke damage with things like Mutavault. There are alot more cards that can go inside your 99 in control heavy metas.

Your suggestions with Deflecting Swat and Sudden Shock are quite viable. From my experience the card which gets countered the most is Krenko, Mob Boss and in this case the Deflecting Swat is kinda expensive but in a control heavy meta I'd say still viable.

Gleeock on Why do people hate Blue?

4 months ago

Some players want to create action more than they want to impede it & that can be frustrating in a format where there tends to be more ease & reward stapled onto passive cards. Gidgetimer a punisher with upside (something additive..though parallel) is Captive Audience - zombies is a nice additive effect. Curse of Opulence is less of a punisher but is another action promoter than gives possible benefit to the casting player. Cindervines has stapled on removal (I consider this an upside). They definitely are heading in the right direction now to have benefits stapled onto more action-pushing cards that aren't just removal fodder. There was just a long history of Price of Glory type-punishment where there isn't a payoff for the player using it & all it really accomplished was to waste a field slot until some player finally used some sort of bounce-effect or splash removal & then just went ahead & kept sandbagging, in affect these types of punishment accomplished the opposite of the intended effect by making players have to play MORE responsively. Another good example is Stranglehold, all you really do is play it & wait for an opponent to remove it. Also, those Murder examples are not catch-all. There is so much higher of a ratio of workarounds for removal than there is counterspells. also has Rewind types of effects, essentially making some lame game-delay free, which is bound to tick some people off. To be completely honest though, I think some people hate on blue because it is fun to hate on it. It is fun to route against the NE Patriots too! It is just part some identities to force action (not necessarily creature stompy) in games & if you get too much traditional strategy in a meta you have to build very specifically to not get dogpiled into oblivion. It is like a fun deciding tool for me to point to where my damage or targeted effects will go instead of flipping coins on who I'm going to mess with. & I partially hate on because history shows it is usually smart to do so while you have the means to do so :) Also, I often hate on because usually as a byproduct of playing the color, a player will have a clutch of cards in hand (& cards in hand is one of my major determinants for who I will be messing with). I hate on because, until fairly recently, passive strategy was the most winnable & most rewarded EDH playstyle & punishment of passive-play has been historically inadequate at actually punishing.

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